Joe Rogan Experience #1448 - Joey Diaz



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    Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor. Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”. @Joey Diaz

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    1. brandon wilson

      I love watching them they both know the right time to shut the fuck up and let the other one talk I love it these two are legends

    2. ben lathan

      Andrew cuomo should definitely not run for president

    3. Sporty Highlights


    4. Ryry K

      I got tested I was scared af and my friend has it She took a cold shower she was sweating still in the shower her fever went down till 102.3 she’s feeling a bit better today

    5. Gerhard Pretorius


    6. Aaaa Aaa

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1538">25:38</a> “it’s like someone with no voice singing in the shower” Me: Umm yep couldn’t agree more....

    7. Haegan Rodriguez

      And they applauded Cuomo and Newsom? Now they hate them..... 😂

    8. Haegan Rodriguez

      Talk shit on Texas..... now you want to move here? That didn’t age very well.....

    9. علاء الدين

      Joey is like the cool uncle that you'll never have

    10. N Salas


    11. Parks 2099

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1359">22:39</a> MY GUT HURTS FROM LAUGHIN...CANT...STOP...LAUGHIN

    12. Parks 2099

      Joe "sellout" rogan

    13. soonermagic24

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2834">47:14</a> joe Rogan in regards to cuomo “Put him in. You want a guy that makes sense. He’s impressed me.” This is the shit that makes rogans fans scratch their heads. Sometimes you wonder if joe can even think straight.

    14. Philly Treez

      Jojo hit it right on the head "That fight is so cursed" 😂😂😂 Ferguson lost and Khabib's dad has corona.

    15. Evyn Krugman

      This guy Joe Rogan is a genius there is no better thing to watch in the world and this gentleman interviewing some of the funniest and coolest motherfuckers on the planet

    16. Floating Treetops

      Can we get Donald Glover or Dave Chappelle on?!?

    17. yidna girhu

      china probably uses organic ferts for tobacco therefore less deaths per smokers.

    18. SiannanIsTheBest

      “When you’re alone with public...” ???

    19. Jere Salonen

      Ayy Joey Diaz

    20. Rush


    21. Ribitfrog

      “Uncle Joey” always telling it like it is. 100% real and no bs. This man is a legend

    22. sideshow bob

      Sure joe I'll just hop in my sauna everyday

    23. Rhett kelly

      I did Alaska to Florida in 4 1/2 days

    24. Manda Lund

      The Mexican place joe is talking about in salt lake city is the red iguana

    25. Robert Brown

      Joey is thinking different lately


      Listening to Joey Diaz makes me want to breathe and clear my throat, get some water.

    27. sjonhigh

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3566">59:26</a> A honest politician.... gtfo...

    28. Marc G

      The red iguana for the restaurant in salt lake

    29. Redemption

      Yo someone tell that fatty Joey he needs to lose some weight.

    30. GARTH

      Joe Rogan only trains anterior tibialis

    31. RAITH

      Joey “Summer of 87” Diaz

    32. Playboi Mario

      The United States needs to nuke China.

    33. Alex Byrnes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2899">48:19</a>

    34. Kylle Epstein

      “I would love to do heroine once and a while, but needles scare me”😂the heroine is fine but the needle isn’t. Joey is a legend

    35. Tim Cops

      broke my femur skiing when i was 12 lmao, 2 surgeries

    36. Callum Aston

      Corona has been really quite since joey Diaz called him out

    37. Joshua Butler

      Diaz is a great honest guy and is a funny fella. Can't wait to see the new sopranos movie

    38. Dissolved 4A2

      joey diaz reminds me of rodney dangerfield and diarrhea

    39. Andres Garcia

      Joey: “are you a scientist, Joe Rogan” Joe: “lemme check” *looks at Jamie and smiles, while Joey Diaz continues his rant*

    40. Guillermo Garcia

      Joe Rogen goes on a deep rant Joe Diaz: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3350">55:50</a> 😂😭😂😭😂

    41. Rachel Pachek

      Montana !!! YES LET'S DO IT!

    42. Donovan Ryan

      damn Cuomo been honest? about sending sick people to nursing homes? lol

    43. tyler viola

      Like your shows, it’s been crazy listen why is calls carona 19 is because is a 19 Jean that develops is your system but if you have it check with the doctor if you have the 19 jean if you the pray but if don’t still pray, hope your doing ok and stay save

    44. Ron Tungol

      I would run out of thumbs liking all these Joey Diaz quotes... Everything that COCKSUCKAAAAA says... Is hilarious

    45. Alex Parsons

      "It doesn't matter how much you've acquired or how you're respected in the business world, nobody gives a shit, we're all going to die" - Joe rogan. Real truth.

    46. Levi Daniels

      You have to get john correia from active self protection on your show!

    47. Rocky117

      Joey Diaz talking about his experience on stage during the July Earthquake sounds like a Dad calming their children down during a thunderstorm by distracting them. Really similar.

    48. Logan Ryan

      Lol an to think I bitch about the traffic in my town an we r like 12k ppl I consider it big

    49. Gabriel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1875">31:15</a> Joe is trying to get through to Joey

    50. Ram Freak

      Earth to Joey Diaz, want to feel normal? Drink water and stay off the sauce.

    51. 0007nexus

      Compare this to the elon musk broadcast in a few weeks time jesus how his attitude has shifted with the wind

    52. Irish Mule69

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1335">22:15</a> is fkn Classic Joey Diaz.. you gotta go all the way to Italy to go skiing ya cocksuka!!!

    53. Ģıø Vånnı II

      JOEY has tried to Distance himself from being a "Junkie" for so long honest bro....its so Øbvious, negrooo..!!!...

    54. Cadetri

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a>:27 for epic Joe Rogan spit

    55. stark1987

      so when can we start to shake hands again? i refuse to allow "the new norm" to be a thing, it needs to be "BACK to normal", you want to talk about over reacting, calling this "the new norm" is that

    56. Cameron Douglas

      Joe “I fought sick” Rogan

    57. Jesus Ruiz

      He bought those prerolls blunts at drgreenthumbs

    58. Chango Chilemba

      Rogan, watching you carry out you're direct orders from your superiors, is vomit inducing... *CRINGETASTIC*

    59. Chango Chilemba

      Tryin so hard Joe with the reverse psychology about Covid-19, you're only convincing the stupid people, try harder... 🖕🏻

    60. jackieblue

      Joey " Nobody has a fuckin sauna" Diaz

    61. CalumConlon TT

      Joey is a legend

    62. Turbo Diesel-Wagon

      I remember guys like him when we were younger. They usually went mia . By the grace of God he's still alive . 👍

    63. Marrion Caine

      People talk about "transracial", but Joey is a Cuban-American that wants to be Italian/Jewish-American. Just watch a few of his JRE episodes.

      1. Marrion Caine

        @Gg Notre I don't dislike the guy, I think that he's hilarious. But I grew up around the same Italians and Jews and I'm black and I don't act like a mobster stereotype.

      2. Gg Notre

        Marrion Caine he grew up around them and is influenced by them a lot. It’s a cultural thing not ethnic or racial.

    64. Gio G.

      Joey “Joe Rogan” Diaz

    65. colin trulock

      I have followed UFC for a long time. I have a question for you that I think is a little off the cuff but holds some merit when it comes to stylistic matchups in the UFC. After watching UFC 249, what do you think about Luque vs McGregor?

    66. PJ 100%cracker1%er

      Disappointing, Newsom is doing a good job! Joey, he ruined Frisco.

    67. Big Boots

      cuomo is the most corrupt piece of shit on the planet who cut money from medicaid by $2.5 billion which cost his state an extra $7 billion. there is more to say about him

    68. Brandon Capeheart

      It’s may 10th. You still gonna do a show? Lol

    69. Koolaid Jammers

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="843">14:03</a>

    70. Brendan McCallion

      Joey Diaz is almost too good to be true.

    71. Jackson Whyte

      Joe, Get Adam Sandler on the show!

    72. PC Principal

      It is funny seeing how terrified Joey is of covid 19

    73. YxngNick

      Joey diaz sound like darth vader :D


      not a whole lot of racist people voting for joe b however the pedos are

    75. Berlin Brown

      Joey is awesome, reminds me of Buckowski for some reason

    76. Lildikgirl666

      Lowkey sounds like they did coke in the beginning

    77. icecold723

      I can't understand what Joey Diaz is saying with his sandpaper voice.

    78. Kyle Scholz

      Xanax is some fucked up shit. I got hooked on them and nearly earned the title of street chemist with all the shit I mixed in with it. That stuff can just leave you with clips of your life and nothing more. At my worse I'd take 5 bars a day and always mix in a few other things, but I loved them for the fact that I felt I was the most real me. It completely removed all my fear made it easy to relax and when I went to bed I slept like I was dying up until I woke up hearing my mom on the phone with 911 telling them I od'd on some cocktail of shit I cooked up. I was fine but still spent the night in the er with a tub in my dick hole.

    79. Breakx22

      Red eguana is the Mexican resteraunt

    80. neda bonhit

      Airpods work like comtacts for military type sht