India Built A Wall To Hide A Slum From Trump | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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    During his first state visit to India, President Trump basks in adulation despite being deprived of his beloved burgers and steaks by the country's vegetarian prime minister.
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    1. Comedy Central UK

      Which was funnier? The fact that Trump had to be vegetarian while in India or him trying to speak Hindi? 😂

      1. rishad abdul rasheed

      2. Arunima Pal

        Well, Trump didn't speak any common Hindi words (nouns), he only said the proper nouns and proper nouns can be pronounced in any way, notwithstanding though, it was *hilarious*

      3. Dragok mobile

        Hahaha trump really needs to stop speaking Indian I really want to see the Indian presidents face

      4. Ashutosh Mishra

        Trevor can speak hindi well...and funniest moment was when Trump struggles to pronounce Swami Vivekanand ...🤣


        Are you fool without knowing anything. The wall is Only 4foot . It is built to stop the encroachment 🙄🤷‍♂just check your facts well without spreading fake news. Get well soon

    2. rishad abdul rasheed

      Check out trump speach

    3. Vickers VC10

      India has the highest numbers of slums. This is a world record that other countries don't want to beat.

    4. archy kakka

      Swami Vivekananda is best known in the United States for his groundbreaking speech to the 1893 World's Parliament of Religions in which he introduced Hinduism to America and called for religious tolerance and an end to fanaticism. Kinda obvious that a bigot like Trump would butcher his name. Trevor should have mentioned this and ridiculed Trump and his bigotry even more. It's sad that the world knows so little about India. I have seen so many videos which proves that Americans do in a way live in a little world of their own and are very oblivious to the cultures of the world. India is so much more than Gandhi and Bollywood and it's conflict with Pakistan. On another note, what's sadder is that our political leaders try to give an idiot like Trump a grand welcome and hide their incompetencies as administrators by building walls and cleaning rivers. Without the people living in those very slums, our day is unimaginable. And the fact that PM Modi is trying to hide their habitat as if he is ashamed of them is appalling and highlights his and his Cabinet's incompetencies.

    5. Subhangini Khuntia

      hi ..Trevor I am Indian fan of URS .. Trump change our famous Sachin Tendulkar , swami Vivekananda, BY THE WAY... ITS virat kholi...not...VIRAT COOLIE ..😂😶

    6. Ishika Shukla

      Strange how u guys like to find faults in our walls... Wen ur own damn country has mountains of issues...#realitycheck

    7. Yaldrum SSG

      Toiletless India , Jobless India , cloth less India 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜

    8. Anshuman Goswami

      It's cute that you think he can say "hallucinating" when he sees the cows on streets.

    9. Arunima Pal

      That "aapka baal bohot sundar hai" at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="258">4:18</a> gave me a stomach ache For those who doesn't know, it means your hair is beautiful

    10. Freedom Of Speech

      India is well known globally for its slums, its population and its balatkar cases

    11. Padmini Ranganathan

      To the American left people. How can a 4ft wall hide slums from your 6ft tall President? Roasting is funny when there's truth in it. Total misinformation! Jealous much?

    12. mysterious forest

    13. Sunny Soarabh

      In the times of the Coronavirus Crisis, Trevor's videos of Trump are gold! Pure Gold. Thanks for this. This made my day.

    14. Sunny Soarabh

      I love Trevor Noah! Man he is amazing!

    15. flying fox

      It is a Great Wall Of India. Relax! Trump likes walls

    16. Solomon Dadi

      Hello ethiopian Neil dam 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🙏

    17. Pranay Chaturvedi

      I am Indian and I approve this was stupid!

    18. Anshul Dubey

      That was not for hiding slums. They were building it before Trump's visit and it is a small wall that cannot hide slums at all.

    19. This Commentor

      I don't think Trump knows what steaks are made of...


      its swami vivek anand not swemi viveak khsfiyshed

    21. Gabby Back

      Modi -Do lund Trump

    22. K T

      BS there are more meat eaters in India than vegetarians. Liberals just try to make everything small thing a breaking news

    23. Dhruv Raghav

      Nope the pronunciation was worse than the face.

    24. Dhruv Raghav

      Embarrassed to see the name India used like this, now I know how America feels because of trump.

    25. Mohit kaushal

      Roast modi

    26. Ayush Singh Chauhan

      did no one notice that <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="206">3:26</a> Trevor's pronunciation is wrong ?? of the word pronunciation

    27. Zeli Ang

      Misleading video

    28. Phrangkupar Nongrum

      Both of them are CORONA VIRUS.

    29. Peter Stark

      Swami vivekanand Swoami vi ve come in d mu nnnnn 😂

    30. Kamikaze Pilot


    31. banu prakash

      America is building wall to hide from Mexico.Even a bigger one.

    32. Karun Guru

      Looser anchor

    33. Parisien 78


    34. N* A***d S***i

      Hindi : what the **** is that me. English : laughing!

    35. Wanwad Marwein

      Thats how scared india as a whole of donald trump!!!

    36. Nuke_leUS


    37. Flamin Mongrel

      India grows at 10% Media: look at China India builds a small wall Media: hold my camera

    38. Vishesh Singh

      He should visit India more .The roads get's built and he provides great comedy 😂

    39. Hariharan B

      The information is right but the facts are wrong. Housing and apartments we're built for the people but, they let it for rent and still stay in the slums.

    40. Anuradha Mahadeva Sastry

      One of the local news channels said that the cia had not given clearance to the motorcade route until the previous evenings... probably people here didn't know how else to handle such intimidating scrutiny!

    41. Remy Rodrigues

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="214">3:34</a> Vivekaaaamumdunnnn

    42. Mature

      Modi delivered hate in india delhi riots on instructiona of direct from Modi - Butcher of Gujarat become butcher of delhi All done by police and RSS and BJP Hindus came in buses to do massacre Police was disapear on Modi’s special instructions It was all pre.planed by govt. Media is lair Jhotay anchor



    44. محمد عامر

      Wah re feku Izzat ki what lga di Indian ki😂

      1. Zeli Ang


    45. Nur Anne Suraiya

      Wonder if Trevor actually watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It is one of the best Hindi movies ever

    46. Durodhan Durodhan

      Are U Trying to insult India...

    47. Kheersana Yumlembam

      You are no longer a funny comedian. I used to be a big fan of you. You are a third grade comedian.

    48. Maz Sakupwanya

      Loads of walls hiding slums in SA

    49. Rahul Hassan

      Fascist Modi will destroy india


      Wow! He messed up my name as well😅😅

    51. Malik Sharafat

      Very bad India

      1. Zeli Ang


    52. Hotspot Entertainment pvt. ltd.

      Here we go again CNN with its Anti-India BS!!

    53. Ali Murtaza

      Trump to Modi: He started as Chui wala. Chui wala is like “ rat man” Chae wala means ‘tea staller’ which he was meant to say lol

    54. Sameer Khan

      More better chui Walla 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    55. Adnan Hoxha

      I see coments and nobody is talking about Muslims 😒

    56. Mature

      What Modi delivered? Hate in India

      1. Zeli Ang


    57. dominic gomes


      1. Zeli Ang

        It was builded 2 months ago Before Trump visit announcement

    58. s. shafi

      Yes true I only gave this idea to modi because of trump visit

    59. suman thev

      Indian politician want to dead after build wall for nothing


      Trump..said We will built huge wall between USA and Mexico. Modi. We are going to same way like you Mr Trump.


      Yes. Just like the Trevor Noah's face is being used to hide the terrorism in Nigeria.

      1. Dingle Berry

        What has Trevor Noah to do with Nigeria?

    62. Farhaz Farook

      Why you are not called antinationalist in USA... But for the same situation an indian is framed as antinationalist and traitor and even Pakistani... Wow...

    63. Tanjim anwar

      Modi is the worst prime minister india has ever had

    64. William Wong Kim Ping


      1. Zeli Ang


    65. Arun Kumar

      Reality of building a wall, you heard the fake news version here's the video authority giving facts

    66. sherin

      Excuse me ,its not INDIA okk?😡it's juz MODI-the greatest ever disaster India is facing now.but it's ok we will overcome that also wait!! to know what is INDIA.

    67. Lol Dolan

      So you are telling me that all we have to do is send broccoli to Trump and we can wipe him out? START SENDING HIM VEGGIES EVERYONE!! 😂😂😂

    68. lois lama

      Not to be outdone by Trump's mis-pronounciation of Hindi words, Modi addresed him as 'Doland' Trump and I think that settled score nicely 😂😂😂


      Are you fool without knowing anything. The wall is Only 4foot . It is built to stop the encroachment 🙄🤷‍♂just check your facts well without spreading fake news. Get well soon

    70. D. Chappelle

      I have never seen him eat a vegetable!🤣😂

    71. Hypervigilant much?

      " Yes. Soo-chin. A great cricket player.He was born in South Korea. Hardly anybody knows this. Many problems in that country like not having the technology to make a movie in English. Yes many problems so his family moved when Soo-chin was born. They crossed the Atlantic to Nambia for hopes of a better life. There he learned to play cricket or as I say 'playing with crickets' but others who are not stable geniuses would say 'playing cricket'. Soo-chin actually began playing locust first though. I prefer to say 'playing with locusts'. Then all the locusts died from ebola so to further his career, they crossed the border of Nambia into India. But there are no locusts in India. Hardly anybody knew this. So he had to play with crickets instead. And he got great at it. If I had known when I was a kid someone could get rich playing with crickets, I would have played with grasshoppers instead of eating paint chips. Grasshoppers instead of crickets because I don't know crickets. How do they work? Are they nice to people?....."

    72. dhruv tatti XD

      Why don't you tell the size of the wall ? It was meant to hide it but to avoid encroachment.

    73. Amir Nisar

      Hahaha cow remains can be found in PM house, now Modi is trying to hide the remains. Trump loved the stakes.

      1. Zeli Ang

        No one is hiding

    74. No One

      They trying to hide slums from trump's eyes but world seeing this 🤣🤣🤣really india is true joker for world 🤣

      1. Zeli Ang

        No one is trying to hide this was fake news it was builded 2 months ago

    75. abhimanyu singh

      FYI he was totally mispronouncing the last one it was Vivekananda an he took it to vivekanumu...😂 😂

    76. Khursheed Yasin

      Not to worry, Airforce one will be loaded with all the beaf he can eat on his trip.

    77. Tum Bi


    78. God is Google

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="194">3:14</a> that smile when u know u f****d up 😂

    79. Kunal Roy

      Or.. he could salivate at the prospect of... fresh to the table!!!!!

    80. Kenny Dave

      You better not say negative about India !!