I Spent $1 Million Dollars On This Vacation

Jake Paul

Jake Paul

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    I Spent $1 Million Dollars On This Vacation
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    1. Jesus Muro

      this foo got corona virus

    2. Jessica SEAY


    3. XxzuzulXx14 XxXx

      He is so stupid

    4. Sfargier

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="680">11:20</a> song?

    5. Doubleojslwuw Poop

      In Paris I threw up so much especially on an air Canada plane

    6. Martin David Pineda Tellez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> girl's name????????

    7. Sophie Vlogs

      Sooo your "wife" that you just “married” has a family emergency and rather than staying with her, like you should, you still go on vacation and with other girls ...... 🙄

    8. DiorJoy 2k

      Honestly didn’t ask

    9. zouzou youssef


    10. Cole Gvozdas

      "it's only $40k"

    11. Logan Donohue

      I mean, look at him. He ain’t getting anywhere in life he also is the kind of shithead that calls his brother “ guy “

    12. Logan Donohue

      There is no way he spent 1 million he only has about 35 million so you would only spend that much money on a vacation if your stupid

    13. Jacques Lamprecht

      call ksi

    14. Riley Peattie

      Did jake really spent time with other girls in g strings and look at them??!!,

    15. Donna Powell

      "His watch is like 250k"

    16. Luke Duke

      Sick video!! Man Jake you are awesome... ! your bother is awesome! what's the chicks name?? she is so pretty. be safe! Smart! god bless

    17. Ólafur Kristjans


    18. ashyleyne stocks

      omg i hope tannas family is okay iand ik that you broke up with her and eriker but you should get back togeth youy were such a good couple love you so much

    19. El Bandito

      Mr Beast spend 1 Million Dollar on food for other people and Jake Paul spends 1 Million for himself.

      1. Grzegorz Wasiak

        What's wrong with that? He has made money let him spend his own money what he wants.

    20. Abdull iqbal

      I ❤️you're channel

    21. Caroline Murray


    22. Dylan Wheeler

      This whole “flex” culture is pathetic

    23. Zestic Flowz

      Fgffff Frfffdiophnm✌️

    24. Chenton999 Echeverria

      You’re a cheater

    25. Matt Cole

      So is this guy a huge scammer? This is what I am hearing.

    26. Roelo Berbberi

      With 1 million $ you could have spent the all the summer in Greece or Albania

    27. Young Gamer

      Why u with other girls what and where is Tanya u;hhhhhhhh 😒😒😒😒😣

    28. Young Gamer

      What the check u staying with 3456 girls where tana huh😒😒😒

    29. Young Gamer

      Yeah what the heck

    30. Young Gamer

      No dude u have a wife😒😒

    31. sswigityy -

      jake: man i’m sick and i’m barfing do much also jake: wtf are you wearing jake

    32. Jose Rascon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="653">10:53</a> I mean you can be friends with girls but everyone gon say ur a simp or some shit

    33. Helen Spahiu

      Brah man yo ho you are rich i am a fan

    34. Exvad-

      @jakepaul what about sharks

    35. Truman Swartzfager

      (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="845">14:05</a>) See Jake grabbing his balls...

    36. Omar Sanchez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="789">13:09</a> i was dying

    37. Angel gabriel Paz sierra

      Hes bald

    38. Leah Grace

      I saw you but I was way to scared to see you I have been holding of as I love you you are my fav youtuber so that’s why my comment is late cause I had to get NOsel and get a new phone

    39. Error Code

      What if you saw KSI


      Jake paul is a dirty,rich and sick person he could’ve been there with his so called “wife” to support her family. That’s pathetic.

    41. Kaidan Prestopine

      It’s because he kissed Tanna

    42. Ravi Walia

      I could of seen jake as I live in England Also how many people live in England


      Oh no

    44. justaperson 101

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="170">2:50</a> what was that laugh

      1. its Bear

        It,was just the background music

    45. jULIA dunham

      Those girls

    46. Orlando Batallas

      what's the song in the background @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="584">9:44</a> please!

    47. Louis Alfred Gitgano

      hey jake do you have a video that you dont say F**K

    48. Rubix cube Girl

      I got my instagram account logged out :(

    49. Abdullah Mohammed

      You can

    50. Kranthi Hitler

      How many girlfriends are there bro

    51. Devin Blackwell

      Jake a simp

    52. Bella Salazar

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="674">11:14</a> jakes cake is hella juicy

    53. Aldain Brown

      Can I get her number

    54. ThePerilousWave

      Jake: Kids if you’re gonna buy expensive shit take it off when your on a jet ski Also jake: * has huge diamond chain around neck*

    55. Jacob Dorsch

      It’s ONLY 40k he said

    56. Keneil Henry

      Team 10 bro

    57. Easton Wale


    58. Irai

      Jake is in the water wearing white pants in water white becomes sea throw Ohh SNAP

    59. Michael Mehler

      Wow very nice your a real jack as#

    60. manny 4088


    61. sayfe dine missi


    62. Bentley Willey


    63. TheBoisHD

      Anyone know what the tune is called at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="686">11:26</a>

      1. Caitlin Regan

        Orlando Batallas no sos

      2. Orlando Batallas

        @Caitlin Regan do you know the song in the background at 9:44? thanks

      3. TheBoisHD

        @Caitlin Regan nice one!

      4. Caitlin Regan

        TheBoisHD I think it’s ‘lady ocean -breakthrough’

    64. Ynech

      Good video. Relaxing on a yacht is wonderful. On my channel you can see how you can spend your vacation on the beaches of the Adriatic surrounded by beautiful girls.

    65. Daniel Kozma

      like hed marry tana when those girls are all over him

    66. SportsPrayer

      why did this video come up on my suggested list

    67. prodemolitionman 92

      lol just yeeting cake on the fans

    68. Lanciws

      Erika? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="637">10:37</a>?

    69. Yonatan Hadgu

      Can you prank tyds

    70. shyia andrews

      GG too much 💸 gone

    71. Simon Hopkins

      Ilove videos number 1 fan

    72. Waylon Thomas

      Them coot

    73. LOL Traders

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="846">14:06</a> ...uuuoooo ...what's that🖐️😂😂

    74. Braydengamesandvlogs2 Idk

      Damnnnmm that thumbnail lookin juicy

    75. Václav Šálek

      Why is everyone ignoring the fact that the boat rider said JJ is as fat as Jake xD

    76. Yaseen Hakimi


    77. Yaseen Hakimi


    78. Blanca Weaver


    79. 10x Better

      bruh I haven't been on vacation in 11 years