Insane LIQUID NITROGEN Experiments Which Will BLOW YOUR MIND



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    Insane LIQUID NITROGEN Experiments Which Will BLOW YOUR MIND
    School of Life NOsel Originals Episode:

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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Insane LIQUID NITROGEN Experiments Which Will BLOW YOUR MIND
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    1. arthur paul white

      Liquid night rigid on a rose

    2. Kids Meyer

      Want to get rid of your vegetables carry around liquid nitrogen and gloves totally normal

    3. weird wolfie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> me:oh dont do it you:EGGCELENT me:omg

    4. Jodie Oriol

      Fun fact when you freeze an apple it doesn’t turn brown even if it is cut

    5. Justyna Czech

      Give me all your energy plz

    6. My Name

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> soap plus liquid equals bubbles, LIQUID nitrogen

    7. Jay ジェイ

      Your hair looks so pretty!! 😍

    8. Am And Geo

      Who do you prefer? Azzy and gloom or-wait nobody better! Love you Azzy! Love you Gloom

    9. Nicole aherne

      Ur so pretty

    10. Glitter Girl Isabelle

      Azzy:that chicken is disgusting Me:ewwwwwwwww!

    11. Ela KACZMAREK

      Like how a waterfall is the opposite firefly

    12. Ella Moss

      Not eating as made out of liquid nitrogen

    13. Brawl Stars Gacha Chanel



      Did azzy say s*

    15. Charlena Hill

      I always wanted to travel liquid nitrogen ice cream

    16. Indraneel Dass

      We'll put u in the liquid nitrogen like egg, we'll smash you then

    17. Doggo Lover

      OMG love your makeup

    18. Dark Fox

      “Azzy will azzy will rock you ( clap,clap,clap)

    19. gacha cake

      I don't know the difference because where i lived before there was no thanksgivimg but i know that chicken is better.

    20. _shafasgachaworld _kittykat_《HannahTristaMidnight》

      When will they do liquid nitrogen to pomegrante ,honey and a car🤔?

    21. Rebecca Kintz

      I LOVE you azzy!!!

    22. Panquake Simmer

      You should star on an actual show ❤️ I would love to see you act in a tv drama for Netflix

    23. Lele Pepper

      My last name is pepper

    24. The Random Guy

      Azzy:food take care if us and we should take care of it Me:we already are

    25. Maral Najafinia

      Azzy I love ur shirt where did u get it?

      1. Maral Najafinia

        It sounds random ok donut judge meh

    26. Marla Alupoaicei

      Wait.........................Why does Azzy look so different; she was perfect the way she was!

    27. Faizaniscool Mason

      Soggy apples are soft and sweet ew

    28. lily moon

      Azzy scary fact, back in the old days people use too freeze people's body parts with liquid nitrogen,to see if it would hurt and yes it would blow up. (Got this from my big sister 😅😁😄)

    29. Harmoni Mcmillan

      I have headphones witch makes in sooooo satisfying! 😍😊🤗😱🎧

    30. Jack Klitsch

      Do more baby azzy and gloom

    31. Abh Wawa

      Azzy you looks so pretty

    32. Liahoney T

      Is that a Melanie Martinez t-shirt you're wearing at the end of the video when introducing your other video? I believe I just bought the same shirt during her tour?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?😄

    33. Charlene Vendivel

      Why dos azzyland talk when there’s asmr ? no hate

    34. Pandamonium

      I wonder what would happen if you pour liquid nitrogen into hot lava 🤔

    35. Crystal Clod UwU

      I had Liquid nitrogen put on my toe by a doctor to move my wart so I can tell you it’s so cold that it 🥵 burns

    36. Xxsunset wolfxX

      I've had actual frozen coke once my fridge went colder then freezer cold and our coke froze and exploded so I got too have frozen coke

    37. Isabelle Plays

      The berries were huckleberries

    38. Mel’s Challenges

      Seriously???? Those of us that love ya REALLY REALLY NEED A POSHMARK CLOSET OF URS TO BUY FROM!!!! Please please please??? Begging!!! Sure many other real fans would love for ya to have a Poshmark closet!!!! Help me out here please TRUE AZZY FANS!!!!

    39. Abner Ongeri

      Hey azures my little bro like you videos and likes you

    40. Emma Linde

      I don’t think frozened coke would be pleasant to eat because the water/liquid freezer but the sugar would just be suck on the bottom

    41. Gwen White

      this is also how I get my wart removed or killed all the time it is so cool but it hurts like Azzy said like if you get your warts removed like this

    42. Freya Read

      I LOVE azzy land I watch her 247☺

    43. Megan .S

      Azzy looks different somehow

    44. Hannah & Fam

      This is so eggsiting lol

    45. Felan Boatwright

      I love your jokes

    46. Ryan Moore

      I no what is the coca did the coke allows us to have diabetes

    47. Avery M

      i wish he saved one of those berries and send it in the mail to me

    48. Ghost_ wilkeat

      Your old videos were better soz idk

    49. Alivia Phillips

      Everyone: Impressed about the cool berry explosion Me: Amazed that he has great accuracy 🤣🤣😎🤙

    50. Darkened Soul

      is that how people make freez dried fruit and stuff?

    51. Kushal Pillewan

      Azzy hasn't looked cuter in like forever

    52. Vicky Leon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="462">7:42</a> clay erasers :D I also loved to use these in school 🏫

    53. Xx_emma_ xX

      You say peppers I say capsaicin 😂😂😂😂

    54. M U

      Dude u looked so pretty

    55. Mai Tran

      Hi azzy! Did you know you could put your finger in it really quick? Also i didnt watch the video so i dont know if like they showed that.

    56. Brando97 1

      I love u azzy

    57. •aisukyandi•

      AZZY THE CLAY STUFF WAS CALLED PLASTER SEEN I PLAYED WITH IT AT SCHOOL sorry about my bad spelling :( Anr thats what its called

    58. Tegan Skrypczak

      I love u jazzy follow me on time to Charlie_parkinson12

    59. Glenda Juarez

      Azzy : i don't see a rainbow me : i saw a rainbow it was a baby rainbow

    60. Ayyoo HiTmAn BeNg


      1. Ayyoo HiTmAn BeNg

        -Azzy quote

    61. Navya Rao

      once I heard I’m going to Canada I got so excited cuz I knew azzy was there but it ain’t Toronto

    62. Ian Hanson

      This is so satisfying.

    63. monalisa Notonah

      I love since and Azzy your the best

    64. Autumn Buckman

      Wow you’re way more tan in this vid

    65. Hannah Clarke

      Your so pretty azzy

    66. An - Xiety

      girl! no offense but stop talking during the asmr sounds! like you said, “why you robbing us of that sound?” - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a> XD sorry

    67. Eryn Manyweather

      You look good

    68. tbmb23


    69. N Y A M B E D U R I N G

      wait...hulk vegtables.... ve g t a b l e s h u l k

    70. Scarlett Zirbel

      I made liquid nitrogen ice cream on a field trip to Cornell last year in 3ed grade

    71. Emilia Kalyuzhnyy

      I care for food because food cares for me-Azzyland

    72. jesse lule

      No Coca Cola is my friend!!!!!!! 😭😭😢😢🙁🙁😭😢😓😓😥😦😧😨😟😞😩😢😱😰😿

    73. SCRA Sophia and Rojan!!!

      That was an eggcellent eggperience

    74. Max Boujakdjian

      I’m i the only one who sees that Azzy is tanned.Azzy it looks nice Azzy

    75. LizardBoy Dragons

      more animals that react to magic

    76. All you need to know about

      Apples go brown because they oxidise so yeah it won't get brown

    77. Kylie Hillard

      What happens when you eat liquid nitrogen

    78. Emma EHV

      So cool 😎

    79. MrWolfy

      Did azzy tan Edit: or is it just the camera quality

    80. Nate Chatterton

      All the objects and food are just chillin' and then they were smashed for science. It was awesome! Yeeeaaaahh! Woooohoooo!