I've been keeping a tiny secret. (no I'm not pregnant)

Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz

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    1. Arnat Vale

      My first dog lost his rear leg from cancer and lived a long & happy for over 14 years. 💖💖💖

    2. Kog Kendragon

      Tripod Doggo Owners Unite!

    3. Forsaken Potato

      I would die for scraps

    4. JimsEquipmentShed

      Just so you know, unlike human kids, dogs never move out. ;-) Scraps is super cute, congratulations. My Yorkie TerribleTed would approve.

    5. Kevin Nester

      Build him a leg!

    6. pyrotfd

      Next year: Doggo gets a cyberleg! :D

    7. AndyofCT


    8. Mark




    10. Matt Teee

      I wish more people would get a dog instead of getting pregnant. Especially rescues.

    11. HarpothekidRS

      Omg scraps must be protected at ALL costs

    12. Brad Coleman

      Good dog!

    13. Daniel Carelli

      omgz little white tripod! I has a little white tripod! They are best doggos.

    14. Z

      My grandmum also got a shelter dog that has 3 legs. They are so sweet!!!

    15. Kenneth McKlinski

      What a wonderful addition Scraps is to have around - great asthetic and character in that pup! :D

    16. The Ruined Drone

      You video do make me smile, good to see you doing well. What a cool little doggie :) We been thinking the same during this lockdown, been over a year since our last dog passed on, and they definitely bring something good to a home that i miss. :)

    17. Sean Palmer

      This dog is amazing :)

    18. Deer Bones

      The markings on her stump look like a paw print to me ;_; so cute.

    19. K0PSTL


    20. Vianney Foglizzo

      Just the title made me like the video!

    21. Matt Berg

      Dogs have no concept of missing parts if they are still able to get around. Adopt adopt adopt

    22. alvaro pereira de oliveira

      Cool song

    23. Adrienne Powell

      i used to have a three legged dog we called her tripod

    24. DaBlondDude

      Scraps is adorable. Never heard of Tick Tock, do I even want to know what that is?

    25. Peter Werle


    26. JP dJ

      Humans can go to dog training class? What did you learn?

    27. aspeniv

      Hey I'm a dog trainer, if you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out to me if love to help.

    28. Eric Bonanno

      "I outsourced myself to a branch" Why haven't I ever thought of that in two decades? Or maybe I have?

    29. Katana Seiko

      Simone "So this is Scraps" Me (waking up): "Why 'scraps'?" Scraps: *jumps towards camera* Me: "Ohh.." Still, very adorable. Both of them.

    30. Alex Silkstone

      can’t believe i’ve been subscribed for a while 2 years now. i love dogs :’))

    31. CrowTag Berdi

      Oh my fucking God, she is the cutest 😍

    32. Ben Olson

      who wouldn't large numbers of unsolicited doggo facts/pics

    33. KingKloo100

      the end was just awesome

    34. Stella Youngs

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="263">4:23</a> literally reminded me about how my dog always barks at the sofa and I’m like there’s nothing there, look a little harder and there’s another bone 🦴😂

    35. voodoochile333

      You are a man?

    36. CT-5342

      Hmm...lemme guess. Your pregnant...but...this is just you trying to cover that up with something that is basically a child :3

    37. Emma Sutton

      Ok but she is so happy about life you’re such a good owner

    38. Bill Brinkmoeller

      Yay, Commander Scraps! She's off-the-scale cute, and even smarter than that! Congratulations, Simone. She obviously loves you.

    39. Amelia de Farias

      *gasp* a fur baby?

    40. marc gaskell

      If your dog is eating shit its generally because she's lacking nutrition. change her diet and she will normally stop this habit.

    41. jennasaurusRAWR

      I’ve never seen this channel before but clearly NOsel gets that I like heartwarming puppo videos 🤣 Scraps is utterly gorgeous and has so much personality! I wish you both a long a beautiful friendship ❤️

    42. yo memes

      MAKE HER A LEG PLEAZE LIKE A WHEEL LEG please it would be cook

    43. Wannageering

      You 2 are adorable!

    44. Махник Ігор

      This is literally a dog from Rick and Morty

    45. IamNinjaDodo

      good doggie

    46. tim walsh

      #congresspassubi or remove them.

    47. Alpha K Body

      i think she’s my dream wife

    48. SniperCipher _ThatAnimeWeabooo

      So I’m pregnant

    49. Triggered Duck

      i haven’t watched the video yet, i’m guessing she’s gonna be pregnant

    50. DevolutionEX

      robotic replacement leg when?

    51. Michael Shit cunt

      get pregnant

    52. Mara's Musings 9999

      Scraps isso cute ☺️🤩

    53. Gareth Baus

      Who gets a 3 legged dog and then doesn't name it tripod. FYI poop eating is a surprisingly common behavior in dogs I just try to keep them away from any temptation and then ignore it when it happens.

    54. QueenRazzle Tazzle

      My great aunt had a little white scruffy dog who also had three legs, he was a very happy pup ❤️

    55. Wyatt Milliken

      How could a lesbian be pregnant lol

      1. Gareth Baus

        Sperm donor+in vitro fertilization.

    56. Kayla Case

      this video made my heart so happy ❤️❤️

    57. K W

      SHE'S A PUMI!

    58. SaltInYourEyes

      Yes A small dog that I'm not scared of!

    59. BADMRNASTY01

      One time at band camp I bought a dog

    60. Enginerd108

      I immediately thought she's gay cuz the flannel

    61. Numb Nutz

      And on the plus side Scraps has one less leg to loose in a shop equipment accident👍I will just let myself out now. OK bye PS: She is cute as hell. I have a mini dachshund/Westie mix and she is banana balls crazy. Scraps is tame by comparison.

    62. Bryan A

      Boooo.... click bait... the news of pregnancy would've been better...

    63. wang yimeng

      when I have a dog , alarm system is wasted. my little guy is best guard!!!

    64. Maxwell Belmont

      Robotic dog leg

    65. Ryan Pittman


    66. wolvenar

      TikTok=Pure Evil.

    67. C harlie

      If you feed her like a tablespoon of pumpkin she'll stop eating her poop. I did it every night for my puppy until she grew out of the habit. I'm not sure why they're okay eating raw pumpkin undigested but not post digested. I know it works tho: )

    68. Stephen Ball

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="339">05:39</a> - So... you've *branched* out.

    69. Carl Franz

      I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals, I'm a vegetarian because I loath plants.

    70. John Bucky Gorman

      She's adorable 😍. Thank you for adopting a super special pup. And I think you had the wrong contractor.

    71. Legman688

      Hi! 30 yr above knee amputee here (see username). Thank you for adopting a tripawed, I love them so much

    72. Julian Mac

      "As you can PROBABLY tell, she's got three legs."

    73. Julian Mac

      P U P P O R

    74. lobsterbutts

      get a cat and call him 'rear guard jackstand'

    75. Danon A

      Awe! how absolutely adorable!

    76. Stalin

      Vegetarian or vegan? Because, come on. Cows and chickens are animals too.

    77. CamoSpetsnaz

      Poor dog, you named her garbage.

      1. Gareth Baus

        Should have gone with tripod.

    78. CrazyDad

      Aww scraps is adorable

    79. Robert

      with 4000+ comments surely someone already suggested, but have you thought about trying any prosthesis (even 3d printed)?

    80. CountSmackula

      Tripods rule!