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    Exercise your brain with an impossible quiz! Try to solve these 21 mystery riddles with answers! Solving tricky riddles at least for 20 minutes a day makes you smart and more attentive to the details. These tricky quizzes and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! To see how good you are at solving riddles, try these brain teasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.
    00:14 - What must the robber do to survive? A logic riddle to boost your critical thinking!
    01:19 - Who is planning a crime? A portion of tricky brain-boosting puzzles that will test your IQ and logic!
    03:00 - How did he guess? A mind-blowing brain teaser that will test your IQ and boost your logic!
    04:26 - Who is the killer? A mind-blowing riddle on crime to test your detective skills and boost your thinking!
    05:59 - Here is a set of visual puzzles to test your attentiveness! Who is undead? Share your answer to the last puzzle!
    07:11 - What would you do to survive? Turn your brain on and try to solve this brain teaser before the time is up!
    08:52 - Why did she run away? This tricky riddle with an answer will definitely blow your mind!
    09:47 - A mind-blowing crime riddle for the best detectives! Try to solve it before the time is up ;)
    11:11 - Can you spot the killer? Try to solve these tricky visual brain games and boost your vision and attentiveness to a new level!
    12:42 - Who killed him? A short tricky riddle to test your logic!
    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many riddles did you solve without any mistakes?
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    Publisert 6 måneder siden


    1. 7-Second Riddles

      12:24 - Can you spot the killer? 😯

      1. Molly Backlund

        THE GIRL

      2. nivia robinson

        In the lemons theres a gun it was set to shoot her

      3. jia Chedriqa

        I spot it

      4. Rachel Knollman


      5. anjal zin

        The killer was

    2. Royaltybaby

      The girl with the poison who put it in his drink


      The one in the black dress

    4. Dwyane -Video and Fun

      2:57 the girl with the blue testube is planning a murder

    5. Andrew Ball

      The lady with the white coat isnt to the right

    6. Barbara Galbraith

      black dress

    7. Jaren Herrera

      the girl with white skirt or jucket the which is undead

    8. Ruslee Lee

      i saw a girl put acid in somebody's drink

    9. clemente soto

      Yea i can see the jiller the girl in the black dress is puting poison on the drink behined the man

    10. Alex Roytburg

      O the question who is undead, I know the answer it’s all of them.

    11. Far Far

      7:09 i think its the girl with white coat cus she have no glove in her hand and skin is gray like zombies

    12. Far Far

      2:48 obviously orange-haired girl with black dress, she is putting poison in someones drink

    13. Ashley Sunday

      The girl with the black dress

    14. Kathy Ivey

      The first mab

    15. nivia robinson

      On 13:49 I thought it was the girl cause sje had a knife in her pocket but the boy had blood on his hands 😂🤨

    16. Reynaldo Gabon

      The last who is undead it's the girl with brown hair

    17. Gamer girl roblox roblox

      2:53 the girl beside the boy beacuse i see that she is putting poison in the drink

    18. Eduardo de Guzman

      The girl with a black dress

    19. Please Pick Me JustWant2PlayAGame's GF

      The girl with black dress she is the murderer

    20. World of Sancho

      I don’t really answer the riddles. I just watch them... Like if you do also 👇🏻 👇🏻

    21. jaredamandaunderwood

      There’s a gun in the yellow stuff

    22. jaredamandaunderwood

      The girl is talking to another girl with a white shirt she was it the girl with the white shirt black shirt

    23. Tsognemekh Galnemekh

      The black women

    24. Pippi Kids

      Girl with the red hair she had a blue bottle and she had put green stuff aka poison in the drink like if it is right 👇👍

    25. student Mika Escarcida

      The killer was in the Banana

    26. student Mika Escarcida

      It was the WOMAN

    27. student Mika Escarcida

      In the question “who is planing the murder” it was the girl in a black dress, she poisoned a drink

    28. Sal Riv

      The girl with the black shirt 😎😎😎

    29. Ornaldo Hernandez

      The girl in the black dress she put poison

    30. Jody Fisher

      Press like, if you hate when they say comments

    31. josh yu

      I think its poison😁

    32. Johnpaul Lasanas

      That black girl

    33. josh yu

      The left white girl holding knife

    34. josh yu

      The left white girl holding knife

    35. Roman Ivan

      The girl

    36. Roman Ivan

      The girl was a ponytail

    37. galbizures

      The drink was poisoned

    38. Fred jay Holt

      12:48 C he got blood even though B don't care and I think I see a knife

    39. Fred jay Holt

      12:25 he on drugs so I think him

    40. Fred jay Holt

      9:21 he's wanted

    41. Fred jay Holt

      5:40 I think will

    42. Fred jay Holt

      4:12 I think cause he did not die and no room tag

    43. Fred jay Holt

      2:54 the brown hair girl black dress She put poison like if right 👇

    44. bruce johnson

      why are you writing comments just say the answer!!!

    45. francis juanillo

      The maroon colored hair girl with a blue thing in her hand

    46. Winton Timmy

      The 5 one the 4th person is the killer she used poison

    47. Cyndi Quisiquisi

      2:52 a girl with brown dress putt poison on the drink

    48. Rice Bowl Family

      The gun is in the lemon

    49. {•Baby Girl•}

      2:54- Girl in the black dress with the blue bottle in her hand

    50. Life with Zay

      Wow this is rlly fun🤪

    51. Life with Zay

      2:53 the girl in black dress poured poison in the guys drink🧐

    52. Shafawn Benton

      On the part when I said the ship sink a month ago they’re going to get busy from building and then they’re going to be done and then what else are you going to do

    53. Magdalena Roman

      The girl in the black world try to poison on the guy she thinks that no one is looking

    54. Shafawn Benton

      I like this so much because it’s just like the game

    55. Shafawn Benton

      1. B or d

    56. Eric Schonthaler

      poison like if im right

    57. Ayush film Jaleshwar

      The liquid

    58. Chryzelle Vidad

      i think the girl wearing black dres she put a poison in the drink

    59. jia Chedriqa

      The girl putting a poison on the cup so she is the murder

    60. IALXO MEME

      A ponytail girl