Joe Rogan Experience #1447 - Tom Segura



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    Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian, and hosts his own podcast with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky called Your Mom’s House. His new special “Ball Hog” is now streaming only on Netflix. @YourMomsHousePodcast

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    1. jg pliskin

      Segura is a clingy girl that after seeing your dick too man times starts googling you

    2. Kal El

      Idgaf about duck egg texture in the mouth Joe ffs People wear earphones

    3. Walker Ranger

      duck eggs are delicious!!

    4. Dave Amick

      I wonder how much delicious duck eggs sell for in California. For once i found something that we would disagree on

    5. Ethan Avery

      Hey! Now Joe talks about a lot, but the duck egg thing is bullshit bud. First issue get free range eggs from a fresh farm or homestead. Then use them in baking if you don't like the texture. The egg is all about what goes into the chicken. If it's crap feed its a crap eggs.

    6. Dylan Heise

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1860">31:00</a> minutes -> sounds a lot like mono...

    7. AA AM

      What documentary was he talking about when he said "i killed them all"

    8. Rigoev Prado

      Joe "I lost a dog, it was ruff" Rogan

    9. Chris

      Owls really be professors with short tempers , pahahah an owl is still short

    10. Dominick Dicavoli

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1644">27:24</a> Joe sounds like an evil Peter Griffin

    11. Jubreakit Jubawdit

      Wrrooong....u can sell snapping turtles in the U.S....

    12. Ken Vehikite

      Duck eggs are good for baking

    13. Cyber Krunk

      I like to say his name with a japanese accent

    14. Gary Kiesel

      My kids moms mom is obsessed with the whole Hollywood pedophile thing. She’s big into 4 Chan and a year ago she walked away from her life and husband of 15 years to go to Kentucky to worship trump as God and hang out with other ppl like her in like a cult thing. She ended up in jail for like 10 felonies and got all of them dropped because she is a rich white lady.

    15. Gary Kiesel

      Bernie Sanders advocated paying college athletes during the 2020 race. The only candidate to do so. No wonder Joe likes Bernie so much 💚

    16. Dkam7

      What a legendary opening to a podcast

    17. Justin Fugate

      The Mountain would crush Conor if they were actually fighting.

    18. Sean Reilly

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1160">19:20</a> - Get em outta here. There is no chemical warfare allowed in the UFC.

    19. Robbie Ault

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a>:30 if you cook them right duck eggs are a lot like chicken eggs but with more yolk, bakeries frequently use them, but its not a healthy suggestion from Joe to lose weight, they have 3x more cholesterol and considerably higher fat content.


      Shoot, Shovel, Shut up!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

    21. Charles Thomas

      “The weirdest thing” Joe? The actual weirdest thing and something that for some reason NOBODY is talking about? That between 2014 and 2019, a 3.7 million dollar grant was awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to EcoHealth Alliance who is a global environmental health nonprofit organization, the U.S. federal government directly funded the research at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China where the focus was on corona viruses in Bats. This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s an actual fact and NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT! What in the actual FUCK!?!

    22. Anthony Easterly

      Joe is the knowitall pothead friend we all need

    23. kj

      i’m back after that matt braunger sideshow, thanks 🙄

    24. Kevin Blackwell

      Doug stanhope =charles borkowski, but doug dresses better and is more intelligent

    25. tygre7

      Segura: unfunny leftist poser.

    26. 1XC

      Anyone thinking rogan kinda looked asian?

    27. Jim

      McGregor v. Thor was a promo vid. Fake af.

    28. Dardan Hasani

      Joe "I feel bad for people who've never killed" Rogan

    29. Matt

      I'd be interested in seeing what kinda duck eggs Joe had. I raise Pekin ducks and their eggs are almost indistinguishable from chicken eggs. I can't tell them apart.

    30. _desertviking_

      “Jed took it n he’s dead” is the greatest shit I’ve ever heard

    31. GARTH

      Joe Rogan headbutts everyone called Keith

    32. CT Wild

      Duck eggs are phenomenal, you speak lies. They are best for baking or if you put them in a skillet you need to scramble them. Chicken eggs are better over easy/sunny side up. Duck eggs are better scrambled and are the best in baking(more yolk, much fluffier).

    33. Tony Gartman

      I watched that vid with Conner..... He got hold of him and let him go..... He could have FUCKED HIM UP!!!

    34. Tim Cordier

      Tom Segura cracks me the fuck up

    35. Israel Orr

      Tbh i wanna see that mans penis EDIT: Im not gay but they hyping it up 😂

    36. Eugene

      i watched this high and it seems like joe and tom are having the most passive aggressive argument ever

      1. JANKBOMB

        Right? Same with tom papa on the recent one.

    37. Lorenzo Del Nagro

      It would be called Ronivirus if the outbreak came from Italy.

    38. Ryan Wonders

      Ignorance is not the product of the individual... but the group.

    39. Ryan Wonders

      Ignorance is the side effect of poverty. Fix the FEDS fix the Nation.

    40. Luka Marinko

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2715">45:15</a>

    41. Dace Solo

      "I lost a dog 2 years ago. It's ruff" 😂😂 Good one Joe!

    42. Leon78

      Am I the only one looking forward to the "Rigatoni-virus"? 😁🍝😷

    43. Bits Of Everything


    44. Nicholas

      Joe not knowing the McDonalds Monopoly game shows how far removed he is from regular people.

    45. Nicholas

      If that guy wanted to, when that guy got Conner's leg he could have pulled him apart. He didn't want to.

    46. Brian Rosario


    47. Caracal 15192

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1510">25:10</a> how yellow is Rogan's tongue

      1. Sydney Berger

        Thanks! Both reasons are kind of gross haha

      2. Julio

        @Sydney Berger He drinks coffee with tumeric in it. He's mentioned that it turns his mouth yellow in previous episodes.

      3. S S

        @Sydney Berger It looks like it's from smoking, smokers often have a yellow layer on their tongue.

      4. Sydney Berger

        Yikes. Anyone know why?

    48. Very Stable Genius

      You fucks gotta jump right into my dog died. fucks..

    49. Hard To Explain


    50. ManicMonkey84

      just to clarify. the woman who fed her husband the fish tank cleaner and tried to blame it on Trump has been officially been charged with murder. She knew what she was doing.

      1. Gnarnia

        She did not get charged with anything... She even took it too dumby

    51. ConfusingEagle

      "Your gonna wanna sit down for this one" Toms got his own standing shitting technique hes not sharing.

    52. scott zimmerman

      “The Mountain’s” name is Hafthor Bjornson. He competes in worlds strongest man and recently just deadlifted 501 kg to beat the record. You should really check out his NOsel channel. Also, Julios Maddox is the best bench presser in the world right now.

    53. nzmarc

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3225">53:45</a> Tom talks about the big dick black guy that died and his charity t-shirt sales for the family.

    54. Meysa James

      I fucking hate joe rogans laugh. It’s so fucking cringy

    55. Jacob Price

      Joe Rogan and Tom Segura are the most famous people that people, that I can think of, that aren't fuckin "rich". Lmao

    56. Gary B

      my poor dog is 15. walking slow and blind. hes my fucking guy. and i dont want him to suffer. love my boy. Nicky stay strong brother

    57. Robert Owens

      Shoot, shovel, and shut up👍

    58. MrAnd3rson528

      Joe’s dog must be feeling like a wolf after that elk meat.

    59. Deez Almonds

      Ducks are big fucks.

    60. vicaras1


    61. ObieTriceratops

      Sports are games. Any profit should go toward expanding academic programs at the university, not paying athletes to play.

      1. ObieTriceratops

        Freedom of choice. If you need financial compensation to justify endangering yourself maybe youd be better off doing something else?

      2. Langdon -Kohn

        ObieTriceratops you clearly never stood across a line from 11 giant super human athletes with a mindset of hurting you even if they hurt themselves worse. Those kids will likely be injured and get brain damage and there reimbursement for it is free school. They don’t have time for a real job when you have 5 hours worth of training almost every day all on top of school since to play and get your free school you have to have a certain gpa as well

    62. phu cue

      Try and test or vaccinate me against my will and see who gets a "shot" !

    63. Lucho Portuano

      ball hawk?

    64. Alistair Lee

      trump did not tell people to drink pond killer............

    65. John Solobro

      Show me the ORIGINAL black dick.

    66. Diego Senge

      Wtf is joe talking about when the mountain fights connor.. they were just doing it for fun. if the mountain wanted to he could have crushed im after the first 10 seconds when he had him.

    67. R Chase

      Joe Rogan's tongue at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1511">25:11</a> ....

    68. 5150_818 D-89

      We need Alex Jones and Eddie bravo on this podcast

    69. This Guy

      -<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a>:37 "Tiramiflu"

    70. Marcus Whitfield

      North Hollywood shooting is my uncle the cop

    71. Nephilim Heart

      Lets talk about bert, to thousands of listeners, about his personal life, behind his back.

      1. Nephilim Heart

        @cooper yea if it helps slow him down thats never a bad thing. Especially for a parent.

      2. cooper

        Nephilim Heart actually yea you’re right, that’s kinda fucked. Atleast it’s making him cool it on the drinking a bit.

      3. Nephilim Heart

        @cooper but the audience are NOT his best friends, and theyre the ones who turned it all serious, as opposed to just making fun of him. They basically had an intervention without the person in question there. Thats not friendship, its gossiping.

      4. cooper

        theyre literally his best friends and its not like theyre being malicious. Have some fun dude

    72. Nephilim Heart

      Leukemia, probably related to alcohol, for sure. Rogan is a fucking toolbag.

    73. Nephilim Heart

      Pot smoking is only sustainable until you try to stop after yrs and yrs. My bro cant go two days without it or he gets crazy anxious and downright unstable.

    74. Nephilim Heart

      He talkin about conan obrein? Obrian? He doesnt pronounce it like the barbarian ya dummy

    75. Nephilim Heart

      Are they lookin at that one guy who has a dick implant?

    76. Nephilim Heart

      Joe must have some kinda fucking superiority complex. Dude, youre a jock, not a dr. Im not fat at all. 130lbs tops. Dont drink anymore. No drugs. Did military time. My blood pressure is high as fuck. If a dr, who hasnt been proven a nut, put bert on meds, respect that and mind your own. You dont fucking know any better than paltrow or gaga with their dumbass opinions, and thats who you clump yourself in with when you pretend to know better than someone elses dr. Ppl need to learn to stay in their god damn lane.

    77. shaw ween

      Tom sending proceeds to hog dude's family is the coolest and funniest thing I've heard today. 😆

    78. Bird Ferdinand

      I wonder if vulture eggs would be good

    79. Jamarr Brown

      Tom segura looks like he teaches karate at the dumpster behind a cosco

    80. Nathan mier

      I think Joe Rohan says he shit his pants on every pod cast it’s fucking hilarious