Jake Paul is Ruining His Career

Sam Collins

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    Publisert 2 måneder siden


    1. Shei Sutty

      That's TOTALLY what I'd want to be. A vlogger. Don't worry about my serious anxiety- I'll be fiiiiinnne "Anxiety's created by YOU" Me literally friday- *laying against my bed having an anxiety attack because of my teacher* "how- this isn't my fault- I've had it since young-"

    2. Mathias the Bari Guy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="404">6:44</a> got meeee 😂😂😂

    3. autumn *

      we did it boys, we have destroyed anxiety

    4. bloody ‘ell

      i’m rewatching this video and the “18 pLuS cOnTeNt” that jake posts? makin me feel sick and uncomfortable✋🏻😔

    5. Andrew Dawson

      500th comment

    6. Koda idc

      My brothers are obsessed with Jake paul, and all I hear is, its every day bro, and I dont want to hear that so, i dont want Jake paul anymore, he ruined my little brother, and that's all he talks about, jake paul ruined my house bold, along with Logan paul, they ruined my household

    7. Drawing For kids

      If everyone didn’t go to college and university who is going to build all those robots

    8. BeYou, Ok?

      ‘In the future, the robots will take over jobs”. NOT TRUE. These advancements in science and technology are just ways to find new jobs. It’s basically an EXCUSE to get a better education. And yes, that means that SOME PEOPLE *COUGH COUGH THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT TECHNOLOGY IS STEALING JOBS COUGH* will have to get up off their asses and try something new.

    9. Cordi

      It makes me soooooo sick to think about all those 10 to 12 year old kids who watch his videos🤢

      1. ァ域ッ記ᴜʀɪ

        I know right 😔✊

    10. Just Another Griffyndor

      You brought back unwanted memories. You have to pay for my therapy.

    11. Alex The Danganronpa Fan

      wait... Am I considered a young child..? I am a mature 12 year old then. But I mean, I'm technically supposed to be 13, my birthday is late

    12. Miaa

      Is it just me, or is saying “anxiety is created by you” literally so toxic, literally if anybody ever says that to you leave you deserve better! :)

    13. Eclectic Idiot

      So not too long ago, maybe January, my fuckin p a c k e r fell out of my pants, (sock packer) and my BEST FRIEND walked up to me with it. she has no clue what it is and she honestly shouldnt--

    14. tara k

      damn bro he's still alive?

    15. z o r o

      Jake Paul be like: “its every day BrOOOOoOoOOooooOOoOoOaoaoaoaoOOOOoOooooooooooooooo *dab*

    16. Sofia

      I'm shocked by just how much of a scam Jake Paul's thing sounds like lmao

    17. bailai

      drake bell is transphobic!

    18. Paige Sands

      I stumbled across your channel during quarantine and im laughing so much the more and more I watch. You're hilarious. Love your content. I pretty much a 1000 percent agree with majority of what you say. Looking forward to more. 😁✌️

    19. Lexi Royal

      Who told Jake Paul anxiety is that simple I can't go to class because of my OCD and social anxiety I'm sorry but who told him this bull it's such a lie Jake Paul go educate your privileged self

    20. Lexi Royal

      Sam : me and Jake Paul are pretty similar Also Sam realises what her just said And that he's compared himself to JAKE PAUL Sam : no no didn't mean the we just both do NOsel

    21. Paige McCracken

      Shane Dawson literally did a whole series on Jake Paul

    22. saucy duck

      lol 69,000 views

    23. Luka

      “How do you shift from kids.. to boobs?” My trans ass: me everyday during puberty.

    24. Gene

      * gAsP * I love your sweater :0

    25. Zekiel Jacob

      Sam: I wanna be with bitches every night! I wanna go clubbing every night! *girlfriend walks in* Sam: *nervous laughter* haha I don't know what I'm talking about...

    26. fakewendystan

      In all seriousness, I find it really hilarious when people bring up the whole "AI/Robots are going to rule the world soon!", like as someone in the tech field I promise you that AI in its current state is not as smart as people like to imagine it is

    27. Emily Righter

      This guy is my favorite NOselr now

      1. Angelica Eliza


    28. audrey

      Why is Jake Paul talking about the amount of student loan debt and how he's "had enough of it" when he literally has no student loan debt because he didn't go to college? Also I'd recommend watching Amanda/Swell Entertainment's video about the financial thing!

    29. Hannah Livingston

      Before my old twitter got s worded, I was also blocked by drake bell for being a belieber.

    30. Stacy

      You’re a woman

      1. an NB not-quite-french fry

        Except he isn't? I get that quarantine's boring, but have you seriously already run out of things to do that aren't failing to harrass people on the internet?

      2. Shrieky Noodle Flute Girl

        Some people just never learn.

    31. Pypr Brueland

      Lololololol I hate this guy 😂😂😂

    32. Pypr Brueland

      SNAP GIGI! Got em!!!

    33. Pypr Brueland

      Wow I was wondering when a “celebrity” or “public figure” stars to lose touch with reality? And this is when.. got it

    34. Pypr Brueland

      It’s a dark tie dye!!! That’s way cooler than regular

    35. Pypr Brueland

      What??? You are blocked by Drake Bell because you were a belieber?!? 😂😂😂😂😂

    36. Pypr Brueland

      lol ok I hate Jake Paul.. and that trash back there!! Lololol

    37. Cameron Barkus

      Yooo you’re funny man. Pauly aka perfectlytypical sent me this! Keep it up 👍

    38. Shinu

      You should look at r/gendercritical and r/gendercriticalfeminists . They are worse than they sound lmao. First one is just a bunch of transphobes with a middle school understanding of biology they are passing off as a college degree, and the second it the same only they use feminisim as their main "argument"

    39. Miss Sinister

      career?...please use that word lightly talking about him lmao.

    40. Roel Escamilla

      That website is a scam

    41. Hailey Hoover

      Okay you always react to anti LGBTQ stuff,but I think you should react to a video called everyone is gay by a great big world 😁 just wanna see ur reaction

    42. Jaxon k

      nosel.info/video/video/j2qYqXi6la5o3Nk.html here is some b.s. if you wanted to look at

      1. Jaxon k


    43. h2jdid not your FBI

      Hey you are going to grow a beard *your door will be safe tonight*

    44. Elena kaneki


    45. Murphy Green

      Taht wasn’t a 10 second clip of Gary v IT WAS 6 seconds

    46. jesus christ

      Hey Sam, thank you so much for continuously giving me support, encouragement, and inspiration. My school is currently discriminating against me, refusing to call me by my name and pronouns and also refusing to re-enroll my family and not letting us go to any of their other schools. I've finally worked up the courage to decide to fight back, and I have to thank you for being a continuous inspiration. Seeing transgender people like you doing well and happy, I have hope for my future and realize that there are many things ahead of me that I should wait for.

    47. Jamie Bisson

      Is he the same guy who filmed a NOsel video in Japan's sacred suicide forest?

      1. FailedProdigy

        Jamie Bisson No, that was his brother Logan Paul.

    48. Aaro Kauranen

      Lots of kids are still subscribed to him obviously thats how he got his fame and if he's suddenly posting stuff like that its very weird??? He has to know that kids are still gonna see it obviously i just find it wrong idk

    49. Bleh

      can I just say.. You sound like Dan TDM 😂😂 (this isn’t an insult Dan TDM is 👌🏼👏🏻👊🏻)

    50. Charels Forsman

      your sarcasm keeps me going. Thank you, Sam!

    51. Rachel Anastasia

      SAME EXACT SHIT W ME N DRAKE BELL I said something like "u repeatedly talk about how beliebers are 12. So why do u keep talking to us... Is there a reason you keep talking to 12 yr old girls Mr.bell"

    52. Jennifer Ring

      *Reads title* Hes been doing that I didnt know he still had NOsel channel

    53. Cassie


    54. Animae PerryGriffin

      Sam: Did you forget about him? me: i wish,,

    55. NightFlamess

      Uhhh okay soooo whats new?

    56. Nick orlando

      I Saw you in infernumasylums videos

    57. UnknownSAD blob

      I heard 2 bangs in my my head when I heard "don't have anxiety just be happy" turns out my last 2 brain cells committed suicide

    58. riley

      why does he look HOMELESS

    59. medicine4hs3

      Jake Paul looks like a who from whoville

    60. Zoruagames

      Me: **pining for any type of lesbian content** Welp, guess I'm about to watch a Jake Paul video Me, watching it: **cringes into last week**

    61. TOXIC Starbot

      Isn't it already ruined?

    62. annxsato

      wait was he the one who filmed the dead body over in japans suicide forest or was that Logan?

      1. anthony williams

        annxsato logan

    63. Ale Gareau

      The poster on your wall is crooked

    64. Autumn Breeze

      Jake Paul is the new The Situation

    65. Bergyn Hanson

      Your humor is the best!

    66. Gretchen Ogden

      The Paul brothers are the epitome of class and elegance

    67. abby steinhauer

      can you make a video on taylor swifts new video where she turns herself into a man?? i want your thoughts

    68. VinexTine

      As soon as you started playing that clip of Garyvee, I was scrolling through IG and saw a clip of him, so I got really confused

    69. Griffin Sarre

      Dude you should definitely do more non-LGBT commentary, you're so good at it

    70. kateemma22

      Just when I thought I couldn’t love Gigi more. Telling someone to ‘go to bed’ is such a move.

    71. Aureate Dewdrops

      After reading the title, let me just say on the behalf of the internet... is this honestly new?

    72. Tony Moore

      me: *having a general good day* Sam: Remember Jake Paul? *proceeds to show jake Paul excessively dabbing* me: whyyyyy

    73. Jaeden Joseph

      This has nothing to do with the video. Hi Sam, have you heard of Testosterone Pellets and if so what are your thoughts on them?

    74. Jolene Neb

      But zane is the best- ;-;

    75. Teresa Barcelo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="455">7:35</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="460">7:40</a>, I swear you have the soul of an old man hanging out with his teenage grandkids and I love it.

    76. Emily Broadstone

      And now I see why he "married" Tana. It was his way of branching out of kid content... Wow

    77. Lucy Birch

      Sam: Anxiety is created by you, at the end of the day just be happy. Me: *What the fuck brain, you're a piece of shit! Stop creating god damn anxiety!* Also Me: ^oh.^

    78. Alex M

      Sam: let's revisit Jake Paul Me: Let's not

    79. matty O

      Why is Jake sporting the neck beard? Its not a good look.

    80. Elsie Wilson

      His website sounds like the arrogant idealism of a 13 year old with no worldly understanding...