Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue - Formal Friday with Will Arnett & Guillermo

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    FUNDRAISER - CORE - coregives.org/
    As week two of isolation comes to end, Jimmy does another #Minilogue from his house where he celebrates #FormalFriday, reveals some of his favorite participants from last week, checks in on Guillermo in quarantine, shares emails that he has received from major corporations about the Coronavirus, and chats with the very funny and very tan Will Arnett. If you dressed up for Formal Friday, post your fancy photos and videos using #FormalFriday and they might end up on the show. Jimmy will be making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today it’s CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees). Please consider helping them if you can. Go here to donate: coregives.org/

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    1. Kana Beats

      yoooo the instant replay haha

    2. Astrid

      You know just go back only the cel

    3. Travel Adventures Xelmundo

      I honestly look forward to watching your videos so much. Your funny and positive energy is so uplifting. Thank youuuuu!!!!!

    4. Vee Cee

      I'm really, really enjoying Jimmy Kimmel right now. In fact, I'm also really, really enjoying Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert right now.

    5. ThatMissQuin

      Poor Boj in quarantine right after prison

    6. unbroken1010

      Like a deal in a little box where nothing can hurt you what is wrong with you Jimmy. Really dude you're probably the only one using veal in this day and age.

    7. BrIan CurtiSmith

      Thanks Jim and Will

    8. lovey1055

      I luv this episode. Watched by me 4x's and counting.

    9. Karen S

      You do realize that you are going to have to do special home visits if the show goes back to the studio.

    10. Chkhito

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="900">15:00</a> Nailed it 🏀

    11. wend cable

      People used to dress for dinner many years ago and wasn’t considered abnormal! So let’s bring back the tradition 🤠🚻🇬🇧🇺🇸

    12. Karen Johnson-Hulit

      I love Barefoot Wine!!! Good choice Jimmy!!!

    13. Angela Howard

      Like for the Barefoot Cab! MMMMMMM....

    14. Maryellen N.

      here's a startling fact: today, april 2, 2020 we have reached 1,009,452 globally infected with covid19. In 1918 there were 37.9 million people infected with HIV/AIDS

    15. Ashley A

      Gotta try the formal Friday now that this will probably last the rest of 2020

    16. Stevie fan

      Will is touching his face way too much.

    17. J Rochette

      OMG I Love Will Arnett

    18. Klara Stern

      formal Friday was a really good idea to keep the humanity inside the quarantined homes :)

    19. jatinder singh

      Do some Matt Damon rivalry episode

    20. Sam Ragland

      You have a very beautiful family Jim!!!!!

    21. Josie Lindström

      I call travelling!

    22. Roger Qix

      muy bueno

    23. maheen mujeeb

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="218">3:38</a> some one said “nOw Ye LiEs”😂🤔

    24. Debra Smith

      Hoarders of TP are sitting on a gold mine! They can order seeds on-line and fill the cardboard inner tubes with soil and then plant seeds now. When it gets warmer they can grow food in their backyard or on their balcony. Fewer trips to the store!

    25. Jordan Jiang


    26. Anne

      Don’t let anything happen to Guillermo he’s a national treasure! 🇺🇸 ❤️😂 And Arnett being every high school guy ever showing off even though no asked 😂

    27. Thomas Offutt

      The new intro is really the BEST thing, keep that even after the Corona is gone.

    28. L. C. Chong

      Call Matt Damon!

    29. Azunyan

      It's okay, Will. Running on that treadmill? It gets easier. Everyday, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it everyday, that's the hard part. But it does get easier.

    30. Hatachi Koi - Chickasaw Nation

      Celebrities are brainless twatwaffles. They are real lousy on the internet. . They should stick to the iidiot box. Celebrities put out lazy content that is not internet worthy. Begone!

    31. The42Peach

      Where is Monday’s show?

    32. D

      Without a staff, a team of writers and production company behind them, you can really start to see these late night fools have no talent.

    33. Shelagh McGrath

      You two are awesome!!!

    34. Charles A Hedges

      No wonder calis gona sink.

    35. NM AT

      Jimmy Kimmel going from TV on a major network to a NOselr Oh, how the so called mighty have fallen. This goes for all of the late night show hosts.

    36. George Carson

      Jim, your show has ran its course get some more lines. I wonder who your next, make fun of, victim will be ?

    37. MOUSSAOUI Kamal

      What's wrong Jimmy, didn't upload 3 days!!! hope everything's well

      1. Peter Griffin

        he needs his adronochrome

    38. Salty Sailor

      you make how much money a year and you can get a good home studio going ? smh

    39. Cristina Cosme

      Thank you for making self quarantine more enjoyable, I look forward to your nightly home minilogues ❤

    40. buzz kirschner

      hey Jimmy are you gonna do a show tonite the 30th. of March 2020?

    41. The Showman

      I hope COVID-19 rids us of the Celebrity Elite virus.

    42. Blip Wits Trivia

      Thanks for posting, hope to see you back on the air soon Jimmy!

    43. Brandi T


    44. Ghost

      this show really needs the writers and laugh ques....

    45. sharon berri

      Can't wait for an episode with Matt Damon.

    46. hobbys cow

      Not funny at all

    47. h h

      Did you drink the 🍷??

      1. Peter Griffin

        he has. Just wait. It's coming.

    48. Chellieliola

      Molly is stunning!!!

    49. Brian D

      Man, Will Arnett is awesome. haha What a cool guest to have on right now. Not only did he make me want to make the best of being at home, but he also made being home more far more enjoyable. Stay safe everybody!

    50. Katherine Tepper-Marsden

      My friend is the former Director of C.O.R.E, it's a great organization that helps a lot of vulnerable people.

    51. Pat Jenkins

      Jimmy, Why is Charmin still advertising on TV?? Charmin is now the most desirable substance on the Earth and the least available. At this point those cute bear ads are just torture.

    52. Wade Robinson

      Hey Jimmy..... Nervous yet? Enjoy any pizza lately?

    53. kungfufooey1

      That was very nice of Barefoot for their charitable gift. However on a side note I rather drink a bottle of coronavirus then take a sip of Barefoot wine.

    54. Matej

      Where is Guillermo=?

    55. Rock Watson

      He wears suits while on lockdown

    56. Anything bro’s

      That jersey though.

    57. Buddhi Dev

      I told you, from the Orient, that you guys were laughing about the Corona virus'pandemic until it gets you overwhelmingly Stay healthy

    58. p moosa

      love the home show. also will arnett was awesome

    59. Kukui


    60. Gm Karliah

      Hahahaha so funny. Woman's job to teach now that kids aren't in school.

    61. Ebby Exaud

      Is it me or there are no new minilogues... Hope you're safe/okay!

    62. Paul Hetherington

      And all our, medicine, is Chinese. Mad= height, ixk--woman, man--eyes of--enemy. You don't counter-- punch terror? Your license-- is the enemy. CVCC

    63. moreno franco

      Nice One! Jimmy. Stay Safe!

    64. Dhruv Dinesh

      *Donald D!CK Head of USA*

    65. sela

      Jimmy, don´t judge guillermos soppy collar when yout suit is´nt ironed!:-)

    66. 3506Dodge

      He used to be married to Amy Poehler.

    67. White Obama

      Hey Jmny how about you tell some jokes, we could use some humor in those dire times, and you're not funny

    68. Pure Brute

      Your show is not funny. I hope you get Depression and do a Kurt Cobain and leave your brain matter on that wall behind you.

    69. Adam Nowek

      If Jimmy has Will Arnett back on during the lockdown, I really hope you'll let Will promote a Canadian charity!

    70. Adam Nowek

      Will Arnett is half of my uncles. Except none of them are Leafs fans.

    71. Arlene Campbell

      I am getting So use to that intro.its so good to hear happiness

    72. indorock

      Jimmy Kimmel and Will Arnett in the same video call? Is this a crossover episode?

    73. トイレの花子

      I know how tough it is for everyone to push through this pandemic situation, especially tough for the entertainment business, which makes it harder for Jimmy Kimmel and his crew. I know this comment won't be read by almost anyone, but I just wanted to show appreciation for Jimmy dressing up in his home, uploading videos to keep America entertained and some what secure and most importantly showing a sense of leadership our very own president has failed to do ever since the beginning. So Thanks Jimmy, and the whole family. Stay safe everyone, and lets make the best of it. We're strong.

    74. zebra

      You should keep the opener when your show goes back on air.

    75. DarkFayerye

      Omg I panic bought ramen after 3 weeks of looking for it!

    76. eurikamerleau

      Barefoot wine! Relatable :)

    77. Naureen Safdar Butt

      Please please don’t change the opening n closing of your shows even when you get back in studio..I absolutely LOVE the hand drawings and the little girl who laughs and says ‘this is ridkluss’ 💖🤣

    78. Hanfei Cao

      Wow, kid! 3 months is actually a quite realistic guess...

    79. Clara Kim

      That horse mask's made of rubber, right?

    80. stickyii

      Who else is going to talk about that drop of wine sliver down the bottle after the wine was poured in each glass?