Jalen Rose: Zion and the Pelicans are coming for the Grizzlies’ 8 seed | Jalen & Jacoby



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    Jalen Rose doesn't think Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies can make the playoffs with Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans on a roll.
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    Publisert 3 måneder siden


    1. Lyric Valenzuela

      🔥🔥 *nice comment🏀🏀🏀* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a> 💗🔥💘 👇❣

    2. Veer Chasm

      The Clippers need more time on the court together? What happened to Load Management?? 🙄

    3. Pat4Clippers

      Zion is THE ONE. The next Chosen One. He's doing things we haven't seen rookies do since Iverson, Shaq, and MJ. That's over 2 to 3 decades ago. Zion is the type who can win MVP within 3 years like DRose did.

      1. Tay Day

        Pat4Clippers yup scary because us rose fans are scared he will take away the only y’all of fame note drose has being the youngest mvp in nba history

    4. Pat4Clippers

      The two most hyped #1 picks in NBA history are on a collision course tonight. This is could reach 1998 ASG-level like MJ (age 35) vs Kobe (age 19). I got a new nickname for Zion... *ZI-NO-MITE!*

      1. Soldier King


    5. Pat4Clippers

      LeBron vs Zion Round 1 tonight. Their Round 2 is Sunday. I got Lakers winning tonight but Zion will play great because he's capable when the spotlight is on him. He's unbelievable. A 284 pound manchild with a 45-inch jump? 🤯

    6. Anthony S

      Harden is averaging 35 but how many FTS per game?

      1. Brandon Curtis

        @Soldier King Flopping is flopping

      2. Soldier King

        pts are points


      If pelicabs make it to the playoffs we should bring Zion into debate for ROY

    8. Vandyke Ebbin

      If Zion get them to that 8th spot then he deserves Rookie of the year award...

    9. Ike Williams

      Not saying the Pels would win against the Lakers but trust me we aren’t scared to play them and if you think so tell that to Lonzo, Josh Hart and Bi i bet they are thirsting for that series

    10. Crystal L.

      If it came down to it, I would pick the Trailblazers over the Pelicans making the playoffs.

    11. Barack Obama

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> Jalen Rose-Mutombo 🤣🤣

    12. Trey Bens

      Ja should still win ROTY ,

      1. Trey Bens

        Brandon Curtis no it’s an award for the best rookie season. Not the best rookie

      2. Brandon Curtis

        @Trey Bens So what? It's an award for the best individual, and Zion is a better rookie than Ja. People are retarded for holding him being injured and not being allowed to play against him. Ja: 27, 20, 19, 17, 16 in last 5 games Zion: 31, 32, 25, 28, 29 Zion>Ja

      3. Trey Bens

        Soldier King yep , Pelicans have the more talented team before Zion even got there

      4. Soldier King

        You sure?

      5. Jae Gee

        And He Will

    13. Donald Pace

      The Pelicans would be a dangerous 8 seed indeed.

    14. Al Cutillo

      Calling it now pelicans vs bucks NBA finals this year lol

    15. P H

      Harden having a mvp season according to the numbers lou will Harrell shroder and Mitchell and Jamal Murray who the bulls should've drafted dumb stupid bulls

    16. P H

      People taking harden scoring averaging 33 this season a game for granted 33 cause it's unreal superstar

      1. Brandon Curtis

        When he decides to also play defense, I'll be impressed. Until then....

      2. metal pharaoh

        Lol what?

    17. Dezzy Dee

      Clickbait. Stop using Zion for clicks and views by putting his name in the title but then only bringing him up once in a video for 1 minute. I've been seeing a lot of that. people just put in Zion and pelicans on the title of the video but barely even talking about them.

    18. Jay Johnson

      Question is will Zion beat lebron and Anthony Davis tonight 😅

      1. Soldier King

        Ima watch free on league pass, hype

    19. Book of shadows contributor Brian

      111th comment 🏉🏐🚣🏼🏊🏼

    20. KL Chambers

      Zion is getting in the playoffs and he needs that experience early too. It’s a WRAP!

      1. Drew scottie

        KL Chambers facts 💯💯

    21. Ike Williams

      Remember when people thought Zion would be a bust? HILARIOUS now

      1. Devonté Duff-McKree

        dec1778 🙏🏾

      2. Philip Loveland

        Ike Williams wait till he blows his knee out again

      3. dec1778

        ​@Devonté Duff-McKreeNot many called him a bust to be fair. It was a lotta fans and stuff. Here are some people that I kept track of calling him a bust, but it is def less then what people would expect. Alex Kennedy -> Hoops Hype Rob Parker -> Undisputed Mark Titus -> Former Ohio State player (Didn't say bust but said fat lol) A report came out that some anon GM said he woulda taken Ja over Zion. Biggest one was probs Zion's debut when he was not good to start. Mark Jackson was on live TV saying he was way too fat and he would have easily taken Ja over Zion. This was because Zion was just back from injury, he wasn't playing well as it was his debut. Like just stop. But to be honest, it was mostly just from fans. Zion still a goat tho W.

      4. Devonté Duff-McKree

        Ike Williams no why would i take fans or someone who never tapped glass opinion lol. When i say credible sources im talking about retired players who have played the game and coaches. And i cant recall not one credible source calling him a bust pal🤷🏾‍♂️

      5. Broden

        dec1778 facts

    22. Lj kicks

      Zion for rookie of the year

    23. Ballout1997

      Pelicans vs Lakers First Round....I Need It

      1. Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever

        Young Freeman ???

      2. Ballout1997

        Young Freeman 👏🏾👏🏾

      3. Ballout1997

        BASELINE JORDAN!!!!! Of course.

      4. Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever

        Ballout1997 experience is important in the playoffs

      5. Ballout1997

        BASELINE JORDAN!!!!! If you actually watched basketball instead of listening to Them Mfs On ESPN Nd watching highlights. I kno U wouldn’t have said that.

    24. Steve Lambert

      Its definitely interesting because the Pelicans the Blazers and the Grizzlies are battling for the 8th seed

    25. Ryzha

      Pels gonna get it too

    26. elijah white

      I’m sure the Lakers are hoping the grizzlies hold that 8th spot. They’ll win either way but the pelicans gonna be a bit tougher

      1. brittany cormier

        Jordi Nunez yea, and the reason is because Zion missed half of the season and the Pelicans has one of the toughest schedules in the NBA. Now that he’s back, they are 8-3 and have the easiest remaining schedule and the Grizzlies have the hardest remaining schedule. Pelicans taking that 8th spot.

      2. metal pharaoh

        Jordi Nunez you must be a casual🤣

      3. De’Aaron Rose

        Jordi Nunez u a causal smh

      4. Antwane Boyce

        Jordi Nunez it’s going be a lot harder if they are playing the pelicans,

      5. Crystal L.

        @Jordi Nunez I hope the Grizzlies make it to the playoffs this year. They missed the playoffs when I was living in Memphis.

    27. C Anderson

      It's called rookie of the YEAR, not -rookie of half the year-

      1. Nekia Barfield

        Better words half season

      2. Nekia Barfield

        Ja was the best half of the year

      3. Lj kicks

        Man shut up

      4. mike collins

        actually, rookie of the half year would be more accurate since the NBA regular season is 6 months long

      5. mike collins

        It's called rookie of the YEAR because they give one out each YEAR--they don't give it out for the YEAR because nobody plays all 12 months.

    28. F.L.O.W.

      I’m still holding out hope for Portland. We 2.5 games behind and our schedule gets real easy soon.

      1. Crystal L.

        I'm picking Portland over New Orleans to get in the playoffs.

      2. Teo Strong

        Out of the Pelicans last 15 games of the season, 14 are against sub. 500 teams and the other against the Sixers at home where they are trash

      3. F.L.O.W.

        Devon Montes lol yeah we all know our possible fate

      4. Devon Montes

        @F.L.O.W. Sorry I meant the Pels immediately after the all star break had the easiest schedule technically. Portland may have the easiest schedule from today forward. It'll be interesting with the Grizzlies, Pels, and Portland fighting to get swept by the Lakers in April.

      5. F.L.O.W.

        Devon Montes nah we slightly have the easiest schedule i believe like 13 of our last 25 is under .500 and mad home games. Pels maybe about 10 which ain’t a big difference but we gonna see i think it’s gonna be a dog fight

    29. Ben Mangrum

      New Orleans is a better team than Memphis

      1. Logan Jarrett


      2. Amari Battle

        @Creux Zion just got back give them time

      3. Brandon Curtis

        @Creux Lmao, and that says what about Memphis?

      4. Creux

        *Lmao yet they're still not in the playoffs*

    30. LEVITICUS 19:4

      Clearly Ja Morant is ROY.

      1. A Real Good Guy

        @Crystal L. - Depending on when Lillard comes back.

      2. Crystal L.

        @A Real Good Guy I would pick the Blazers over the Pelicans to get in the playoffs.

      3. A Real Good Guy

        Crystal L. - it’s between the Blazers and Pelicans right now.

      4. Crystal L.

        @A Real Good Guy That's only if the Pelicans make it to the playoffs. If not, I believe Ja Morant would win it hands down if the Grizzlies make it to the playoffs.

      5. A Real Good Guy

        If the pelicans get to the playoffs, that will be the media’s reason to vote for Zion.

    31. OGGOAT_ _

      Yep JJJ got hurt..and Grizzlies have a tough schedule

    32. Armando Mitchell

      Jalen needs some WD-40 @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a>

      1. Brendan Southern


    33. MidWest Ent.

      And than get swept by the lakers

    34. media hub RN

      Clippers team is faking injuries. The get no respect

    35. Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3

      Still not ROY though. Morant is the only player that isn't hot trash on the Grizzlies, Zion is playing with a All Star.

      1. Nekia Barfield

        A barley made it in All star

      2. A Real Good Guy

        @ce - They have their own criteria. So who knows.

      3. ce

        A Real Good Guy they should know more than me, that’s their job. I don’t watch/study/write about basketball all day every day

      4. A Real Good Guy

        ce - AND more than YOU do

      5. ce

        A Real Good Guy you understand the media that votes on ROY isn’t just people you see on espn right? it’s writers and broadcasters from all over the country that study basketball more than you do

    36. ruebascu

      Pels coming for that spot. Memphis messed up by trading their vets.

      1. Ike Williams

        The Ultimate Rage imagine where the pels would be if they didn’t go on that 13 game losing streak

      2. The Ultimate Rage

        @tydelthom Had Zion not been injured, I believe that the Pels would already be a playoff bound team and that Zion would have been an All-Star easily. Much love to Ja Morant tho; that boy a problem. It's just that Zanos is coming........

      3. tydelthom

        False, just a tough stretch in the schedule and injuries...every team has injuries!

      4. Obi Wan Kenobi

        Only vet worth keeping was Jae

      5. Jared Taylor


    37. Lion Horse

      I cant take people that wear glasses like that serious. For real. This dudes are on national tv working for a "professional" company and wear these type of glasses. Do they need them?

      1. I Like Turtles

        Lion by name, lamb by nature.

      2. 1Mrsweetness

        Your mom must be “Karen”.

      3. koo H

        Cry about it

    38. Kyle Shipp

      Jalen rose look like a muppet with those glasses 😂

      1. Nevele Films

        Put some respek on the Cazals 🤣🤣

      2. KL Chambers

        Kermit lookin azzzzz boyyyy

      3. Obi Wan Kenobi

        @Kyle Shipp Facts 🤣

    39. caddo man

      Pelicans swept the trailblazers. They will sweep the Grizzlies. They have to split the Spurs. Pelicans coming for the 8th.

      1. Creux

        *Lmao yet they're still not in the playoffs and won't make the playoffs. Bet money.*

      2. De’Aaron Rose

        Josh LaGuardia no they didn’t. Pels swept them.

      3. Master Of Cap

        Josh LaGuardia no that’s was okc we swept Portland

      4. Josh LaGuardia

        caddo man umm the blazers beat the pats Pelicans before the all star break

    40. H E

      Zion deserves to win ROTY, Ja Morant hasn't had a similar impact he's being carried by HOF team mates in Memphis meanwhile zion has to play with scrubs like lonzo bust smh no contest zion is the real ROTY

      1. I’m bouta Nut in yo MOUF

        H E what Hof teammates? Bruh, grizzlies has nothing but young players who haven’t see a playoffs in their life. The only player who seen the playoffs but isn’t a HOF player is VC.

      2. H E

        @Charles Golden yeah a trash one he's a short Kyle korver now, nothing special about being a 3 point merchant he's let down Dwight in 09, Chris Paul during the clippers, not to mention him letting down Philly last season, or 2 seasons ago

      3. Charles Golden

        lmao so j.j.reddick isnt a veteran?

    41. Carl Stocks

      The fact that y’all are giving him a legit chance to win ROTY when he literally missed half the season is very wild

      1. thekingbradable

        @The Ultimate Rage The Pelicans (after 6-22) went 11-5 without him and are currently 8-6 with him, with an amazing supporting cast. Am I supposed to be impressed by that? We can look at all the facts. The Pelicans had one of the hardest schedules to start the season, and their schedule is actually got easier as the season went on and continues. With a supporting cast consisting of Reddick, Lonzo, Holliday and Ingram Since you wanna compare, who was Embiid's supporting cast exactly? To imply team success will have an impact on the ROTY award is to imply this race is close. Which it isn't.

      2. The Ultimate Rage

        @thekingbradable The point you're making is ridiculous because if Zion was healthy, the Pels would never have gone 6-22, which is the point in the first place. Embiid played 31 games, and the 6ers record was 13-18. That's a losing record fam. You're shooting yourself in the foot with your argument lolol

      3. thekingbradable

        @LS Z32 What you are saying quite literally ignores the facts that I provided for you above about the history of the award, so obviously you didn't read it lmao. Playing less than half the season does matter, whether y'all like it or not. This is not based off my opinion, but the history of the award. So I'll ask you again, go back and read what I said.

      4. thekingbradable

        @Hussell Westbrook You didn't read what I said. That's all you proved lol

      5. Hussell Westbrook

        thekingbradable Exactly, which means Zion is having a better rookie year than Ja. Thank you for proving my point lol

    42. Person 2018

      8 th

    43. Carl Moore

      O first

    44. Willigag & Bob

      It'd be a great storyline going in against the Lakers since half the Pelicans there were traded for AD.

      1. The Ultimate Rage

        I can see the Pels gettin' 1 or 2 games at least. But we'll see how they shape up after tonight! 😁

      2. Sasha Gregory

        It won’t be a sweep

      3. The GoatBam

        C Bennett yeah it would be a entertaining sweep

      4. Jared Taylor

        AD a buster

      5. C Bennett

        Willigag & Bob yeah but it’s a 4-0 sweep once the pelicans actually age there gonna be a real good team but this year the lakers will sweep them but it’d be pretty cool to see

    45. Anh Wong


    46. Diart Musliu

      If Zion gets the Pelicans to the playoffs over Grizzles, he has a great chance to win the ROTY

      1. mike collins

        ​@thekingbradable - no, you are speaking about what will likely happen as if nothing else can change it and I'm speaking as if I don't know what will happen because we don't have all the information yet. Looking at it right now, you call it more impressive for how long Ja has been at it just as I can claim that Zion's play has been more impressive because of the lack of games--as in, Ja and the rest of the NBA rookies, were able to go through all of summer league, training camp, preseason games and overall time with their teammates and ease into becoming a pro whereas Zion dropped in over halfway through without those adjustment periods. It's subjective--and there's more to come so there's no reason to determine this award today.

      2. thekingbradable

        @mike collins Them being nearly equal is what you think *should* be the standard. That's not what it will be. The games he's played will matter, quite a bit lol. And we cant compare their numbers side by side as if they play the same position. Regardless, Ja's body of work has been much more impressive considering the help he has, the position he plays, his longetivity, and his team's record with him considering the little help he has. There's not just one factor we're looking at here. You seem to be speaking on what you think *should* happen, which is fine. I'm speaking on what I know will happen.

      3. mike collins

        @thekingbradable - YES, let it be a factor... I agree, it's part of the body of work we can reflect on at the end of the season. Just don't let it be the ONE and ONLY factor and certainly not a disqualifying factor since it's not in the "rules". Let's say their stats, team record and whatever else you put stake in were nearly equal--the number of games could certainly be a favorable factor in Ja taking it.

      4. thekingbradable

        @mike collins And my point is that he cannot overcome way fewer games than Ja. The NBA does not have a rule requiring a number of games, however it has been a factor, numerous times in fact (as recently as 4 years ago), in deciding the award. That is a fact. But it's ok, maybe you'll just have to see it for yourself and the end of the year to believe it. Nothing I can do to help you.

      5. mike collins

        @thekingbradable - haha, rich... from the guy that was wetting his pants over the word YEAR now needs to be educated on the word BASELESS... root word is BASE--the BASE (foundation) of the debate is that Zion is putting up far superior numbers than Ja and IF he continues such numbers, he can overcome the fewer games--IF he can't, then it's a wrap for Ja taking home ROTY. If the NBA wanted a minimum amount of games to be eligible for the ROTY, then they would--the didn't.

    47. Toxicity Rose


    48. GreatestManAlive


    49. NormMacdonald Clips

      Don't sleep on Trailblazers

      1. Jared Taylor

        I'm sleeping comfortably right now with dame out

      2. Jiggafromstatefarm 99

        NormMacdonald Clips dame hurt

    50. Adesola Obunge


    51. ilias amar


    52. Quell Got cash