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    Sorry if this is random but was fun to do.
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    1. Kalash Patel

      JJ: i need a choice Me: or you could use your boxing skills and knock him out

    2. Falcon Fulton

      Petition For Part 2

    3. Zain Hussain


    4. Oof

      Is anyone else confused because they haven’t watched black mirror

    5. Ben Hanley

      2020 anyone?? 😂😂

    6. Sahand Sarkawt


    7. Buttcheek

      This would be better if you had the filter they put on every episode

    8. Ryan Dawson

      Arguably one of Simon's best video's Bravo 👌👍👏

    9. another channel

      the ending brings a whole new meaning to BLACK mirror

    10. Tejalkera_Msp love

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😂😅😅😂😅😂😅 great video!!

    11. BoyWonder 060

      Love that sneak peak to real name

    12. Leon Williams

      Just realised real name by ksi and talia was in her 2 months before it came out

    13. Adolf Hitler

      Pt 2...

    14. Joshua Kolaric

      Do another one and make it long

    15. JaxonEver

      Definately one of the better videos

    16. Sherren Don

      Come on Simon pls do a continuation of this plss

    17. FuZeX Marouf

      Bro this video was insane How does it only have 1 mill views

    18. Mby Cgh

      it should of been obvious it was jj since he was listening to his music 😂😂

    19. xtrapgaming 2431

      Who else wants a part two?

    20. Jennifer Ghaleb


    21. Jack Farley

      Probably his most underrated video ever

      1. Henry Cook

        Jack Farley I didn’t understand what he did tbh


      This was a great video good job

    23. Coconut Trees

      Wow tobis cup is Soo big

    24. Ahnaf the champ


    25. Taste The Doom

      where is 2end one ?

    26. Holy Knight

      You know those leaves you ate are poisonous right?

    27. KageBunshin NoMirul


    28. Kopite 27

      This video is an underrated banger

    29. Gourav Nawani

      Y didnt dis video get views

    30. Unknown

      Who else has that 52 things to do when you poo book?

    31. CRAZY GUY

      Let’s just appreciate the amount of effort he put in this video

    32. Theunprofessional

      Wow real name I the video we should of known it was Coning leave reply plz

    33. Dude Madd

      Part 2

    34. DavidBrit

      I rewatch this for the sound effects, I don't remember hearing this in the movie

    35. Josh Smith

      Bro get jj training motivation pit this logon Paul in his place

    36. Josh Smith

      Bro you need to fuucckk up this logon Paul real talk

    37. slabaka Gaming

      Sub to Gogata Gaming

    38. Daddylolo the king

      Wakes up Swallowes 2 pieces of gum for no reason Drinks water Eats breakfast Chokes on gum

    39. James Farmer

      Surprised this video didn’t have more views, it was really executed and enjoyable. Stupid NOsel algorithm

    40. LDG Gam1ng

      I beg this is a sidemen Sunday 1 day this would be so funny 😂

    41. osama dip

      Can u do a part 2

    42. Manna levey

      Love how there's ksi's music in the backround

    43. Liemstar

      MORE NOW

    44. Leonardo Smart

      Still tho What monster dosent wipe

    45. fire breathing pig

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> YOOOOO I HAVE THAT BOOK

    46. Derek Neuman

      Yooooo part 2 ?

    47. Axel Johansson

      Who the fuck takes gums then water

    48. Jean-Michel Kabamba-Mukadi

      How did this not get a mil views?


      Is this really what goes on in the sidemen house

    50. Sophie Xox

      I keep coming back to this video and it makes me laugh everytime 😂😂

    51. 05b .p

      This is just cringe

    52. ImFrogz YT

      Do another one i dare ya n*gga i dare ya

    53. Darwin

      How do u ply real name when it weren’t out then

      1. Marcus SF

        it was out then

    54. Gacha KeV

      Do a part 2 of black mirror

    55. Frost

      *I was pooing when you were reading the book :)*

    56. Matthew Goliath

      This was pretty sick, sad it didn't get more views

    57. Ibrahim ASIF

      This vid was awesome

    58. 8


    59. sandS_Kenzie_YT Lambeth

      Who’s here from the ‘am i smarter than my girlfriend’ 😂😂😂

      1. MickMcCaff04


      2. Rapid _

        Me lol pop

    60. Abdallah Ahmed

      We all know Harry would kill thsi

    61. Robert O'Sullivan

      Who’s here after watching Simons most recent video

    62. Alex Taylor19

      Who else watched after simon’s lasted vid with Talia

    63. Hassan Alloune

      Jj made josh grab the banana and well you can guess what happens next

    64. nicotine addiction

      at least you actually have the controller on

    65. Joe.panda.2k18

      Omg I have that 52 things to do while you poo book in my house 😂

    66. Pollyanna Harrison

      You need to do another one with the other members. This was sick!!

    67. Lewis Scott

      We need a part 2

    68. Rachel Fenner

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="308">5:08</a> is the exact reason i gave up with bandersnatch

    69. Melk


    70. Ritz Multazam

      Not surprised that Tobi mothers them.

    71. Demented_ spork

      Continue with after josh and then go through all the sidemen

    72. Aliziyan

      ruined the skit

    73. Aliziyan

      tobi ruined by looking the camera

    74. Maccaroons Gmail

      Simon remember that guy that caused you of child abuse and stuff and how he spelt your name wrong on NOsel there’s a fake account called minimintr

    75. Aden Nasir

      Banging video only got 850k views And that’s how NOsel works

    76. Mephisto Phatballz

      What's the name of the song playing in the background at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a>??

    77. kaiece wardle

      if you watched this when it came out then you got to hear real name early it was playing in the kitchen scene

    78. Damon Redknap

      Did this munted thing swallow gum

    79. MMH 12345

      Plz do another one

    80. ankit gangishetti

      How the heck this aint got a mil views