I'm Coming Out | Diana Ross | funk cover ft. Kenton Chen

Scary Pockets

Scary Pockets

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    A cover of "I'm Coming Out" by Scary Pockets.
    Lead vocal: Kenton Chen
    Keys: Jack Conte
    Guitar: Ryan Lerman
    Drums: Carlin White
    Bass: Kaveh Rastegar
    BGVs (left to right): Rett Madison, Olivia Kuper Harris, Gabriela Welch
    Recording Engineer/Mixing/Mastering: Caleb Parker
    Cinematography/Editing: Ricky Chavez
    Recorded Live at Scary Pockets HQ in Highland Park, CA.
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    1. Vihanga Kariyawasam

      I feel like Kenton is gay.

      1. Vihanga Kariyawasam

        Scary Pockets Hahahah! You guys are fabulous man! Would love to hear y’all play live if you are ever in New Zealand!

      2. Scary Pockets

        I think he feels that too

    2. Alexander Atkinson

      Kenton Chen wherever you are - I STAN!!!!!!!

    3. Mona *4

      Possibly add a alto to the back up singers. They are sort of weak. They are screaming a little.

    4. Voldemar Manahov

      Ребята. КруТооооо))))привет из России)))

    5. bixitaaida14

      I love this B!tch... I swear I am in love

    6. Regienald Pornete

      Those back up singers are great

    7. Guy Frédéric Jaquet

      does the quality of the background have anything to do with the hair Color?

    8. Nancy Wang

      I love Kenton and THIS GUY >> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="57">0:57</a> HE'S SO HAPPYYYYY TO BE THEREEEE

      1. Everton Martins

        He's always having a good time and making funny faces lol

    9. the dude

      the best part of Kenton's videos is the dude on the keyboards

    10. Rabbid Jeremy


    11. Pat Tortorici

      My son is gay and awesome and this makes me cry.

    12. Dih Cruz

      Those 3 ladies saved the performance....

    13. Arleen Torres


    14. Trey Fontenet

      That shirt is gross

    15. Pagrator Tersot

      I think Kenton has broken out of his shell already.

    16. Mia mchugh

      Erm no

    17. Nathan Logan

      Great shirt

    18. Richard Sarmiento


    19. Mad max 666

      Wow the algorithm is strong here

    20. Samuel Torres

      The backup singers sound great but is nothing like black backup singer, ask all the 60' 70' and early 80' rock bands, they love black backup singer because the soulfullness sound and power, you didn't have to fool around with the mix, you can put the mic 15 feet away and a great reception. But overall this girls are solid.

    21. Lord Mamba

      Redheads are hot!!!

    22. Denise Reiland

      Loving this arrangement! Funky, fun and those backgrounds sound so good!

    23. Gideon Jabali

      ...of the closet or something? 😂

    24. xTHE x ADVANTAGEx

      How do you get three red headed backup singers in a room at the same time

      1. Random Citizen

        @Saskia Davies Yes!!!

      2. Saskia Davies

        Offer each a gallon of SPF90. We can be bought.


      Damn- I’d do anything to be around those sexy & talented redheads.

    26. TubeYouScreen

      This guy kills and the backup singers are heavenly.

    27. moliverbtheman

      I see Kenton Chen and click!

    28. David Summerville

      Great job by everyone

    29. Nick L

      I think kenton is coming out

    30. gamby16a

      Those 3 are the most fly background singers around. Sassy, brassy bombshells. And the drums are on point. Super tight.

    31. v reese

      Enjoyed this, look like he had a really good time with this

    32. Artisan Woodwork




    34. Walter Thorne

      Nice very nice !

    35. Tk1947

      Is this a play on his gayness? You know.. the fact rhat hes gay...“im coming out”... “legalize gay”(as if ignorant hate some how makes it illegal to be gay)...

    36. Shelli Renea Sanchez

      I CANNOT get enough of this dude! He’s the BEST✔️

    37. flexulant


    38. Ricardo Martinez

      A a huge Diana Ross fan.. Let me tell u.... You all did an amazing job.. ❤️

      1. Andre Rodman

        He did do a really good job, but the original was and is still better. It's because it was Chic and Miss Ross.

    39. Mr Ratahi

      Not that good

    40. Billy Westerband

      I think he's been out for a while😁

      1. pinky aka AyannaJ


    41. George MiLo

      OK!!! YOU'RE OUT! YOU'RE OUT! 😂

    42. s FS

      Kenton’s imaginary long hair flip at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> 🤣

    43. Bevey Dillon

      The back ground singers should be a group. They sound amazing.

    44. eyonex

      ok.....but is he actually gay?! I mean Kenton.

    45. hahabass

      Brilliant bass and drum combo. Spot on!

    46. Sky Opening

      LEVITICUS <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1102">18:22</a>- IT IS ABOMINATION

    47. Isaac Shaw

      i agree

    48. Glenn Herring

      This is pure joy and give me chills it’s so good! I’ve loved him since “The Sing Off”! Glad to see music still emanates from this amazing being!

    49. Cecile Malik

      Colah me very impressed by this guy! I would love to meet him via skype or personal message.

    50. Angelina blvd

      I just love his vibe

    51. Jimmy de Guzman

      I found my new muse.

    52. AJ M

      Is that the drummer from Pomplamouse??

    53. Jason Ki

      I swear Kenton Chen looks like Artie from the Simpsons.

    54. Esteban Urbina

      Come to Yakima Washington

    55. Rebecca Slone

      Sooo good! Can you sing some Jamiriqui

    56. omg tt


    57. TB

      This is such a fun performance. Thanks!

    58. Juan Cunati

      the pomplamoose guys rock

    59. Brooklyn Rose

      OKAY BACKUP😍😍😍

    60. Miss Bliss

      peter pan can never

    61. xtristanox

      Rett Madison outshines Diana here.....

    62. Irve Griffiths

      Hear the chanting.... ‘Kenton, Kenton, Kenton....’!!

    63. Vretani V

      I love it

    64. Spunkymunky

      Sassy...I love it.

    65. Winter-Chan


      1. Kenton Chen

        Winter-Chan thanks!

    66. BlueDylo

      piano man in the back living his freaking best life is a mood

    67. Chloe


    68. Pierre Music

      234 funk haters

    69. chryktus


    70. Carla Carla

      The singer is awesome 😎

    71. Shilo Harrington

      Kenton, your vocals are amazing, I love to hear you sing!

    72. Glenda Lynda


    73. Sam McReynolds

      This literally brought tears to my eye! So good!!!

    74. Glory2 TheHighest

      I realize that more and more Asian got Soullll.....and guess what... I Love it👍🔥🔥🙆‍♀️

    75. gel ignacio

      Just wow 😲 amazing vocals

    76. Dialyn Roque

      So fun, cool and full of life.

    77. Kathy Bramley

      You bless me Kenton.

    78. Marvin Guile

      Those are some gorgeous looking women tbh.

    79. Carmen Tamayo

      Kenton Chen! 👌💕🎤🎶

    80. Laryssa Oliveira