I Survived a 72-Hour Military Combat School

Logan Paul

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    We traveled to Virginia to get our asses handed to us by former members of Seal Team Six, the Military, and Law Enforcement.
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    I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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    1. Avakin Nestiyo

      2:16 oh no not the forest again

    2. Jed Vlogs

      me:*sees dead trees* *sweating intensifies*

    3. Nishchay Sharma

      Respect ✊

    4. Brandon Gonzalez

      This is all a stage. The joking the sarcasm the laughing.......?... No if this was real he wouldnt be able to talk. Idc if your Connor McGregor these seals have a secret special training smh. This is all an act. They are going easy on him because hes a youtuber. The real deal is 10 times worse. In a real training he wouldnt last the first day

    5. Progamingmoments _

      He is so different

    6. Progamingmoments _

      I have not seen Logan Paul in such a long time

    7. Prosper Yt

      This is why we need to keep our rights to bare arms

    8. Kobe’sthe Goat

      8:53 mans has aimbot

    9. Anthony Galler

      That was awesome

    10. Hassan Tube

      virginia I thought you said washimgton dc

    11. ZackW w

      Yo I love the hustle logan and I guess tim, but tim kinda sounds like a scam bro

    12. Jordan Garza

      7:26 I’m dying

    13. David Griffith

      This is the same shit we did at BEAST week in AF BMT.

    14. king jack

      Back in the forest i see

    15. GoodGuySwav

      Logan Paul is a new Siege operator?

    16. Andrew Lassiter


    17. Andrew Lassiter

      I wish ksi would of tried this

    18. the Cherrys View The cherrys view

      Its a team building course and big boy kinda crying love Logan but a soldier watching this makes me laugh

    19. Orlando Hernandez

      Wait so your telling me I’ve could of met you in Lake Tahoe I live near it

    20. John Moore

      MREs are horrible its better to starve. And I am talking about the MREs from the 80s the stuff now a days look like some french chef cooked up.

    21. FaZe lit

      My dad is in the military

    22. Laser em down

      Coming from a marine u will start to appreciate hot food when u have no choice but to eat 3 mres a day for weeks

    23. RealVon Harvey

      0:14 this part reminds me something.

    24. Marcos Alejandro Guerrero-Obispo

      rip headphone users

    25. Extreme Ed

      This a whole movie

    26. Bill Thomas

      Mike being told to shut the hell up was the best part of the video

    27. ツLexx

      Fking autosnipet

    28. Wish

      Just me or his videos are entertaining now

    29. Area 51 Guard

      300K likes and he joins the Marines.

    30. Xryz -

      The real respect is to the camera man

    31. Max Reid


    32. Carter Anderson

      15:04 was the coolest part to me

    33. Asier Alacuart

      Why is the title in spanish

    34. Hosna Nur

      He has the coronavirus

    35. muhammad Akar

      7:27 OMG lmao the disappointmentloloololol

    36. NoName IdkName

      Thats like my schools playground

    37. Sean Brodbeck

      I feel him influenza sucks ass bro got when I was 8 couldn’t leave my house

    38. Freydaleplays

      if u stand up u can get more air u wasent standng

    39. Josiah Jojo

      Nobody: wHy DiD yOu CoMe aNd GeT hIm

    40. Adonis Adams 1

      Logan: the vest is 100 pounds and the gun is 300 pounds The instructor: the vest is 60 pounds and the gun is 30 pounds

    41. luluseaa

      I like this type of content of superation videos

    42. Andre Joaquin Sy

      More like a pool of pee

    43. Muhammad Snackdaddy

      I will admit, that I'm surprised he was allowed to use a firearm at all during this training. But now that he's gone through such training and used firearms, I'm hoping he'll uphold the right of the people to do so.

    44. GameDude Redd

      For your next vlog go to north korea

    45. Joseph Johannes

      Logan u have just achieved a great honor as a civilian to train with these guys they have kept our country safe what they have seen would scare all of us use this knowledge in your fights to never give up bro

    46. Rachel Macdonald

      u should do acting again

    47. Maximo Blanhir Enriquez

      Logan:I am a pro boxer Mike: nah not

    48. Tony Ingold

      my parents where in the milatary and im so happy to be able see what they had to do to be so good

      1. EisMann

        I assure you your parents did nothing of what you saw in this video. This video is borderline fake. The people giving the training may be ex military but hardly any of this is accurate. This is a glorified police/raid training scenario.

    49. Mier Cano

      Video was funny serious and just really good

    50. JUSTINA Hoffman

      that was very life change moment

    51. L.Neshelle uncut and unedited

      He was in DC I live in Baltimore Maryland and I didn't know. OMG I would have had the best hug of my 36 year old hug from Logan and I would have proposed to Mike. I LOVEEEEE MIKE.

    52. Daniel Espinoza

      Katie made you look like a dip shit boy

    53. TheCanadianFlamingo

      Atta fuckin boy

    54. Billy Bob

      14:16 guy scared the shit outta logan with the rock😂

    55. Ethan Doyle

      i hate mike

    56. John Morris

      ruger precision rifle .308 with a hybrid muzzle brake=an action as loud as a slamming a coffee cup on the floor and apparently a suppressor???

    57. John Morris

      a light ar pistol with a sig pistol brace=300lbs

    58. Joseph Vernon

      0:31 he stole tbjzl’s bars

    59. Mr Commentator

      Influenza joke from Tobijzl

    60. Truth Seeker

      This course cannot simulate finding out your girl is getting gang banged while on deployment. Combat is more mental than anything and knowing you have a mansion to go to if you quit is why you will never know what combat is really like. Its obvious you want to prove you have a warrior spirit but you don't and you'll never compare to my brothers who fight in wars for $2,000 a month.