Joe Rogan Experience #1415 - Bari Weiss



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    Bari Weiss is an American opinion writer and editor. In 2017, Weiss joined The New York Times as a staff editor in the opinion section. Her new book "How to Fight Anti-Semitism" is now available.


    1. David 1

      The last time this chick was on, Joe completely dismantled her when she did her best to disclose how much she didn't know about everything. How she ever got a job with the New York Times I will never know. She is moron who goes around hoping no one will call her on her ignorance. You can tell by the dislike amount that I am not the only one who saw her first visit to Joe's podcast. If you enjoy the satisfaction of those who pretend to know everything with such arrogants put in their place ever so elegantly watch their previous podcast #1228. Though I do resonate with her views on Anti-Semitism, it annoys the crap out of me to be subjected to those who will always justify playing the victim card.

    2. Ryan Araujo

      DUDE Abby Martin vs Bari Weiss lmfao!!! do it JOE

    3. Nolan Savage

      With the ever growing presence of extreme media voices, the moderates (most of the American population) get silenced and discouraged to voice opinions and become politically active. People aren’t becoming extreme, the media is and the sheep are following them. The people in control know this

    4. Chuck Fury

      Having Bari Weiss speak on behalf of anything instantly does damage to whatever cause she supports. I would LOVE to hear someone speak against anti-semitism on the podcast. I just can't sit through 2+ hours of listening to a sycophantic, psuedo-intellectual, neo-liberal establishment toadie. Maybe she's changed in the past year, and I should give her a chance. But I suspect she'll have researched the show a bit and will now be dropping buzz-phrases and referencing people Joes likes. I'm sure she won't compliment Tulsi, but I bet she drops a Yang reference or two for Joe. Even if she comes across as changed, I can't believe it because she proved she herself is a toadie by virtue of the fact she didn't know what the word meant after she dropped it.

    5. stephencarlsbad

      Postmodernism = trying to pass off their religious(cult) dogma as a political ideology.

    6. Mohammed Gheithan


    7. Vin Nayar

      I actually enjoyed this..quite informative about her perspective the jewish/zion perspective...good conversation

    8. Dev Cho

      She stinks.

    9. Internet User

      does anyone else get more anti the longer she talks?

    10. Canucklug

      Never in my life have I so enjoyed listening to someone I don't necessarily agree with. She's just amazing.


      sentient tub of jello


      why is her name a beer

    13. boris borisov

      It really annoyed me when Joe told her a lot of babies are dying because of circumcision and she was so surprised then immediately changed the topic to vaccines like she doesn't care about the little boys. Stupid feminazi.

    14. קרן איתי

      Hey man, as usual great episode, can't wait to see you do a podcast with Louis CK

    15. Brian Mattingly

      I like Bari. She is just a young person finding her way in the dark, growing and evolving in her opinions, and that is a beautiful thing. At least she is trying! So few youths do that today.

    16. Brian Mattingly

      This comment is not about Bari. It is about Catholic or any fundamentalist indoctrination. I have spent 26 years with my husband just trying to mitigate the damage of his indoctrination from the quote unquote "Church." He has been inflicted with so much damage that we are STILL trying to move through this (I am a therapist, so I am kinda doing therapy speak in this instance), and I just don't understand it. Our eldest daughter, now grown, was so unhappy during her one year of private catholic school that we had to take her out and homeschool her. It is absolutely egregious what "school" means for these religiously indoctrinated teachers. The Catholic church, or for that matter, ANY fundamentalist-oriented institution of learning, is so disgusting. And btw, I don't mean don't have religion, in whatever form it takes...just keep it the fuck out of schools so that when they ACTUALLY grow up one day and decide to pick a pathway to God, in whatever form that takes.....don't you want them to choose that pathway honestly, earnestly, and not out of some knee-jerk reaction to early childhood indoctrination? Please, people, don't do this to your kids

    17. Xavier Martinez

      Hey, 36K. We might be able to crack the 40K 👎🏼 barrier. Share with friends. On social media.

    18. jarod rodgers

      Now the economy isn’t so great so we get to see them implement the democratic socialist policies to fix it bc trump knows that’s what needs to happen to rectify the economy before November

    19. Annoying Guy

      Ah, the female Dave Rubin.

    20. Killikia Productions

      "Jews are eastern European: lol how about no... Jews are clearly a Semitic mixed people who have admixed with Khazars

    21. Uzair Khan

      Please get her and Abby Martin on a podcast 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    22. High Noonstin

      I love Joe talking about Biden's age then backing Sanders. Sanders is a year older and looks like he can barely stand...

    23. Slick Rock

      Get this filthy fake news twat outta here.

    24. ep1phany62

      You can’t give up on the idea that eventually humans will out-grow racism. We can’t force people not to be assholes, but we must hope that things will get better. That’s what keeps the world turning.

    25. Ken Caminiti

      Always do the opposite of what Jews say.

    26. prozzak6616

      Wtf is it with these Jewish pundants [Ben Shapiro and her] conflating being against Israel fucking over Palestine & shooting civilians, with anti-Semetism? Earlier in the pod she said Ilhan Omar was anti-Semetic because she was "against Israel", and Shapiro will attack Bernie Sanders - a Jew himself - saying he's anti-Semetic because he's against Israel's policies towards Palestine, aswell.

    27. Paulina Zajaczkowska

      she is a follower not a leader

    28. Simon Krokfield

      Joe Rogan is a shill. That's why he keeps inviting people like this and not exposing them when they lie.

    29. DowskiVision MagicalOracle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1680">28:00</a> Thumbs down for the ignorant and un-nuanced vaccine discussion and bashing those not just blindly agreeing with "anti-vaxxer" name calling.

    30. DowskiVision MagicalOracle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="465">7:45</a> Speaking of vile, disgusting, disinhibited, and a lack of shame it's interesting that Joos like Bari Weiss never publicly quote the things written in the Talmood. The difference being is that unlike the internet where people are just pushing buttons, the writings in the latter are serious beliefs of these poor "victims".

    31. Dom Gangi

      “Societies where anti-semitism exist are societies that don’t exist anymore.” 1 hour earlier: “Anti-semitism has always been woven into western civilization.” Pretty sure the west still exists

    32. Ronald Reagan

      People need to stop identifying with labels. It always starts an argument. Just drop the label and it’s easy to vibe. As soon as you start coming at a conversation as a white/black/Hispanic/Christian/Jew/Trans/Gay/Muslim it immediately becomes awkward. You can talk about the same shit as just a person. Drop the label and just identify as a nice person.

    33. Sl3201 Xkxmx

      Dont have this hack on again, please

    34. ARG !!

      This chick is off her rocker. She's really pushing her naritive.

    35. BYE12FAQ UNO

      Her dad & Joe must be good friends

    36. EasyCome EasyGo

      Joe Rogan: Fighting out of the red corner Bari "Originally Weinstein" Weiss...Weiss !!!

    37. VARUN.N RAO

      Joe do a video on #DemExit. Please urge Bernie to quit DNC and run on his own #BernieOrBust

    38. ironicusername 0451

      Why in gods name would she want to come back after the last one?

    39. Ben Mochan

      How does somebody this FUCKING STUPID get a job at the New York Times??????? Why the FUCK would Rogan have her back ON??? Is he trying to make himself look like a complete fucking idiot??? She can't even pronounce "TURMERIC." She keeps saying "TUMERIC." Well, she's a fucking "TUMER" and needs to be cut out. How does a fucking moronic, dumb-as-fuck child get a job at the fucking New York Times??? Hey "BARRY"... you're a PIECE OF SHIT.


      Bari Weiss is caught in her own trap, and she's disingenuous as hell. Anyone with a heart and mind understood what Omar meant, but this fool is always on the lookout for anti-semitism towards Israel but who herself is anti-Muslim. Shut up, girl.

    41. Eric Seaverns

      She want to destroy the sovereignty of the western wold. Israel states that they do not want to erode the sovereignty of their citizens with migrants. This cunt is dangerous.

    42. rayloc420

      Joe Rogan should have had Eddie Bravo on this. Joe: "13th tribe of Israel... Go!!!" Bari:There were only 12 Eddie:Actually the khazars.. Lol

      1. Firm Fiasco

        rayloc420 lmaoooooo

    43. Frances

      It was Michelle Wolf

    44. Jonathan Walensi

      not saying it was ok,.....but maaan do i get hitlers point of view after listening to that bitch for an hour. its like she is trying to make me hate her

    45. Styxshekelclanker6000000

      "Wait Joe you DON'T support adult Rabbis sucking the blood from cut up baby dicks? Oy vey that's literally annudah shoah Joe!"

    46. Evan

      He really should have said “What does being a squish mean?” And then waited for the “Hey Jamie look up squish! Am I saying it right? Hmm 🤔 “


      She wasn't prepared for questions like, Who?

    48. Anthony Miggins

      big kek

    49. LuvboneX


    50. MrHunterseeker

      Jesus Christ all the comments got deleted. I will give you two guesses what didn't happen, but should have but you will probably figure it out in one.

    51. Themayseffect

      This was so bad, Jamie didn't even bother making clips.

    52. D&S World

      love from tal aviv

    53. D&S World

      Know that we love you very much in Israel from the time of the fear factor and until this day

    54. clearskyy

      yeah bitch about not having a country while I sit on my tiny reservation with no infrastructure, fuck off, I'd like those 2 hours of my life back, I tried to listen and be constructive and all that but ffs dude, this sucked ass.

    55. R. Dillon

      Making people so mad they become Republican is just like the classic saying, the thing you try so hard to prevent you're actually causing....something like that

    56. Michael Barry

      What a waste of time having this fucking whackjob on.

    57. joe blow

      So she is and always as going to vote for Joe Bidden.

    58. Charles Bronson

      i always thought that children of rich people would get the best education possible...

    59. 1 2

      Whodaism is destroying the world

    60. Daniyal Raza Kazmi

      If Joe Biden wins the election, it would be huge!! Even after admiration from Joe Rogan Also even now Joe Biden is doing so awesome, imagine Biden came to the podcast!!!

    61. Jerry Shalowitz

      Circumsision is messed up and she doesn't care because it's anti semetic in her mind.

    62. Noone Special

      She is like totally an Assad Toadie, and she also used to literally practice Conversion therapy on overly flamboyant gay young men. What a monstrous smuggorant woman she is. Like totally seriously, I mean literally...

    63. Gazmus

      I thought this was going to be the cool old guy that buys storage lockers :( How many barry whites can there be?

    64. Private Pyle

      These rich assholes

    65. jesus mohammed the 3rd


    66. Turn me on Deadman

      Tbh she’s cute

      1. TANK


    67. Max Simpson

      The fuck is this bitch back on here for

    68. TMAS

      That's it, I dont trust juice anymore

    69. TMAS

      These sneaky mother FUDGERS

    70. Hans Moleman

      What a fucking prick.

    71. 23v0lv32

      Ugh, worst guest ever. Stop bringing her back.

    72. Taylor C

      Germany gave three state-of-the-art submarines to Isreal after a big shake down. Now those subs are armed with nuclear cruise missiles off our coast.

    73. Anas Elmansour

      Bari you will get a thumbs down 👎

    74. Anas Elmansour

      She is from a different planet

    75. Tom Morgan

      not again Joe, i'm not wasting two more more hours of my life on her.

    76. TheBugsy

      I thought Tulsi was an "Assad todie" LMFAO this chick is something else. What the fuck happened to the new York times? What a mess

    77. Chuck Fury

      Jesus Christ, why would he have her back on after the last time? She's obviously a neo-liberal, faux-centrist toadie... I think... I'm pretty sure I heard that somewhere... Didn't she do something when she was 18 or 20 and never apologize? Can you look that up?

    78. avneet12284

      Amazon and big Pharma are decimating the country? Do you know how many lives big Pharma saves every year? And do you realize how amazing Amazon is - they've spread the light of knowledge the world over.

    79. mshellby

      one of the first times I listened to Jr podcasts without looking in the comments sections first, because I was jogging. 30 min in I had to stop it because I couldn't stand it. Then I checked the like/dislike ratio and the comments section... and long story short, I had my faith in people restored

    80. Jordan Hughes

      Joe totally over exaggerates the amount of deaths from circumcision each year. 250 babies die each year out of 4 million born. That is a 0.006% mortality rate

      1. A G

        To even have 1 death from a penis cut is bad...... Also why did Jewish Rabbis stop sucking the blood after the procedure? It's a traditional ceremony but why stop?.....I guess an Old Man sucking a Baby's cock is a bad look....2020 Sigh*