"I'm Coming Out" - TROLLS Music Video Clip (2017)

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    Available now on Digital HD [Blu-ray™ and DVD]!
    "I M COMING OUT" by Diana Ross Music Video Clip (Cover By Aaliyah Rose - 2017)
    A Movie directed by Walt Dohrn, Mike Mitchell
    Cast : Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel
    Release Date : Available now on Digital HD [Blu-ray™ and DVD]
    Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
    "I M COMING OUT" by Diana Ross Music Video Clip (Cover By Aaliyah Rose - 2017)
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    1. jen_tis_my_name

      is this meant to be for the trolls movie and for the LGBT community? if so i love this

    2. LakkThereof

      please... just... stay in. for everyone's sake

    3. Alan Torres Grimaldo

      Fun video :)

    4. None of your Buisness

      Welp I'm early

    5. Nica Rox

      Bridget in her rainbow wig + "I'm coming out"??? ???? hmmm

      1. Katelyn's Place


    6. Koopa Troopa Poopa

      Coming out how? Is she saying she's gay?

      1. Delaney ya

        Koopa Troopa Poopa no like she is going to break out of her shell

    7. hektorforever

      liberal propaganda at it's finest

      1. hektorforever

        Magnus Brene Because if you truly think that what you believe is true, and if you are a man of principle, that is not of importance to you.

      2. M B

        hektorforever ok so why must you care what is in the media its not yours to control

      3. hektorforever

        Ruthie Terwilliger Well since "Coming out" is a very widespread and well known usage of words describing Homosexuality the political position is *very* clear. And such it *is* propaganda. My argument is not that it is by itself wrong (even though I think it is), but that this is *clearly* propaganda. To say otherwise is what we call in german "Heuklappen aufstellen". I don't know the word in english.

      4. Ruthie Terwilliger

        hektorforever The definition of propaganda is: Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. This is a music video, there is no information given nor does it even really give an opinion on anything, so I would hardly call this propaganda. Sure the song may be seen by some as having a pro LGBT message, but that's completely up to interpretation as in the movie this music video was made for the song has nothing to do with the LGBT community, but is rather about breaking out of your shell and being yourself. So I suppose it can be viewed as propaganda, but it's up to the person watching to decide.

      5. hektorforever

        Magnus Brene Your arguments are breathtakingly articulate.

    8. The1997wiki

      Wow thats too lat i think 😅😅😅

    9. 롤리사

      what im just watching

      1. João Victor Sotero


    10. ahmed 6fash

      first hhhhhhhhhh