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    Professor Brian Cox is an English physicist and Professor of Particle Physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester in the UK.
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    1. Sahara


    2. Tomas Jansson

      This was one hell of an episode. Interesting from start to finish.

    3. Dave Fordham

      "If you can't measure it, then it doesn't exist." That's not really a very intellectual statement from Cox is it?

    4. Matthew Whitman

      I hear people like Brian say there's no more room for expansion on the earth, and true the cities tend to be overcrowded, but when I fly in an airliner I see huge empty sections of the earth all over the globe. ?

    5. Matthew Whitman

      Joe's reasoning with logic just fine, comprehending this well and keeps saying the Universe is incomprehensible. Lol

    6. BaddaBing BaddaBang

      Couldn't you make a point where an electromagnetically created gravity dense point parallel to the handle so the photons terminate and reflect back... a pseudo "mirror"? Moreover, for the "laser" weapons, wouldn't it be more "realistic" to say those were plasma "guns" vs. laser blasters? As far as lasers go it should have been an unbroken beam, if in the visible spectrum, from the "barrel" to the target. Yes I did nerd out on this.

    7. Lucas Peterson

      Why is their episode so quiet, damn commercial came on and bout gave me a heart attack.

    8. Coenraad Loubser

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a>:00 All matter is computronium already!!!

    9. Nakayama sama

      people need meaning, give them psytrance festivals and it's all good

    10. Gaurang Jadhav

      "It's impossible to believe that we exist" Wow what a line. This should make us think what we should try to do as a human race.

    11. Real Name

      I do not understand a fucking thing

    12. Devin Maxwell

      The mark of a truly intelligent person is the ability to speak on complex topics and make it understandable to people who don’t have a reference point for the topic, this man is truly intelligent and it shows

    13. Carlos Montes

      Its weird to think that most of joes recent relationships exist on camera which he can just go back and relive like he was there again. And we can also watch it with him. Truly a weird time.

    14. imran khan

      I love the way Brian explains

    15. applepecanpie8

      "have you seen ex machina" brian told him about it the first podcast

    16. silys

      Joe - next time you deal with it - dont think of UBI as replacement for full income. Think of it as a compliment. E.G Yang proposed 1000 USD a month. How is that enough for living (for most people). So... UBI doesnt take peoples sense of living away - it doesnt take away peoples need to work because they will still have to earn at least another 1000 USD in order to live.

    17. Sumtingwong Richard

      Is anyone gonna point out that this guy looks like Rodney Mullen

    18. Hafiz Koshan

      The hardest question was determining his expressions. Is he smiling, Happy, Laughing, exited or neutral ? This guy is full of questions !!

    19. jack fullwood

      Cox is the non arrogant version of Tyson

    20. Mila Maletska

      everything is confirmed by the fact that with each discovery there are even more questions...

    21. Christopher

      Why didn't the singularity at the onset of the Big Bang implode into itself into a black hole? I guess, what was the fundamental difference between the Big Bang's singularity and the singularity of a black hole?

    22. Levi

      Sucks how everything exiting such as finding a civilisation like ours in another galaxy won’t be discovered in our lifetime...we will be long gone :(

    23. Luke G

      Alright Prometheus talk. What if the engineers designed all the life forms around the same specs in their galaxy. Similar gravity and air. They didnt engineer everything. Just our galaxies life. So in another galaxy life is created different by a different type of "engineers". Naturally all life is spread by an alpha breed designed to spread life by what they adapt to. But they are designed to phases out. They might be incredibly stong and smart but they exist to create/spread the life. They hit a level and they go extinct. The best life forms they create, grow and become better. If we could travel to another galaxy we realize we need to look for different attributes for life. That's my Prometheus take.

    24. Arabian

      the holy book of quran.. talked about some of what science have only been able to prove these decades when quran existed 1400 ago, please people, know islam, its truly.. the way, like a gem, you have to work hard to find it.

    25. Caleb Kramer

      This made me respect Brian Cox so much.

    26. John Chapman

      This guy reminds me so much of Rodney Mullen. Like, similar facial expressions and vocal infections and shit.

    27. Jacob Buley

      Joe was one of the biggest proponents of marijuana legalization and probably the most influential....something I never thought I would see in my life, Joe Rogen really is one of the most influential people in the world, even if you disagree with him, still realize what a tremendous impact he has. 100 million dollars was a cheap price, Spotify got a discount price.

    28. Keels

      Brian Cox "Yeah, and it looked shit". At this point I spat out my tea with laughter

    29. William Summerside

      I love how obviously excited he is when he explains stuff to Joe, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>:05

    30. Omar Scruggs


    31. Nick Johanson

      Brian is so nice.

    32. F R

      i love this guy because he really reminds me of my grandads voice who passed away, thanks joe :)

    33. Joshua Lupyan

      Step aside Joe pair of the physicist man is here to put me to sleep. Love them both tho

    34. MaxSantos

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a>:50 "One civilization per galaxy" seams WAY WAY to high.

    35. _Mtthw_

      This is genuinely mind blowing, words can’t explain how much I love stuff like this.

    36. JayUppercase

      Just me or is the volume super low on this one?

    37. Albin Eriksson

      Joe is such a smart human, to even be able to sit down with brian cox and still understand somewhat of it is actually insane

    38. Alexander Larsson

      I think somewhat like this (not entirely definition accurate): Knowledge is acquired information. Intelligence is how you use acquired information. It can be stupid of a person to not have acquired certain information. But a person can never be stupid for not having certain information. That is simply called uninformed.

    39. donovan stagg

      Octopuses!! Octopuses!! Its not octopi

    40. Kazushi Saku57

      "Sunshine" sucked...Joe is correct about "Alien"...the best ever.

    41. konkyolife

      NOsel made a huge mistake, huge. All these guests will set up on Spotify now.

    42. Dave the Rave Dinkum lyfbginzat160bpm

      Has anyone theoretically calculated the possibility that dark energy may be the bi product of matter passing through every black hole in the known universe? Sort of like holes in a sponge I guess and just like a sponge we cant see matter once its been consumed. And if so my next question is where black holes present prior to 7 billion years ago?

    43. glen w

      I'm with Joe @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a>:10 how carbon is made is mindblowing. Bill Bryson's book - 'A brief history of almost everything' is amazing for these kinds of facts, like Bryan Cox and many of the great science educators, the book explains scientific concepts and discoveries in a fun and relatable way... that will blow your mind!

    44. Greg S

      A good thought provoking discussion. Brian is an excellent voice from the world of physics and I like the fact he's open minded to so many possibilities and mysteries out there. "if you can't measure it, it's not there" - Brian Cox. "“The Godhead is never an object of its own knowledge. Just as a knife doesn't cut itself, fire doesn't burn itself, light doesn't illuminate itself. It's always an endless mystery to itself.”- Alan Watts.

    45. jasonehenson

      This is my 3rd time listening to this podcast and I finally think I understand his explanation of the universe being flat. Maybe I'm alone on this, but based on everything I've been able to absorb, I think the very end of 'Men In Black' with the aliens playing marbles is the closest thing my brain can comprehend to the 'size' of the universe.

      1. Josh Marks

        Exactly how I picture our existence 😂

    46. lesterboy

      Who else came here from tik tok?

    47. Arnomatrix

      This is great stuff. Hope Joe will invite Brian back soon!

    48. C3LT

      Joe: "I think it's so important not to be married to your ideas" Literally anyone: *Disses cannabis* Joe: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH

    49. Charlie Cameron

      imagine what Einstein could achieve today with modern technology and research capabilities


      So if the entire universe was created. Where did it come from. Cause there would have had to of been something to cause the creation of a universe

    51. Voltron4ev4

      2.5 hrs later and "I'm confused, but at a higher level".

    52. poopstain

      Neil degrass Tyson is a poo poo head

    53. craig chappell

      If you look at an atom close enough it looks alot like space where and atom floating around with billions of other atoms ie universe's inside another atom

    54. Alessio Liserani

      Notice how effortlessly this brilliant man says "i don't know". This makes him appear a lot more an intelligent human being compared to all these church. fanatics that have all the answers to the universe

    55. Aaron Keegan

      How many edibles did you give him 😂

    56. Matthew Moffitt

      I'd call Brian a national hero but hes not, hes a global hero

    57. Travis Rose

      Brian explaining 2D. Joe - But what is it’s height, length and, width?

    58. Dan

      So my thinking is... forgetting the sun, forgetting everything other than the earth, what's the entire pattern of use moving through the universe? I try and think of it all in my head but I just can't imagine it fully, but I think it would be something like a helix, spinning in a helix spinning in another helix?

    59. Ed Scott

      I love space and all this talk but I just pisses me off at the same time because there’s so much that is incomprehensible and there’s just so much out there that we’ll never see

    60. No One

      I can picture infinity

      1. Eddie Stiverne

        @No One .......................

      2. No One

        @Eddie Stiverne But i can though

      3. Eddie Stiverne

        @No One No you can't

      4. No One

        @Eddie Stiverne How would you know?

      5. Eddie Stiverne

        No you can't

    61. Cader Locke

      I love accessible science and education but I wish people like Brian and Elon would go a little harder on the technical stuff. They teeter on high school level concepts.

      1. Eddie Stiverne

        They do if you go too an internal lecture.

    62. Christian Devlin

      The universe would have cooled off already if it was eternal.

    63. Jonathan Fanning

      What a quote, " The thing about particle physics is that you don't get an awful lot of shit because people in general don't know what your talking about."

    64. Bryan Simpson

      I could have listened to 6 hours of this conversation.

      1. Eddie Stiverne

        Get a life bro! G

    65. PMO

      Only stupid/ignorant people need something to do.

    66. CHRIS Lawley

      Shame about the volume on this

    67. qwert

      I don’t really understand the picture at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3154">52:34</a>. Doesn’t this just show us that the universe has got two sides, or is curved. Because if the universe is flat then that would make no sense. i’m 15 so if this is stupid then that’s why lol

      1. Kevin Hadlow

        The picture is meant to show two ways of getting to a place in space quicker. One is to bend light and the second is to have a wormhole and go the shortest distance.

    68. badvibes

      Jeff bezos has about 160 billion «allmost” the same as all stars in our solar system

    69. jf679

      Man if only teachers were this passionate and could explain complex things as easy as this guy i would have actually learned stuff in school

    70. Iestyn Evans

      I wonder if Brian has ever taken mushrooms or psychdelics? His views on spirituality and consciousness (from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a>:35) are really interesting.. he doesn't believe in a higher power or a soul beyond the body. Interestingly he also seems very very sure about it unlike other stuff where he's quite open e.g. around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a>:45 "If we can't measure it then it's not there" it's purely science based but what else can we not measure? So yea I wonder how he'd feel after a tab of acid or shrooms 💫🍄

    71. Furkan Simsek

      what gives mass to higgs particles ??? sience is weird

    72. MrBibi86

      *Brian Cox is cute and looks amazing for 52*

    73. Thomas Knight

      lol, "we cant measure it so its not there".... but there are a lot of things we can't measure or that we don't know how to measure ...sooooo.... thats a false premise.

      1. Thomas Knight

        ​@Les Paul We know that theres far more that we don't know than what we can actually grasp, so we should know that we are far from being able to measure everything and having the correct measuring tools. I'm sure he knows that but the way he said it was so matter of fact like we have every measuring tool we'd ever need.

      2. Les Paul

        What things do we know exist but we can’t measure or detect?

    74. Moore Reborn

      Is anyone shitting themselves about existence now

    75. Luke mate

      The world needs politicians with a strong scientific background

    76. Shinigami Ryuku

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3010">50:10</a> reminds me of myself. Even great minds have brain farts.

    77. Acornman Gooner

      If the British government had any sense they would put Brian Cox in charge of the teaching of science in UK schools

    78. Use Your Brain They Live

      Brian Cox paid actor and apparently the only scientist that the BBC know. Turns out he was a guest at Gary Numan's wedding back it the day (another paid actor) but it was never mentioned. What does Brian and Gary's music have in common? Nothing except mk ultra programming. Never liked D-ream but loved Numan's early stuff before he went shite. Back again now though he has moved to the devils playground LA. I no longer have any musical heroes. These people are put where they are to sell you a lie. Numan sold AI Transhumanism to us all and Cox sells the non spiritual and programmed scientific programme. When we know the elite live by ancient knowledge of magick. Conspiracy theorist me? Go listen to isaac kappy with his last video on celebrity and learn the truth. Check out Mark Devlin.

      1. Eddie Stiverne

        seek help.

      2. Chrisbajs

        Seek help.

    79. Neji Suyama

      @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2440">40:40</a> Brian Cox refers to ones ability to move in space. The reason why people are depicted as slow moving in space would be because you have to in the real world as well. No atmospheric pressure = no resistance, then add micro-gravity, moving your arm to the right too fast could potentially make one endlessly spin/tumble. Though I'm sure its the rapid nature of the conversation that caused this to be overlooked.

    80. exic

      if you want to picture infinite, just picture and object in your head falling and not stopping