I Went Vegan for 30 Days. Health Results Shocked Me

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    Matt went vegan for 30 days and the health results were really surprising...
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    Veganism is a hot topic these days, will you get tired from it? Is it really hard to avoid animal products? Is it even a healthier diet overall? Matt is the guinea pig for this one and tries to answer all these questions.
    What's your opinion? Do you think the vegan diet is a good idea?
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    1. through the grapevine

      If animals didn't want to be eaten, then why would they be made out of food?

    2. Shawn Cyril

      Isn't cheese and mayonnaise non-vegan

    3. McSwaggy Ballin

      You are cheese and cheese is a dairy product

    4. Vegan Ariel

      nosel.info/video/video/zIOZkKC0a6uPrd0.html I have just done a video on why vegans should not care about wild animals

    5. Melissa Thomson

      Vegan for 4 years, the best decision I’ve ever made. For the animals, health and the environment 🌱

    6. Sameer Kalra

      Fear the beard 💪

    7. Erica Galea

      This is really inspiring

    8. Jacob Rodriguez

      I’m pretty sure 100 million isn’t a third of the population😂 7:36

      1. Jacob Rodriguez

        Luna Bear That makes more sense

      2. Luna Bear

        They were referring to the US population.

    9. Jacob Rodriguez

      Eating beef jerky while watching this

    10. Akshay Gangurde


    11. Brady H

      Anyone else see cheese on the taco bell

    12. bean g.

      Veganism is a life style, not just a diet

    13. Recce Nomad

      Thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed your journey.

    14. Nytrys00

      LMAO Just by looking at the comments you can see how tolerant these vegan liberals are. They are offended by one guy deciding he would like to eat some meat sometimes, plus as he said much less.

    15. jiantjon

      Try carnivore for 30 days

    16. Aleem Adeel

      Best Channel

    17. papparocket

      Couple of notes on what the nutritionist said. She said your HDL level dropped and made it sound like it was a totally bad thing, but I didn't hear what your total cholesterol and especially LDL levels were. At a guess I would say that your total and LDL dropped even more than your HDL. Thus your _total:HDL_ ratio improved. This is probably the most important number to focus on. This is because the function of HDL is reverse lipid transport that brings excess fats and cholesterol from cells throughout the body back to the liver where it is broken down or recycled. The job of LDL is the reverse. It takes fats and cholesterol out to the cells. When we are eating far too much saturated fat and cholesterol (i.e. more than just a trivial amount of meat, dairy and eggs along with palm oil and coconut oils which are the two plant fats that are super high in saturated fat) we end up with high levels of LDL transporting all of that fat around the body. This drives up the need for even more HDL to bring all of that excess back to the liver. Thus doctors and nutritionist used to looking at the standard meat loving American are super focused on maxing out HDL levels, up to and including prescribing drugs to do that. *BUT* if you are eating healthy amounts of mostly mono- and poly-unsaturated fats (around 15% of total calories) and no dietary cholesterol there just isn't as much fats and cholesterol to transport back to the liver and so your body _very naturally_ produces less HDL. So as you get down to the truly healthy levels of LDL of around 70 +/- 15 mg/dl your HDL level will drop down as well. Also a note on "healthy" fats which she said come from fish. Actually the preformed omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA don't come from fish. Most of the DHA and EPA in fatty fish like salmon and sardines comes from marine algae which the little fish at the bottom of the food chain like sardines eat and which the predator fish salmon in turn eats. The algal DHA and EPA are absorbed and concentrated in the fish. So even these fats are actually from plants, just not ones humans eat much of directly. Modern technology though allows us to cut out the middle fish (and with it all of the toxins that also come with the fish in this highly polluted world). Algal DHA and EPA are available in capsules where a single small capsule contains all of the DHA and EPA needed for a full day. *OR* we can focus on getting more of the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is abundant in plants, especially flax seeds, chia seeds, but also leafy green vegetables. Our bodies are able to convert ALA into EPA and DHA as needed. Working against that is that the omega-6 fatty acid linoleic (LA) which is even more abundant in some plants, especially in the most common vegetable oils used in the standard American diet. The issue is that the same enzyme that converts ALA to EPA also converts LA to arachidonic acid (AA). When the _LA:ALA_ ratio is badly out of whack not enough ALA is converted to the anti-inflammatory EPA/DHA and too much of the LA is converted to the highly inflammatory AA. The ideal ratio is said to be somewhere between 1:1 to 4:1. The standard American diet has a ratio closer to 25:1 (no wonder diseases of inflammation like cardio-vascular disease (i.e. heart disease) is such a huge health problem. The solution is to focus more on foods with a good LA:ALA ratio like flax, chia, hemp and walnuts and avoid too much foods like, sadly, peanuts and almonds, corn oil, cotton seed oil and avocado oil that have ratios as high as 2011:1 in almonds.

    18. James Suchard-Rees

      Too many vegans eating processed foods, it’s causing real health problems.

    19. MrMarkjon

      Being a vegan is more cruel for domestic animals than being a traditional omnivore that eats domesticated animals, that is fact. Vegans like to pretend they have some moral high ground but if they got their way the fate of domestic animal would be much worse. I challenge any vegan to prove me wrong.

    20. thebraininsideahead

      why does not all the people who flock tothis video dont they start checkign out channel like logan blake dr gregger micheal clapper ask yourself seminent nutrition ect.. the list goes on my dudes veganism isn't as difficult as the ex vegans are telling you it is much love homies .

    21. # 9080

      #india flew here to have #tea

    22. Chilton Chun

      Don’t nibble at supermarket

    23. Joe Parker

      Dat peanut butter machine tho'

    24. Isaac S

      U know yes theory, i was talking w my gf the other day and we were talking about which celebs u guys would wanna be friends w, we both said that we really wanna be friends with the yes theory guys!

    25. Maria R Medici

      heyy you sholud try testing your NUTRIGENETICS

    26. Deb Fryer

      I was suddenly becoming crippled with rheumatoid arthritis at age 62. Within 10 months it was reversed 90% on a vegan diet. Check out the Paddison Program.

    27. Pedram K

      Matt's reaction to increased testosterone...LMAO

    28. xxpowwowbluexx

      As if plants don’t have micronutrients... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    29. Eunice Vales

      what a great resource video, great job, truly appreciate it

    30. Catnon

      I respect people who do veganism but I could never do it myself. Sorry I just love meat too much 😓

    31. Larrypint

      Vegan is not healthy in long terms ! unprocessed natural foods is the way to go.

    32. BenFish

      The future is vegan

    33. DashCam Adventures

      Is there any benefit to plastic bagging all the loose fruit and veg at the grocery store?

    34. MFR C

      I see hope.

    35. CelticShadow

      im never gonna give up meat or animal products, but im really looking into more local farms and places to source better animal products from because of how shitty mass produced animals products are. I hate the industry because of how shitty the lives of the animals are, id rather the animals live better lives closer to how they should actualy be living in nature. Either way im not gonna stop eating meat because thats my choice and it doesnt make me a shitty person who doesnt care about animals as ive seen a few comments imply.

    36. DJ Steve Sire

      Lol! Your interpretation of the results is hilarious! You iron and b12 went up Becasue you supplemented.. as vegan diets are DEFICIENT in Both if those .... and your good cholesterol went down! She said you need some fish in your diet lmfaooo.... and you where supplementing Protien! Total testosterone goes up in a vegans diet due to and increase in a SbHg BINDING hormone which means your active testosterone went DOWN.. your thyroid has the same issue it’s being binded so you body is raising it to reach homeostasis .... The lady literaly contacted herself in the first part and then in the result part

    37. Christine

      The reason why a majority of the world can't stop consuming plastic or "poison" food is because it's so hard for most of the world to afford pure organic foods, which can be 2x the cost of non-organic foods. It's cheaper to create plastic and non-organic foods, cheaper to sell it, and people who don't have that much money have more access to it (which is most of the world). Going vegan is not that easy, in financial terms. Getting rid of plastic in your life is the same thing. Purchasing bio-degradable products and packaging is not easily accessible to the poorer communities - who are the ones mostly consuming the most non-organic foods and plastic products. Also, the cheap products are all being marketed to most of the world and most of the world purchases them because it's affordable. The world (mostly large corporate companies) effed up by trying to sell the cheapest products as fast as possible, instead of starting out with organic foods or biodegradable products in the first place, which would have made it so much cheaper and affordable today. BUT, there is a way to combat this, and the more people start purchasing organic and biodegradable products, the more affordable they will become, since it will be consumed so much more, and the less need we will have for plastic and non-organic foods.

    38. Shelby Vans

      I just made my own trying to go vegan for a week! I would love if a few of you checked out my video!

    39. Adam Råstrands nalle

      Im watching this while im eating icecream

    40. Orestis Tsepis

      NEVER TRUST PEOPLE WHO EAT THE BURRITO THE WAY YOU DO! Bet you eat pizza with fork and knife.. Great video man. Keep going.

    41. Suzanne Nguyen

      So did he say anything about how he felt, slept, bowel movements, etc. since doing the vegan diet? Anyone else experienced + or - effects since becoming vegan?

    42. The Quan

      Should I go vegetarian

    43. Luxury Doll

      Vegan is the best ❤️

    44. Ian Duke

      NEWS BREAK IDIOT CUTS OUT JUNK - FINDS ITS GOOD FOR HIM (Stops starvation diet before its too late)

    45. Mike M.

      Almost 2 years up here !

    46. Χρήστος Σίδερης

      You know that joe rogan I think it was 1 or 2 months without eating nothing but meat and he saw great results too so I suggest you should try that too to see if happens

    47. Simmly

      I have been vegetarian (with some eggs here and there) since last june and I am still 140lbs (I'm 5'1) so I think I should just try straight up vegan and see if my weight can even out that way. I want to be healthy and that is my main reason for choosing the way I eat, I know the weight loss is just a symptom. But if I'm not losing weight as a vegetarian, I must be doing something wrong. -.-'

    48. atomicrooster56

      Another bullshit post. You don't GO VEGAN for 30 days. You either go vegan or you don't.

    49. John Snow

      I "tried" vegan (whole foods plant based diet) for 3 years. The results shocked me. Lost 10 kgs (down to normal BMI now), lowered cholesterol to normal levels, normal blood pressure, got rid of my atrial fibrillation, improved mood and mental speed, etc etc. The list of improvements are much longer. The worst thing is my libido now - it skyrocketed.

    50. Danette Mannion

      I’m learning. I’m taking time to educate myself. But I started 10 days ago and I already feel awesome and I’m sold. So I’ll continue to educate myself and feel better

    51. cv 33

      That diabetes guy is interesting because the ketogenic diet has shown to help diabetics with a. High fat diet

    52. Samir Shrestha

      Most Bahuns/Brahmins do it all the time

    53. Sebastien Roux

      Vegan vs big mac obvious which one is better... Vegan vs raw meat, raw meat wins hands down. Nothing is healthier, better for the environment and animals than raw meat. Crops are required to feed vegans, crops prosuce a byproduct that is used as cheap alternative for food for animals. While vegans virtue signal how they "help" animals, they actually provide the unnatural diet that makes animals sick. Not to mention the smaller life forms that die when crops are made and maintained. Entire ecosystems ruined. Then you dont even eat the animals so they are forced to live long sickly lives. Not to mention that byproduct of crops that are fed to animals still degrade and produce methane. Fiber is not a nutrient unless you eat your feces (thats why animals have multiple stomachs). Fiber is the reason you get constipated (scientifically proven). Cholesterol, saturated fat and meat is healthy and this has been scientifically proven. How to actually support animals: support farmers who only feed them grass (cow's natural diet) and worms/insects for chickens. Factory farmed animals and any form of plant food supports the ill treatment of animals. Use your head: Raw meat diet: animals live healthy and are killed instantly before the reach an age they start getting illnesses. Vegan diet: animals are fed cheap food and forced to live long sickly lives. How it would be in nature: healthy lives till they are eaten alive by predators. Raw meat is the only way to go.

    54. Sebastien Roux

      Vegan vs big mac obvious which one is better... Vegan vs raw meat, raw meat wins hands down. Nothing is healthier, better for the environment and animals than raw meat.

    55. LifeGuyThingy

      *If your vegan that means you can't have cake or pancakes...* *they have eggs* *That must be pretty hard*

      1. Suncica Saskor

        Vegan pancakes and cakes exist

    56. Holistic HealthLife Wellness Coach Martine

      That's not vegan. That's plant based. Being vegan is for life for ethical reasons

    57. Michelle Butterfly

      Shouldn't use microwave. Kills all the nutrients

      1. xxpowwowbluexx

        Michelle Butterfly, false. Myth.

    58. nena's truth

      this video makes me soooo happy. like yes vegan diets are it

    59. Andreas Rydström

      Omg, how did that nutritionist get that job? - Rich greens and spirulina are great sources of B12? No problem for Matt, since 30 days with no B12 intake wouldn't lower it much and he seem to have taken some supplement, but I hope she doesn't give advice to people going vegan often, because eating greens and spirulina for B12 will get you dangerously deficient within 1-3 years and can give you permanent neurological damage. - And I assume that I heard her wrong when I heard: "...we want to see is where you'll get great sources of heme and iron from." I assume she knows that Heme-iron is one thing that barely exists in vegetable form.

    60. michael shay

      As a huge meat eater, and use almost all animal products and eat a bunch of junk food, after this video I'm kind of tempted to try a vegan diet just to see how it affects me as well. I maintain a decent weight, i'm 6'6" around 200 to 210lbs so I would assume that would put me in a healthy weight range. But yeah, whenever I eat the stuff I eat I feel slow and sluggish, I gotta try this out!