How to make PERFECT Tiramisù



1,2 mill ganger53

    I open and reveal the content of my fridge... INCREDIBLE.
    And more epic surprises...

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    1. Davie504

      subscribe and slap like. *do it now*

      1. Dick McPenis

        You can’t tell me what to do

      2. Dan H566

        MUSE BASSteria

      3. Venom Amv

        Davie504 can you eat hotest chips??

      4. Ram Kami


      5. Landon Is Epic


    2. Lark Dibbs

      I'm waiting for you to get evicted, so I can auction your bass, and steal your recipe. Your not making rent off desert anyway.

    3. Ping Chen

      Why does your background music have NO BASS?!

    4. Gergő Piroska

      Goddamnit his "Do it Now" always gets me

    5. Furretwalk 969

      A perfect tiramisu is not perfect. It needs bass to be perfect lol

    6. Calcioscacchi

      I would like to challenge you in a tiramisù making challenge RIGHT NOW but: 1) I don't know if you're in Italy so I dont's know if you can gain the best ingridients and 2) I'm not in the mood to cook :P

    7. Eric Johnston

      Did any one else get the A line add and lose your mind like i can get a line from the the drug store i mean the legit drug store duhhhh.....slap like now

    8. Rijeshen Ramasawmy

      realy good

    9. Divith Mahajan

      Giorno Giovanna is a Davie504 reference

    10. Czairra Mae Bug-os

      Cute kettle

    11. Famous Cryp

      who here after he changed thumbnail

    12. Maxim Qu

      Isn't the egg raw?

    13. Akbar Putra Manunggal

      How many of us who realize that Davie is changing the title of this video. E p i c o

    14. Cloud Strife


    15. Triton Camarada

      Famoso pavê

    16. Dang Dawg

      What is the amount of mascarpone cheese

      1. Santiago Talero

        250 g

    17. Mikkel Bryrup

      why did you remake the tittle?

    18. Your Raine


    19. Peanut Butter and Telly

      Scott pilgrim: who are you Davie504: you but s l a p

    20. Winchester Chua

      He made a new thumbnail and changed the Title.

    21. Jaed Rosales

      What's with the arm slap dow?!?!


      Yes davie is also my favorite deserte!

    23. Andrea Campo

      Davie come cazzo fai a montare l albume con la frusta a mano?

    24. Greggy Mestidio

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="319">5:19</a> davie has 3 hands

    25. Dragos Andrei

      tiramisu is my favourite desert

    26. Marissa Maulorico

      fammi cannoli 😸

    27. Marion Bulacso


    28. Blu Sniper

      Can I have some?

    29. its just luke Revive

      What if I use big machine

    30. juuzo suzuya


    31. londonbridgebox


    32. DrSpidereye


    33. Kristian Liedes

      I got an epic laugh...

    34. Davide Sersale

      Dammi il tuo indirizzo ti spedisco una caffettiera.

    35. Davide Sersale

      I like italian dessert

    36. ooi siew kuan


    37. Human


    38. Reiven Zymon


    39. Dominic Caisip

      "Yesterday, I asked you.." <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="5">0:05</a> Davie just copied jacksfilms LMAO

    40. A the pro gamer

      I m an Indian epic!

    41. thaíssa r

      leaving a comment now

    42. Liam Shumaker

      Tiramisu bass

    43. Ðragoş


    44. Dexter Florendo

      What is the meaning of PP

    45. Sugarcat

      If I get to 25,000 subs, I’ll reveal the contents of a real Canadian fridge. What could be in there?! Something most likely better then an Italian fridge! ‬

    46. Someo Tube

      A me davie spaventa

    47. meng emma

      I want you to play a guitar.

    48. дубэн Крупс

      Your headphones not connectet. Wait the FBI. they went after you

    49. дубэн Крупс

      What? Where is SDAIAY melody? I am calling the police.

    50. Gemma Dela Cruz

      wash your hands or corona virus

    51. Pedro Henrique


    52. SPACED OUT


    53. Jonathan Maciel

      So, an ad appeared for me at the exact moment when you was going to open your fridge -_-

    54. suka patlıcan :D

      Ohh Tiramisu is my best Too . I like eating it in Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷

    55. G-carbohydrates Channel

      HAHAHAHA bake an egg on an oven

    56. Đức Quang Lê


    57. Simon Teo

      This no joke looks pretty good

    58. JW Hew

      bass cake

    59. 24 Sausages

      U forgot to cook the EGGS

    60. Clorox Bleach

      Davie: I can't take off my headphones Also Davie in his channel photo: *E A R S*

    61. Licinius Varrus

      topped with vomit chocolate, brilliant!

    62. Pederasta

      Here in Brazil we do eat Tiramisu too

    63. Luiza Zanatta


    64. Lucas Ignacio Vega

      Apenas sacaste los primeros ingredientes de la heladera pensé: Jodeme que va a hacer un Tiramisú... Sos crack David. Saludos desde Argentina

    65. Tonald Drump

      YoUr TiRAmiSu iS SMoLL pP

    66. Alpha Omega

      Is this nonnas recipe? Is she also a slapper?

    67. Alpha Omega


    68. Eric DEMASI

      tiramisu yay for being right, thanks Nonnina

    69. Judge Tiki

      Cant u get salmonella from yhe raw eggs?


      We need a freezer reveal

    71. Joshua Rhee

      Me: makes tiramisu without coffee Davie504: Not epic

    72. MoonRize Clan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="415">6:55</a> HIS STRAP IS UNDER THE HEADPHONES! Checkmate davie504

    73. BunkaPlayz!

      Hey I'm Italian too. Not much but I am...

    74. Greg Rushton

      Only 大腦子 know what country (yes. country. noobs) to get Pizza Rock pizza.

    75. SubatomicGlue7

      That Gordon Ramsey meme sneak in. Let the knife do the work. Big brain meme right there, O M G.

    76. Alessio Gabriel

      Parece um pavê

    77. Slender _Girl.

      I think this is TIRAMISÙ