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James Charles

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    This week on Instant Influencer, the competition gets real when our artists have to apologize for a scandal. 😭 I also invited some of my favorite NOselrs for a collab challenge. How will these aspiring artists match up with some of the biggest names in beauty?
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    1. Oliver Thedens

      Bennys video is literally 2nd hand embarrassment

    2. Kay Latina

      ugh Gabriel is such a sweetheart he stays smiling no matter what. 😭

    3. Elizabeth Rhodes

      OMG love this show

    4. janko inc


    5. Katelin Parra-Castro

      Benny really shouldn’t have won the first challenge

    6. Holly Campbell

      I just watched a commercial and it was a grandma saying how lashes make a difference and she was talking about makeup James needs to meet this girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Josie Adkins

      I love the chem between Ashley and Nikita❤️

    8. Sharpe Wallace

      Learning to lie. Great example

      1. Ptao Tom

        Get the sister squad together plz!!!!

    9. Life With Grace Noel

      Norvinas facial expressions could KILL💀💀anybody just watch her when she’s reacting/judging💀I feel judged and I’m not even the one she judging😭🤣

      1. Ptao Tom


    10. Nayeli Perez

      James: "The word iconic is boring and overused" also James: "Paris is one word: Iconic"

    11. absolutebeautyxo

      I’m really glad Ashley won cuz...these apologies are doing the most🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

    12. Sarah Acker

      I cannot handle James Charles terrible acting.....

    13. Emma Aviles

      Bretman was not having it with Benny💀

    14. Joann Galletta Hahn

      Hey James this show is SuperXSonic!!! Since Zodiac is a new interest for you here’s a recommendation if u please. Cosmic Insight is an awesome app for the many depths of a persons zodiac. We are not just our Sun sign which people only look at. Satuen, Venus, Mars, and more are part of oir personalities and lives as well. Knowing about these could influence great makeup looks!! Please know this app is based on actual planet placement called Sidereal Vedic , not the Tropical Weestern used in the USA. Enjoy and God Bless!

    15. buetifull pagan

      These ulta ads are toooo much

    16. Liani Stansberry

      Bruh bretman talking about Gabriel had me dead😂

    17. Sophia Weber


    18. Dante Jnneones


    19. Marcella Garcia


    20. Natalie Mc Burnie

      Those challenges were good

      1. Natalie Mc Burnie

        When I saw him crying I thought he went home

      2. Natalie Mc Burnie

        When I heard that James said that something went wrong I got shocked

    21. sweetie -

      this series is everything 😂 i love it !

    22. StillChill Flamingo

      Gabriel's video got me like wtf 😂😂 i am sad for that

    23. Elmer Hernandez


    24. Sash Sisters

      Get the sister squad together plz!!!!

    25. Mal Diamond

      Ashley is going to win the whole competition

    26. Ana Marie Fabrigas

      OMG Bretman and Nikita :O ☆♡

    27. Hannah Marie

      i actually like benny 🥺

    28. Malavika Manoj

      I loved how gabriel has a smile on his face the whole entire time he was getting eliminated.🥺

    29. Jennifer-L Lopez

      This is basically cupcake wars but with makeup lol

    30. Aileen Do

      Is there only one season of INSTANT INFLUENCER

    31. Tallulah Vlogs

      Love it James is so good at being a host

    32. Cailynn Brown

      If people hate there the worst people how would they feel if someone was hating on your dreams or life 24 7

    33. logvn

      love this show xx

    34. xXVivian_LoveXx

      Benny needs to stop like it’s just annoying at this point it was cute at the start now it’s annoying and in the thumbnail don’t even get me started he looked like a grandma who had bad makeup on

    35. Angelina Lopez


    36. Olivia Makeup and gaming sides

      When he said he looked threw the footage I thought he was going to say I sent the wrong person home

    37. Paul Winfred

      is it just me that finds Benny super annoying,he is trying too hard to be funny.

    38. Eva Lily xo

      Is it just me that lovesssss benny? 🥺💋

    39. Selma Noor

      Hi James Charles I know you rated The Norris Nuts Makeup looks and they screamed as well but they screamed only because they didn't know you knew they were alive at all but Naz is really happy now and she cried there she found out you rated their makeup I just want to say there are not good enough words to say how happy they were From Norris Nuts and Me.

    40. Freya Meulebrouck

      Kaitlin really looks like Jaden Thirlwall from Little Mix

    41. Beanie Boo Girl YT

      They where so scared

    42. Oli-Destroyer

      James Charles is the kind Gordon Ramsey of makeup

    43. Lia Lalkaka

      "Was that a bad call? Oh God I don't know!"... She basically just summed up my whole life.😂

    44. Peter Yeboah


    45. Dan The Lion

      Kailin for me is like an underdog. I really want her to grow and be better.

    46. EL' xx

      Omg I couldn't stop laughing for gabriel's video 😂😂 it was sooo bad though!! I am turning 11 like in 9 days and I can edit videos better than that

    47. Théa Konan

      I loved youuuuuuuu❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️😘

    48. Audrina English

      I love you guys.

      1. Audrina English

        great job

    49. Brandon Morales

      What a bunch of half mo mo gentiles.

    50. Alex Yates

      Was it just me that cried when donkey didn’t get his waffles

    51. Yes Yeti

      Gabriel was just happy to be there even when he was being sent home he still smiled that’s so sweet oml...🥺

    52. Allisson Mena

      The title scared me,I was like “What Happened!”😂

    53. Marie Eppler

      I came here for Louie!!!

    54. ᴛʀɪɴɪᴛʏ Wilson

      I screamed when I saw Bret ahahahaha I was not expecting this Best show ever!!!

    55. Alexa Perialis

      i live for how dramatic benny is

    56. andrea

      “Remember to blend but don’t blend in” Nikita: 🤭😯

    57. Doodle

      That thumbnail really makes Benny look like a good sport.

    58. iga Z

      TEAM ASHLEY!!!♡♡♡

    59. ツGacha Life sunflowerUWU Dove

      I feel like I’m watching the movie cyber bully and this girl was making a video of her about to kill herself but she tried overdoing btw love you James!

    60. Dakota Farrand

      James you got me too in the beginning I really thought some tea was gonna happen

    61. Vintage sunflower


    62. kultra

      Norvina's advice is really on point but she just has such an attitude, she's generally so unlikeable urgh

    63. It’s Precious

      Can we at least Appreciate The fact this is free,Thanks James.

    64. ii_.Sunnxy

      The ad to this video was litterly an instant influencer ad XD

    65. Jiromi Hernandez

      lmao i skipped almost everyones video just to watch louis

    66. XxEnimosityx X


    67. Calli Rogers

      Are we not going to talk about these fricking cute dogs?

    68. Sophie Dim

      Hey James, I’m soooooo obbsesed with this series haha ilyyy

    69. Paulie Julietta

      Ashley is gonna win and if she doesn’t she’s still gonna have Nikita to collab w cause they’ll be friends. Adore her

    70. Maria Mendez

      Okay but why are they talking ab Gabriel ion like that

      1. zijuiy wttuy


    71. Marie Shishigami

      God I love this show👏

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        Louieeeeee 🔥😍😍

    72. Angela Tehaha

      Bretman is sooo pretty T_T

    73. Bethany Barry

      I think Benny and bretman both had really loud personalities so when they where put together it just didn’t do right-? Idk lemme shut up

    74. Emily Heras

      does anyone know where kailin got her fire flame sleeve jacket from ? please someone tel me 🥺🥺

    75. WHy tHO?

      "iT's bEcAuSe i HaVe a SqUiDwArD nOsE"

    76. Emily Manzano

      Hi I love you then Charles

    77. Alex Garin Colada

      My jaw literally dropped when Bretman appeared LMAO

    78. Brandy Martinez

      Ok I need Ashley’s hoop earrings 😩❤️

    79. Hey Sophia C.

      Am i the only one who thinks bretman and nikita look like siblings? Like they look so alike

    80. Gymnast40

      Benny's hair oml😣😷