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    Michael Malice is an author and also hosts a podcast called “Your Welcome with Michael Malice” available on the GaS Digital Network. His new book called “The New Right” is available now.

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    1. Unknown Colorado

      It's even more clever how smart the *molecules* that make up our cells are.

    2. eric ohara

      No thats cnn news

    3. anom794939393

      what is your beef with "beta" males were living in a post muscle world, all the people you interview make more money then you and are nerds... seems kind of short sighted

    4. Joakim Henrikson

      Plants eventually devours ALL living things, plants are evil!

    5. Balisongs for Breakfast

      For those cool pens they were talking about, check out Matthew Martin he makes really cool custom pens. I collect high end pens as well lol mostly titanium tho I love titanium, the natural materials are super sick tho too

    6. Black Sambo

      stop being a puss, they started it

    7. chris jackso

      Pretty sure joe is into watching animals getting it on


      Shit I'm from the Midwest and I'm not paying any attention to what you're saying. Then again, I'm also high.

    9. left field

      20 years ago...there was more Bald Eagles in the tiny Province of New Brunswick, Canada..then the entire United States. You guy wiped yours out a long time need open country for the right environment. Not many in Chicago.. I am unfortunate enough to live here, in New Brunswick, Canada.. But, on the brighter side, I dont have to go far to see a Bald Eagle..lots along the St.Croix river..

    10. bobby sullivan

      Clowning idiots? That is fun for you, that makes you thee idiot!

    11. Granville's Hammer

      Science....sorry Joe.

    12. Levi Garrett

      Anybody else notice how Joe Rogan has began outing himself as a leftist activist now that he sold his podcast for $100 million dollars ? Im willing to bet once Joes podcast goes 100% Spotify that Joe will become the next Bill Maher.

    13. David

      LoL male feminist cuttlefish, brilliant

    14. Aidan Linder

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1470">24:30</a> HAHAHAHAHAH

    15. Lucky 4 Nothing

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1473">24:33</a> hehehehehehe

    16. Sentient Thundertank

      But how does the flower even know what an asshole looks like to mimic it?.... It's just mental

    17. Joseph Fusco

      Malice is a disgusting human being, but that is what Joe wants...controversial figures so he has ratings...ignorance shows in you Joe.

    18. Za za Zoom

      Like Fox News? Not funny Joe. Trumpians and conservatives watch you too. Let’s hear you call CNN LIEING news. I’m pissed. Your usually middle of the road. That was low. Adios.

    19. Gil Roy

      "UNLESS WE ARE BEATEN INTO THE STONE AGE AROUND MARCH" Joe predicting the plandemic a little in advance

    20. memespace

      Iberico pork is amazing. It is a reddish meat, you can eat it rare, and you should. It is like someone stuffed butter between the muscle fibers of the pig. Incredible!

    21. Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2692">44:52</a>

    22. triplea657aaa

      Y'know what's pretty funny? The left pretends to be against discrimination and segregation but then they go and make SEGREGATED DORMS ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES... like wtf I thought we were past this.

    23. Desert Bandit

      the wild west started after the civil war with the transcontinental railroad so slavery was illegal then , and before that all you had was california to the west . so not much slaves there to be honest

    24. Brendon Miratana news!!!! Lol

    25. steve the cross

      What Joe says about fox news is equally true for many others . I don't trust any of them .

    26. Dying In fashion

      Malice is the perfect last name for a fucking Sith Lord.

    27. brandon dellangelo

      This is my favorite podcast

    28. ririririPXN

      Why does this guy think he understands climate change? Is he a scientist himself? I am tired of all these clowns that have no idea really how to read or interpret science, find a couple of nonscientific articles (if it's published in media and not a professional scientific publication is mainly nonsense) or statistics that they do not know how to read or interpret, ignore all that leading scientists say, and with their inflated muscles and shrunk brains talk off their arses. Also, last time I checked octopuses are not humans so why are we anthropomorphising their behaviour? For all we, non-biologists or zoologists know, this is normal mating behaviour for them. Suits me right for watching this nonsense.

    29. Zach Simpson

      Fox news? Oh fuk

    30. Nathan Feltner

      sorry i wrote a short book lol, it's a gotta be read i hope and y'all rock Joe Rogan!! thanks for all the years of your life you've shared all this it's awesome!!!

    31. Nathan Feltner

      PLEASE FEEDBACK MY FRIENDS... Joe Rogan😁, and every person it seems, who has tripped balls on ANY psychodelic substances, (including myself years ago😁), most likely will understand something i wonder about sometimes. When thinking of the conversations on how amazing it is that these substances can open barriers to the endless capabilities of what we think of as our subconscious, previously unavailable by some evolutionary barrier developed over time, in our conscious state of mind we understand the brains function for our survival, breathing, heart beating, etc. yet it's there to tap into, with the right "key", we can access the vastness and power of our subconscious. why the unavailability!!? why are we kept by nature from the very large portion of human thought and it's endless capabilities. Somehow nature locked it down, possibly surpressed, the areas of the human brain which has seemingly unlimited potential. we evolved yes, and our brains evolved, we needed that other 90 percent for something, of course for the physical things the mind does for us, but the very large portion we can't seem to tap into at will has maybe even knowledge of time, physical awareness of our own existence, and thoughts, and yet it was evolution that has built barriers. Keeping us and our consciousness away from it's full potentials, it's 90 percent, if I'm not wrong, of our brains and if humans used it taking full advantage of that other 90 percent in daily survival. what was it's purpose? I'm not talking of breathing and signaling our hearts to beat, that's a small portion, safe from ourselves it seems. yes i think most would definitely fk that up 😁 evolution had locked us out! threw away the key! I'm not talking heart beating and breathing though, I'm talking the 90 percent, which they say it's there not being used consciously, why hasn't anyone thought of these barriers as possibly placed there by evolution to lock it all down from ourselves, evolution had a judged we can't handle it all consciously. this very large portion of mankind's brain deemed of limits by our very own evolution and place in existence. Why, when, and what happened? what did we think or do as a species at some point during our journey on this planet which caused evolution to place that barrier, causing us naturally not to use that great portion of our own minds, not to have access to that potential capacity of understanding and power. something has had to develope which caused evolution to place those barriers to our subconscious potential, evolution very well could have "walled off" mankind's access to our own capacity for using all of our brain? to lock this part of the human brain with no access except substances that sorta seem to be reversing the barriers just a little. i mean everyone thinks of the mind as having great potential, potential which we don't even naturally have access to, yet think of it as definitely being there for some reason long ago and was developed by evolution we needed a very large brain compared to other creatures one of the largest in terms of proportion. i mean fk it's evolution! it does NOTHIN WITHOUT REASON. i understand it beats our heart, makes us breath yet imagine the seemingly unlimited brain power of hidden away locked up, yet we know it's there and accidentally, at some point, we learned to get access on occasion, maybe past humans had to have a larger portion of our brains to thrive and survive. evolution developed the human brain, yet at some point in development, what potential power, what evolutionary survivability could possibly have needed that large capacity of understanding and capability so complex it warranted such a large brain. some animals have sonar to communicate for survival, they have large brains and it's hard to imagine. yet, we lost touch with that part of our consciousness which evolution absolutely had a part in supressing, and we definitely have it or had it at some point in time long ago. I suppose evolution developed that barrier for a good reason, maybe we simply evolved out of needing whatever all that extra brain was meant for, however you say it, it's definitely there, still off limitsi think with exceptions, as a nessessity for us to survive but im not to sure on believing it's an upgrade but more like getting a different use as our subconscious which it seems we can't remember it's use or even how to access it, with exceptions of course, but even granted a very short period of control it seems is confusing to us and overwhelming and strange to our consciousness. i really hope these thoughts are in line with the natural evolution laws or whatever as a possibility. hopefully a new way to view the himself brain and it's potential. just all that power waiting to be reused or repurposed hopefully, hope y'all like this and stay safe!!😁

    32. toasteh


    33. Kapitalistischer Aasgeier

      its in the fbi museum. the propaganda house

    34. Shane Wimer

      what we think we know about the world and the universe would amount to a pebble on the top of Mount Everest.

    35. Michael Johnsonbaugh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2940">49:00</a> Joe Rogan debunks the whole of Christianity in one DMT trip

    36. AsrielTakenOver

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="870">14:30</a> female snakes often get gang-raped

    37. Defaulted Default

      Shut up joe, China were preparing for war for months, that is an instigation, not Trumps response. Go any further left you'll fall of that edge.

    38. Toby Langdale

      King of the Hill, where Dale eats magic mushrooms in a survivalist sort of situation. Beyond hilarious!

    39. Toby Langdale

      Who shot J.R. ?

    40. Adam Zaidi

      I love Joe ,but he had the audacity to mention Fox News as controlling the minds of people ,but yet satistics show that Fox News is more correct than all of the other news organizations, especially CNN. Joe was being bias.

    41. Mark Frost


    42. JB6789

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a>:00 Yes, you can dual boot with WIN and LINUX. Did this once on my PC years ago, but got tired of the novelty and went back to WIN for pure convenience.

    43. JB6789

      I was a graduate student in 1995 at Yale and remember a rainy day riding shotgun through New Haven in my classmate's old car, casually reading a column in The Wall Street Journal. The column was on the infamous Unibomber and had the imagined hedcut of the profiled domestic terrorist. The car stopped at an intersection and I looked up and saw a guy, with curly dark hair, Rayban aviators, and wearing an olive-green rain-jacket with the hood over his head. I turned to my classmate and said..."Holy $h!t...that guy looks just like this pic of the Unibomber!" Of course, no one knew what the Unibomber actually looked like at the time, but this guy was a dead ringer for that WSJ hedcut. In any event, we continued to drive when the light turned and, given that the first victim who succumbed to the Unibomber's treachery was a Yale professor, I casually said..."I bet that SOB was a Harvard grad". It was just a cynical joke! Shortly thereafter, he was caught and lo and behold...he actually IS a Harvard grad! To make matters worse...that crazy SOB was born and raised in my hometown...Schenectady, NY!

    44. Michael Spoto

      "Ima give you this good dick" - Joe Rogan

    45. Patrick Naulty

      you are not supposed to see the ethnic changes Joe, just human beings. The ultimate point?

    46. Aard

      Modern art is money laundering scheme, change my mind.

    47. Nick Stephenson

      Did you really just say that people in the midwest don't read? Like somehow people who grew up in the midwest are dumber than people who grew on the coasts? I think that the number of CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and net worth millionaires that come out of the midwest may shock you if you really believe this. Or possibly there is no correlation of reading and being successful. Maybe I'm just dumb because of the geographical location of the vagina I came out of. Come on Joe, you're smarter than that.

    48. John Cassles

      An Idea which I think is very ancient, is that after the fall of Mankind and subsequent expulsion from Paradise, nature was perverted and made corrupt by us and the demons. The idea is that God didn't make these things in the base way that they are manifested now, but that we perverted nature by eating of the Tree of Knowledge and then the effects of that were corruption, perversion, and mortality.

    49. P.G. Reitsma

      Why would it be God's fault? All of a sudden there's no Devil? He rarely gets any bad shit pinned on him anymore. I'll bet he's the one letting all the messed up stuff happen.

    50. Kizo Mi

      If you take the efforts around the time of the sea scrolls and the attackd on Christians, the scientific investigation and the archives of the Babylonians and the root of the name Moses, you get to the point of the old Testament is a copy of older and other people, the freeing of Slavery in Babylon never happen because only the elites were taken to Babylon and they eat and lived like the other royals (the diet lists are decifered) and so on, 😂😂😂. But tell that anyone with the background of the three monotheistic religions basing Jerusalem as the city,. But finding very interesting similar constitution between the Balbek Temples (much older then the Roman time) and the Temple mount in Jerusalem! And comparing it with the buildings from the time period of the Bible its almost laughable to compare it, because the oldest are the most impressive and biggest, and the time around old Testament it's small, amateurish and poor! But the most important question here is! Why are the efforts around the historical documentaries and the newer archeological efforts like they are, and are they a effort to create a reality instead to describe what was found!

    51. Smith

      This is the most incredibly uncomfortable podcast episode in all the best ways lol

    52. keeplosin and maintain

      Joe "fox is the fake news... just fox though" Rogain

    53. M. Mcfly

      I don't care what anyone says, Malice is Rogan's best guest.

    54. Well Hel O’Deer

      This is why I hunt bald eagles! There is just something about the hunt!

    55. neil johnson

      If your born a man i will to refer to you as a male, if your born a woman same again you will always be female. No matter how you feel and how much surgery you go through it will never change what you are.

    56. Blaine Nelson

      toe rogan: all animals have anus pore spotify: $100million parasitic relationship

    57. Josh O'Connor

      Ah Joe I gotta disagree with you hard-core on the Egypt/white people statement. The oldest mummy we have from Egypt is nicknamed the ginger because he was a red headed Caucasian. The argument was made that the hair color could have changed due to aging so every test that could be done, has been done in a desperate attempt to try paint this mummy as non white and every test so far has showed the red hair is the true color. More importantly king Tut is the direct ancestor of roughly HALF OF ALL EUROPEAN MEN. No joke, tug on that thread and see where it takes you. It would appear white people are the most likely candidates for the construction of the pyramids. More than happy to look at any contradicting evidence, this doesn't need to turn into a racist argument. Just trying to look at actual facts here.

    58. Стефан Митков

      USA doesnt really have any allies you do understand that the whole world probably hates you

    59. Matthew Cox

      Well apparently Joe Rogan is a parasite he hunts elk it's the elk so you must be a parasite on the elk herd

    60. Earth Monkey

      I heard a ted talk and thought they were giving sympathy to child molesters an was pretty mad at the video, trying to understand why the Ted platform would do that but re watching I don't think they say to show sympathy but rather study to find out how to prevent and in order you have to find out why and find the root which in alot of cases is trauma or disorder Or abuse on them as children... Horrible thing to do either way but I don't think people give sympathy if that makes sense

    61. cooltruckin

      Shit, the bikers in northern calif in the 70s used to feed people to pigs when they would stumble into their gardens.

    62. Jamie Ingels

      Dorthey almost got eaten by pigs in the begining of Wizard of Oz.

    63. Sangone Sene

      Snatch gang stretch gang

    64. Lo Ro

      Drug pushers

    65. christopher king

      joe was talking about the horse hair worm...yuk

    66. E Hall

      Lenovo ThinkPad for the win!

    67. Allan Rojas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a>:39 Joe predicts COVID-19 false flag

    68. J. David

      You attract more bee's with honey than vinegar...

    69. Anonomysx

      Joe pleaaaseeeee do a whole video imitating Bill Clinton and Alex Jones can do Bill Gates omfg it would be a hit animated show

    70. Anonomysx

      My fucking favorite xmas movie is Eight Crazy Nights by Adam Sandler lmfao yess

    71. Anonomysx

      My cat just freaked the F out at Joe's impression of a cat omfg hahahhaha

    72. Mike Sain

      That communist shirt while Joe has USA shirt

    73. Sara A

      YES~ Kill pedos!

    74. Alex Tsitsyura

      I had/have a dream that Trump will be our first president for 8 years

    75. Plain Truth

    76. David Gerritzen

      Also sorry Joe but carbs arent the problem for anyone, for people like me with non-diabetic Hypoglycemia, I was ordered by a doctor to have higher sugar and carb levels or I can drop dead from drastic drops in my blood sugar. And this is from my body responding wrong potentially neurologically rather than an issue chemically with an endocrine organ. Because of this I have to have a constant uptake of sugar in my diet, like constantly all day. Because of this im almost immune to diabetes, sadly Its kinda like diabetes light. I have specifically the kind that triggers from fasting.

      1. David Gerritzen

        Also if you have this, you shouldnt fast more than whats necessary for blood tests, I cannot do keto it would probably kill me.

    77. David Gerritzen

      "I am protesting till they follow the paris agreement" the agreement that tries to demand the climate not increase by 2 degrees celcius in a year, demanding that, not trying for that, but literally legislating the climate to your demands. So if the climate increases in temperature from some other reason, theyll become more overbearing financially and legislatively on the economy Please stop demanding we sacrifice our economy for ecology, they often go hand in hand. Things that are sustainable closed cycles cost less money as you cycle things through, meaning instead of going after the bad actors, we should be supporting the good. Trust me, the market tends to go for the cheaper, less reliant on upkeep options. However gretta doesnt care about the ACTUAL environment, if she did she wouldnt be touting economic devastation to attain her goals. She would be offering actual palpable solutions. Maybe bring awareness to crop rotation or top soil loss, maybe about the liquid runoff from liquid fertilizers, maybe talk about real issues that have a real way of fixing them. And to be consistent, here is a solution to at least the liquid runoff. If we start finding ways of directing food waste and other waste into composting solutions, we can make huge worm farms that will process our food waste, lessen landfill usage, and give us more soil to grow more food to cycle back into the compost, then back into the food. you are then fertilizing your food with the food you didnt eat. We are throwing away vital plant nutrients that when processed through a worm become naturally time releasing, its incredible stuff! My family of course is going to be setting this up ourselves for our food waste, indoors even, if the compost smells bad, youre doing it wrong. It should smell like soil, not shit. If it smells horrid its because either theres too little oxygen, too high acidity, or too much decomposing food at one time. Just, even though he was a racist piece of shit, I like to go by Ghandi's words "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" We are also soon gonna be starting our own garden. This isnt what I want forced though, if someone doesnt want to do this themselves, they have every right to outsource their worm operations to someone who does solely that. Division of labor is important.

    78. Superkayko

      this is one of the best interviews

    79. Centertrance


    80. Richard Sveum

      Laughing my ass off.