I Was Brought to this world With 3 Moms or 2??

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    Hey! I’m Gabrielle and I wanna tell you about a mysterious baby I found on my doorstep. Okay, so I never wanted to get married and have babies. I mean, kids are a nightmare, right? You become a mom and your life’s over. No more partying and having fun. It’s all diapers and bottles. All that changed one night. I’d been out clubbing, so I didn’t get home until late. I tripped over something on my doorstep. It made a strange noise and I thought someone had left a basket of kittens for me. But then I looked closer and I realized someone had put a baby on my doorstep! I took it into my apartment and found a note tucked into the Moses basket. It said, “This is your baby. You got me pregnant and I can’t afford to look after her, so she’s your responsibility now. Her name is Heather. Please love her as much as I do.” What?? Clearly there’d been a mistake. I’d bought my apartment recently, so the baby must have been meant for the guy who lived here before me. Well, I wasn’t going to keep her. Obviously. I called the cops and they said they’d come with someone from CPS to take the baby. But while I waited for them to arrive, I was cuddling Heather and she was so cute. She had a tiny little button nose and adorable big blue eyes. She was beautiful. The cops showed up with a lady from CPS. I asked what they were going to do with Heather and they said she’d probably go into foster care and then be adopted. But if no one wanted her, she’d probably spend her life in foster homes. I couldn’t let that happen. She had a mom who loved her, even if she couldn’t care for her. What if she changed her mind? She’d never get her daughter back. So, I did something crazy. I asked if I could keep her. Of course, it wasn’t easy. I had to have interviews and assessments to make sure I’d be a good parent. It was a lot of stress, but I had a good job with plenty of savings and at last Heather came home to live with me. Once Heather was mine, I wondered whether I’d done the right thing. It’s work looking after a baby and when your baby cries all night, it’s to do a good job the next day. I was head of marketing at a fashion label, so I was seriously regretting adopting Heather. But then I hired Charlene, my neighbor, as a live-in nanny. She saved my life! She moved in with us right away. She was the one who got up in the middle of the night to give Heather a bottle so I could sleep. Charlene was awesome. She looked after Heather while I was at work, took her to all the mommy and me classes and made sure my baby got plenty of cuddles when I wasn’t there. I looked after Heather at the weekend, so Charlene could have a break, but most of the time she would insist on hanging out with us. Things were great for a while, but when Heather started school, I told Charlene we didn’t need her anymore. She started crying and said she didn’t want to leave. She said we were like family. We agreed Charlene could stay on as my housekeeper. she cleaned while Heather was at school. Then she looked after her until I came home from work. Heather loved that Charlene was still living with us. She called her ‘my second mommy.’ But not long after Heather’s tenth birthday, I lost my job when the company I was working for went bust. But nobody wanted to hire me. I was so high level and experienced, it was to find the same kind of job. When I applied for lower positions, everyone said I was overqualified. I had enough money saved up to pay my bills for a few months, but if I didn’t find another job soon, we were going to be in trouble. It absolutely broke my heart, but I had to let Charlene go. She begged me not to sack her. She said she’d work for nothing as long as she could stay with us. But.. It made me really uncomfortable to be honest. She threw herself on her knees, tugging at my clothes and screaming she couldn’t leave us. I grabbed her bag and as I was handing it to her, it fell on the floor. To my shock, pictures of my daughter fell out of her bag. I quickly grabbed the pictures and I couldn't believe it. She had literally taken pictures of my daughter everyday! I was angry and I wanted her out of my house quickly, so I called the cops. But then she was gone. I didn’t tell Heather about the big scene with Charlene. I couldn't upset her. She loved her nanny so much, so when I told her she wasn’t going to live with us any more, she burst into tears. She asked if she could meet up with Charlene ....

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    1. zoe frye

      the title was trying to say the story about the girl having her biological mom, adopted mom, and her nanny. but in reality, her nanny was her biological mom so the whole time she really only has 2 moms. there you go

    2. Giselle Hernandez

      How long is she staying in there? How old was Heather when it happened when sherlen took her?

    3. Brittney

      Why she being rude about babies she was one...

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      The girl that almost shot your daughter she must be a drug attic or something😒

    7. Krantom_ Kroger

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    9. Maura Johnson

      The Mom: "Her name is *Heather* ." NORMAL people: "Why what a beautiful name!" Tik Tok obsessed people: " *LOOK WHO'S WITH HER, OMG! DANG DANG DIGITY DANGA DANG!* "

    10. Gage Powell

      Next caption: I WAS BORN BY GOD

    11. HoaNhiVi BangTam

      “Kids are a nightmare” me:B-B I’M A KID. ReEEEeEEeEeEeEEEeEe

    12. Elise Fettig

      i thought this was about you being brought in this world by 3 or 2 moms

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    14. The Goofy twins

      Girl… kids are a nightmare Me…Girl you were once a baby everybody was like what the heck My brother: I know she was once a baby why does she hate babys

    15. Rxzer

      Kids are nightmares but once you were once a kid

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    17. • Nervous Orange •

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    18. Rebecca Henry

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    25. epic beyblade Master

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    26. Live Laugh Love

      Did anyone else click just to see those greatly animated brests? .....*cough* Okay...just me....carry on.

    27. Gloria Chen

      Aw, I really wanted to see a story from a person who’s moms are conjoined twins

    28. Hexa??

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    29. Athena Reiser

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    30. Jean Playzzz

      I know this is not real🙄

    31. Kinsey Kuba

      This has nothing to do with having two-three moms

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    33. bloodwolfy232

      Where is the third mom

    34. Aaliyah Gonzales

      How the fudge did a girl get a girl pregnant

    35. Gaby Dominguez

      Her show said “ANDY”

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    36. Jenson Riley

      What does I was brought into this world bye three moms do with a kid being stolen

    37. Carmelo Bob

      Gabriel move because charlette is ganna do whatever for her daughter back so move to were charlette cant go or is banned or have a lot of police for you and heathers sake

    38. Gavin Gray

      Can’t believe people actually hit the like button for this bull crap

    39. Jenson Riley

      What does heather have to do in this she is only that creep taking pics of her

    40. ADIK ML

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    41. Alice Hearn

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    46. yronaang

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    47. Maestrul Gamer

      3:12-Being withought a job because you are overqualified??!! Is like saying you can't play a game because you are too good at it!!

    48. Susan Bogart

      When I saw the thum nail and thought that there were three girls with a baby insidebofbthe all if their belly

    49. ay • 6 years ago

      First video, I cant stop stealing. This video, "me brought into world 2 moms or 3?"

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    51. Jaslene Ordonez

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    54. Lena Layton

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    56. angelmusic Cabrera

      The title has nothing to do with the story.

    57. ShianneTheCat

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