Joe Rogan Experience #1446 - Bert Kreischer



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    Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor and podcast host. His new special “Hey Big Boy” is now streaming only on Netflix. @Bert Kreischer


    1. Zachary Keel

      As long as they’re white 😂😂

    2. jozi j

      Sunny Garcia did not commit suicide, he's still alive an ripping... u mean Andy Irons

    3. A W

      I enjoy listening to both of these guys, interesting and up beat that’s what I need right now. Love your specials.

    4. bowen voowy

      Bert: "I quit everything..." Also Bert 30 seconds later: Takes a sip and exhales smoke

    5. Jairus Otieno

      Volunteered at a homeless shelter. There’s different levels but pretty much everyone has a phone. At the shelter we had computers which people were supposed to use to find work but we let them browse especially on weekends and many hung out in public libraries. It’s unfortunate people think all homeless are addicted to substances our shelter was a mental health facility and domestic violence victims many who were incapable of working. This country is the best but it’s also has victims of a system that can leave people behind. The opioid crisis too has increased homelessness among kids of middle class Whites that wasn’t there before. We can do better not to judge but volunteer if you can and learn about your fellow citizens. Hopefully Covid-19. teaches us to be better humans.Peace.

    6. aiiden

      Joe "this is strong weed" Rogan

      1. bowen voowy


    7. Kakarot652

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a>:00 you guys are riiiiiipped

    8. Paul Oliver

      What hat is Bert wearing? I’ve never seen it (or one like it )before, and I like it. Great podcast... love both these guys! They are both hilarious and tell awesome stories. I really appreciate the content during this crazy Covid-19 time.

    9. Joey isamazing

      Farm cats are very different from house cats. The toms are 2-3 times the size of other cats and they are mean as shit. A big Tom cat is comparable to a large raccoon with rabies. They arnt scared of you and you can get close to them but if it feels cornered and you try to pick it up they will rip your face off

    10. Aaron Martinez

      Joe Rohan is a real friend

    11. marc Leblanc

      Depending on how you place you hands joe will put tension on the chest or the tricelps. I have did thousands upon thousands of all of them in the military. And each would stress a area more of the other.

    12. Manuel Olivares

      Worst than diaz!??

    13. FW94


    14. Dan P

      At the very end he says "Let's break the internet folks." Got me thinking man if that were to actually happen, that sh*t would suck. I'd personally probably go out & give beatings to any person responsible. I mean hell if the internet was actually down I wouldn't have sh*t else to do. I'm 31 with no kids so screw it, I'd mine as well raise some hell.

    15. Kevin Schutte

      Hey Joe, I noticed you drinking Buffalo Trace. Check out, he infuses the leaves with various bourbon including Buffalo Trace, Fireball and Blanton's. Great cigars to enjoy with a drink!

    16. denise marie

      I agree with joe about growing up somewhere where it gets cold. There is just something about experiencing all the seasons when you're a kid... so different from LA LA Land...

    17. joerobwood

      I had a great dog that would climb the pool ladder to get out of the pool, hed also go to thediving board to jump off and grab a toy in the air

    18. Weston Parmelee

      Woah I just went back and listened to that old Hancock episode and now they're talking about it

    19. C B

      I really want to know more about that comedian friend of Berts that warned him about Covid19 in early Feb. I want to know what she knew then and how she knew it, and if she knows more now that the general public still doesn't. Where's her interview?? Joe needs to have her on

      1. Johnson A

        I don't think it was hard to find the information in early February. It was just that most people didn't know what to trust coming out of China. If you were pessimistic you definitely could have predicted this. But most people just hope for the best

    20. Dave Dave

      This one and the Steven Tyler podcasts are my two favorites.

    21. Xavier, Olvera

      Is there different strains of the corvid virus?



    23. Deliciously Nothing

      Love Bert. Good S**t.

    24. Tony Knuckles

      Great show! Thanks.

    25. White Lioness

      That was a great podcast, you guys are awesome!

    26. Miguel Gonzalez

      Bert’s laugh is so funny it makes me laugh

    27. Daniel db

      @joe rogan could you takE DMT on your podcast and immediately describe your experience? So we could get an unadulterated explanation of the experience.

    28. Episode CJSII

      You delivered your papers in a car Joe? I had a paper route too but made my deliveries on a bike. Shoulder bag and one on the bike rack. Sunday's I had to make two trip because the papers were so thick.

    29. Aaron MacDonald

      Let's GET TOGETHER and have a QUARANTINE challenge

    30. Darin Miller

      Y'all are talking about mac lethal and his fast rapping. You should listen to tech n9ne. So fast its blurring.

    31. Fireholder1

      "Stay outta podcats. I'll talk to you about it off-air." *later "THIS IS *MY* GAME, MOTHERFUCKER!"

    32. Julian Dunmore

      I have a dogo Argentino. It’s a comforting/unnerving feeling knowing when I go to sleep every night, my 95lb female dogo could snatch my life away with just a flick of her 500psi jaw strength...

    33. B mcc12

      I’m a mass kid and my dad makes me shovel all my old neighbors driveways and I hated it but glad I did it

    34. Eddie Reyes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a>:36 is why aliens stay away....two humans making boat noises wearing headphones

    35. RC RC

      yay 0 posetive, latinos and latin americans rule!!!

    36. sheldon smith

      Joe's out here pushing globalist propaganda. Shill.

    37. whiteypanda

      The virus wouldn't cause the economy to crash, the shutdown could cause the economy to crash.

    38. Thatoneoneguy Thatoneonefamily

      Vegan bear hypnosis- see panda bear aggression.

    39. miko foin

      bert: " wait, how many black guys? " RIP

    40. Brad Baerwald

      No, both of them too baked. Once this cooked they are no longer interesting, and I’m not in the mood to join in... that might help? But I’m too worried about paying my mortgage

    41. Straight Right Sports

      Bert's description of Tiger King was inaccurate as fuck lol

    42. Cisco4kid1990

      bruh I really thot they would have talked more about what is going on but nope guess Rogan doesn't want to get blocked on NOsel either only on facebook can you watch people posting videos

      1. miko foin

        Have peter Schiff on to talk about how corona virus will affect the economy

    43. Cisco4kid1990

      what if there are 2 strains 1 was the first one that went out and the 2nd is the ones that is killing people off

    44. kronosx7

      Eminem is faster, rap god set the record and godzilla broke it.


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a>:55

    46. Dirty Joe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a>:20

    47. HeilSatan

      Buffalo Trace is a Sazerac company. They're not the oldest distillery by any stretch. Elijah Craig (Heaven Hill) is probably one of the oldest. The oldest family owned distillery in the US is actually Laird's (Applejack Brandy).

    48. colin richards

      Joe, I know you'll probably never see this within the thousands of comments but I got to say it. I appreciate that you early on in this crazy time that alot of us working class people are getting hit hard. I feel like people in good standing don't understand how quickly you can go from comfortable to fearful of what is going to happen. Personally have found my self in the perfect storm of bad timing, 8 months ago I was working a job in DC and making good money. But I had a stroke, fallowed by loosing job. Which I took a few months to focus on my health not knowing this was coming. Now I'm out of work being evicted, completely broke. I cant even file for bankruptcy since the courts are closed. Just trying to figure home how to live through this, while trying to stay safe as an at risk person.

    49. Cory D'Attoma

      man i just stopped at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a>:30 and @bert that shit is weighing on me as well sure i might be young and drunk af but that shit weighs with me dude all the way, thank god for autocorrect. P.S. i am 22

    50. Shade Kure

      Joe Rogan I'm doing my part as an essential worker keeping the power on🙌🙌

    51. Pad Solo he used to roam round the owners bar drinking beer no lie. never at a peice of meat that wasnt cooked.

    52. Alfred F.

      Hey Joe, I know you said we need to stand together as a country. But dont you think we need to stand together as a planet. Gaia has clearly let us know that our current system is not going to be tolerated. We need to stop being locusts and return to grasshoppers.

    53. HeilSatan

      Joe and Bert are into Bjork? Ok...I already liked these dudes, but I totally didn't expect that. Nice.

    54. Bazooka Joe

      Cuomo is an out right liar who gets away with manipulating our politics to get shitter commies in govt. He talks shit to his guest now you guys are going to defend this lieing bully. Lefty bull shit

    55. Tony Knuckles

      I was onboard with the battleship analogy....until you said the size of 100,00 times bigger than a regular battleship one like 1/10th the size of the ocean! That would be a ship 88,700,000 feet long (16,799 miles), but the pacific is only 10,998 at its widest point! YOU AINT TURNING THAT SHIP AROUND!!! Because it's stuck on land! LOL!!!!!

    56. Wes Schaapveld


    57. bodoti qwiu

      Have peter Schiff on to talk about how corona virus will affect the economy

    58. Justin nitsuj

      If you listen to this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2216">36:56</a> "joe's cat" story first , then this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2130">35:30</a> joe's cat must think he's such an asshole lol

    59. Mark Spigelmyer

      Biden can't get 99 words out in two hours.

    60. Michael Holley

      Sunny Garcia is still alive

    61. Rach Everday

      Leeann & Bjork share a lot of features

      1. bodoti qwiu

        the freez you are talkling about, freez for 2 month and just feed ppl and get back to business, that´s what Denmark is trying to do.

    62. Leo Alexander

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>:25 "... for everyone that survives." The fact that we have to say things like that is a fucking wakeup call in its own right. And we thought we were in strange times before this hit...

    63. enflightened93

      I know that Joe and Bert will probably never see this.... But remember when Patrice took down that anti comedy women's lib chick on fox? His prime argument was that we as people deserve the attempt at humor, regardless of it's reception. I understand what Ari meant when he told Bert you can't say it's not a joke.


      Bone density muscle building supplement? Mk2866 Ostarine

    65. Joshua Moore

      I often wonder after taking a hit and coughing if people are looking at my like I have the virus when all I have is door doo weed that is real dry and harsh.

    66. Elitekona

      Someone let Bert Kreischer know Sunny Garcia is still alive please.

    67. closinginonclosure

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a>:59 Joe "Belgium MaliMOIS" Rogan. 😂 Dude said the name multiple times and said it wrong every time. Smh

    68. mcsibs

      So that's what happened to Andi Smith

    69. FTLghost

      This “kids wanting to fight you if you’re new” is so alien to me

    70. BofferBennett Rearick

      Has anybody asked what the list of medications what they he said that badass lady that was translating and warned him??? I

      1. BofferBennett Rearick

        Sorry that wasnt a really good sentence. 😂 hope somebody still knows the list of medications that she recommended

    71. PsyintZ

      Joe: "everybody was f%cked... the entire street was covered in black ice" Bert: "holy shit... how many black guys?!" Jesus, Bert.

    72. Cpl Hillbilly

      Fuck it Machine. We watched it just because I saw you. I was like fuck it lol

    73. Matthew Zerfass

      help me figure out what kind of shirt is joe wearing? i want it

    74. Veronica

      Joe "Kevin Hearts brother is a real professional pool player" Rogan

    75. Niclas Horn

      the freez you are talkling about, freez for 2 month and just feed ppl and get back to business, that´s what Denmark is trying to do.

    76. bgsymalone

      Joe "If you knew him like I know him" Rogan <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a>:30

    77. Johnny Byrne

      "Maybe we should all get together and have a quarantine challenge"........Not sure you understand that quarantine means, Joe.

    78. Marco9 Humboldt

      Mac lethal is not a rapper. He's imitating rappers voice writing his own words in front of his white privilege fans and now he has millions of views. This is like saying every neighborhood rapper is a real rapper. Eminem is a rapper. Thats it

    79. TitsMegee420

      Damn Bert. I know that look buddy. Stay strong. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="87">1:27</a>:17

    80. LeonRFpoa

      you two together are terrible it's awesome. burt always make shit lit