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    It's Everyday Bro... FIST!


    1. lisa

      It's everyday a music video comes out from jake every day you getting dislikes from it

    2. Marketa Sterikova

      Jake Paul and Jon Marianek + his team are really big SHIT 🤣(Sorry, my english is not good, i'm from the Czech Republic 😐)

    3. Alan Gruszczynski

      Jake P is trash if you him ur gay 😂😂😂😂

    4. nie ja

      Before JP u must to race with MASHA AND THE BEAR... Sorry for my English but i from Poland

    5. Paul Coynes

      Jake Paul should die

    6. lavi rox

      I like the taste of the number blue

    7. Nicole Barley

      “hOww ddddDDDArE yOu!” i’m too lazy to find when he said this so you’re just going to need to use your dusty peanut sized brain to remember when he said this :)

    8. Jamol Denny


    9. Roshan M.D

      Make is a kid Front of pew die pie

    10. William Hancock

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> JP SPELLED TOO WRONG like if you somehow found this in 2020 :p

    11. Shalaka Sha


    12. Shalaka Sha


    13. Nhi Xung

      Is that logan paul,in the logan paul in the dead jungle in the japanese,right.

    14. Stack man Jones

      First of all who is jake Paul 😂

    15. Abigail Lawrence

      United States is my house

    16. Honda Ken

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> Pewds : is sounds like his flow is off Me : ya cuz its the Disney channel flow not JP

    17. Can u be my friend

      James video has 4.6 million dislikes and 2.9 million likes all the people hatin on him

    18. JIANKAI WU

      You have corona shit?

    19. Ishaq 08

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> The first time i heard someone say whos Jake Paul

    20. Emile C

      Jake Paul: 20 million subscribers Pewdiepie: 103 million Difference: 83 million Conclusion, stfu Jp

    21. Jad AlJabali

      This is comedy..

    22. The Clevon Loney Show

      why people hate this song again

    23. Mirackhle

      Who's still wathing in 2020

    24. Tann - Brawl Stars

      148k dislikes are JP fans

    25. Alfred Edström

      What is the song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="592">9:52</a> i need to know

    26. Jeon Awa

      Wait wait wait..... Is that Alissa violet <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="17">00:17</a>!?

    27. Jo Miller

      too cool...fun to watch this dude

    28. Divine Time News

      lol he said how dare you use my name in a video

    29. America De La Cruz

      i love this, ROAST HIS UGLY ASS!!

    30. mohamed adel

      This video never fails to make me laugh

    31. GG T0M

      When he cant roast Pewdiepie he roasts Czech youtubers bruh

    32. bing bong

      Us is my city

    33. Biel Universo

      if England is his city, Europe is his country?

    34. iicup _ cxake

      facts doe

    35. Demon Lust

      Uh. Since when was england a city? The next time my mom asks me what place I want to go I will say the tea city.

    36. milaaim beqiri

      hahaahhaha Jake pee

    37. Noor S

      I laughed waaaay to much watching this video. Actual gold.

    38. - Mikko -

      Jake Paul: 5 million subs in six months Pewdiepie: 25 million subs in one month T-series: 40 000 subs in one second

    39. momorori minam go

      just ignore him bro that music video is just made with full of shit lyrics by idiots

    40. FlickCheez YT

      All dislikers get incinerated by time 10

    41. Naresh Bansal

      PewDiePie you always make me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

    42. portialeigh Ignacio

      fuck you bitch

      1. Tomy Sonardi

        Do you even know who you talking to, its the P we're talking about.

    43. TS THEEBEN

      PEWDIEPIE why you're using bad words in your video my brother is watching your video and he is just 8...and stop trolling about team ten and dobre brothers!!!!

      1. Tomy Sonardi

        Heh wait untill you discover what he said on pewdiepie's pupg stream

    44. Bubix YT


    45. nasuko nasuko

      *Questioning life with 100M subs* 103M sorry

    46. Matt Thorn

      Anyone else watching this at 2 am in 2020 cause u remembered summer 20-7 on NOsel?

    47. Triplets Alkuwari

      Roast him more Jake paul


      Jake paul said.pewdiepie is next.but look at the difference on subscribers

    49. chinfreddybear YT

      *a new form of rapping, it's meant to sound like sh*t* *NEVER HEARD TRUER WORDS*

      1. Tomy Sonardi

        The prophecy

    50. Garrison Rapp

      Jake Paul "disses" Pewds 103 mil 9 yr olds: you have awakened a beast and filled him with great resolve

    51. Dhiraj Raj

      "I wanna die more than I've ever died before" ...mood

    52. Mr. DrEdRe


    53. tiwsit

      England is my city 😬 YA

    54. Amil Nicor

      when JP raps. me: Wtf

    55. Abhiman Dissanayake

      im watching this man after 2 years and this man is a diamond and by this time pewds gets this referance becuase he plays minecraft

    56. 22_kcm Gaming

      Corona virus 🦠 u sick

    57. Marvoco

      "Pewdiepie is next" T-Series: sorry no

    58. TenThumbs Productions

      Mothergoose has more flow than this dude. The Paul family watched Malibu's Most Wanted and thought Jamie Kennedy had bars.

    59. JacketGuy

      bro he roasted nick better than jake

    60. Omansh Sharma

      Pewds: I want to die!!! Water sheep: yes

    61. Ahmed Ali

      And Jake will know because he eats food😂

    62. Azuolas Jasmontas

      I know it’s Been two years but Jake Paul is still an asshole :DD

      1. Ryuzaki- The Newb

        What did you expect 😂

    63. Data Noise

      England is my city

    64. zacteron

      Yup jake paul is still sucks team 6 is better

    65. Confused Stick Anims

      *realizing how thick pewdiepie got over these years*

    66. Avocado Banana

      This is a banana 🍌

      1. Anya

        This is a avocado 🥑

    67. MCElias


    68. Paisley Wood

      Jake Paul: pewdiepie is next *everyone laughed at that*

      1. Striker


    69. I can’t think of a name

      Pewdiepie: that’s a good ya Will Smith: hold my tie

    70. Dark memes For dark people

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> me in 2020

    71. Shawn Pan

      The moment that you realize that England isn’t a city

    72. Soy Pato

      These 148K dislikes are from toxic Jake Paulers

    73. Muskan Preet

      Pew used to be savage

    74. Gabriel German

      Jake Paul isn't even close to pewdiepie's subs

    75. arians nascar

      He puts you higher

    76. lilithsekai

      pewds laughing in 103 mil

    77. Jack McGough

      See’s nick crompton. Pewdiepie: WHAT IS THAT!

    78. InfinityGaming RE

      Team 10 = garbage

    79. Eggmon -

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> Give Felix a rap career.

    80. Simply Dynamic Gaming

      Anyone else watching old pewdiepie vids during Corona season?