Joe Rogan Experience #1136 - Hamilton Morris



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    Hamilton Morris is a writer, documentarian, psychonaut and scientific researcher. His show "Hamilton's Pharmacopeia" is available on VICELAND and iTunes.

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    1. Adan B

      Joe, I don’t know if anyone has ever mentioned this but you should definitely do a pod cast with Kyle from FPSRUSSIA. That way the world knows of what happened! What do y’all think?!? Let him see this so he can do it!!

    2. Freya

      I mean I tried it myself and it was good for a couple months, until my hair started falling out. Kratom isn't for everyone, but it may be worth a try for you. Just pay attention to the state of health of your body, mind and emotions while trying any new substance.

    3. critical thinker

      Hamilton Morris for president. hamilton good to see our generation stepping up to the plate and knocking it out of the park. W some serious critical thinking well done.. most people dont realize that more people die from sugar annually than every single drug does

    4. talha m

      Doing drugs is like renting your body to a soul that is not you ?!

    5. critical thinker

      Can I just go ahead and say that I dont know what i love about Hamilton. But he is awesome. I think it's the way he is just himself. He seems like he is very well balanced. I would love to trip w him.or just hang w him

    6. H p

      "Were totally SOBER!!!" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">03:01</a> (3mins in) joes actually on an obscure drug and admits to taking 10 at once.lmao

    7. Braeden Tiemann

      "Some new flu that cant be cured" oh man is he a fortune teller?

    8. JadenTV

      I thought mj died from a plane crash am i dumb

    9. DBreeazyy

      A guy in my apartments asked me one day if I knew where to get any heroin, I didn't, but I did have some kratom around and put him onto it, a month and half later I seen him in passing and he thanked me almost endlessly and pulled out a bag of Kratom, said he hadn't had any urges to do heroin again and had been clean ever since I introduced him to it, I hope he's still clean and I'm thankful that I was put on to it so I could have the chance to firsthand save someone from a life they didn't want to be in.

    10. Anton Sokolov

      This dude is a legend. Chemist, proffessor, journalist, narrator and creator of series. I am jelous of how a great life he has made by promoting one of the most contreversial topics in modern day. Legend. Started studying chemestry this year becausebof him.


      This just hit 6 million! Congrats Hammilton!

    12. Molly Davis

      Moderation/self-control people. Everything has a use. Whether positive or negative is according to the culture at the time. He is correct 100%.

    13. Alex Ware

      you need to have him on again

    14. Fettuccine

      "new flu that cant be cure" @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a>:27

    15. HIKE4LIFE

      Joe doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about when it comes to the movie As good as it gets. The guy isn't racist in the movie. Damn Joe maybe lay off the drugs. Also it was a VERY good movie and I've seen it more than once.

    16. Norrin Radd

      Elon Musk is trying to take our bodies to space, this guy wants to take our minds to space .

    17. Chris Carfagno

      wow,,,my mom is full blown schizophrenic and the first and only time i took shrooms it was to much for me and i only wanted my mom,,,i was literally hearing voices and scared the shit out of me..ive candy flipped and popped gel tabs and paper a bit before that and never had anything close to that i guess im more chemically predispostioned then average person to get schizphroniea...its ashame to because im heavy into paranormal and catch evps all the time on recordings and i can literally feel energy and spirits when there around and i have to chose my words carefully when explaining to people that know me and history of my mom,,i get so many cool ass shit i catch in graveyards and my house that i want to share but people think im nuts,,,,until they hear the intelligent response's ...

    18. Nick van der Meer

      something neat about mushrooms is the ancient alchemists said the toad was like a mushroom they would combine things into them and the mushroom would allow for a sort of sponge that helps concentrate and or purify mixed substances into new compounds, my guess acacia sprigs mushrooms and whatever was growing on the island of cypress as that was where these ancient chemists mostly were afforded protection and wealth from the many merchants and even kings and queens and various religious pilgrimages did once go

    19. Reid Adams

      I'm an ex heroin addict of 8 years.. I cant even begin to explain how many ways kratom has saved my life..

    20. wasil hidayah

      Jadi keinget master mentalist indo wkwkwk

    21. Nick Mougros

      Fentanyl has no legs

    22. Nick Mougros

      Because its 1000 stronger than heroin

    23. dr3amb3ing

      "Sober as fuck, how 'bout you?" *I was on this discussion about Kratom, are you familiar with this?* "I'm on some right now" Only 3 minutes in lol

    24. Baba Yaga

      Alot of pharmaceuticals help the mental problems u have but never fix it, like that would be the thing needs done. I see a phyciatrist and therapist bout once a month, some stuff isnt fixed with pharmacies. I think marijuana being legal isn't a bad thing but u make opiates legal and stimulants legal, it makes it easier for addicts to get there fix and crime will go up as well deaths. Addicts need there fix and they don't have money they will steal and rob to get it. Especially since they can get it right away.

    25. Madam Murdrum

      I'm surprised they haven't gotten high and thrown babies out of windows yet. All stoners do that you know. It's well documented on the internets.

    26. Matiu Paerau

      U have a bag of them 🤣

    27. P

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="117">1:57</a>:17, I always get annoyed when people say stuff like that. Like, no before cell phones people were reading the newspaper or even pretending to read the newspaper so they wouldn't have to talk to anyone...

    28. Pamela Levingston

      Love Hamilton on the pod cast a chemistry master👌

    29. shawn McCoin

      We're allowed to bungee jump and stuff like that yeah and jump out of airplanes and do dangerous things but we're not allowed to do dangerous drugs because of addiction and the cost if you get addicted and have to go to rehab it's going to essentially come down to the government paid for it so pretty much just expensive that's why we can do drugs the cost too much to fix people

    30. shawn McCoin

      All right bring them back and get stoned and as far as that thing running itself in jail you only have to show up I'm insulted for young Jamie Jimmy works his ass off and does a damn good job and I know you didn't mean anything by I'm just busting your balls like I always do but Jamie does good work I kind of had to had to say something

    31. Gabriel Jaén Prieto

      Amazing! my benefits from cannabis are a bunch. It put me to work with a good vibe and incredibly sedates when ready for sleep. It really helps to numb my tinnitus problem which is really annoying.

    32. Isha Gandhi

      This guy knows as much or more about chemical compounds and drugs than anyone on the podcast has ever known about anything...

    33. sideshow bob

      That womans son died from heroin, not kratom. Just because it was in his system doesnt mean that's what caused his death.

    34. Eddie Byrne

      People who get involved in hazing rituals are idiots , mostly college idiots which begs the question , how did they qualify for college in the first place ?' If anyone says to you you have to do something stupid to join a group etc , tell them to go fuck themselves. Idiots .

    35. Sepemini

      Did Morris ever earn a college degree in chemistry or anything else? Just curious about his credentials.

    36. Nick King Televised

      This video will be exclusively on spotify soon boys

    37. Royce Diaz

      to the part where they’re talking ab the benefits of marijuana i have seizures and cbd with some THC to help my ptsd from crashing a car

    38. Alec Woodruff

      Is Kratom really pronounced Kruh-tawm? I always thought it was Kray-tum.

    39. Tanner Harris

      He needs to come back

    40. Super Thuggin

      Hes one of those people who forgets how stupid most of the population is. Lol he would be surprised that most drs are quite dumb and do not understand the risks of their treatments.

    41. Reuben Broussard

      I am 9 minutes in, losing my mind on how realistic and unbiased Joe and Hamilton are. It’s so refreshing to see people like this. Thanks Joe and Hamilton.

    42. djmadmax wallace

      This guy is a huge drug nerd lol

    43. muubuu

      "...and you have to think about people who aren't you." - well said. But 'mind your own business' applies better to the personal usage of drugs than to gun control as guns are mostly dangerous for the environment of the owners/users. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2987">49:47</a>

    44. Chantelle Rieger

      Roll with e....n z...j...almost famous...ty guys!!

    45. M Kar

      Hey man, bring him back

    46. MIKE STEC

      His show that he was eating the truffles this guy's really knowledgeable

    47. Snoop Frogg

      Had shrooms recently and had a interesting but painful experience. I suffer from irritable bowel disease. Part of my intestine swells up. It causes a lot of stuff to happen to my stomach. When the shrooms were kicking in hard. It made my intestine swell up like never before. My trip interacted with my illness hard. Felt like I was dying. I was going into a bad trip then I remembered it's all mind over matter. I had to think happy thoughts to calm myself down. I even started to relax my body. I did throw up but I think it's from what I ate on top of the shrooms.

    48. MIKE STEC

      Hamilton Morris knows shit drugs

    49. Casey Tracht

      this Hamilton guy is pronouncing ‘Kratom’ painful

    50. Vacant Cemetery

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a>:20 hits different

    51. the art scope


    52. Tristan James

      Nuclear weapons are not the problem...

    53. Sashii sucks

      Joe rogan is moving to Spotify Here’s a fb group so we can still talk about him

    54. Ron Diesel05

      BHBA!! ( Bring Hamilton Back Again)

    55. Mr Reynolds

      I guess we now know who was smoking weed on the back to the future set 👀

    56. Doug Compton

      Psychedelic massage parlor I am in for it be good for depression

    57. Dizurt

      this mothermucker hamilton makes me want to read so much more lol

    58. Ee J

      So...pencils don't write books? How about that!

    59. mokeish

      I've had to stop a girl from jumping into a fire..this guy telling people tripping is for everyone is actually just not true and can be very dangerous for some.

    60. TBatlas

      This man looks like every The Big Bang Theory character at once

    61. miketothe2ndpwr

      I got off of oxy thanks to kratom. Don't take either anymore. Drink too much though... Gotta take the Ls with the Ws

    62. afx777

      I keep on looking at that spot on Hamilton's sweater, must be DMT.

    63. Paddy Paterson

      I wonder about what hamilton mentioned about the history, who first used frog venom etc, is it possible this was done in any through the cooking process? Or just eating it raw but maybe dead and a cut up a lil. Or is it only possible whatever way actually works?

    64. DarkstarAndrew01

      Nutmeg is an absolute nightmare...

    65. DarkstarAndrew01

      The best explanation on how they explain the breathing techniques is Whim Hoff Method does alternating periods of hypoxia followed by breath holds to reestablish Co2 levels in the blood which frees up oxygen in the brain. I believe the oxygen excess causes some sort of catabolic reaction in CSF fluid which contains DMT and somehow this causes it to pass the BBB and cause the DMT experience via breathing... but that is just my hypothesis.

    66. Firstname Lastname

      They think the people making laws don't have experience with dr ugs. Not true.

    67. Brian Munich

      What a jew

    68. Leon Norris

      I take Kratom every morning it’s help my anxiety level and my cravings down

    69. Stu Nutz

      ALRIGHt, it's definitely time for Joe to bring Hamilton back on

    70. Evil Weenie

      Meth is 100% trash.

    71. OJ NAFTA

      This is the same guy who had a 12 year old kid give him a piggyback ride across a river f$&k this vag

      1. OJ NAFTA

        kolo watch when he went to the Congo with the weed guys who only paid the chief $52 lol

      2. kolo

        Lmfao when was this

    72. Ben Rosen

      have you tried DMT though?

    73. newfiesnowball nl

      Just dont do like idiot Trudeau. Make it legal,charge almost $100 a quarter. You buy it you cant see it. You buy from a peice of paper.and wonder why the government aint making alot of profit. He used weed to get in office and then it was , put in hands of the smartest dummy's he could buy. I go down the road and get a quarter for $40 top notch gear. Where you going to go morons?

    74. Jerome Crockett

      alot of people will be hurt from drugs because of this guy. how bout we figure out the sobermind first... alot of yall never conquered your sober mind

    75. Jerome Crockett

      theres a reason a certain drugs are considered dangerous, because some of that shit is poison. its like having a tiger as a pet eventually one day its going to bite or might kill you

    76. Christian Richardson

      I can tell you from personal experience lsa is extremely psychoactive. Just be careful because morning glory seeds can make you very sick and delirious for days

    77. markas maclean

      My experiment with Kratom - took 5 grams and nothing - took 10 grams and I threw up and felt a bit sick went to sleep

    78. Jay Strock

      what about making a law that illegal drugs have to list the ingrediants and amounts. if dealers get caught without ingrediants listed that would be a charge

    79. Stephen Morris

      heh my last name Morris too

    80. slumlord racing

      Some people are allergic or their bldy rejects it. I drank kratom tea when on parole and i nearly died from liver failure within a week, my whole body turned piss yellow