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    Extra special thanks to Jimmy for coming on and enduring such silly nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

    Publisert 8 dager siden


    1. JonTronShow

      Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! > ridge.com/JONTRON

      1. Banana Cat

        You should do a video on ratboy genius true nightmare fuel 👌

      2. András Erb

        You might want to check out the fiber fix videos, just an idea.

      3. Nicholas Kozemko

        Here is an idea play the king Kong game for the ps2 or game cube.

      4. XxHydraxX GT

        Ridge sponsorship, gives the guest a big mac (No drink included) xD

      5. Samon Red

        Jimmy was actually so funny wtf i thought jon would be the main guy

    2. Alex Abreu

      The genuine disgust on Jimmy’s face when he heard the printer go chk chk

    3. funnylittlegirl12345

      Jimmy is the proper sweetest guy

    4. B Corie

      The end was the end for jimmy

    5. Ajla Omeragic

      I thought that it was all fake. Like, the kids were some really good actors or something. BUT, turns out I was wrong and it was all real...huh.

    6. Aiden Lindquist

      I live in New Mexico, and can ensure, that in the non high populated areas, that it gets FREEZING at night, even during the summer.

    7. Do_odle

      Jontron videos are the best videos. He could make a video about a bologna sandwich, forget the sandwich, just one slice of bologna, and I guarantee you it would be entertaining to me. Yet here he is, putting all this effort into a video, and all I can think to say is... Jon stop putting this much effort into your videos so you can make thousands of em a day please.

    8. Alex

      That QR code @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1460">24:20</a> : 42118978 No idea.

    9. cinnamon kitty

      Jimmy is pretty epic. I’d listen to him talk for hours it’s entertaining

    10. Legazy

      JonTron should get jared on here

      1. Legazy

        fouoii gyhh how lmao

      2. fouoii gyhh


    11. I Have no soul

      If at the first Townhall meeting everyone raise their hand jake would have been like no you spoiled little brats and brings out a gun the ratings must be mine

      1. fouoii gyhh

        I was watching the video keemstar recently uploaded. What Ethan/h3h3 did to you in that podcast was awful. Your such a nice guy for him to put you in a situation like that is

    12. devo076

      Jontron is starting to turn into a white Eric Andre.

    13. Robert Northup

      Wait he's older now, I'm so 😕 but in retrospect he was smart. He was eating fruit loops watching Saturday morning cartoons while the rest were still discussing those big questions like Porto pots or 📺. Dude he had bathroom, TV, plus cereal and mom and got to go on Jon Tron, so whos the real winner here?

    14. Ian Espinal

      In case you guys wanted to, There is a playlist of all the full episodes on NOsel. Just search Kid Nation and it will pop up

    15. BerretSO4

      This is straight up journalism JonTron what the fuck

    16. REDARROW101_A5

      Next Episode: We're dropping 40 kids of at Epstein's House on Little Saint James for 40 days.

    17. Bubbijs

      Please ask him to put the episodes online 😭

    18. 페닉다크

      best video you made so far

    19. Shane Potts

      At the beginning it felt like an episode of the eric andre show

    20. Üñdøçkēd Sîñē

      Does Jimmy have a YT channel?

    21. Eliyahu Kublin

      I just realized that the beginning of this is an episode of the Eric Andre show

    22. ToySoldier Nerio

      so in regards to the outhouse thing. 1 porta pottie is good for 10 people with weekly service. and i remember the terrible times in the army when they didnt bring enough to the field. it was bad enough that female soldiers were shuttled back every 3 days for their personal hygiene just for safety. so 40 kids with 1 toilet is just bad on multiple levels. Also i think Jimmy would be a good youtuber just likeable

    23. The Gambling Ace_92_

      I still cant believe kid nation was a thing.

    24. Bamith

      Ending has some real Eric Andre feels

    25. Fascist_boy

      Imagine the quiet kid going there and make a dictatorship with a knife and a bow and arrow

    26. Confuzinq

      lol they stutter so much its so cute

    27. Junior Bacon

      I was watching the video keemstar recently uploaded. What Ethan/h3h3 did to you in that podcast was awful. Your such a nice guy for him to put you in a situation like that is horrible.

    28. Pixal Dragon

      Yo jimmy dodged a fucking bullet

    29. Wild Rift Chris

      sorry H3H3 is such a POS

    30. Groovy 91

      They lost a challenge once and the prize they could have won was beds

    31. Jack Riddles

      One of my friends don’t like your Channel i’m disgusted

    32. Kyle Young

      Holy shit guys, I just got a free big mac from the QR code. No drink tho.

    33. Chance Encounter

      I don’t have a dad anymore... I guess I’ll just get a ridge wallet for myself on Father’s Day!

    34. Souhardya Malakar

      So u R the meme guy...😄hay

    35. Jared Nowasielski

      I love how dead inside jimmy looks when he is shown the star

    36. Alex

      PLEASE make this a series with each episode reviewing one of the shows episodes. Then doing an interview with one of the grown up contestants.

    37. Kevin Sebatian

      Ur gonna kill him?! Hahahahahahaha

    38. Nathan White

      "I saw jackrabbits and I tried to murder them." Good to see he grew up into a well adjusted adult after that traumatic experience.

    39. aAáÁAA

      Thank you Jon.

    40. Quarantina

      I want jimmy to fuck the shit out of me

    41. Tyler The Guy

      I like Jimmy. He seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders, and I can't really blame him for wanting to get out of that madness as soon as possible.

    42. BØT!


    43. aAáÁAA

      Jimmy deserves all the stars.

    44. Dr Ewok

      I think Jon should organize a party where all 40 kids get back together

    45. Brandon Rodriguez

      jontron content went to shit viva la game grumps

    46. Dimitri Warchief

      Oh no, those poor kids Are they ok? Are they still alive

    47. LordGratius

      omg this episode had me laughing so hard. especially toward the end.

    48. Dimitri Warchief

      Elen doing an interview: Unamazed charlie Jontron doing an interview Charle so excited

    49. Thatrust?

      I never knew Anthony Padilla was in kid nation!

    50. Vinny Avalos

      Anybody want some Kool-Aid? I've got plenty.

    51. Willem Zimmer

      Jimmy should send Jon the DVDs so he can review all of the episodes

    52. Mateus Henrique

      But all we want to know is... Were the heck is Jared now!?

    53. Random doggie

      wow this was somewhat wholesome

    54. Ink Dreamer427

      13 years later still adorable

    55. TheRealLazerBlazer22

      Best of luck with the medical field Jimmy. You seem like a cool guy that's fun to hang out with. Thanks for coming on the JonTron show for the interview! Thanks Jon and Jimmy for giving us the answers.

    56. ZAHARIE 6

      I'm soflo in this bitch, Cause I must have watched this one 10 times

    57. Gweilo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="933">15:33</a> "Another girl got burnt." "Does she still have her face?" "Probably?" - realityblurred(dot)com/realitytv/2007/08/kid-nation-abuse_complaint "...One 11-year-old girl burned her face with splattered grease while cooking...” 😬 Awkward

    58. Ace RK850

      I absolutely cried

    59. Dillon Mercure

      god damn you and your dancing pickle

    60. Maxime Provost

      Wait... Jimmy has a DVD with all episodes ? Will he let you borrow them, you know, for "scientific" reasons (studying the effects of feudalism on children and shit) ?

    61. Arc2301

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1184">19:44</a> "We know certain tricks of the trade" ProJared knew the tricks to get underage nudes. And he knew the tricks to not get fucking sued.

    62. The F0x

      Jon is a walking meme template at this point

    63. 557deadpool

      Jimmy grew up into a true bro

    64. Khalid Faisal

      Is no one going to ask him why he changed his hair color

    65. Apex 3D

      We now know Leonard McCoy's origin story

    66. Username

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1285">21:25</a> Jimmy’s fucking laugh 🤣🤣

    67. Jack

      father's day? oh shit i missed it

    68. Adonmasters

      The image of old jimmy in the thumbnail looks like troll face

    69. pixeldude2300 yt

      I think I know what happened to Jared three years ago that day

    70. Devastator 1

      "Jimmy: Former Child"

    71. Diego Alfredo

      no, intervies, soon he'll start a podcast.

    72. Brandon Martin

      I have to ask. Did anyone try Using that QR code!

    73. Yonder Bagel

      Can we get some of the old-fashioned jontron videos that were more than just making fun of people? Play a game or something.

    74. theoneyoullneverknow

      I just watched an episode of kid nation on you tube and the subtitles were on and it said: Previously on kidnapped

    75. J_MONEY1000 Gaming

      i like this more than most of the newish weird skits you do. not as good as the old gaming stuff "we" miss but i think this was humorous enough to say it was a good video.

    76. Jane Doe

      I can't believe Jimmy isn't 8 year's old anymore

    77. Krispeeze

      Little did Jimmy know, his escape would be the greatest decision he ever made. for all the children's souls would later be harvested by Jonathan Karsh.

    78. Rookmations

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1415">23:35</a> you can see how visabley happy he as here...... you can also see the moment his last shred of hope and faith in humanity was shattered....

    79. MisterIdjit

      Absolutely amazing episode. I think you're actually a pretty good interviewer, and I hope to see more shows in this format. Jimmy was awesome. Please get more of these damaged people on.

    80. Herba

      I'm from New Mexico and I can confirm, it can surprisingly get cold as shit here