Joe Rogan Experience #1241 - Sam Harris



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    Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and author of the New York Times bestsellers, The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape. His podcast called “Making Sense” is available on iTunes & Stitcher.

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    1. Trevor Calligan

      A truly great interview, both sides.

    2. Rob Stack

      Dude, a legit compliment... before I listened to more than 3 minutes of you, I thought you were a smarmy tool, who was like the smart guy for idiots & MMA-Types & now I realize your just a smart, well-rounded cool dude whose becoming 1 of my favorite listens!!!✊

    3. Raymond Haykal

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>:50 lol "someone that makes sense" sorry Joe, didn't happen

    4. Siriusgirlm

      Wow this is boring af!

    5. thxmoo

      Moral robot. Sam Harris is the type of guy who philosophizes (llogically argues) the right thing to do and then goes ahead and does it, without feeling any emotion about it. He is the ultimate example of a moral psychopath.

      1. stream2watch

        Not at all. It is just what very bright people do. Being driven by emotions is generally frowned upon among well-balanced adults.

    6. Dtzy Dtzy

      So is this the start JRE spotify arc?

    7. Kyle

      Infinite reproducibility Sam. With how wide audiences can get, lock yourself down into a salary analog -- each podcast is worth something on the scale of points on a penny.

    8. Richyashringa Batsya

      1 year ago them talking about Spotify buying podcasts with huge amounts of money, and now JR got $100 million for moving to Spotify.

    9. unbroken1010

      So if I say I hate Sam Harris I'll actually make it to the top of the comments list? Decisions decisions.

    10. Jeram Seige

      NOsel, again, please stop shoveling Joe Rogan down my throat!!!!.....

    11. TRE' JOHNSON

      Sam... follow Joe's business model. Joe got a hundred million dollar deal.

    12. tri0ppy stuff

      Does <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3000">50:00</a> explain islamophobia.

    13. tri0ppy stuff

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="600">10:00</a> little did he know his gonna sign with Spotify. Like how the world works.

      1. shane fatianow

        Good for him though dude, people are just mad at other people being successful and signing deals.

    14. Quyen Tran

      So the "no ad interruption in the middle" will change for people who is not Spotify subscribed members?

      1. Quyen Tran

        @Stuart Hallam It's absolutely not a lot when you have the need of using the program everyday, either at work or personal enjoyment. If you own a coffee shop, for example, and need to have background music playing non stop from open to close, $10 a month is a steal. It's different when you're a fan of JRE for a long time, liking his motto of no ad in the middle, therefore supporting him and spreading his good name with the utmost enthusiasm; now suddenly are forced to making a choice between disrupting that motto or pay a monthly fee just to have this belief intact. I think it's a bummer. Just my opinion, and I understand everybody is different. Perhaps there is something else in this whole thing that I might have missed.

      2. Stuart Hallam

        Yes. Pay 9.99 per month, it isnt much.

    15. Anthony Anderson

      Yes Sam Harris looks like Ben Stiller. But Ben Stiller mixed with Brian Greene and Bradley Cooper too

    16. Caleb Garrett

      God its hilarious he says NOsel is far right,

    17. Rob Roy

      I'm a massive fan of Sam and have read three of his books and subscribe to the Waking Up / Making Sense podcast. I genuinely think he's one of the most logical and eloquent thinkers of our time. All that considered i think it's highly arrogant when he dismisses any critique of his ideas and thoughts on NOsel as being the product of delusional, millennial, alt right anger. I'm NOT a millennial.

    18. MMAThailand1

      Sam Harris does BJJ? Did Sam Harris just talk about "pulling guard"?! 🤣

      1. Gregory Newman

        Oh yeah, Sam is the reason I was exposed to BJJ. Look up the video “the pleasures of drowning”, it’s Sam monologuing about BJJ

    19. alexandre cavenhill

      this was in the beginning of last year. Joe Rogan grew up a bit since then. but I still wanna say that some times Joes knowledge is superior than then of the expert in the studio. for example here when Sam Harris shows a lack in knowledge regarding racism. using the example as a police man. I saw that intuitively Joe knew Harris was wrong and was comitting a fallacy, but keept his mouth shut. Joe, please time DO NOT hesitate, you also know a lot. You opnion is qualified, know that Joe. Sam Harris miss guided the issue with confusion. going around searching för a person of color was a behavior triggered buy his bias , his own racist bias , it should never being parallell to a cop uniforn, that is a fallacie. please Joe make a comment:

    20. Vhector Design Studio

      Everybody is Alt-Right for these Leftists. Harris says stuff sometimes that makes him look like a damn fool.

    21. Josh Mkensie

      Not even half the views of Jordan peterson 🤣 as expected

    22. Xaikken

      The waking up app is great so far. I haven’t paid for it but the free daily meditations are great.

      1. Xaikken

        Jay See interesting. I’ll give it a try at your recommendation. I appreciate the time it takes to type out a well-thought-out brick in the NOsel comments. Thank you.

      2. Jay See

        Xaikken just the extra content. I’m admittedly a huge Harris fan, but was never a mediator, even after reading his Waking Up book. But the conversations for instance, are invaluable. It really is the perfect design. Sam just cuts to the chase introducing difficult and challenging concepts: for instance, look for what’s looking or turn attention on itself. It frustrates people, but to have the path he’s laid out coupled with lessons and conversations with scholars and meditation masters is the ultimate tool for success. I’m on a 307 day streak... and the conversations have introduced me to other authors.. I’m not a reader., and I’ve been reading like a mad man. Stephen Batchelor, Henry Shukman’s Zen memoir was fantastic.. I read Joseph Goldstein’s book- Mindfulness. And many others.. though subtle and slowly, this stuff has and is continuing to change my life. Bit scattered brained and it’s late.. lol but I’m really excited about this stuff.

      3. Xaikken

        Jay See yeah? I really love devoting my day ( if not; my mornings) to meditation. What makes paying for it worth it? ( I’m genuinely curious) 🌻

      4. Jay See

        Pay for it. It’ll change your life.

    23. Richard Hull

      I'm new to the JRE, but not to Sam Harris. This was a fantastic interview - I'll be back for more...

    24. Dan J

      "Those are the questions I would of asked" 1 year later has Epstein personal chef on and doesn't ask a single question about his time with him🤔🤔🤔 no sponsorship conflicts there Joseph?

      1. somewhat informed

        @Josh Mkensie he doesn't like it thar people in third world countries work for a dollar a Day he wants raise the cost of living so imported goods won't be affordable

      2. Josh Mkensie

        Exactly right he can be quite hypocritical

    25. Zakapholiac

      Not even rapists find rape funny. The joke and context is what is humorous

    26. Kyle Clarke

      Sam is nothing a but a loser atheist

      1. stream2watch

        And you are a poster-boy for winning? LOL

    27. Alan Hafliger

      Anyone know where that documentary is??

    28. aaron4820

      Something about this podcast makes me wanna buy a Casper matress.

    29. Casey Marshall

      You okay jamie?

    30. jakiyaful

      The progressives on the far left??? WTF you talking about Sam? It's the neo-libs not the progressives you fucking morons. Sam Harris is a fucking CIA propaganda operative, and you shouldn't allow this crap on your show, Joe.

      1. bartelgrant


    31. Vanessa

      I'm sitting at my desk at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="736">12:16</a> AM watching this instead of going to bed. Isn't this my free will?

      1. Connor Lane

        Vanessa I’m sure a lot more people than Sam Harris would agree with that.

      2. Vanessa

        @Connor Lane Sam Harris would agree that it's a meaningful day when I can get one person laughing!

      3. Connor Lane

        Vanessa hahahaha

      4. Vanessa

        @Connor Lane I'm exercising my free will to not engage on your invitation to compete on who stays up later...LOL.

      5. Connor Lane

        Vanessa 12:16am is nothing vanessa

    32. Brian Houck

      I love Sam Harris, one of my very few true heroes, but I wish he would check himself a little bit on using the word 'right' so often. It's as annoying as saying 'you know' all the time, not to mention completely unnecessary.

    33. tyler smith

      No, sam. We dont need ANY MORE businessmen. Business = enrich yourself as much as you can and fuck the rest. Thats not what anybody needs or wants in a leader. Then again thats synonymous with trump so maybe people do want that...

    34. Ronald Clark

      Never used twitter or Instagram. Seems stupid. Social media is destroying the fabric of humanity

    35. Uncle Cucky

      LIstening to two rich dudes complain about not getting more money. Fuck both of you fucktards.

    36. Meridith Segall

      It still kind of bugs me after some months have passed to hear people talk about the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing as this 17 year old kid might have done this thing...should we hold him accountable? And then, to see this conversation where you wonder what it would be like to be able find redemption by being honest about some mistake you made in the public space. Would things have gone differently if Kavanaugh had said, I don't remember doing that, I might have because I was a shitty young man who did similar things to women on other occasions. I'd like to believe I wouldn't have gone that far, but if I did, I'm sorry. I would like to believe that I didn't realize I was scaring you and that I backed off when I understood you didn't want to be there, but I couldn't apologize because I was an asshole. My understanding of consent, of women, of what I was allowed to have versus what I thought I deserved to have was really messed up back then. And my drinking didn't help. I've since come to realize that my behavior toward women was terrible and I have devoted my life to being a better man. I don't know how that would have gone down. But, I would have had a better opinion of him than the man I saw at that hearing who didn't look much different than a young frat boy who thinks he is owed something.

    37. Tikus Keriting

      Can somebody explain, really explain why the dislikes is a lot? seriously

      1. Thomas Gassett

        Maybe the crack about all the racist voting for Trump? Historically the racist have always been on the Left. Prove me wrong, Harris ... you moron.

    38. SemiMono

      The difference between paying for coffee and paying for information is two-fold. For the seller, it costs them a substantial amount of money to make and serve a cup of coffee (not 5 dollars, but quite a few cents) but almost nothing to serve an audio file (perhaps one penny per, if it's a high bitrate long file, but most likely a small fraction of a penny). For the buyer, they get the same cup of coffee every day and they know what they're getting. When it comes to them buying information, they don't know the value of the information (beyond a rough estimate) until they've consumed it. I think ad-based services have engrained this concept deeper in our minds, but it's not entirely artificial. There are real reasons that people are more hesitant to pay money for information. And hey, take a look at state-run libraries which have existed for a long time. It's the same basic concept, that you don't directly pay money for access to the information, it's indirect and non-specific. I don't want to uphold the ad-model as better than others, but it's important to recognize the difference between information and physical goods when it comes to pricing models.

    39. John D

      Remember 3500 BTC?

    40. Bob Mutch

      very very good discussion on the how Sam Harris (paywall with free if you can't afford) and Roe Rogan (ads at beginning and end of podcast) monetize their podcast or videocast. very good marketing ideas. I wish Harris would go video, it is so much more interesting to watch and listen to people on video than to listen to a podcast. If you haven't listened Sam check out his podcast as he speaks with Jocko Willink, a retired Navy SEAL officer, about U.S. foreign policy, war, human evil, and other topics. Same is a very interesting debater also!!!

    41. william skrainski

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a>:30 Why do you have to redeem yourself to people that don't matter to you?

    42. Strongboy 72

      The View is the most biased crap i've ever seen and hope to never see again. They cut the bollocks off every guy that goes on there...

      1. Daktylon

        Except Norm

    43. Kevin Lenihan

      This guest is so boring I can feel my heart rate stutter. He has a podcast? I don't mean to be negative, I love Joe's podcast. This man is so boring I feel like this is some kind of mind experiment.

      1. Kevin Lenihan

        @Kevin Golden You didn't find this guest boring? Not the topic, but his manner of speaking. I found it so boring it was making me feel ill.

      2. Kevin Golden

        Kev', I hope you're joking. If not, I'm happy for you and envy you, because it means you probably spend a lot less time on NOsel than I do.

    44. raj patel

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a>:10 i thought i was the only who thought like that

    45. Dirk Hullinger

      How about some people would say instead of the left ? So many times I here the left thinks this and I don't think that at all.

    46. devotae

      he is quite greedy Isn't he? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1540">25:40</a> Trying to compare his content with netflix?? LMAO and he wants to charge almost the same PRICEE?????? when you look at his fee's, the same price as Netflix. He is fucked up. I almost Thumbs down this "Experience" but then I would be giving Joe a thumbs down, Thumbs up to Joe Rogan and his comment to rebuttal that, thumbs down to Sam Harris for being one hell of a Greedy SOB. And, he Admires Joe... so he says, but does he? I think he admires his success NOT who he is as a person. So he will probably never get there.

    47. John Nicklow

      You did a FULL COURT PRESS ON STEPHAN MOLYNEUX. He’s not putting $ in your bank. So We know what your capable of.

    48. Platinum Surfer

      Its colourist if hes looking for a black guy to kill

    49. Random Dude

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>:00 San is smart and then he says stupid stuff like this. There are definitely racists that voted for Hillary. He’s got tds too

      1. Karine Honig

        Public criticism is an occupational hazard of the presidency. All former presidents have endured it, especially Bush 43. How quickly you forget.... You can't brand any person who doesn't think trump is the 2nd coming with having TDS. That should be reserved for those who get hysterical every time trump behaves like his usual uncivilized & disrespectful self. Don lemon on CNN is the perfect example. He's shocked as if he thought this time Trump would be different. It's like battered wife syndrome.

    50. Random Dude

      Joe defends the Covington kids by calling them assholes? Joe come on they did nothing wrong at all

    51. kay

      Sam I just want you to know that Elon was infinitely more interesting to listen to then you, unlike this podcast featuring you I actually finished the whole Elon musk one..

    52. Random Dude

      NOsel is skewed so left it’s not even funny. Sam is smart but very out of touch

    53. Nephilim Heart

      Love sargon

    54. Nephilim Heart

      Being able to comment is the best. Lets me get the thoughts I form from listening outta my head. I need that outlet cuz i have no one to discuss these things with. Its even better having them while watching youtube red content. Its like if you had comments on netflix.

    55. J Johnson

      I would love to see Sam attempt to prove his own existence. Absolute and without a shadow of a doubt.

    56. Liam Savage

      Harris is starting to sound like a twitch thot or something! Give me my money, bitches! I have a love \hate relationship with this guy. Sometimes he sounds like the most logical, rational person, and other times he sounds like a pompous ass... 😏👌🗽

    57. An Meme

      You're a continuously shifting and morphing robot and your cognitive pushes seems to be from purely within. You need to enact more cognitive pushes if you want more free will. I basically just follow my desires and now I'm closer to my future career and I'm learning rapidly about so many things I know nothing about. If you don't like the direction you're heading in, you do have that agency to push yourself. Free whim, as you will.

    58. Sam Feller

      Would love to listen to a Joe Rogan - Daniel Dennett Podcast!

    59. kevin ongany

      Keanu Reeves needs to come on the show..

    60. MotoBox G

      Boring. Two privileged men complaining for 3 hours.

      1. CODE92818

        Are you a special snowflake.

    61. Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga

      Jamey, Tell Joe I love the Thrilla in Manilla shirt! I remember watching it live as a kid. Cool...

    62. Necko Agic

      Can you imagine Hitchens on JRE? Fuck me.

    63. Monica Rocha

      Still don’t know who Jack is

      1. Lil Peep


    64. Tom Locke

      Sam Harris is the closest thing we have to Mr. Spock on this planet.

    65. James T

      Guys - people don’t care if they have to put up with a few NOsel ads for free content - they can skip them after a few seconds. Don’t waste your time investing in paywall apps you will lose your audiences. Sam is possibly being a bit of a schnora about this stuff. NOsel works great for most people most of the time.

    66. willzy75 Rivero Ranger

      did Sam just come on too criticize Joes Podcast, interview techniques and going live.. 10mins in i`d of told him too f off..

    67. ITroneSI

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1550">25:50</a> ...because we don't always know how often we will use some service in the future. This is why I like to pay for products once. I'd rather pay $100 for lifetime access to something than pay $5 a month in perpetuity. It sucks paying for services you don't use because once you cancel, you no longer have access. Invariably, you will end up wanting/needing to use the service sometime after you cancel but this is probably a one-off occurrence, hence the reason you haven't used the service in the last 15 months. So you sign back up, use it a few times, then keep paying for it until you look at your credit card and realize you are being charged every month for all these services you don't use, cancel them all, and the cycle repeats. That said, for the services you truly use daily (Spotify), $5/mo is nothing, even for the lowest-paid members of society. You can make $5 by returning 20 cans/bottles to the recycling machines in grocery stores (in Germany).

    68. Gissur Helguson

      Sam has an extremely high IQ but is very bad at reading people. It shows in how naive he is with some thing. He is the “official story is the true story” guy because his analytical Uber secular brain doesn’t allow for things like evil, or at least Not as a MO rather than unfortunate anomalies.

    69. Dave keany

      Norm was trolling on the view, I'm almost certain.

    70. Glenn Dowdle

      The only problem with Sam is his love of US military operations in foreign countries, he dismissed Tulsi out of hand because of it.

      1. Glenn Dowdle

        @thomas Hooper why does it make people so volatile to criticize the US at all. Even veterans who criticize the military are shunned. Why do they instill this hardcore doctrine of never questioning the morality of our military? I'm just some guy who will have no effect on any of this so what's the harm in questioning the truthfulness or morality of our military?

      2. Glenn Dowdle

        You paint me as someone who wpuld have no conflict ever while I'm saying what we are doing right now is wrong. Our role in WWII was totally warranted and we made Japan our ally because Douglas MacArthur used a policy of respect to the Japanese while rebuilding their nation. This is not what is going on today. All this meddling worldwide in other countries to stop terror groups that live in the wilds so US companies can plunder. We did the same for United Fruit in South America creating huge messes and death squads there. Good deeds don't undo bad ones and the MIC wants you to think that the intention is always noble so Raytheon can make more cash.

      3. thomas Hooper

        Glenn Dowdle , you’re under the impression that I have to defend any past actions of the USA. I don’t, simply saying the USA should t have a foreign policy, and that this foreign policy can’t be somewhat military based is absurd. It requires looking at history with a very narrow lens and pretend like the USA has done a lot of good in the world. Allies become enemies that’s just a reality, and not one just dépendant on whether you help them or not! Your world view would have resulted in a single communist Korea. A soviet Europe. The disappearance of Kuwait! Israel being wiped out.... you’re going to have a hard time convincing me those are good things. And yes we don’t live in an utopia, the USA occasionally made mistakes (not removing Sadam in the first golf war)... but that doesn’t deny all the good!

      4. Glenn Dowdle

        The Mujahedeen got its weapons from the U.S. to fight Russia back in the cold war and they later became Al Qaeda.

      5. Glenn Dowdle

        @thomas Hooper Libya now has slave markets where none were before so please tell me how removing Gadhaffi made life better.

    71. LV 16

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a>:08 we would kill hurricanes (if we could) Donald Trump: vamos

    72. Dylan Flanner

      Sam Harris is the modern day Alan Watts

    73. Cindy Lewis

      "There are many more explanations for voting for Trump in addition to racism." They're all coincidentally also diagnosable neurological disorders, psychiatric issues, or personality disorders. (I'm here using Ublock to hear Sam whilst not providing any financial support to the conservative interviewer. And I'm a moderate, so bite me.)

    74. Bob Jones

      don't you know 10$ a month 4 no ads

    75. x omega

      I like it because of body language and facial expressions I can't really see your face being bewildered on a podcast or radio I can't really see you trying to think about and wrap your head around something maybe like Neil deGrasse says but I can with video and it's like okay he's thinking about it is I'm not the only one confused

    76. Adam Armstrong

      That vitoocritous biotch lol

    77. n44772

      Oh look its Ben Stiller the fabricator, fabricating its acceptable to have sex slaves in Islam, utter moron

    78. Matthew Ford

      Elon podcast was awesome! This guy is a little too tightly wound! Especially for a proper JRE!!

    79. SAR SAR

      I am offended by the non stop racially used words of the black and hispanic comedians. They don't get to be racially offensive just because they are black or hispanic.

      1. MarCuseusFX

        **FACEPALM** Hispanic is not a race...

    80. Too cool for the room

      Sam Harris is smart but his incorrect use of the word 'legit' instead of 'legitimate' happened over 4 times (in first 1.5 hrs) and is tough to look past. I would definitely correct him in person.