1. Luke Redder

      If any species on the Earth is from a different planet it would be us...

      1. Luke Redder

        Earth like, “Get these fuckin bipedal hairless mammal parasites off my fucking world”

    2. Will Campbell

      Joe was on the Murder Hornet early

    3. zoky Zura

      Orca attack. Robinson family. They werent physically attacked. But their ship was rammed and capsized. 1970s

    4. Noggsy joggsy watches

      Him and Hancock are his best guests

    5. Rolan Bykov

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="800">13:20</a> the Russian polar bear with the T-34 spray painted on it might be a WW2 Russian medium tank reference. that was the name of a couple of the base models. t-34/t-34-85

    6. Darcy Boyd

      Bryce Courtney wrote the book my dad went to his funeral. Great man, great writer and the best book, except the chicken part....

    7. Jared Zelmer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a>:00 murder hornets

    8. Phat Colck

      Yoooo I'd be so excited if giant sloths are still alive they are like my favorite extinct animal

    9. La Nausée

      Isn't it really interesting that what the hornets are doing to the honey bees is exactly the same as what us homo sapiens seem to have done to the neanderthals?

    10. Randon Ceccoli

      If you told me he was famous for Mountain Dew commercials in the late 90s or early 2000s that would make soooooo much sense to me

    11. Ivan Villa

      isn't T-34 a soviet tank?

    12. Supreme Kiwi

      fyi, in indo babi=pig and rusa=deer.. so babirusa

    13. arelivent

      And now those Asian Hornets are in the US 😔😔😔

    14. Sliced Bread

      Dragons can't be real with the general explanation of what a dragon is. 6 Limbs are not possible amongst the vertebrate class of animals. Invertebrates are more fun as far as limb allocation is concerned. The general rule is, if you have a spine, you probably have or had, up to and not exceeding 5 extremities. (Legs, Arms, Tail) That's it, I don't necessarily know why, but Dragons with wings can't exist.

    15. Harrison Simms

      I know I'm pretty late but it would have been interesting if they had talked about the rock ape sightings from the Vietnam war

    16. ScottSingers1992

      I heard that on one of your podcasts. Yes. You did. The exact one you were in 200 podcasts ago 😕😂

    17. ThaFamiliaInc

      i have t corre t Forest! He said The problem with Africa!! Africa aint the problem Joe, its the hunters that come from the west to hunt for financial gain.He also talked of Mugabes corrupt regime and how he got kicked of his land! it was never his land or his families. That land belongs to my Family. The Shonas!!! i agree Mugabe was a tyrant and i enjoy your show. GOD bless you

    18. Jimmy Sandison

      My favourite part is where Jamie is casually googling the height of Saurons tower, Barad Dur whilst Forest and Joe are rambling about calamari.

    19. Zander Polonkey

      How do you get into the line of work this guy does. Like finding animals and conservation and all that.

    20. sherwood smallidge

      somtimes when a mommy and daddy and his friend like eachother

    21. sherwood smallidge

      lol snuggle struggle

    22. sherwood smallidge

      dude those orcas are doing that for religious reasons its like some are jewish some are muslim and some are budist

    23. Deez Nuts

      Orcas are actually dolphins for anyone who didnt know..

    24. James Alva

    25. Ryan Skeete

      Massive massive disappointment this Joe lad. I watched the first one with Forrest last night and was seriously made up to be watching this one tonight. Watched it and it’s basically a complete repeat of the last one. I’m not gonna believe that you’d forgotten all of those stories too especially the crocodile one.

    26. SHMIT

      Great podcast 👏🏻

    27. alc51893player

      Just looked at that picture of the Bison skulls. DAMN it was way more then i imagined in my head.

    28. Charles Miller

      I have always found it odd how people like to talk about the "horrors" the white man perpetrated on the Natives, yet they always leave out that teensie bit of information where the natives were doing HORRIFIC things to the settlers as well ... They just didn't realize how many settlers were coming . I am Irish/Cherokee .. and I am SICK of hearing idiot people talk about my ancestors like they were there or something...

    29. danibeans

      Major props to Forrest! He was so nice for answering all of Joe’s questions as if it was the first time he’s heard them. 😂🙈 So many of these questions/discussions were asked in the last podcast with Forrest. (Like the Hawaiian pig convo)

    30. Emmett Scharn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="652">10:52</a> me when somebody calls me cool

    31. Dave Grabowski

      Southern, transient and resident killer whales

    32. Zac Dillon

      I was high and thought Joe was talking about hyenas raising dogs lmfao

    33. KOS Listed

      The Hunter 2011 with Willem Dafoe: A shadowy corporation sends a mercenary to Tasmania to track down a nearly extinct tiger whose genetic code holds the secret to a dangerous weapon.

    34. Jalen F.

      subscribe at ClassicPap! please help my channel grow

    35. Nave Bushes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a>:33

    36. Nave Bushes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a>:08

    37. Ray Chee

      "It's just a bundle of sticks tied together" lol and he tells that chick I can only carry one hahahahaha Naked and Afraid 😂🤣

    38. Fletcher Watson

      Did he do the mad honey ever?

    39. Taufan Fajri

      hi, im from indonesia, ive never seen babirusa before. but i think it's spelled bah-bee-roo-sa. "babi" means pig, "rusa" means deer. anw WHYY SPOTIFY JOE!!!!! dayum

    40. Vikas Vijay Bishnoi

      Hit like if you need one more podcast with him.Please Joe we need One More podcast with forrest galante.

    41. Skellie Fishsticks

      imagine that little monkey man being told he made it on Joe Rogan.

    42. ffWAyne Yeadon

      Definitely not Christopher Columbus bringing pigs, he never hit mainland America. It was probably Cortez or DeSoto.

    43. Jackson Mescher

      history is a document of how we have progressed - Forrest Galante

    44. Tyron Gibson

      Murder hornet..

    45. Mike D

      "the monkey people saved me from the kraken..." 🤣🤣🤣

    46. Jake Blaze

      Fck mike from Cleveland.

    47. Chris wells

      I think he would be successful if he did turn to cryptic

    48. Syakirin57

      Its Babirusa, pronounce Barbie ru-sa

    49. Steven Cytowicz

      Look up "The Great Emu War". I love hearing all this crazy stuff. Great interview!

    50. Reign

      I’ve never seen Joe so fascinated during a podcast

    51. Edan Oliver


    52. devin whiting

      t34 was the tank of russia and they ran it off bercause it killed two indigenous poeple one millinery person so fish and game prevented it from uthination but there was family member taged the bear for there family that lost there mrmber who fought bear offsome other freedup them but paid price for his life daving others and also fought it with a good bouie or ,,,?i dont know the name for the scabdi ground blade ..any ways t34 was tag for the russian man who saved those poeple and while the version of tranqulizers bear got taged buy russian or aka indigioonous persion nother extream i do belive north west of siberia,,, RUSSIA YOU CANT KILL THERE BEAR leagally bo not know it there mascotin ivan man cave any ways ...PS THAT POAINT WONT HURT IT HUNTING ABUILTY THEY HIT IN WATER ANDTHATS BELOW WATER YOU NEVER EVEN SEE THEM THEY R 35 MILES AND HOUR AND THAT WAS NOT ON NATURE CHANEL lmao./.please excuse my spelling high asa kite just thought i would give mt 2 cents worth./

    53. Declan Michaelson

      grade A podcast

    54. N B

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> yeah dude I tore my Achilles after being on some hard core antibiotics. They don’t tell you about the ligament thing either so be careful.

    55. GrandGT

      "Sharks In Ohio" - Next shitty sharknado movie.

    56. Fabian Law

      Seriously. When they talk about pigs it sounds like they’re talking about people

    57. Fabian Law

      Pigs will be the new dominant species on the planet when humans al die in the apocalypse

    58. Anatoliy Kazatskiy

      To anyone wondering about the T-34 Polar Bear. It was seen scavenging in a village and was marked and moved to avoid it getting too close to humans again. The spray paint is a skin/fur safe paint that wears off over a two week period. Unfortunately, the T-34 refers to the grid in which is was seen and not the tank. Edit: It was sprayed so that they could tell if it came back to the area it was originally seen

    59. Gla ZeD

      Tiger should of killed more of them as there are only 3200 Tigers left in wild but there are 7 billion people.

    60. alphatrion100

      We killed the tazmanian tigers and now we want them back

    61. Andrew S

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a>:20 Joe: “He’s with real wolves.” (Telling the guy who works in the field) Forrest: “Right”

    62. idkdrew

      texas is the best state forsure, we should be our own country

    63. Anthony Amurri

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="90">1:30</a>:00 talking about one of the species of Asian Giant Wasps that everyone is freaking out in Washington state "murder wasps". Now what's cool about the honey bees is they heat the wasp to 115° to cook it, and the bees have evolved to survive temps up to 122°... Meaning the bees bring themselves to only 7° from death. Fucking metal as shit

    64. dylan broome

      Invert colours and Joe has horns

    65. Morgan Nihilanth

      "Africa where all the nutty things live". Oops lol Freudian slip. The 13 percent aren't happy widdjahboi joe

    66. Bean Dar

      What does it say that I know about each video they are talking about? Lol

    67. reallue

      I would be genuinely interested in watching Forrest Galante find Sasquatch. Lloyd Pye does a fantastic breakdown of the evidence proving it's existence in his lecture series "everything you know is wrong" (found here on YT). Unfortunately, Lloyd Pye is no longer w/ us to personally discuss this further now. But I've also been listening to Bigfoot Outlaw Radio (on YT) & they claim to take ppl out on expeditions to see Bigfoot. Considering Forrest Galante has made a career out of successfully finding cryptids, I would like to see a genuine & professional attempt to find a Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Alma/Yeti/etc.. NOT done by those unprofessional & amateur idiots currently on TV who barely use common sense, let alone successful strategies. I bet it'd be a hugely popular & successful show & if successful, likely the most important breakthrough of the decade (other than the Govt officially acknowledging aliens & Declassifying credible UFO footage).

    68. allfunkedup158 Gameplays

      I feel why would a predator on land waste time eating a human I mean a human with Hardly any meat on them compared to a bison or a deer it a case of energy spent to energy gained I dont think it's worth it to hunt humans for survival of apex predators

    69. Xeno Bunny

      Picture of the tortuous pretty cute. The little pig patch nose and the giant scaled teddy bear arms... If they get baby tortoises I wonder if the face feature is consistent to the species.

    70. Emily Weeks

      Love interesting guests that can hold a great convo an feel super comfortable so they can laugh a joke an also tell badass interesting stories! Forrest is one cool ass Biologist!

    71. Reesa Hall

      Loved this...and the wild pig issue...try coming to the south...they are every where and destroy everything in their path...

    72. Trevin Short

      i have so much respect for his genuine personality.

    73. X. Y.

      Anyone have the link to that bike chase?

    74. BRIAN

      Literally most of the podcast is the same thing as the last one....and it’s even better

    75. George Bull

      Humans give away their fears through their descriptions of nature at work ,, the birds that nests near crocs but trick them when they get close to their nest ,,, why ?

    76. Crash Course Zed

      Joe "Pack of lions" Rogan!

    77. Amanda Daniels

      It's like the way minks exterminate rats like psychos.

    78. Feety hamster

      Get Jeremy clarkson

    79. Dan Stalter

      Wherever happens in this world, I will vow to protect the eagles from the octopi. #Murica 💥🇺🇸💥

    80. Thomas Willard

      I want this guy to talk to Graham Hancock