Joe Rogan Experience #857 - Dan Bilzerian



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    Dan Bilzerian is a social media personality and professional poker player. danbilzerian

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    1. Mina Blythe

      Intense Ted Bundt vibes coming off this sociopath 🤮

    2. Stephanie Rusden

      this made my work day sooo much better. This dude is awesome, great stories haha

    3. Clqxzz

      "I fucked her and smoked a joint in the hospital" -Dan Bilzerian

    4. d_z_s_o_n_i

      "drained like a vampire" doesn't even make sense

    5. Terri Malone

      I can't stand this dude.

    6. Elijah

      Free the balls! If woman can have their tits out men can have their balls out.

    7. akhil rawat

      If you keep drinking you don't get the hangover😆

    8. hive_42

      this guy is a fucking tool

    9. Shoedi .L

      Dan "Dads Money" Bilzerian. Awesome

    10. Mike G

      If this guy made all his money from poker, than I'm fucking batman

    11. Mike G

      " What's a berm? " The true indicator that Joe is completely out of touch with any human being who has never lived in the city.

    12. Mike G

      rofl my mom is taller than both joe and dan

    13. Java0078


    14. Dr. PussySlam

      Damn the end of this podcast is some of the best wisdom I've heard on this podcast ever

    15. Mike Smith

      I don't find this guy interesting at all. He's a typical douche bag with a stimulus deficiency. Like don't get me wrong, he's obviously done well, and that's great, but he's simple, and a bit of a loser lol. I don't give a fuck about this guy at all

    16. Michel Yammine

      Dan is definitely a good storyteller... and of course a great self story collector.

    17. Dylan Graf

      This is what would happen If Bruce Banner accidently fudged the formula and instead became a giant bro.

    18. Arash M

      This dude is a compulsive liar Fucking degenerate to his core

    19. Mattias Théman

      Only me that just know a compulsive liar, when I see , and hear one? Or is it just me, thats 100% sure, that he's lying about alot of stuff, I dont know if he's been training on putting these whole events together in his head, but some of the things sounds true, and there is a whole different tone, and language he is using when he KNOWS, how something is FOR REAL, and you can hear, when he's like.. like... ohhh, I dont really know, but fuck, yeahhh, like... I dont know.... How long it was? I " THINK " I made it.... "IF I REMEMBER RIGHT IT WAS... " lolololol , why lie about shit like this

    20. Eroswole

      This man had the best hospital experience in history

    21. Angela Stussel

      He's very introspective and unapologetically honest which is very refreshing. The example of how he feels when he loses money to a relatively poor/broke man bothering him more than losing his money to an established man is the reality of human behaviour, it actually contradicts "logical" principles. :)

    22. dangerouswater

      One side of me respect this guy for going through hell week 3 times... on the other hand would you admire someone that gets kicked in the balls 3 times just to prove a point?

    23. Sasha Ndlovu

      Nothing excites him anymore. Maybe time to look for love and start a family

    24. thompson22

      He is a professional loser in poker. He doesnt make money from poker, its from his dad's laundered money.

    25. KING BLAZE

      People are so mad that this mf is just getting pussy .internet fat boys .

    26. nico

      Do a part 2 please this is my favorite!!!!

    27. Dominic Fastbender

      Hillary Clinton is one of the most evil people in the world. She makes Mugabe look like a puppy. In my opinion, she may well be a psychopath.

    28. 1D'FineUS 2D'FendUS

      The Vegas concert "Hero".

    29. Nate G

      Where tf does Joe find all this “research” about Chimps? I swear this dude has a chimpanzee reference for everything!

    30. Ben Lin

      Marriage is a scam by the ladies to rob the man legally

    31. Jon Bacon

      Can't believe his ego fit in the building.

    32. J Ger

      That Harvey Winestien the guy hittin up them broads Dan?

    33. Top Gear, 50 a gram

      The way they shit all over doctors putting in hard work is awful tbh

    34. Rik Warren

      men do not complain about women's tits being painted

    35. Nspinicelli

      Nah Joe you have a higher quality of fame than Dan. Respect.

    36. Shane Swan

      There should be a movie about dan bilzerian

    37. Spandan Misra

      Dan seems like a gym trainer taking a break because of an injury. He was really humble tbh.

      1. d x

        Sounds like you need to look up the meaning of the term "humble".

    38. BigDaddyCool42

      must be nice when daddy has all the money to give away and you don't have to work for anything in your entire life. useless.

    39. Mark G

      Joe lowkey jelly

    40. John Johnson

      Joe-in through without brogan legs <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2183">36:23</a>

    41. Dan Gascoyne

      Interesting video, really enjoyed it although felt like there was a lot of blowing smoke up his ass right up until 2h 35minutes when it finally turns to the more insightful stuff like the negatives of being mega-rich. Would have been nice to hear more on that (can be lonely at the top etc)

    42. Jonathan Duncan

      When he said "you're a dude that takes pictures with chicks" "Nobody knows who you are" 😆 😆 😆

    43. Jonathan Duncan

      He gets SO uncomfortable when Joe started talking 👄 about Hillary Clinton playing him in "poker" and WHERE THE FUCK DID YOUR MONEY COME FROM

    44. andrew woods

      total prick...full of shit. easily exposed

    45. SWFl fishing 11

      If you take viagra and then they give you nitroglycerin that is a contraindication probably why you had another

    46. Rich Pop

      stimuly me

    47. Rich Pop

      break the hood in half

      1. Rich Pop

        jail brake million's?

      2. Rich Pop

        that's on point

    48. Rich Pop


    49. Rich Pop

      it's simple just use both your hand's at once

    50. Rich Pop

      im crying here please give me my bike back

    51. Rich Pop

      imma become 208 pound's and become world champ easily i don't care who it is im like the most mobile woah

    52. LOV

      I feel like he's lying for some reason. Is it just me?

      1. DravenOTP

        @LOV ye same feeling for me, probably lying so he isnt the guy that got the money from his parents... so he can keep that badboy image up

      2. LOV

        @X.A J.X I feel like he's lying about how he got his money

      3. Aj Hicks

        @X.A J.X he just gives me the same vibe that those people do that stretch every story to get people to like him

      4. X.A J.X

        Why on earth u feel that

      5. Aj Hicks


    53. Rich Pop

      im the master of hosting a bench

    54. Jason Tas

      Money and happiness is a 2 way street. 1- spending or the ability to spend, 2) giving or the ability to give. So if you can't be happy anymore of being a spender, then moving on to the 2nd road will create happiness again-( philanthropy ) but do it wisely so, at least there's some mental stimulation behind it

    55. Lana

      I don't know, sex is different for everybody. For me its sacred and dont do any 1night stands nor tinder and all the apps. That's just me, because I know there will be shit comming afterwards psychology. But whenever I hear people fucking so many people, it just makes me think what is wrong with you. Still you can do whatever you want with ur life/body.

      1. Shamil V

        Nothing wrong about It, he does what he wants

    56. ricardo

      Fake it until you make it

    57. Cadence Gossler

      it's sad how they both don't seem to believe in real love :( if somehow i fell in love with a wealthy man I wouldn't expect his money at all, and I would still work and have my own independent career. he just surrounds himself with women who don't want to work and who want to take advantage of him. no wonder he has such a negative view of love and marriage. it's sad to me.

    58. Donnchadh McPáidín

      I went to LA once on RnR from a US Tour whilst serving in the British Army. We were stationed in Fort Lewis and took a weekend in LA. Driving down Rodeo Drive in an open topVW Golf 4 of us and spotted a Hooker changing her underwear in the Street. Of all the the sights in LA that one took the top prize for unexpected joy. We chucked her a few bucks just for kicks and gave her an almighty cheer when she completed the change. Dirty cow

    59. Wordsareweapons

      So you just got 100 million joe lol

    60. RMCF41195

      Seems like he got quite nervous when Joe asked him how much he made on poker. He became very quiet for that one minute and then when the topic changed his entire demeanour changed back to normal. Doesn't get any more obvious than that.

      1. DravenOTP

        ye, also the military story is kinda weird, like the story itself and how he speaks about it... i dont really belive that

      2. Steven Smith

        Orpheus I know I think he’s lying tho

      3. Orpheus

        he pretty openly said he made many millions of dollars

      4. Steven Smith

        RMCF41195 oh yeah yeah


      So many redpills

    62. Adam Hernandez

      Joe " I have nowhere else to go!" Rogan.

    63. Tommy’s so funny

      He turned into “Pickle Rick” at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>:09

    64. Jouke

      Wie kent t steegje uit Amsterdam waar hij het over heeft?

    65. ElbowRocket

      the most normie interview ever

    66. Jozeph alvarez

      I want to see dan and Duncan trussel talk would be interesting to see completely different ends of the spectrum to find middle ground on shit

    67. Herbert M

      Joe should interview him again 😆👏🏼

    68. Aston Kutcher

      what wrong with the lumber yard

    69. Steve Alaimo

      Please tell me about your sleeping appliance. I have a c pap and still have issues.

    70. Youssef Hamidi

      He said he won $54million in poker in one night. Does anyone believe this?

      1. Guybrush Threepwood

        you’re momma dose

    71. Youssef Hamidi

      Umm where does one apply for the position of a “pussy coordinator”? Asking for a friend.

      1. Guybrush Threepwood

        ask you’re mom lmao

    72. Ben Grizzly Adams

    73. The Risk Experience Podcast

      Great interview

    74. SATORI

      dan bilzerian is a joke, a Joan, lives off of money that sb else earned, and thinks that he is so cool, that every one who sees him, laughs

      1. Real Nigga

        You mad?

    75. Google -Fi

      No Hate, But Joe Rogan Saw Through His Bullshit Lol

    76. dalisllama

      Dan has all his women sitting on their phones watching this vid to up his view count.

    77. Peyton Dagenais

      If David Dobrik is Machop, Dan Bilzerian is Machamp.

    78. wisertoast

      how did Dan convince me that being a millionare is a bunch of BS and I would rather be poor haha

    79. Ceeyou Again

      mention how the BIGGEST POKER PLAYER DISSECTED his 'game' as un-pro and stupid move and connect it with how he got that 55mil a week poker play...

    80. Ceeyou Again

      joe probably slept in his chimpanzee print sofa after this podcast