Jake Paul Defeats AnEsonGib Via First-Round Stoppage



8 mill ganger23 113

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    1. Sernie Banders

      This is a joke

    2. SonicSaber !

      Gib was playing duck duck goose but without the goose


      7:04 Eddie Hearn seeing his next big money maker

    4. Smity54

      KSI is Scared

    5. eli Rivera

      Jake: Fighting Someone Better Than Him Instead Of Ksi's Little Brother And Not Looking Bad Gib: Crouch♾

    6. eli Rivera

      I Think Gib Hit The Crouch Button A Little Bit To Much

    7. leroy jenkins

      Gib lost because Jake stole his nose a few days before this...duh!

    8. Thomas Perez

      These fights are garbage

    9. Itachi_Pain

      Never seen anyone with dreads that long🤣

    10. CalebBlue Hernandez

      Dang how many fights is this man gonna win

    11. A .A

      Americans have alot of free time

    12. Stijn Nuttin

      cool "fight"

    13. Kaiden Terrell


    14. Unique Anique

      What is the point of boxing

    15. Speedymyths

      At 0:22 you can see ski in the back

      1. vinasu maaj

        Of course KSI is cheering for Gib

    16. Abdulghani Abdulghani

      Gib: It's pepper time baby Jake: what the fu* k is he saying

    17. Taylor Pinkerton

      Feel sorry for people who payed the money to see it

      1. vinasu maaj

        Bro fight was stopped sooooo early

    18. Ricky C

      What’s the name of the song playing after the fight in the background anybody ?

    19. Gabe Real XL

      Cash app me for no reason at all I'm tryna see something $gabrealxl

    20. Fortnit E

      It’s so cringey just watching them act like they serious about boxing it’s straight clout😂😂

    21. Jesus Hernandez

      U can see how worried KSI was

    22. Samuel Allen

      An Eson Gib is standing way to low

    23. Echo

      1:59 AnEson:its time it’s time ME: Time to get your a$$ beat

    24. Spirit

      Would you like sticky keys?

    25. Roman Walls


    26. Nunnyo bizz

      Gibs nose goin everywhere bruh up down right left left right

    27. Theprfesssor

      Gib tried to hard to be elusive and was way to over bored with and he isn't skilled enough to pull off the style he was trying, his style made sense though he doesn't seem to have a chin in the end a real let down he should take training more seriously and try again, Jake looked calm collected which is ironic knowing who he is outside the ring he has showed he has a chin against Deji and can take hit stay focused threw adversity As for a future fight for the title against KSI it sounds like the most logical next step but KSI is not certainly not Gib and will be a much harder matchup for Paul the hardest fight he has had KSI has shown skill,determination/heart, power and chin he would be the first fighter that is as big or bigger then Jake if they fight with equal reach I would give the edge to KSI especially if the trains properly he didn't for the 2nd Logan fight yet still pulled it out now Jake could win but I would bet one KSI

    28. OmerPlayz

      of cause he goes to ksi

    29. Daniel

      What kind of victory is that.

    30. quadbikemusic

      Bro fight was stopped sooooo early

    31. Tara Smith

      Of course KSI is cheering for Gib

    32. Adrian Ortega

      Fights like a crab wth

    33. ONIAA

      The fight looks like a gr-1 student (gib). Fighting a university student (jake) 😂😂😂😂😂

    34. Can I get 1000 subs with no videos

      He was crouching so he doesnt take knockback

    35. Christopher Quintanilla

      Really just waiting for Jake to finish jj

    36. hb mudo


      1. hb mudo


    37. Mario Kendle

      What do we expect FROM a RECESSIVE (melanin challenged) blonde headed WHITE boy!!!

    38. FxGG !

      I saw ksi I even saw tydus

    39. Andy Ruiz

      At least anesongib did better then Scarce

      1. Andy Ruiz

        vinasu maaj ye ye

      2. vinasu maaj

        Jake vs Ksi?🤔 Logan vs Antonio brown?... 🤔 or if Antonio brown don’t wanna fight it can be Logan vs gib?🤔

    40. Connor H

      Unique and unorthodox? Nah he just doesn’t know how to fight😂

    41. Mohammad Chughtai

      What is the song in the back?

      1. vinasu maaj

        Is that guy even a boxer it look like a tik tok

    42. Skelitos Is Epic

      Someone tell me why tydus was watching non professional boxing btw he’s only 5

    43. Benjamin Marin

      Go Jake Paul

    44. Random 6 Stuff

      Gibs looking like he's in the crab rave

    45. Raylyn Castillo

      Gib this thowring random like a baby and Jake knocked gib

    46. a normal person

      What Gib do in 5:00 looks like hes trying to do a jumping uppercut in thoose 8bit combat game :/

    47. Huck Arnold

      Ok don't interfere notorious here ok

    48. seeriu ciihy

      Before the fight: Yo Gib is gonna Knock Jake Out he's end his whole career Mid Fight: Im routing for you Jake!

    49. SyngBot

      Lol I dont understand these refs tho he def shouldnt have stopped it right there. They're so scared to let them fall or get knocked out idk who would pay money for these fights fr

      1. Neacail Dhungana

        3 knockdown rule mate.

    50. Akshar Asangi

      Does anybody know the name of the song that was played after Jake won, please reply I'm really desper8😭😭😭

    51. Oliver Knowles

      What a waste of time all of that for a first rounda

      1. seeriu ciihy

        Gib was spamming the crouch button the entire fight

    52. LSM Michael

      8:51 imagine being gib in that moment

    53. Limitless Perfection

      Video game speedruns be like

    54. Darren Kellman

      Is that guy even a boxer it look like a tik tok

    55. Voltrexa

      Jake vs Ksi?🤔 Logan vs Antonio brown?... 🤔 or if Antonio brown don’t wanna fight it can be Logan vs gib?🤔

    56. Armani Ellison

      What is that song at the end? It sound 🔥

      1. Akshar Asangi


    57. M K

      6:51 🤣

    58. Baf Lange

      Noone ever knew staying on your feet was so important to boxing-- gib

    59. Baf Lange

      No vaseline? Sup with them scraps and scratches??!

    60. Royer Vicente

      Did he say it's pepa time🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂