Joe Rogan Experience #1417 - Kevin Ross



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    Kevin “The Soul Assassin” Ross is an artist, writer, and American Muay Thai kickboxer fighting with Bellator Kickboxing.

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    1. Arran Tainsh

      Recently realised I had been sexually abused when I was younger and was scared to face anything in life, this man made me realise where I am at in terms of my shift.

    2. CryWølf

      Why isn’t this the MMA show

    3. Brandon Ferguson

      Talking about how sketchy helicopters are 4 days before kobe died. Erie

    4. Meno Yuno

      Interview Paul Elam next and dr Warren Farrell and Karen Straughan

    5. Ranel Rimas

      Greg Fitzsimmon's nephew.

    6. Xavimon

      I came here to see who was fucking my girl gina and I left knowing this cool dude exist out there.

    7. Chase Chauncey

      I love this

    8. Connor Hayes

      You’re talking about genetic memory, yet you still haven’t read dune. Come on joe khan

    9. C H

      saw the 1000k dislikes..thinking who could hate this....BRILLIANT podcast...looked for hate in the comments to try to understand but i cant see any. Who are these 1000 people?!

    10. jonah jameson

      hmm i dont listen to Joe Rogan but this was a necessary heartfelt discussion. I pray for the guest - really good soul.

    11. Lynda Pierson

      i've already subscribed. this was a real hit the heart podcast. absolute head rush.

    12. PoloParachutes

      I started sparring after 2 weeks into boxing training, swim or drown.

    13. Cole Davis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a>:57 "I didn't kiss a girl until I was 12.. LATE, LATE" bruh I didn't kiss a girl until first year of university LOL, if 12 is late I was almost retired

    14. Joe

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="356">5:56</a> the comments really gonna let Joe get away with calling Thailand an island

    15. Joe

      dude has นักมวย (nak muay) tattoed on his neck. Thats some G shit

    16. Liwyn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="132">2:12</a>:34 Joe Rogan going on Hot Ones confirmed

    17. Pepi Koo

      two days after listening to this i attented to my local muay thai gym. Kevin's story resonated all the way from drinking to numb the pain caused by fucked up people doing horrible things to us vulnerable kids.. fuck them. it's been a long time and time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get out of this groundhodg day and do something for my self. i want to love me. Thanks Joe, Thanks Kevin.

    18. And 1

      Can anyone explain me what is that cancel thing?

      1. And 1

        China in the house

      2. Ellipses

        Like Alex Jones. He says something controversial and they cancel his show. Also, on Twitter and social media you can get banned for saying certain things.

    19. bianca💙

      his voice is so soothing and gentle. sounds so sincere and i feel like this guy is a good heart.

    20. John Gallagher

      Any 22 yr olds in the chat? Id like to motivate all of you to move to Nepal for a year. DM me.

    21. bob1881

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a>:30 compassion, understanding, and the ability to forgive 🙏

    22. Four Points Phoenix South

      Thanks Joe, my meaningless life appreciates that it has no meaning. How about getting a guest who is just a normal person off the street and see just how meaningless their life is ?

    23. Two Wheel Motoring

      Joe: “some people just want meaninglessness objects...and big flashy houses....nice talking to you Kevin, just walk out that door, take a right at the Lan Party Gaming room, passed the Virutal bow hunting room, left at the gym, then walk through the 10 car garage. Eddie the security guard will let you out”

      1. Riku

        well he did say that he would never tell someone not get a big house if they can

    24. K Q

      Dude landed a spinning back fist to Joe's temple with the step-mom molestation story.

    25. Dana Banana

      I'm sending you so much love Kevin Ross....follow your heart and do what you have to do 💜

    26. Laura Smith

      I have listened to many EXCELLENT episodes, but this one is next level. I agree with sentiments expressed below.... this is one of the best I've heard. Kevin Ross..... you're a courageous human being. Thank you for sharing your story.

    27. Phill Whittle

      Moaning about the cold and rain, In England it's always cold and raining!

    28. Nick Salvemini

      I don’t think listeners appreciate how incredible this conversation is and the topics that are highlighted - these are vocally documented lessons. So humbling while it defuses ego. We are all walking blindfolded in this life. I wish we would all converse in this sense; non-surface level and actually listen and reciprocate emotions. Not “tennis ball off the wall” type of communication.

    29. Rich Sovan

      It’s coincidence after talking about helicopters and they’re talking about how scary they’re and this is before Kobe’s accident.

    30. Rich Sovan

      I wonder why Joe keeps saying Thailand as an island. It’s the 3rd time I’ve heard him say that. I know he knows too. Unless he’s jus talkin about the island of Phuket where everyone goes.

    31. ROBBIE SUN

      We would drink all day? Were you really thirsty or something?

    32. Bryson Spencer

      You needa get Morgan freeman on here

    33. Warren Louw

      Please get Tom Campbell on about reality being a game. He. Is. Mind. Blowing.

    34. Warren Louw

      Podcasting is definitely Joe's vehicle for developing his human potential, but I guess this is true for all walks of life. What a great show!

    35. Jacob Pennell

    36. Ronny Fowler

      Hooray for Muay Thai

    37. King J


    38. Mason Walker

      We’re happy to have you in San Diego! The Artems are gangsters. You need to change that hardwood floor upstairs. It’s hard to kickbox there.

    39. Adam M

      "I never even kissed a girl till I was 12, maybe 13. Late, late" I'm not clear if this was supposed to be sarcasm or not. I would be willing to wager that at least 30% of boys had not kissed a girl by the end of high school even. Of course no one would admit to this. I've known so many guys who's existence would not even be acknowledged by girls, if they talked about kissing a girl I would say bullshit. I've known several grown men who I couldnt imagine got any action in their lives unless they paid for it.

      1. Adam M

        @The Abhorrent Chef I suppose regional differences could be a factor. For me it didnt happen until a drunken make out at a bar at 19 years old. 19 being the legal drinking age in the Canadian province I lived in at the time. Before that I never had a hope in hell of a girl wanting anything to do with me. Around 30 years old I started to get a bit of game and women started taking interest in me on a semi regular basis.

      2. The Abhorrent Chef

        not sarcasm. The kids he grew up around we’re probably mostly kissing before that time that’s all. People act differently all around, in mostly small ways.

      3. A Talking Koala

        I was in kindergarten but i don't count that. After that, i got nothing until i was a freshman in highschool. 14 yo lol

      4. Jace Ngo

        Zero sarcasm. He was being legit, I think my first kiss occurred like 2nd grade/4th grade. Pretty sure 2ndish tho.. so like.. kissing after around 10 years of age is considered late honestly.

    40. Gediminas Stankevicius

      From my perspective the things hepend in his childhood wasn what terrible. Growing up in children's home with no parents from the beginning and so much shit hapening you kind of understand what just because your parents made you, it doesn't mean they will take care of you or be able to help you, really from that point you are on your own, makeing your own perspective in life. Just becouse things look bad compering to others it dosent mean it is. you decide if its good for you or not. Its great to listen for 2 such an intelligent people to speak ! Looking forward to her both of you speak again 😁

    41. Aaron G

      I love JR’s stoner fillers: “life’s all micro and macro!” This was a GREAT conversation. Very illuminating.

    42. Eric Johnson

      I've heard and watched many JRE podcasts since the beginning, this was one of the best as far as overall life advice from the guest and Joe.

    43. Leonard Archer

      All the comments seem in agreement this is one of JRE's overlooked gems. 1.2m is a respectable return but given the content that is criminally underrated. Kevin is a wonderful guest. this pod is a perfect middle ground between the MMA shows and the knowledge episodes

    44. Scott Bevill

      One of my favorite podcast. Being from Vegas and growing up in that type of environment and having similar experiences really struck a cord with me. The topics discussed hit home on a major level. Love this one

    45. Jon South


    46. Classik

      Whern you guys talked about San Diego this captured my feelings wheneveer I visit SD from Canada lol

    47. James Nelson

      Listening to Kevin talk about him being molested by his step-mother when he was 14, brought back many memories of myself being molested by my foster mom when I was a teenager. Back then, I thought I was a lucky guy that such a beautiful woman wanted to be with me. Now that I'm in my 50's, I realize how f'ed up that really was. I lived in 13 different homes before I turned 17 and I mistook being molested by being loved thus it wasn't til I was in my 30's when I first experienced love in my life.

    48. Samuel Automatic

      33.21 overcoming personal fears and doubts. Interesting perspective

    49. Sound Innovations design & production

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a>:39 thats interesting

    50. Mitchell Wright


    51. Mitchell Wright

      I used to play soccer a lot. I had a shin on shin. With shin guards socks and all. Broke his tibia. It was rough. I felt real bad.

      1. Mitchell Wright

        We both had ball contact. We both went to the extreme. It should have been my shin. But it was science. Some are made to break.

    52. hammondo7 slaymaker

      I'm so excited about my shins

    53. Michael Friel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a>:30 - Ive thought of this for years and sometimes Ill mindfuck myself for days

    54. William Allt

      since you all mentioned San Diego real estate has gone up by 6% in 5 days good job guys everyone is moving to San Diego now!

    55. Pink Pompeii

      Helicopter chat didn’t age well RIP Kobe

    56. GunslingerGirl_GER

      One of the best Podcasts!! Kevin Ross is unique and has a beautiful soul 🙏🙏🙏🙏 so inspiring!!

    57. truth venom

      You can't appreciate sunshine if you've never felt rain.

    58. GuillotineStare

      Im here for David Terrell.....

    59. Sweetest FRIEND4U

      profound ...

    60. Gunnar Stenseth

      Joe for the love of Christ get Eric Andre on the show.

    61. Caly Jandro

      What a fucking legend. So much respect brother

    62. jon fitzgerald

      This was up there, one of the best guests

    63. Ben Bass

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a>:43 joe went back to his Boston roots there for a second lol

    64. Khult Herro

      The lesson: Do as I say, not as I do. 😂

    65. Peter Close

      i’m 22 and would love to move to nepal

    66. phor8

      im interested in the specs of the heavy bag, is it just full of sand? 5ft?

    67. Yeabsetota Birru

      Damn his story made me cry a lil

    68. Heather Sigmon

      Hey hippie bullshit is hippie bullshit if you think it's hippy bullshit!

    69. Peterman Japan

      A true gem out of JRE! -Also, the helicopter and cancel-culture talk. Ooh... -also Joe pluggin ‘strange times’ -also ‘detrimental’ (sorry but it kinda stuck).

    70. Peterman Japan

      A true gem out of JRE! Also, the helicopter and cancel-culture talk. Ooh.

    71. mate

      This is bullshit about the materialism is bad thing, and just the sort of thing that would come from the mouths of rich people. You want enough money to buy a semi-decent sized house, attract a reasonably decent woman, and to nurture and raise children with enough that they don't have to worry about what's on the restaurant menu.. also ideally enough through your life to look after yourself through retirement and have some left to leave to your grandchildren... but guess what? That is a fucking going in today's economy and it is really really hard. So yeah, we are 'chasing money' but you are an idiot if you think it's a superficial and stupid goal.

      1. mate

        I think theirs maybe is a mentality of someone who experienced poverty in youth and climbed out of it... whereas those who find themselves in poverty when they hit their 30s, ie. time-to-settle-down-reproduce-start-a-family-get-your-shit-together-time, you cannot really rationalise your way around the fact that you need income. To attract and support and treat a valuable woman who you care about. To have a place to live big enough to sustain a family, and then to cloth feed and raise children together. Not to mention to buffer against all the other tangential disastrous shit that can come out of nowhere, like diseases, relatives dying, work problems, etc etc. If you go through your 30s and you've not scrounged together enough material wealth to accomplish the above, then you are heading down a steep and dark spiral of despair. It may be overcome later in life, but you have to come to terms with the fact that you were a genetic dead end, and failed to fulfil the prime and most basic prerogative of life.

      2. mate

        I'm sorry but if you have same anxiety levels with $5 in the bank as $5000 in the bank... that is a sign there is something wrong.. Anyone who has just $5 in the bank needs to seriously be worried and get their shit together, 99% sure anyone with that little capital has some form of anxiety disorder. Even $5000 in the bank is a shitty amount unless you are early 20s. Speaking as a 'normal person with a shitty normal life' according to these people, I am constantly anxious because I find it almost impossible to save with today's prices on an average wage. It causes a lot of despair, and I am always having to just sit at home and do nothing because I'm worried about the cost of everything. This in turn has a negative impact on your social capital and networking potential.

      3. mate

        You hear this argument a lot from the left and it's a con. I believe that up to £50,000 per year income (around $65,000) does correlate perfectly with increased happiness. In other words it's those who are earning very high salaries for whom this message 'money is a meaningless distraction' applies.. except oh wait, it doesn't, because we really need those high earners to be driven and to invest their large sums into large projects and assets so as to produce all of the things we often take for granted. It's important to have incentive structures, and it's important to have money being invested, sought, and earned at all levels of the wage scale.

    72. christopher shuman

      Thank you for sharing, I appreciate both of you greatly.

    73. cuchulainn1967


    74. Rey De Guanajuato/Dallas, TX

      Hey Joe recommend him Jordan Peterson he has talked about all this. About childhood trauma About exposure to evil and sharpening oneself.

    75. Paul Borg

      For real tho..jre is the best sleep medication of all time xD dunno why

    76. Darth_ Dub_

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a>:38 I think he's talkin about Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    77. Professor George

      Cool As Dude, SAN DIEGO CA!!!!

    78. mobbishlove

      Jamie please include CC, gorgeous boy.

    79. Geoffrey Smith

      How'd I get here... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a>:00 Didn't Talking Heads do that song?

    80. Dominic Domson

      What a nice soul! Super stoked hes back on!