Joe Rogan Experience #1278 - Kevin Hart



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    Kevin Hart is a comedian, actor and producer. His new stand up special "Kevin Hart: Irresponsible" is now streaming on Netflix.

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    1. forrest key

      Yea. I'm off social media and I've heavily dialed back on comments section.

    2. Hugo Ström

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="163">2:43</a> Joe ” Bruh ” Rogan

    3. Dave k

      ive noticed this years ago no privacy at all anymore

    4. Stefan Wolf

      "Untractive ass" trash talkin' The Rock right out of the gate 😂

    5. Ahmed E. Korayem, DC, Ch.T

      *at stabucks* Joe: Did you order your drink with 2% milk?” Kevin: “A 100%!” Joe: “...”

    6. Marinegirl Powers

      Oh my God, I loved this. Thank you for inspiring me today. Now I need you and Trainor to show up and school me. Why not

    7. mike wentworth

      So awesome to hear Kevin and Joe talk it out. More of this, please. I’m sad Joe is moving to Spotify. Now, I gotta be like, “ Hey Spotify, I don’t need a full on sign up. I just need a rate for the time it takes to hear Kevin and Joe converse. Two hours. How much for two hours? Can I just pay for that? If so, consider me signed up”. Such good content.

    8. Dave M

      Joe 'Mmmmmmmmmmmm' Rogan

    9. Dave M

      I fucking hate this. Shit was ass. Yall know why

    10. RAIN GANG

      Then corona virus hit

    11. Joe Sheppard

      To get the top and keep asking "what's next?" is very unique. I would be the kind to get the top, then stop to enjoy it.

    12. Coy Porter

      The part about his dad motivated me. All I have ever wanted is to be successful enough to give my parents what they didn't have. I am still way far off

    13. eric rolland

      Joe,Kevin. Look for the people making new words. Hahaha.. no joke.. you guys opened up alot of course what's funny, to funky, to funky.. that guy is just looking to put a new word in webster.. lol. Sex~texting.. one word.. excepted .. or been granted.. lol good job by the way Kevin.. Grant's are going to get u somewhere..

    14. Hidayat Squad

      Siapa yang nonton dari Indonesia?????

    15. Daniel Prince

      Great episode. Holy Crap. Kevin Hart gained a ton of my respect. Really thankful for people like him.

    16. C. Jester

      Hopefully, he's learned that you can't apologize to the outrage mob.

    17. Varun Samariya

      Kevin Hart is absolutely correct , people are so busy these days capturing things that they forget to live in the moment . This shit is just like a black mirror episode.

    18. Varun Samariya

      Bring Keanu Reeves

    19. Kamil Dudzik

      In order to help others, you need to be selfish

    20. Ankit Sherke

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2191">36:31</a>

    21. Tim Lahey

      kevin must have known about corona <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="712">11:52</a>

    22. Ant V

      I can't believe 6000 people did not like this that must be 6000 depressed pieces of shit my opinion of him has changed not that I didn't like him or anything but now I just have a lot of respect. He's a good guy

    23. Jeffery Utz

      Sleep can also be conditioned into you. No matter what! You are human and need sleep.

    24. PabloWan

    25. Omaigad Brochacho

      Amazing LOVE and KNOWLEDGE. Thanks.... gooooooood VIBES....

    26. 3dgar 7eandro

      Is very interesting seen how Joe has the ability to speak to many different people and to listen to them and just being a good host. 👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌

    27. MKirkbro52591

      The entire Popeyes bit got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    28. 3dgar 7eandro

      Kevin has a Heart that doesn't fit in his chest 😌🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌

    29. yacine khadir

      this dude cant stop talking about him self all the time its like memememememememe.joe get someone funny like ricky gervais

      1. Michael Mullins

        @yacine khadir I hope you're able to work through your emotional problems

      2. yacine khadir

        @Michael Mullins every show his on he do the same thing.and you can go fuck your self keep your opinion about my comment to your self

      3. Michael Mullins

        Well, he is the guest and the episode *is* about him, so..... Congrats on finding something negative to cling onto while listening to this. I'm sure that trait will serve you well in life

    30. Spoofaged

      Could you imagine if everyone on earth had this mans positivity?

    31. Spencer Sperle

      Kevin " I'm writing my second book " Joe " Do you read books?" Kevin " Not really "

      1. Jovan Calic

        And? :D

    32. The Hulk pursuit

      Awesome people 💪🤙

    33. Joe Cole

      Going to buy his books now. Just love this.

    34. Kasyopeya

      no common sense at all , i used to thought hevin heat must be smart man but he is donkey cock without relising eat

    35. Kasyopeya

      one of the most selfish person i ever heard on joe rogan show

    36. Kasyopeya

      i never knew how money blinded heart until this interview

    37. Lee Dryden

      Get the rock on

    38. mizzywoe

      Patrice O’Neal 💪🏽

    39. Kay Jay

      Love kevin hart.... he has so much depth. Fantastic.


      You can seriously see how determined Kevin is and how his outlook on life has led him to so much success

    41. Kyle Miller

      ho. ly. shit. i had this guy totally wrong

    42. Matt Carroll

      I don't really agree with him on life turning around. My mom lived a rough life her entire life, and then passed. She had hopes for a good future, and I had hopes of being able to help her with a good future. It didn't happen. Some times life just sucks and then you die.

    43. morrron5

      but what to do with people who LOVE hanging on facebook, twitter, etc. Is it mismanagement of their time ? If they love it and get reward from it ? ( i think people can do whatever they want with their time, as long as it's not for negativity/hatred)

    44. Ned Studios

      Never heard Joe be so quiet. And look at this talk from Kev, BAM! year later 150 million dollar deal ensues.

    45. Marvosio69

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3046">50:46</a> mark is Joe talking about branden Schaub?

    46. MCUniversPlaysMC

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="118">1:58</a>:00 This is story is soooo relatable

    47. Manish baghel

      NOBODY KEVIN HART after every minute-: " i am sorted man ! ".

    48. Tita Gutierrez

      I swear joe always gets the genuine side of people to really show in these podcast

    49. Icybot 57

      im an alien i can run off 2 hours of sleep🤩

    50. Marcus Harding

      Never heard Kevin speak openly, what a top bloke really eloquent in how he speaks. Enjoyed watching this one ..... thanks Joe

    51. Dylan Pringle


    52. Kevin

      Wow man what a brilliant conversation! Kevin Hart keep shinning man, Inspirational and the never ending positive waves vibrations! Magnum Opus! 🔥💥👊🏿

    53. vlamis1

      Kevin Hart Respect

    54. vlamis1

      True Listening to you JRE helped me to do things.. u make us feel lazy

    55. DJ Maya

      Kevin Hart is really a good dude. Definitely sat through both podcast and rethought my life. Awesome JR!

    56. Luke Gibson

      I got asked for an autograph while I was touring in France, it was so weird I'm like I'm some dude in a small little band that 99.999% of people never heard of, what the fuck is my autograph worth? It wasn't even on anything interesting like a poster, it was on a Napkin

    57. j p

      Chevy Kevy. You da man

    58. Poor People

      Oh Dear lord, please stop these brainwashed humans from dumbasses like Kevin Hart. Has never been funny and will never be funny, amazing all these dumbass "actors/Sportsenterteinters" are making so many humans dumber every day, thank you America/Hollywoodjews and now joe rogan LOL and please remove 3 eye from your video start :D playing with the devil and his money is the opposite way dumb ass

    59. Andrew Lyon

      Kevin: “It’s the story man, your life is a book. What does your book look like? When they close the book, how good are they going to say the book was?”

    60. Jonny Monza

      i leave comments on youtube because....... ITS A BADDD USE OF MY TIIIIMEE! just like youtube....- but hey. i ain't above it. the trick is to find the right way to be positive- to not have your emotionless letters in a comment section be misunderstood. Kevin Hart is my new hero.

    61. Kay Tee

      Honestly I needed what Kevin said, it just feels like I'm lonely if that makes any sense. Thanks Kevin!

    62. Felix Felix

      And he slides in his commercial in for Vita Hustle.. $$$$$$_.. his goal is to take your money, not get you healthy. Sorry to be cynical, but if his goal was to get you healthy, he would have advised you to buy an affordable vitamin that already exists. He was healthy long beforeVita Hustle He wants your cash. I can't blame him though. Just be aware. This show was a marketing deal.

    63. Michella Thomas

      I'm actually really sad that negative comments are the "norm" because I want the people I look up to, to see how much I and everyone else loves them. To feel comfortable with responding and engaging to a small crowd... :/ truth is Joe nor Kevin will probably see this

    64. dj williams

      I wanted to watch this before I watched the second podcast. Definitely worth it!

      1. ricardo bonilla

        Me too! I stopped in the into and had to see this first.

    65. Lawrence Robinson

      High function low sleep count Kobe and Arnold

    66. Chris

      Interesting, we need more of this positivity stuff in the UK, everyone always just trying to outcool each other rather than motivate others

    67. Steven Mansfield

      Another incredible uplifting show, makes you want to better!

    68. Joey Montanda

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1033">17:13</a> kev makes a good point and if a celeb returns to table and acts normal in all honesty is that good for mental health?

    69. finn edwards

      My first JRE POD BEST 2 hours I’ve ever spent listening to this truly made me Change my mindset

    70. Tidu

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2128">35:28</a> change my life

    71. Manuel Souto

      an episode with burr and hurt together would be gold

    72. Incessuserro

      Not one fucking word from Kevin Hart about racism, white supremacy, or hating the white man. Just motivation, fatherhood, raising up others, and being the best he can be. Too bad the rest of black America can't have his attitude. God bless him.

    73. Lief Fromda215

      What really matters loves me wholeheartedly!! - Kevin Hart

    74. Josh Riley

      Who's here also because we heard how inspirational the first interview with kevin hart was. lol

      1. Felix Tellez

        I enjoyed the Russel Brand vid and mentioned how awesome Kevin Hart's interview was.

      2. Marcelo Gaia

        hahaha I legit started to watch the other one and heard about this, then I stopped and came here. Moving to the next one later.

      3. Ek Brandon

        I’m guilty 🤣 it’s so amazing!

      4. Ekta Dhapola _


      5. Javier Romero

        Yo.. i started watching the 2nd and when he said theres a 1st and inspirational thats when i stopped and searched for this one 😂

    75. Jason Heberling

      kevin heart in the third person , lol you are officially my new hero . i am a person who never. i a thumbs down. i just woke up an what a fantastic alarm clock . i live in the same zone and aspire to ride with you if you ever see this please hit me up . . or anyone on that frequency am here and roll that same 775499 8979

    76. Justin Herman

      Had to Rewatch this one and the new one best fucking interviews love Kevin and the Inspiration I get from watching him

    77. Richardson KS

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a>:50 , someone spell ''papas'' for me please? I don't know what it is

    78. maxcoded

      He's happy but he looks so angry <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2136">35:36</a>

    79. D.C. Minor

      NO ONE CARES (nowadays) who you are......They just want the pic to allow them to make their friends jealous......Those people are what we call Simple-minded (aka possibly retarded with an extra chromosome).

    80. Tim Crawford

      how the fuck does this bozo become successful? that fuck