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    Jimmy Dore is a stand-up comedian, political commentator, host of “The Jimmy Dore Show” available on NOsel ( and as a podcast available on iTunes.

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    1. Andy Villarreal

      may be a conservative but i love watching some jimmy dore

    2. B.O.A.T.

      The manipulation is real 👑

    3. Keith Brown

      Oh your a communist. That makes sense. You are a moron. I did t realize you were open about it. My bad,

    4. Sam

      Joe, i am 31 and i want to be the president at thirty five lets talk and if im still alive in four years i believe you will be one of the many real fucking people that will want this trash pump installed in D.C. i got skeletons and i will not be shy about shit and i will never be down with the political class and the horse shit they rep for. I want you to be my VP! or at the very least you have top be willing to be a advisor that i can reach out to for moral advice and when i got to get a clear headed and un-distracted mind.

    5. Jeremy Stgermain

      Andy Ruiz got lucky in the first fight and nonody took him seriously especially Anthony Joshua...The 2nd fight Josua wasnt gonna get caught slippin...

    6. John Batcheler

      This is Joeprah trading his soul for a 100 million dollar contract. Space force, space X Nasa. Elon is launching at the same time people are suffering

    7. Artimus

      How bad is your TDS when you assume a powerful man is taking the time to stockpile sudafed to distill it into speed, rather than he just take it as directed. Even if you wanna say he's on uppers, fine, that pack of sudafed had nothing to do with it, it's just a picture of a product anyone of us could buy in a drawer. Also, if you wanna say he's just popping sudafed by the fistful, people would die from the other ingredients, that's why its cooked into a pure form. Please get help, your hatred of this man is pushing all of us closer to an apocalypse.

    8. LucisFerre1

      The first 5 minutes of this video dropped my IQ 20 points. Sheesh...

    9. damian jones

      Sorry Joe ha ha, they intelligent with instinct, they know when youre going to kill them and have a link to a scientist, who has had lots of ayahuasca ha ha, who went from a marine biologist to plant cognition. Monica Gagliano, the fake meat is cool, most of its fungi, the beef like ones are crappy you cant taste it.

    10. damian jones

      Ive been a wildlife carer, all the animals are like us

    11. damian jones

      F meat farmers, the wild pigs need a sterilisation method, regen farming is bs too, we have to grow food at home for so many reasons. Like disease ha ha

    12. damian jones

      Im a vegan, they fear me, re Jimmys comment on left wingers ha ha. Taking animals life to eat the flesh is killing our earth. 95% of meat eaters pay fwits to farm animals and kill them, they live in horrific conditions and have their families broken up. I gave up dairy first due to the breaking up of families, ie taking the calf within hours or days of birth, that is so fn evil. Also have you seen orange sunshine? Also, we have to stop eating animals so we can heal our earth, I grew up in the bush and this is not rocket science ha ha

    13. James West

      Kau Coffee is considered better than Kona Coffee but you have to remember that good coffee doesn't have to be bitter, otherwise sweet Kau Coffee won't appeal to you.

    14. James West

      Our game-show-host-president is controlled by corporate business. So is our inside-trader-Congress. It doesn't matter what side gets in control. If you really think about it, most people were never at the top of the class in anything. C grades are average. That is why, even with a popular vote, we may never be assured of making the right decisions.


      Im in the loop,i know why now...UFOs will be the next 911 COVID 19,there going to make up an alien invasion and will give up more rights


        Im 16 years X Intelligence,this will be the next way to take away our rights, trust me the DOD NEVER gives away a Special Access Program, AATIP Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, founded they say in 2007,but was an extension of Bluebook and other USAF/CIA programs from the 50s, Dissolved 2012 lol that's a joke, declassified in 2017 founded by the DIA..they give it up without any pressure, with real Navy sailors being interviewed lol and real footage of the tic tack, which is ours for 30 years and unlike other UFOs has landing gear that stays out in-flight lol, from a design I saw made in 53...Kelly and Snuck works had that design as they were making aircraft from Kellys own UFOs encounters, planes experts said would never fly, that did more then that,if you see Kelly Johnsons real drawing of his encounters, you'll also see the F 117.I'm a sorry really good researcher with friends in high places, and could prove things to you in 5 seconds that would shake your core beliefs, as i am still dealing with those issues too,i kept my clearance and know i have a dirtBOx or stingray II past my house once in a while and everything i type online is watched,and I'm ok with that...

    16. Brian Galvin

      Jimmy Dore sounds like Steve's friend Snot from American Dad

    17. TattierLivee

      Tim Dillon is one of the funniest people

    18. IamGulzow

      Great show, as usual Joe! You should try to get Immortal Technique on. That would be awesome!

    19. B G

      Joe “I’ll call out leftists bullshit and protect it right after” Rogan.

    20. saffy

      Jack Kennedy was a speed freak. !!!!

    21. AntiNWO Canada

      There is a racist word it's called WOP



    23. jcyt0511

      Dore a Communist? Why the hell---this is the second time, I believe, that he has sounded pro Bernie---is he making pro Bernia comments?.

    24. Jonathan White

      I definitely think the release of UFO information is an excuse for funding. However I do not believe all this pilots are lying. Most of them are men who have spent many years in the service. I also don’t think it’s aliens. If I was a betting man I’d say this is just a way to test our own cutting edge technology against the technology that is mainstream. So the government is probably testing secret shit against our pilots and not telling them. Also the idea that Bernie is any less corrupt than the rest of these hacks is ridiculous. He is the voice of socialism and he's just as rich as the rest of these shits. I appreciate that while Jimmy is on the other side of the isle he still notes the corruption on both sides. This is a man who can bridge the gap because his allegiance is to his beliefs and not to a party.

    25. yaboi killermemestar

      My only question: What caused Tulsi to endorse Biden over Bernie toward the end of the primary?

      1. yaboi killermemestar

        @Smelly Mangat I just looked it up and I can't find anything on that

      2. yaboi killermemestar

        @Smelly Mangat Oh, I didn't know that. Welp

      3. Smelly Mangat

        She called Bernie and he told her to

    26. David Branch

      Jimmy ,crowder, Tim, time to go to Spotify

    27. Um ?

      Rogan is smart but listens to alot of BS and believes it. China Has NOTHING TO DO WITH ELON MUSK AND SPACE X!

    28. Shane Smith

      "They" are going to pull-off a holographic mock ufo invasion to takeover what is left of religion and make a one world religion. You know, so "they" can point to it and say "that's God".

    29. Christopher Bremer

      If this isn't t truth, you are a f ing LIAR !!!

    30. un mog

      great episode

    31. BR549

      As George Carlin astutely noted "It's all bullshit."

    32. Rob Ruitenberg

      20 billion would end homelessness Joe rogan "is that real though " Also Joe rogan " That ufo is real

    33. coleena hartman

      Saw an old Mickey mouse where he was in blackface and singing old south song and dance.

    34. Richard Lacker

      a billion is a thousand millions, its not a mystery

    35. dans277777

      this episode was bought to you by that coffee friend of joe's

    36. Creeno1

      Oh look. It's the spitting fucktard.

    37. kam shaft

      rogan talking about mgtow101

    38. Briiz's Sax Channel

      The algorithm took me straight to this moment <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">01:12</a>:17 and I dont think ive ever had more of a "wutdafuq?" moment after listening to the usual confrontational and pointed Kyle Kulinsky segment. I have no clue about the last time I was watching this episode either

      1. Briiz's Sax Channel

        Also, Jimmy's laugh is maniacal omg!!!

    39. Benjamin R

      Im smoking pot right now. I had to rewind a min because i was coughing so much i couldn't hear them talking. Yup i enjoy a dab here and there also.

    40. Nachuak

      I didn't agree completely with Tulsi Gabbard's gun control ideas but I did support her and I did donate to her campaign. She would have been the leader we need.

    41. Nachuak

      It's too bad that Jimmy would endorse an idiot like Cenk Uygar. The democrats are rotten and Trump is not your savior but Cenk is a commie enemy of the United States. This is the same Cenk that preaches In praise of the unions and then turns around and rips his own employees apart because they want to unionize.

    42. Nachuak

      Trump may not be a Russian asset but he is 100% the biggest puppet of the Zionist Israelis in the history of the nation. His son-in-law's best friends with the prime minister of Israel and all of this Russia stuff was all based off of Jared Kushner trying to get General Flynn to talk Russia into not voting against Israel.

    43. Nachuak

      The aliens must feel like we would feel if we landed on another planet, stepped out all excited, waiting for our glorious reception and some dude looks at our astronaut and says "Hey could you hand me that wrench?"

    44. Nachuak

      Imagine what kind of an insulting slap in the face that would be to alien life. Instead of having a massive celebration to welcome our new extraterrestrial brothers, the only thing the American government does is try and use the situation to fund the industrial military complex. If I was the aliens I would be offended and be like f*** you guys I'm leaving.

      1. mark christofferson

        ....and perform some exploratory surgery on them.

    45. B. Scott Farthingsworth

      Joe, 30 seconds in can't think of the word... INTERCEPT

    46. Larry Chester

      Everything is dangerous the world is a dangerous place lmao

    47. Rob Healy

      "Southpark is So Important" thank you Joe. I couldn't agree more.

    48. Pretty_Rick_ Sanchez

      Jimmy is completely wrong about diversity for diversity sake.

    49. Pretty_Rick_ Sanchez

      No one listens to jimmy dore cause he worked for TYT. He’s much better now not in that race baiting network.

    50. Uel Hunter

      Statement #1, people like getting high!

    51. Uel Hunter

      Snort laugh IRL

    52. This Guy

      Bro, it's called an intercept. Also get Dr, Steven Greer on your podcast.

    53. Clem Fandango

      Wild Pigs <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="141">2:21</a>:15 Jimmy, I can't do it once I found out they had emotions. Joe, That why you shoot them from a distance. LOL

    54. john darragh

      All the greats took drugs even u Joe!

    55. Wes Manoff

      Joe: Trump said something horrific about hispanics. Joe's next words out of his mouth generalizes all hispanics as Mexicans... 🤦🏽‍♂️

    56. zed zeppelin

      Jimmy Dore is piece of garbage.

    57. Logan Waltz

      20 billion would make enough homes for everybody. The homeless would take the money and buy crack. That's why they are homeless

    58. Fernando Martinez

      Jimmy Dore takes shit from no one and will call out anyone even Bernie for not doing what they were supposed to.

    59. Nathan Cassidy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a>:15 This alone makes it one of my favorite podcasts. Jimmy Dore cracking up alone makes it worth it.

    60. Corey Quinn

      Wow, Joe shill Rogan is a feminist too

    61. Dean Walker

      @PowerfulJRE I know this is an older podcast but just to clarify the cannabis strain “GMO” stands for garlic, mushroom, and onion (aka Garlic Cookies). Mr. Dore must really know his pot because GMO is one of the most high testing strains on the planet with one of the most unique flavor profile

    62. Alex Duval

      American politics is insane. A or B? But what if A agrees with topic X that B also agrees with? OMG!

    63. Alex Duval

      You vs LEGACY media... no contest. They lose. Fuck, they have no idea.

    64. Alex Duval

      Joe describing how he deals with being stoned resonates with me so much...

    65. David Olson

      In the same sentence he says Canada health care is bad, but we should follow suit? Nothing worth a shit is free geniuses.

    66. David Olson

      If you have to struggle to get your nutrients you're not following nature.

    67. Ty Connolly

      Haha laughs at men's rights then wonders why most men nowadays hate feminist men like yourselves hzhzhz

    68. Altaic Asiatic Huns Conquered Whites

      these "things" are likely interdimensional vehicles and beings, most commonly known as demons or angels

    69. Jackson Taylor

      Jimmy is one of the only reasons I don’t hate the left entirely. He gives me hope there are actually reasonably reasonable liberals.

      1. AquaDonkey

        Thats how most people are. Its all just the vocal minority coming up with insane crazy thoughts. Then because the ideas are sooo crazy they get press/news coverage that makes it seem like its the new normal. Meanwhile 99% of the population is just laughing at them.

      2. Will Srere

        he's not a liberal though he's a leftist.

    70. Nathan Waldron

      Why is Jimmy's tongue brown? It's either the coffee or the color tone is messed up.

    71. rachel menard

      Has anyone seen the video where Jimmy spits on Alex Jones?

    72. samuel mcdonough

      Jimmy dore is a pos that spits on people he doesn’t like. F him

    73. Typhlosion in Pompeii

      Now i gotta watch the sam harris podcast and watch joe freak out

    74. hallmonitor98

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="609">10:09</a> also Joe : Goes on multiple day hunting trips with men

    75. Dakota Dad

      Jimmy and Rogan are awesome, jimmy is one of the only lefties I actually enjoy watching because he tells it like it is, dudes hilarious. I am a trump supporter and jimmy isn’t but that’s fine with me he also calls out the BS LIKE EVERYONE should, most wont but I still have respect for the man %100

    76. tim moss

      it doesnt work because italians, irish and all european immigrants became white. so the racism on those groups are gone

    77. tim moss

      naw, jimmy's chime came from a movie. Native Son. thats why he got hit. original score James Mtume . and people in the movie of the original score .... Carroll Baker Matt Dillon Oprah Winfrey Elizabeth McGovern Geraldine Page.... and to top it off ...DMX used the sample in his intro song .... It's Dark And Hell Is Hot...thats why he got tapped

    78. tim moss

      we really need net neutrality

    79. cid facetious

      I like Jimmy Dore but the fact that he is so gung-ho about Bernie Sanders for the fact that you even trust Bernie Sanders Spotify family it says he's just as tribal as anybody else

    80. dan boi

      Holy shit joe owns that bill Clinton impression😂