Jake Paul DRAGGED by Gigi Hadid because of this...

Angelika Oles

Angelika Oles

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    Here’s a mini tea about Glossier, Manny MUA shading Revolution Beauty, Jake Paul being dragged by Gigi Hadid and starting a new finance course, Deva Curl and more!
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    1. Zara Amir

      I've nearly never taken my make up off with more than one wipe. I'll use two if I'm wearing blue or black eyeshadow, but that's my cap.

    2. Tisoy Queerbot

      I absolutely love bunny. Jenna is amazing for taking in bunny

    3. Eva McDade

      honestly kinda dislike brad mondo atm

    4. Liver Livingston

      RIP Ad and RIP my late hamster, Cate Blanchett :(

    5. Micah ashley

      you have an editor?

    6. Parsheeta Roy

      You should be the one starting your own makeup line not these celebrities

    7. 2twstd4u

      All the drug store brands are sub brand of “expensive “ brands

    8. SkittleBlitz

      What I am about to say. It's real talk.. not shaming. Now, What Jake paul did was absolutely wrong. No one deserves to be harassed famous or not. But what really hit me hard was when Gigi and Zayn said: " Oh, you're just a youtuber." So was Justin Bieber? He was doing covers song on youtube before he got famous. Now I'm gonna say it again. YES, what Jake did was all the way wrong. But the " you're just a NOselr" comment was just as wrong. Basically makes me think that Gigi and Zayn think that NOselrs can't take their bag. WRONG! There is always someone out there that can do better than you, don't get twisted. Real talk.

    9. Jade Eiland

      Ugh Angelika! I think you're great, I love your channel so much and I hope everything works out with the whole demonetization issue you have going on with your videos. Sending love!

    10. Stella svensson

      I stan Gigi Hadid forever. She’s a QUEEN

    11. Chant Surname N/A

      Loving the different look girl. EDIT: Lol @ editor. 2nd time you've popped up now as far as I know. Well done.

    12. Lisa Twigg

      Great video as always! But specifically, I appreciated the bit on microfiber cloths as an alternative for makeup wipes. I actually hardly wear any makeup BUT I do work as a scare-actor every year and I go through SO many makeup wipes (and lend some to other "monsters" because ever since that whole clown thing we are required to wipe off at least half of our makeup before we can go home so we don't get shot/stabbed/or hurt by people who might think we are them clowns) Totally gonna grab me some microfiber! Anyone have any suggestions?

      1. Lisa Twigg

        @Angelika Oles Much love and thanks! Will do. =)

      2. Angelika Oles

        you can buy multipacks on amazon for pretty cheap if you just type in “makeup removing cloth” xx

    13. Sabina Baumann

      I agree that Jenna should not get any hate, but i would like to point out that her dog bunny was 2 when they adopted her, and not a fully grown, adult dog

    14. Linda qng

      angelika: well ex band me: THEY ARE ON A BREAK

    15. taja valantinčič

      I totaly got that under stare case sanctuary flash back. "He said he wanted a bigger one with a window" leave Jenna be people. She rocks. Her and Julian are the sweetest most loving dog parents.

    16. Mteeone708 !

      Jake Paul is a glorified NOselr and will never be anything else. Jake seems to have forgotten where he stands and that is at the bottom. Jake is realizing that he is not relevant so he is trying to find ways to garner publicity. Logan Paul and Tana Mongeau are doing the same. Tana has peaked at MTV that is as high as she is going. The 3 of them are not going to be anything more than reality TV stars and I'm using the term stars sarcastically because they are not stars. They aren't even NOselrs anymore. BTW what ever happened to Jake's Team10??? You should look into that and get the tea on what has become of them.

    17. Zoe Lea

      This eye look is stunning what products did you use? I love the colour!

    18. Megan Parker

      The makeup one is an interesting one because you could see it from so many different angles. I couldn’t help but compare it to fashion, the same/similar product comes into style and is repeated from designer labels, higher priced fashion stores all the way down to Primark.

    19. Chloe Elizabeth

      Jake Paul is a mouth breather.

    20. Pretty Plus

      Also I just got notified for this video. 5 days later and I have rung the bell. That’s annoying.

    21. jennifer k

      yahaha ssssss

    22. Helena L

      I really love how glowy ur make up looks, and the lip products you wear look great also.. it would be awesome to get a video where you talk about ur fave make up brands. :) Love your videos

    23. Hanna Helena

      Idk why but i never have found a makeup revolution product i liked other then a liquid highlighter

    24. LikaBoss 2334

      "pokey-outy-bits" lol that was cute.

    25. LikaBoss 2334

      I'm really upset about the diva curl thing. I just started going natural and was thinking of using that product since a saw other natural NOselrs use it for their curls. I feel bad that they were praising this product and had no idea they were killing their curls and damaging their hair. Dodged a huge bullet.😬

      1. Lily Snape

        I think one of the worst things was this NOselr who is also a Curly-Hair-Stylist who baceme a Deva-Curl-Stylist. But she was a good person, so as soon as she noticed, that her own problems are caused from DevaCurl, she messaged all of her clients, that they should stop using DevaCurl (thecurlninja on Instagram :) )

    26. Sam R

      Manny's crystal isn't unique and it's done many times before. I don't think it's drama worthy. It's getting to the point that nothing is unique anymore. He's got too high of an opinion

    27. hinata167

      How do i know if the exfoliator is bad for me

    28. Scaramouche

      Angelika: wears a different colour eyeshadow My mood: I don't understand why but +2 mood points

    29. Eduarda Andrade

      can we just have an entire video of angelika stanning and talking nice things about jenna marbles? please i beg of you

    30. Jj

      Revolution is pretty much the only brand I buy from, the makeup they copy is so expensive I don’t think they’re going to be stealing any business because of people could afford that makeup they’d buy it instead of the dupe. Revolution also don’t test on animals and almost every brand they copy does which is another reason I have no issues with the ethics of that company.

    31. senpai noticed you

      Gigi Hadid comeback legit made me scream.

    32. senpai noticed you

      Sis Use a cleansing balm (oil preferably) then use your normal cleanser. Double cleansing saved my skin.

    33. AjoyfulJackal

      Me: been using St. Ives exfoliator for years. *Could cause irreversible damage to skin* Weeeelllllll fuc-

    34. Joie Mercedes

      Hello editor-san x

    35. So So

      the whole glossier thing makes sense and it doesn't sound like they're backtracking at all it just seems like the person is getting upset for no reason. they say specifically why the larger influencers are allowed to do giveaways-- because they oversee it themselves lmao its pretty standard when you think about most giveaways also why the crap would people do that to jenna. i was really sad to see her apologizing ;;

    36. skye

      i just cant get over your eye look omg it’s just so beautiful i-

    37. Feemailgamer

      Someone should make a Chris crocker style of leave jenna marbles alone 😂

    38. nordic moon

      Your makeup looks very slytherin-like in this video

    39. SliceofBri

      I love microfiber cloths- I still use some makeup wipes when my illness flares up, but I can't imagine paying out the nose for wipes I use once in a blue moon.

    40. I am Ava

      If you don't mind.. I have some constructive criticism/personal opinion. I do like your mini tea's.. but sometimes I'd rather just have a video with one full story. Maybe you could do both! Love your stuff no matter what girl!

    41. Elizabeth Locke

      Idk I have seen plenty of diamond crystal styled makeup containers and compacts 😂😂 doesn't seem like a copy to me.

    42. Michelle Castellano

      I agree 100% with the make up wipes... Why wouldn't she capitalize on something more eco friendly, she is the youngest self made business women whatever and comes out with make up wipes and walnut scrub

    43. doombuggy123

      Omg Angelika crying about Bunny’s growth under Jenna’s care literally made me cry too.

    44. Emmy The Bear

      Oh damn I have revolution make up and brushes ect, some how was too blind to notice all this stuff, rip its kinda alright stuff though

    45. Ivi Kaputova

      I personally use a lot of Revolution products (and Revolution skin care). And i can say that i love their products (except the stick foundation. That thing is a cakey mess), also i own the Chocolate palette from I ❤️ revolution.. after 2 years it still smells like chocolate and i still prefered to buy their dupe than supporting Too Faced. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve never focused on how their products look like. I buy them cause i know they are good

    46. Liv Fantini

      Your makeup is 🤩🤩🤩

    47. Madison Wadsworth

      Why is her sister's head shaped like an Idaho potato?

    48. Perfect Chemistry

      The facts- The lawsuit against St. Ives was thrown out because there is no evidence that the walnut scrub can cause permanent damage. Easily researchable fact. People with all skin types including sensitive skin can an do use physical exfoliants including the St. Ives scrub without issue, others will have issues. Newsflash, everyones skin is different.

    49. Video

      When does the video start?

    50. Sydney Bishop

      I like Gigi. I didn’t because she chose to be with Zayn after everyone knew what he did to Perrie, but she’s proven a million times she’s a bad bitch and she can handle herself. If anyone can help him grow, it’s her.

    51. naomitost

      ‘Kermit cries about everything’ 😂😂😂😂

    52. Jessie

      love this makeup look

    53. Juno Small

      Pretty much rice exfoliaters are the only good physical exfoliants to use or microdermabrasion performed by a professional!

    54. Ray Mohamed

      RIP Ad, gone too soon. Leaaave our Queen alone. #dinkfam

    55. Aya Adjie

      I am literally confused by your eyeshadow. I thought it was smoked with a darker shade but when you look to the side turns out it was just real shadows?? Pls explain

    56. Daisy

      I've had a fenty highlighter with that same manny mua packaging for like a year so...

    57. BaileyBees

      Thank you so much for posting all the anger and frustration I feel in my bones for people coming for Jennamarbles

    58. BaileyBees


    59. Meg June

      I'll be needing you to do a makeup tutorial. you're makeup are really good!!!!

    60. maja piasecka

      i was in primark the other day and i saw an eyeshadow palette, it was something like the “masterclass” palette and the shades are *_exactly_* the same as the james charles palette, the colours are the same, the layout of the palette is the same, the only difference is the pans are square instead of circle, and it’s a bit smaller than the original one (also can we appreciate the fact primark’s makeup is cruelty free)

    61. big rat

      tbh i use revolution a lot bc i literally don’t have the money to buy from expensive brands :/

    62. Mariia Sorokina

      The way you read Jake's tweet, especially the laughter🤣🤣🤣

    63. laure auvray

      the ads made the video unwatchable I got 8 unskipable ads in 2 minutes I’m sorry I can watch

    64. Corona Virus

      Gigi Hadid really just pulled that 10 year old roast and everyone is hyping her up because the roast was for Jake Paul 😂😂 notice how everyone who hates Jake Paul is such a D-rider, its like *follow the leader* (Not a paul fan btw)

    65. Natalie Holiday

      If make up wipes bother your skin, maybe try coconut oil. It’s natural and works wonders.

    66. Gracie Gutierrez

      Kylie is still really problematic tho

    67. Frances Torres

      "Reading that just gave me like all sorts of diseases I didn't need." Amazing 😂

    68. Kaitlyn Forrester

      Jsyk I had a Makeup revolution foundation for like two second bc I had a bad reaction to it and it had me breaking out for a month. Do not recommend. 0/10

    69. Shannon D

      You use the word "stan" way more than i've heard anyone else use it, especially in one video. So you're unhealthily obsessed with a ton of different things? I think ppl forget where "stanning" comes from.

    70. Aryana Lewis


    71. Akendrick945

      Honestly I think Jenna is sometimes too apologetic. I know that being an internet personality means you are always exposed to the risk of being "cancelled", but she always seems to apologise by accepting she was at fault, even if the criticism she received was unfair. Sometimes you've just got to tell anonymous internet users to fuck off tbh🤷

    72. sofie tube

      ur makeup is always on point but especially this look sis, we need makeup details 🥺🙏🏻

    73. miss Anie Bananie

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> I think that there is a huge difference between making a competitive products (like ELF putty primer vs Tacha putty primer, or Maybelline master chrome vs Fenty beauty highlighters) like yes they are both the same types of products but they are not EXACTLY the same. But making the same product with the same packaging, and its an obvious copy is unnecessary Edit: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="780">13:00</a> poor Jenna Marbles, Kermit cries constantly and it was 30 seconds, she does her absolute best to make fun and lovely content. I would honestly, and I do mean this, take a bullet for Jenna Marbles. I strive to be as good a pet owner and person as her.

    74. Sunshine Bowman-Gibson

      Why the FUCK does your stuff keep getting demonetized??????? You don’t cuss. You’re unproblematic. I just don’t get it. Also, you’re one of my fav drama channels and I feel like we’re the same person so don’t give up❤️

    75. lisa_rosy

      your makeup is on fire !!! love it!

    76. Bom Is Queen

      I think people just want to drag Jenna Marbles because she is literally the least problematic person to ever grace our screens and people just can’t stand seeing other people being better than them🤷🏻‍♀️

    77. Keira

      ppl really need to leave jenna alone ugh

    78. Emi

      Gigi and her whole fam are dumb as rocks just like the Pauls (she and her sister are only plastic and Gigi’s relationship spreads that toxic, on off relationships, are okay. Also is she saying all NOselrs are embarrassing or? thats what it sounds like to me)

    79. Marilene Sophie

      the editors cute as frick

      1. Aaron Dench


    80. Säde Ylönen

      I am fully in love with your eyeshadow in this video