I HAD TO TURN IT OFF!!! LOCKSMITH - Shade 45 Freestyle | REACTION (2019)

No Life Shaq

No Life Shaq

72 k ganger13

    #slowitdowncoach #barology #wehereforthebarz

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    1. The Word smart

      Check out Jin the emcee on sway and 106&park. He's good.

    2. DJ L33


    3. Homage TV

      Locksmith is the truth! I’m an rapper who’s working on getting my stuff out there. Here’s a link to my newest music video, check it out If you’re interested! Also a reaction video would be epic nosel.info/video/video/yqhoe2SbqaBmuJY.html

    4. gaz doyle

      Been with you since day dot my bro but this is prob my fave reaction

    5. Zen Atman

      know about canibus......

    6. Zen Atman

      had to throw them headphones off 😁

    7. Dan Willey

      Lil zan makes Gucci manes sound like nas...

    8. Dan Willey

      Dude shaq, I though your head was gonna blow up hearing the locksmith...

    9. David Mckinley


    10. soldierviejo

      Hahaha, you're greatest and best review of all time. 🤤😂🤣 Make sure you check out Mysonne's Freestyle on Hot 97 with FunkFlex, he is da truth frfr, Puro 🔥🔥🔥🔥 nosel.info/video/video/2Yp3o6THrpqRvd0.html

    11. Varun B Kumar

      Locksmith - 2017 freestyle

    12. creativemind26 los

      Knowledge for days

    13. TheChamp2105

      He has a new one that will make you have seizure.

    14. Kado

      It's disturbing how much he looks like Trader Joe

    15. El Monty the Eminent


    16. Regy_ Trixie

      React to Locksmith Sway in the morning

    17. ikhon1971

      Annoying fuck, Locksmith too complex for this simpleton.

    18. Kelz Supreme

      Lil Xan make Gucci mane sound like Nas..... Damn!!!!

    19. Kelz Supreme

      500k views half of them Russian bots. Yeah those bots all over the place they try to impose trends on the public, what's hot or cool.

    20. J Boz

      Listen to Locksmith 2017 sway freestyle!! 🔥🔥🔥

    21. Randy Johnson

      Who is this annoying ass dude talking how he got 1m subscribers lol

    22. youmeanthemost tome

      This your first time hearing locksmith omg


      Damn I didn’t know DJ Khalid could rap lol

    24. Joseph Cartagena

      LSmitty woke ... More like he puts work to the craft. He does homework., While more rest of us Layzy disfranchised and innovativated. Wanna snatching the current new school crown. The shit that bugs the shit out me. Is he says he knows and understands but still a follow er and can't give him the title cause is under n/or w/ known scumbag that raped the career and memory of even 1 of top 3 best Eva worthlirycsmitths as Mc' Big RaW &®eadyHardcore muthafuckin Punishe®. Shame on you fat fuck joe. & With stolen dat fortune of urs. Yu still ain't SHIT. Dats why locksmith gets my sympathies but shit walk it Like yu rhyme it. One

    25. Silliest Goose

      If u haven't heard of locksmith yet u ain't been lookin for good hip hop

    26. Bipedal Hominid

      This fucking guy is really annoying

    27. Tony Luxor Davis

      Because you're a dullard, Google it 👀🤔😱😂🤣😂

    28. Lenny R


    29. KC Wright

      Rap is like everything else it evolves over time and it becomes more complex

    30. MrTsmooth12

      Brother you have to big and tracy lee song it's fire!!!!! He said big didn't even write his lyrics the videos all NOsel look up Tracy Lee talking about doing a song with big he didn't even write incredible the best Ever biggie!!!!

    31. bible4truth

      Thanks for not letting us “niggas” down by covering rap, but not exposing truth Black Code: CTRL + ALT + DEL nosel.info/video/video/wamEipLbbqBytKs.html

    32. Carl Mai

      Mobb Deep beats in 2019/2020! With these flows? YES PLEASE!

    33. Blessed To Be Living

      Locksmith is the realist the world needs to hear this.

    34. Craigory Robie

      Bring yo ass back and finish lol

    35. Devin Nunes' Cows Brother

      come on bruh this ain't a free style. Don't get me wrong I love it but this ain't dome pieces

    36. Cass Kist

      Bro gotta check out 100kufis nick cannon diss straight fuego

    37. ozz mann

      Lock Smith is next level barology is in session

    38. Dj mike reda

      here because of locksmiith also gave you a sub

    39. eb0n1x

      You are annoying af lol, gotta unsub

    40. Ben Harris

      "these type of freestyles you gott do in two parts" lol

    41. Nicholi Dadnam

      If u aint know who locksmith is he a yay area native from richmond ca. He almost won mtv battle over 10 years ago and he was gassin back then too

    42. Christopher Condoll

      Check out Anoyd freestyles!! Just pick one, you won't be dissapointed

    43. A

      Lock been gassin so long he should have stock in Big Oil

    44. Paper Airplanes


    45. Wilfredo Morales

      No offense my guy but if you dont know about this cat who's bars have you been listening to?

    46. dwron faceson

      Bro shaq funny asff for that 😂😂😂

    47. No More Rat Race

      Coach you get 100 SIns (calling on my inner Crypt) for having Locksmith and lil Pump in the same sentence! #DATSTUFF

    48. Dwight Riley

      Read a book

    49. Gabriel taylor

      @nolifeshaq you ever react to any of crooked I

    50. Gabriel taylor

      Bruh im happen you did a reaction to this, all real lyricists needs more recognition

    51. anthony jones

      I wasn't felling his I liked daylt freestyle

    52. Kenneth Hinds

      Shaq it will be alright brother

    53. Buster _

      Locksmith murdered it!

    54. Mauzy Shawty

      My man's sounds like every oldhead in any city

      1. chino chan

        Just like all these new cats sound like they riding each other.... difference is these new dudes can't even utilize words let alone formulate a sensible sentence.... smh

    55. Sacramento fixed gear

      Your just more hearing about locksmith damn where you been my guy🤔

    56. hanktharipper10

      Lol clearly this dudes iQ level isn’t on the sames lock smiths!!!! Wow

    57. N R

      Dope.... written. ..probably couldn't free if AJ was bedside him.

    58. AndresTheDon

      Locksmith is on some other shit, I KNOW you need to listen to the song he did w/ RA the Rugged man

    59. Matty Young

      this sounds like mumble rap too you little fuckers who like mumble rap

    60. Matty Young

      shit....that's all I can say

    61. Dad philosophy

      Do the new one !!!

    62. Dad philosophy

      I'm here for this !!!!!

    63. Derek IsNature

      Yo, yo, yo!!!!! This guy just enhanced my brain on the spot 😂😂😂

    64. Derek IsNature

      Bro, bro, bro. This guy said we only chase dreams we only appear to know. Yooooooo

    65. DJ Diaz

      low key Lock the next Pharoahe Monch

    66. Peter Ketchens


    67. Vonpaul Murphy

      My dude htf u a barologist but never heard of locksmith?!

    68. Eric Exstatic

      Lecrae on Shade 45!!!!!

    69. Amen El Bey

      😂😂😂😂😂 YOOOOO!!

    70. my jams


    71. William Ubillas

      Locksmith has a new freestyle out you should react to.

    72. Jimmy Mckraken

      Com'on Rocksmith come on dumb dude you corny its locksmith funny dude

    73. The Bakery

      I’m gone I’m gone👻

    74. The Bakery

      Homie can spit and so can king los. But this is not a fucking freestyle. You can tell when he is freestyle. This is not 💯

    75. Wade Hensley

      dude Masta Ace has a new track out called GET SHOT!!!!@#!@# u gotta check it out!!!@#!@#!@#!@


      Locksmith is from Richmond, CA. (Bay Area)!

    77. j Smith

      Witherspoon lol

    78. randy Deso

      Locksmith is a pretty sick freestyler

    79. Zahirbis Garvin

      And he doing it on Shady 45 Slim Shady where you at

    80. Zahirbis Garvin

      See the reason why you don't understand cuz he talkin that up north talk that's how we talk up here in the north Philly you don't understand ask me a breakdown what he saying locksmith is a new hard rapper and no idiots can't understand what he's saying because he on a different level than you