Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk



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    Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.

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    1. twojstary

      gosh, man that last part about the end goal!!! I work in the art field, I became quite successful but I lost joy of drawing because my mind set was to be the best. Lately I been picking myself up and just hearing that gave me such a good feeling. Thanks for that podcast

    2. exactinmidget92

      San Diego hasn't gotten big? You been to Hillcrest? Cars don't move at all.

    3. jamesdizzle420

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1425">23:45</a> there are people in san diego who arent afraid of the goverment and liberal

    4. Nate Allen

      Joe talks about skating the same way my mom does.

    5. Lil Dude

      Tony hawk needs a movie

    6. Richard Paddey

      I wish you could get Guy Martin or John Mcguinness on here

    7. pls no

      The only skaters i know is this boi, and ryan simonetti.

    8. Cork Soaker

      How can you not feel like shit, when there's people like Joe and Tony talking about accomplishments

    9. Tim McDonald

      1080 just been done by a kid and that wasn't brought up?????

    10. Thomas L.

      past 3 weeks I have been just binge watching your podcasts. when I watch it I feel like I am in the room. thank you

    11. Yinzer

      You won’t find a single person on the planet who doesn’t like Tony Hawk

    12. Silviu

      How can you dislike this?

    13. Steven Cunningham

      Joe "I get in a sauna everyday" Rogan

    14. Steven Cunningham

      Joe"im leaving NOsel " Rogan

    15. Doctor Jones

      People shouldn't be surprised that events are still being planned to happen in months like August or September. There's evidence that corona will die out in the heat of summer

    16. Jonathan

      Definitely someone you should bring back on.

    17. Doctor Jones

      Jake Brown: [falls 50 ft to his doom] Tony Hawk 3 seconds later: wow... I can't believe he landed a 720

    18. Katsukiba

      The only problem with the water training things is that they wont develop your bone density. I imagine its a great work out, but the additional load on your bones is what develops them. Water reduces the load on your bones with bouyancy.

    19. Brian 1260

      its gonna be hard to see joe leave youtube

    20. Noah Noneyobusiness

      Just a tip for people who skate or do sports. Don't wear a mask when you're physically active. It's just not smart. You're breathing in your own carbon dioxide. It acidifies your blood and you can pass out. A kid recently died from a heart attack playing basketball from wearing a mask. No heart attack history either. The masks themselves pose health risk if you wear them all the time. You need fresh air. Wear masks if you like. I don't care one way or another, but do it within reason.

    21. Matt Crawford

      Just saw Tony pull up to a empty pool in the hood just to skate. Cool ass dude. His children are lucky to have him.

    22. JXMES VGHN

      When you see that one hair on Tony’s head.. you can’t un-see it Sorry


      Have Rodney mullen next

    24. Mr. Savage

      I grew up watching hawk hes kind of an idol. He inspired me to skate seeing him on your show talking in a normal way about his experiences was great I really enjoyed this. Thanks Joe!!

    25. Sporty Highlights


    26. CheezhPlays

      Omg he used to do video editing too! That's crazy!

    27. Voodoo Surgeon

      It was one thing that got me skating in the 80's, one little scene in a movie that movie being Back to the Future😎

    28. Trilla Killa

      Fake virus

    29. Brian Quinton

      I have a knee for an ankle as well. That fucker won't break anymore.

    30. Dane Goodwin

      People think 9/11 was the defining moment for the millennial generation. False, its when tony hawk landed the 900

    31. aaron brook

      I don't think Joe Rogan is able to understand the skater lifestyle and mentality lol

    32. Quags

      Man, this makes me wanna see Travis Pastrana on here so much

    33. Straight Way

      Played Tony

    34. troyisfilming

      I absolutely loved this, such a sick podcast, thank you! 🛹👍

    35. Jacob Clement

      Joe "have you tried DMT" Rogan

    36. Flap Jack

      We just had Tom Green. Dudes here like every week now

    37. Joshua Koch

      for anyone who was wondering, tanning beds ( UV tanks) are used to treat dermal conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, with surprising effectiveness!

    38. Franky Broadcast

      You can tell Joe respects Tony as a Legend. You don't get that from him, alot.

    39. Kobe Bird

      Directly related to the Z boys such a legend.

      1. mikin lirou

        Tony Hawk is the most well spoken kid I’ve ever seen.

    40. Steven Flores

      This is the only JR podcast I've watched recently through its entirety

      1. mikin lirou

        Earthing/Grounding for you young men worried about your brain health 💞

    41. Mikki Royal

      My love for Tony Hawk continues to this day. He’s so amazing!

    42. Patrick Butler

      Why do Tony Hawk and David Spade have the same voice?

    43. Ryback TV


    44. High Brass

      Two living Legends

    45. dirt232323

      I don't skate but I know Tony Hawk...

    46. Mylo Del Carpio

      Me and Tony share the same birthday

    47. Joey Kozma

      Boycotting your ass for leaving the platform 😑

    48. Eric Bishard

      Joe, please get Rodney Mullen on...

    49. Eric Bishard

      I like seeing what shirt/outfit Joe puts on when he has interesting guests. I feel like this one says: "your a skater, but comedy is my thing" lol "and this is my hero" ... 'Richard Prior'

    50. Ryxn420


    51. Terry Wash

      Rich people problems 😂

    52. ekome

      I have one of these Laird Hamilton Ankles. MRI counts 4 fractures between ages 12-21 + a complete lack of cartilage. Looks like a tennis ball, hurts in ski boots.

    53. Venture Forth

      Really enjoyed the jre, but not enough to pay for a Spotify subscription

    54. Yvonne Kiwior

      Earthing/Grounding for you young men worried about your brain health 💞

    55. Ryan Halliday

      Tony Hawk is the most well spoken kid I’ve ever seen.

    56. wkdravenna

      Tony is a cool dude I didn't know much about him before this. This was cool. What a good generous human !

    57. Rhys Martin

      Glad you finally put a skateboarder on. Let's see another skater by 2021, maybe a future Olympian!

    58. AustinPowerz0069

      Less than two minutes in to the this interview it's already WAY better and totally less painful than desperately watching Rogan fail at trying to reach out to Elon Musk on Mars, and Elon not knowing how to relate in the Rogansphere. Tony Hawk is a pro athlete, and was a bigger success at a younger age. Him and Rogan are the same age, and they are just dudes from California kicking ass at their game. I'm a HUGE THPS1-7 fan and I'm really enjoying this.

    59. igogewd

      Romney Mullen next, Grandfather of street skating!

    60. Connor Minniss

      A true legend of our sport ♥️

    61. Micheal Williams

      That one time God showed his face on Joe Rogan experience

    62. logan haas

      honestly im a thick skater boi and if i didnt skate idk what id do bc i dont enjoy working out, im super grateful for my local park

    63. Zachacki Sack

      He needs to get Rodney Mullen on here. He's more legendary than Hawk. Just less well known. He created a shit ton of tricks and basically created his own style of skating. Nobody is better than Mullen at street/flat ground skating

    64. Indie Music Minute

      I wonder how much the guest headphones could fetch at auction

    65. Lex Luthor

      Bring on Michael Jordan as the Next Guest Please 🙏🙏🙏🏀🏀🏀😇

    66. DJRT

      Joe Rogan: "Thousands die due to the flu every year" (Doesn't acknowledge most that are hospitalized/die have complications.) Also Joe: Well it seems San Diego might only have 6 deaths due to actually just COVID. (Trying to downplay numbers where COVID is worsened by complications as if these are the only statistics this happens with.)

    67. oioioi oiovey

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3310">55:10</a> thank you for our parks Tony. You influence so many of us. Now DO A KICKFLIP!

    68. RulerZod

      "Light at the end of the Tunnel" says the guy with 140 million dollars, and owned his own house at 16 yrs old.

    69. jhon viel

      man i know a few dudes like this and some crazy stories about it. I know these two dudes who used to be the best of friends and were bros for like over 10 years. But one was lowkey in love with the others babymom. dude and his BM broke up and then homeboy swooped right in, ended up getting her pregnant and having a kid with her too. It caused beef between them for years. Worst part is, the BM was still fucking the first dude on the low from time to time. Only this year have they finally seemed to settle it. They still hate each other but its cordial now. Then there was this other dude i knew when i was way younger, friend of my older cousins. He would purposely try to fuck dudes girlfriends and wives and would succeed. He took pride in it. Well one night, he got invited to this party by some girl and when he got there, several dudes whos girls he had fucked were there. They were also armed with guns. All of them shot the hell out of him like Denzel at the end of Training Day. Its so crazy how much disruption some pussy can cause. like some really great things throughout history have been completely ruined all over a woman and some sex. its really not that serious man theres so much ass out there. i dont get why dudes just HAVE to fuck the same ones

    70. Riley Holowatiuk

      Get some more people from mtb, surfing, snowboarding, skiing on here

    71. DestyNova

      How embarrassing telling a Skateboarding Legend you broke your ass bone on a hoverboard.


      I almost wish Tim Pool could be here for this. lol

    73. ChubyX


    74. Andrew McQuade

      At 10 minutes is he talking about Lance Mountain?

    75. theskilled99

      Kinda sad Joe didn't ask Tony for the story of his game.

    76. ApprenticeThatTextstooMuch

      Joe “ have I mentioned that Obama reminds me of a statesman” Rogan

    77. Zheng

      Skate culture has definitely changed and it's crazy imagining Tony being called a sell-out these days. The pros still put out street parts that often re-enforce old ideas and aesthetics, but skateboarding is for everyone now, from the edgy misfit youth to 40 year olds wearing full pads and getting on a skateboard for the first time. Gatekeeping is becoming less and less effective across almost all subcultures. Just look at hip-hop; we now have non-gangsters rapping about their insecurities and feelings. I think this is all for the better.

    78. Andrew Clannachan

      NOsel definitely should have approached Joe years ago about signing a deal. I’m not surprised he got scooped up by Spotify. They took him for granted and now he is gone. Crazy, but I’ll say this. Congratulations Joe! This is fantastic and I’m glad someone not in main stream media landed a deal like this one after years of hard work.

    79. Lucky Ed.

      Tony Hawk reminds me of my dad because he dosent age as well? 😂👌👍 They have good genetics and he's down to earth like Tony is? Tony Hawk is a legend and is the Michael Jordan and Bill Gates of skateboarding.

    80. Golden Rule Collectibles

      Thanks Joe for getting Hawk! A hero imo. Get him eating and training right. We need a 1260!!@