Joaquin Phoenix talks second chances and providing a 'voice to the voiceless' in Best Actor speech

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    1. elcapulinita

      you are my hero!

    2. John Deere 7810

      Fucking gobshite

    3. Politically correct speech isn't my thing, fk off

      oh wow how dare we kill the calf and take the milk... oh noes reality is cruel, wah wah wah, pathetic! it's like he has lost touch with reality and then realized how much it sucks lol, very disapointing, he comes across as the usual sjw imbecile

    4. Veganism is Nonsense & Me

      #govegan 🌱💪🏻

    5. Dobers Ziel

      I've gone meat free after seeing all makes sense. Our ancestors ate meat because they had no clue how to survive! They were basically cavemen, think about it guys! Veganism has over 50 nutrients not found in meat. B12 is found in plants, it's obvious. Vitamin K2 and D3 are abundant in plants! Are you kidding me? Humans are herbivores and always will be. I'm glad our society has finally woke up. Today I am getting beyond meat burger :) Veganism is the least we can do for the snaminals.

      1. Dobers Ziel

        The only reason vegans look so sick and pale is because we are tired of cute animals being harmed. We don't care about mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and ants. We love bees though.

    6. George Robinson

      Oh no!! "Cows bellow miserably when their calves are separated three days after giving birth"... Actors also bellow for years when Trump was elected, or the deplorables voted for Brexit. But that's not a reason to give them what they want, at the expense of the majority. Take personal responsibility for your own actions and make the world better with your endless creativity, instead of censuring others.

    7. CSGOTARDS uncovered

      Yeah Mr. Phoenix. Maybe spend millions of dollars to help some people in the world? Nah, just buy big mansions and stuff. Hypocrites evrywhere and people celebrate them lol.

    8. A Caveman

      William Daffoe in the background. "Ya like me lobster tho, dont ye? DONT YE?!?? HARRRRK"

    9. Lele

      👏 L O V E is the key of peace and freedom.

    10. Psalm 27:2

      Unbelievable how a grown up person can articulate such nonsense.This guy‘s clearly suffering from severe brain damages from doing drugs. The only persons that became very disconnected from the natural world are with you in this room, you glue sniffing hypocrite.

    11. RedPill Writer

      Shame he didn't mention the babies getting sucked out of women at Planned Parenthood.

    12. E S

      A beautifully played speech. People are so naive to think that such a well trained actor did the speech natural out of heart lol :D The fact is humanity need to eat. Animals eat animals, so human does, as we are part of food chain. Stop the selfdestruction of humanity.

    13. Time ForASMR


    14. M

      I’m gonna get so much backlash, but when he went off on one about cows , it was a little unnecessary, I mean it’s an acting award thank you speech 😂

      1. Samsung Phone

        Save the cows 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄

    15. Giancarlo Iodice

      Man!!!This is not a dude, This is a MAN..I didn't like his acting until THE MASTER, in JOKER i think he took that kind of laugh thinking about that staff he hide in his heart and his brother. Thank you J

    16. Powered_by_Plants

      What an amazing man 💕 If we all thought like this the world would be a better place 😇 🌍

    17. gm pm

      Aside from Pesci's, this has to be the best acceptance speech of all time.

    18. M_B_L Mackenzie

      VEGANISM! is it admirable when you use your compassion to other people, but, is sublime that you extend your ethics and more compassion to other creatures

    19. Alicia Madden

      Go to to watch Joaquin's crowning work "EARTHLINGS" to understand where he's coming from

    20. Truly Indian

      This was some heavy stuff . That

    21. Venom ExoGaming

      Joaquin Phoenix deserves more than an Oscar. He represents the best of us♡

    22. Teri Badeau

      What about the voices of little children who’ve been sacrificed by Robert De Niro & many many others in worthless Hollywood! All that are guilty of spirit cooking? Oh! And those who are guilty of the same on GMA? IDK, little George? Still BFF with Slick Willy? And how was dinner at Jeffrey Epstein’s house? What else did you do at Jeffrey’s house? Do your wife & daughter’s know, yet? Soon the American people will hear the Truth, THEN....... We Will see the PROOF!! Tic Tok..............sleep well

    23. Matt Butler

      Who disliked this???.. really

    24. sanjay bakshi

      I guess the dairy farmers of America were pissed after this

    25. Classical Music11

      This award ceremony is not even about movies any more. Once over - an actor or actress - may have used a very small part of their speech to highlight a particular social or political issue they were passionate about - but now it's just straight up political speech none stop. Racism, veganism, queers, trans, gays, Donald Trump and right wing politics, etc, you just can't help lecturing us, can you? Is this a movie ceremony or not? Your job as actors is to entertain people in movies, and you get compensated very generously for doing so, so please spare us this woke bullshit. I thought you were great as the joker, Joaquin, but you need to remember that you are the recipient of an award at a movie ceremony. You are not an ambassador at the UN. If falling viewing figures are anything to go, I think it's plain to see that people watch the Oscars for the movies, not political ramblings.

    26. vm oi

      I love phoenix in superlative degree❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👌👊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏✌

    27. Simon Jones

      It is the message that he preached that should be praised and that is the message of veganism!

    28. George Smith

      DEAR RUSH..I was thinking about George Wallace in his final years.. very ill and confined to a wheelchair, he attempted to use his remaining years to heal wounds. The was some hope you would perhaps use your time to do the same. A PSA against smoking? Support for causes you previously opposed? Helping at a homeless shelter? NO! Instead you champion attacks on... compassion. Sadly you still continue to ignore God's voice;( I

    29. Dobers Ziel

      Joaquin looks shocking for a multi malnourished

    30. nd4spd

      You deserve to know the truth. Watch Earthlings [2005] &/or Dominion [2018], both narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

    31. Áron Farsang

      I just finished my cereal and now I feel sad

    32. הגר גדליוביץ'

      That struggle to talk ABOUT River and not TO River just teared my heart to pieces. The pain in his eyes and how much he misses and needs his brother in that moment is almost unbearable to watch because you feel it too. True love hurts as much as this moment right there and I feel honored to have witnessed such purity of the human spirit. Thank you, sir.

    33. Anna Li

      Once in a generation actor. And also a fabulous person and a brilliant, beautiful man.

    34. 1 _1_

      One awakening speech doesn't cancel out the fact you've *been a scoundrel all your life.*

    35. 1 _1_

      I don't understand what being a carnivore has to do with him winning an Oscar. There are places and platforms for that kind of speech outside of the Oscars.

    36. ki ko

      Vegan ew

    37. Makis Sklavenitisq

      He spoke the truth but i saw acting as well. He is a good actor after all but to me personally the vibes I get are so negative. Some people look bad no matter if they're or not in real life. Joaquin is one of those guys.

    38. katoness

      Like a puppet on a string.

    39. Jca Khiangte

      Well no one laugh now

    40. Novus Talks

      What a brave and intelligent man! Speaking up for those who can’t and using his voice wisely

    41. Dean Harris

      He is using his fame for the good of the silent. Not many stars do this. Well done and please people, your decisions of what to eat affects the world. Think of where the meat on your plates come from.

    42. DARREL X

      Joaquin Phoenix is not in touch with what what is natural. Animals eat animals and is a perfectly natural thing to do.

    43. Bergsveinn Ómar

      i just watched "Joker" and then saw this. this is a spectacular speech but i seem to visualize him as Arthur Fleck and i find it really amazing that even if i know he was acting in the film i still believe he is Arthur. This just goes to show he great of an actor he really is! To be able to make fiction into reality and to be able to make people believe his characters are "real". All in all this is an amazing speech given by an amazing actor!

    44. Oscar Rivera

      Is this a *joke* [r]?

    45. Dobers Ziel

      Veganism is malnourishment

    46. Sebastian Schmid

      What a great human being.

    47. book elf

      This finally gave me the kick to go vegan after 5 years being vegetarian. Thank you Joaquin.

    48. MrCool Mug

      That was awful. Just awful. Cloying, incoherent, pretentious, sententious, self-righteous, gratuitous, pompous, self-important, hectoring, obnoxious, superficial, and deeply unprofound.

    49. Vegan 10,000 Subscribers Without A Video Challenge

      All those egos in the room ! I wonder it they even heard him ..

    50. Ультра Дождь

      I agree with him

    51. Graziela Almeida

      Sorry Joaquin, I eat mortal flesh!

    52. Jason Fernandez

      He obviously missed Ricky gervais speach, he's a brilliant actor, but sounded like a twat

    53. Nadav Tron

      Such a great human being

    54. melvin duncan

      Joaquin Phoenix what a JOKER, he needs to sort his head out 😂😂😂

    55. Vegan Nele

      Bursted into tears. So emotional.

    56. The Child Of Prophecy

      3:06 damn the pain is so much to handle

    57. 1 _1_

      How sad that his way of thinking is novelty!!

    58. albert fish

      Not relevant to bring this up here. I lost some respect for him this is what many vegans do. Look for any excuse to bring up vegansim

    59. Audrius J

      Talking dude who is living in a multi-million-dollar mansion with nine gates and eight fences. Have a seven Mexican gardeners to take care of his bushes. And he is speaking to a Mega rich white people. Man You are in no position to lecture public. Just shut the fuck up and entertain us.

    60. Glen Thomas

      What a load of pompous, self indulgent, condescending bullshit