"I Have Already Apologised To Your Mother" | Post Roast | Roast Battle

9 k ganger5

    Dane Baptiste and Jordan Stephens reflect on some of their most savage roast battle jokes in a post-roast Q&A session.
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    Publisert 3 måneder siden


    1. clive Ali

      This isnt funny at all

    2. Danny Heywood

      I'm too White Middle Class (but still poor) to understand this.

    3. Stacie Mayer

      Who is responsible for typing the titles for these videos? This and "I Thought You Were Going To Absolutely Vicious" both have errors in them.

    4. RIXRADvidz

      Rizzle Kicks. oh now there's a distant fuzzy memory, way back in the way back days, that means Jordan must be almost 40 now.........like 39 or 41

    5. Luis & Company


    6. Alyse Heggen

      Do people in the UK spell "apologized" "apologies", like spelling "colour" "color"? Brilliant! Oops! I meant "brilliant"!

      1. Jon Cocks

        No but the title is wrong. And it is colour not color

    7. Jeva Samy

      A rap roast battle