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    Can discipline, hard work and a love of horses give teenagers with troubled backgrounds a fighting chance of a better life? This documentary follows Tyler, Stacey and Shona, kids failed by the education system, their communities and sometimes failed by their own families as they go through an intense 12 week course of strict discipline at the Northern Racing College in Doncaster, in the attempt to become a jockey or at least gain the opportunity of a better life.
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    Publisert 3 år siden


    1. Equestrian prep

      I think horses can changes lives

    2. MaxZorin2099

      Decent amount of people on display here that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near horses.

    3. Mad Films

      By far best line ever is when mal said to Shona make a noise like a carrot

    4. White H0rse

      Roads are bad for horses hooves! You idiots! Educate yourselves before getting a horse!

    5. White H0rse

      Racing is actually abusive towards horses. Why do these schools exists??? The teenagers need to be educated

    6. Luna Magicath

      I hope Shona is part of a rehabilitation centre or something. She's so nice and calm around them just not on them.

    7. Nicole Maiuri

      let through the girl who yells while galloping but not the girl who gained confidence and has better energy around the horses?!

    8. Nickans Life

      Do not scream on a race horse because that make them go faster

    9. Nathalie Grieves

      Stacey needs 2 learn how 2 talk

    10. Franziska Von Karma

      I would absolutely love to give racing a try. It doesnt even need to be competitive racing, it could just be for fun. Riding a racehorse has always been my dream

    11. Shyam Singh Fitness

      Sir i am horse Raddidar

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Royal tv Channel Raddidar? Stop making words up.

    12. BROOMERS657 Bil

      that Shona is a complete wimp, as for Tracy she pushed around the race horse that should never be tolerated but she did turn it around at the end but is was too late. Tyler was pretty much the same as Tracy but turned it around the only thing that saved him was the fact her wasn't really scared

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        BROOMERS657 Bil Stacey not Tracey.

    13. liam devine

      Do u need to own a horse to be a jockey?

    14. The James show

      Why does shona’s mum look like the lady who used to present blind date

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Mad Films She looks nothing like Cilla Black.

    15. urmeli urmeli

      Poor horses

    16. Melania MoneyPenny

      It's the same as an ordinary riding school except for the extra fitness stuff really. I don't think shona was ready for this. I feel sorry for her but i don't think putting her in a jockey school is going to help her confidence getting back on a horse.

    17. Kristin Wallace

      The horse racing industry is purely about money, yeah maybe some of the jockeys actually care about the horses but for the most part race horses are given illegal drugs, are abused, and if they don't perform well sent to slaughter. Not to mention all of the gorgeous horses that were pushed too hard and died on the track. It is heartbreaking and disgusting. People need to step out of their denial and to learn about the side of horse racing that no-one wants us to see. RIP Eight Bells who died on the track during the 2008 Kentucky Derby ( Just one horse who died from this cruel sport)

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Kristin Wallace Well said.

    18. Kristin Wallace

      Horses feed off of your energy! If you are stressed, angry etc. they will react to that. These kids need to learn basic horse behavior before they should ever be allowed to be near a horse and especially before they can ride!

    19. acechadwick

      Why do the dross get so much good stuff given to them? You never see decent hard working kids getting offered something like this. Wasting your time.

    20. Bellas World

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> what he is doing is absolutely disgusting

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Bellas World Indeed and Tyler put a saddle on that horse stupid.

    21. Dun Dolans

      Smh to the people who say horse racing is abuse. Thoroughbreds are bred to race and the one that took off on the girl clearly wanted to run so

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Dun Dolans It’sa fact.

      2. Kristin Wallace

        They are bred to race and they start racing them before their bones are fully developed, pushing them too hard, so that they break legs, and have to be put down. And what happens to the horses that are not fast, well they are sent to slaughter. You have obviously not done your research about the side of horse racing that people try to hide!

    22. becca c

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="327">5:27</a> um...

    23. AH Eventing

      Stacey is such a hoe. Omg I can't believe that gurl! XD But we all have to admit that, well, Shona is only really a lovely girl.

    24. Cyborg Noodle

      Anyone who's been to the British Racing School know that the hours are longer and the instructors are harsher. But we love it here no matter what! I have been there for 10 weeks and I still have 4 weeks left. The school doesn't just teach people how to ride a racehorse but other lifeskillls as well. If you are thinking about going to the NRC or the BRS then it will either be the best decision or the worse decision you'll ever make.

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Cyborg Noodle They wouldn’t want me there.

    25. Ellie

      Im from county Durham too

    26. Gacha is my heart

      Tyler says “I want to be one of the best” but hes not even trying hes doing worse

    27. Gacha is my heart

      When Tyler is talking I actualy dont understand anything hes just mumbling something wich is not possible to understand

    28. Gacha is my heart

      they say “Without this they would get any skills” but im learning in Ukraine In a quite good club named “Butenko” before I was there aswell but I was falling from a hirse so I didnt eide then but I came back to horse riding and im not even half a year back and im Already jumping on horses!

    29. Boots The hamster

      The6 are a bit hard on all of them

    30. basic Bitch name shelbs

      This is horrible. Honestly horrible. It hurts seeing those horses getting pulled so hard. This is honestly dumb.

    31. Arf Rarf

      Anyone else get static around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="814">13:34</a> ?

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Arf Rarf Yes.

    32. Carris Sorby

      Please understand the whole system at the NRC has changed! I attended last year and if you cannot ride you will be put on ponies not thoroughbreds. If you treat any horse with disrespect or nastiness you will not allowed to be around the horses. If you don’t want to ride there is a non-riding option and you will be trained up to be a groom. Georgie, Claire and Liz all still work there an honestly are the best there!

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Carris Sorby They still encourage peopl3 who become jockeys to abuse horses.

      2. Dun Dolans

        Carris Sorby do you need any grades to get in?

    33. CountZero

      At least I got back up after falling fuckin hard

    34. skye __

      I’m starting lessons soon and I’m scared I’m going to fall off or get hurt

      1. Naomi Landry

        Don't think about that, just have fun and everything will be all right. Also, a tip for in the future, tuck and roll so that when you land it won't hurt as much and the blow will be much softer.

    35. Maddy Equestrian

      Those aren’t riders in my opinion jockeys aren’t quite riders

    36. Paige vandelande

      I just feel bad for all the horses

    37. Elizabeth Stolbova

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="332">5:32</a> What the flip are ye doing? The horses face is being ripped off

    38. Elizabeth Stolbova

      WHY WOULD YOU SEND INEXPERIENSED TEENS TO A JOKEY SCHOOL?! They know nothing about communication with horses, their instincs, understanding.They didnt know what they were getting themselves into. You cant just go one day and be like " I wanna be a jokey " when all you know about a horse is that it have 4 legs and a tail

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Elizabeth Stolbova Jockey not jokey.

    39. Colette Owen

      *triggered equestrians has entered the chat*

    40. Rachel Dane

      the reigns are way to tight

    41. Rachel Dane

      horse racing is abuse

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Rachel Dane Yes it is.

    42. Beibhinne Equestrian

      So,putting a teen with no experience with riding horses, on a horse isnt the best idea in my mind. Them jerking the horses and not laying off the horses mouth isnt good. When the horse bucks rears ect, is the horse trying to say " Hey come on mate lay off my mouth!! Its bloddy sore" Also Tyler is going to rip a horses race off one day <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="332">5:32</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a>. Man the horses mouth!

    43. GetBackOnTheHorse

      As the doors at the beginning closed i no joke got a sufficient battery notification

    44. Daniella Hunt

      At least that they are off the street and not out of their heads on drugs

    45. Tesla Malphrus


    46. Sila S.

      Horse racing is animal abuse. Hundred thousands of racehorses die every year. This is a Money-Making-Industry. Humans are so cruel and stupid doing such things like this horse abuse for money and fun. Perverse.

      1. Kristin Wallace

        Thank you!!! So happy to see someone who actually gets it! The horse racing industry is purely about money, yeah maybe some of the jockeys actually care about the horses but for the most part race horses are given illegal drugs, are abused, and if they don't perform well sent to slaughter. Not to mention all of the gorgeous horses that were pushed too hard and died on the track. It is heartbreaking and disgusting. People need to step out of their denial and to learn about the side of horse racing that no-one wants us to see.

    47. ASalty Em0

      Oh my god this horrible kids and school need to treat those horses better. Horses are intelligent and have feelings!! They don’t deserve to be jerked around by brats. I need to add!!! Tyler!! Get off that bit Jesus. Someone should put a bit in his mouth and see how he feels.

    48. Brad Hutchinson

      Oh my God I absolutely hate this they don't even know how to canter and they expect them to take care of these horses 😡🙄

    49. Equinegirl 123

      When they had to clean a saddle it’s rlly easy for me because I clean my saddle alot

    50. Anna Jensen

      The trainers should be supporting the kids, not forcing them!

    51. Lydia Guenigsman

      Aww a goal I love Dakota

    52. God

      These idiots are pulling on these poor horses mouth. Literally you can see how much pain the horses are in. This is why I definitely recommend riding bitless

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        God I ride once a week and even I don’t pull the bit like that.

    53. Fairly Liquid

      Shona is the nicest one there

    54. Fairly Liquid

      Omd this entire video is such a mess

    55. Katelin

      Tyler is a classic case of getting in with the wrong crowd. He’s absolutely fine and looks like a good student when he’s by himself !

    56. kermit the cutie

      Horrible riders, mean instructors, horses being treated badly. No, just no.

    57. Haley rae equestrian

      this in not ok

    58. Izzy Stillo

      I would so want to go here

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Izzy Stillo You want to abuse horses?

    59. Vincent the Mortician

      Animal abuse...ugh this is just disgusting.

    60. Horse Person

      I just started horse riding I am a bit older than most people cuz I’m 16 and have been looking into racing even tho I haven’t even gotten to gallop yet is there anything I can do now that might help me get some sort of chance at horse racing

      1. Dun Dolans

        Oriento 123 go to northern racing college 😂

    61. Just._.Kiera


      1. Horse Person

        Just._.Kiera why u watching if u disagree with it And u do realise by watching ur supporting this because NOsel pays them to upload videos cuz the videos attract people onto the sight then NOsel gets paid for the adds and them some of the money goes to who ever uploads videos

    62. kokopops

      I wanna slap some of those kids right in the face

    63. Clubs of SSO

      Jockey racing is so abusive why are you teaching bad kids bad things

      1. Horse Person

        Savannah Iceflower Just._.Kiera why u watching if u disagree with it And u do realise by watching ur supporting this because NOsel pays them to upload videos cuz the videos attract people onto the sight then NOsel gets paid for the adds and them some of the money goes to who ever uploads videos Like I do get majority of it pure abuse but if u go to smaller less known places they’re not

    64. Abigail Hutchinson

      God I hate seeing people ride their horses on tar

    65. Mary-simming

      This makes me so angry

    66. Claudia AUER DIKE

      This is an awesome program for kids . Animals are the great equalizer. Horse riding demands so much discipline that can help kids growing into adulthood - taking care of a horse is not just riding - it’s : taking care of the horse : Cleaning the horse , feeding , cleaning the stables , taking care of the equipment . This is not a tennis racket you can throw into corner after class . Wish they have this program in America . God - these spoilt kids need it !

    67. Jiffy Jim


    68. BattleScarsgirl MSP

      I wanna slam my head into my desk and forget the pain of watching this show seeing those poor horses

    69. barrelracer 21

      I feel really bad for Shona

    70. barrelracer 21

      I really hope tyler knows now that running and troting a horse on concret or any pavement can hirt the horse very VERY badly

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        barrelracer 21 Learn to spell because you’re spelling is painful.

    71. Martha Charlton

      These horses are incredible for putting up with these kids screaming and pushing them around, I know it may be scary but they are making it worse. They seriously need to just listen to the professionals 😂

    72. equine gabby

      Great! They’re teaching people basically how to kill horses! Racing kills horses every time they race! And these kids can’t even ride that well racing! Like cmon don’t put these immature racers on these horses! And y’all might be like your a kid you don’t understand idrk cus I know what I’m doing!

      1. Olivia Forde

        Simply Evelyn not all the time. I do agree it’s quite a cruel sport but some owners are very nice and when the horse doesn’t win they don’t all go to the slaughter house and in fact a lot of horses are sold and become quite nice jumpers

    73. The Cavapoo129

      Why did you do that to your horse 😢

    74. K . J . Mudge

      What a great programme alot of animal based programmes working with kids from various troubled backgrounds do have a high success rate and have increased in popularity because kids seem to relate and let down their guards with an animal rather then adults. My heart went out to Shona she was a very quiet young lady who sadly lacked in confidence and although she didn't make it through to the few choosen to go on and work in the racing industry it at least gave her grounds to work with horses in other equine related positions . I really hope that she follows her dreams like the other kids who didn't make it and use this programme and the skills they learnt to further find other simular qpoaitions in the future .

    75. Alice

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1603">26:43</a> it looked like the boy was going to fall too 😬Plus I’ve ridden in that arena 😊

    76. Equii Oscar

      was anyone else trigged by the fact the riders never got off the horses mouths

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Equii Oscar That’s why that girl got bucked off, the horse was saying ouch will you chill with pulling my mouth because that hurt and she wasn’t listening to the horse.

    77. Vivianne Salmi

      Okay wtf is this like yeas i am going to say ” oh no i feel sooo bad for these horses” like omg the way they are treating the horses is just horrible! And why would you even do derby like it is so often abuse

    78. Sophia Tucker

      I feel horrible for these horses. These trainers and some of these kids are absolutely horrible to them, but Shona is not a wimp in my opinion because she got back on and the guy at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1371">22:51</a> called her wimp for getting back on and that’s just really really annoying because she’s literally not at all. Also, Horse racing is the worst sport you could possibly do because there are so many deaths of horses and it’s so so abusive to the horse and I feel bad for every single one of them.

      1. Danielle Dewitt

        Sophia Tucker Well said.

    79. Fallon Redding

      Shauna is so freaking cute! She’s so nice too! I’m so glad she got her confidence back up

    80. Jade Kerrison

      As a horse rider myself, I definitely feel sympathy for that horse trotting fast and eventually picking enough up speed for canter on a road!😔 This is extremely damaging for their legs