Joe Rogan Experience #1449 Bryan Callen



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    #1449. Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast. @The Fighter and The Kid

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    1. Laughking Tallent

      Bryan Callen has no talent at all. Why in the fuck do people even egg knowledge this poor bastard?

    2. Neilh 2105

      at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:08</a> Bryan laughs like Brendan Falone (Soprano's)

    3. joe buffalo

      Seriously ...does anybody ever watch more than three four minutes of this stuff ?

    4. Daniel Mark

      Keeps me honest 🤷‍♂️

    5. Pacemaker

      Bryan said a pride of lions go through “a crazy amount of meat every single day, every other day”. Lmao.

    6. facciabella85

      Come on dude, gotta be pretty low brow to find Trump funny

    7. Derek Otto

      No small business ppp loan. While others making millions get it. I have my family, and contractors relying on income. That is a lost approval. Big Gov is giving millions to big companies and not us little guys

    8. Tekopua Kanapanapa

      Callen and Shaub kiss Joes ASS

    9. Børk Børkenson

      Diversity ruined Los Angeles and California Better get some Diversity in beautiful Evergreen!

    10. Todoroki Owo

      I’m getting a Ford F650. Go big or go fucking home and die in the apocalypse. That thing will run over ur house like a pebble. Edit: I want Joe, Bryan and Brendan to move in to their own homestead together. That shit would be fucking amazing, watching Brendan being stupid as fuck. God that’s a dream.

      1. Nytron

        LOL, that reminded me of this scene in Lethal Weapon 2:

    11. Patrick

      People bitching about Bryan again need to shut up lmao. The man has 1500 podcasts, go watch another one

    12. Ashley O'Callaghan

      Am I the only one who pauses Joe Rogan when a guest comes on and says they've seen a video of something?! That poor wolf..

      1. Ashley O'Callaghan

        I mean when a guest talks about a video he/she sees online

      2. Todoroki Owo

        What you mean?

    13. Matt Ewing

      Lmfao that horse whistle. I fucking died.

    14. The Reactioneer

      They made a mistake when they didn't expand Brian's character in Oz.

      1. Ricardo Santos Marques

        He would have kept them busy

    15. Ali Naqawe

      Bring Doug DeMuro, will ya?

    16. Ragnar 7676

      Callen is probably the most naturally funny comic in my opinion. Dude just cracks me up. “ I’d be on horseback of course.”

    17. usssanjacinto1

      Here'a Bryan Callen in the mid-90s MAD Tv Dentist in a Box

    18. GARTH

      Joe Rogan enjoys taffe

    19. Russell Cole

      I need an Aztec death whistle now. Didn’t know I did, but I do.

    20. Ramiro Gandolfo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a>:15 i can fix that, if i were xi jin ping, i would pass a law that says all 4 y/o must be tested for IQ, and another law that says all x IQ babies must be Educated by the state. Poof, fixed it

    21. ghadixsa

      Bryan callen’s voice is driving me crazy, he’s so sexy it’s fucking frustrating :(

    22. TheGuyYouKnowFromSomewhere

      I really like the musical chair analogy 😂

    23. Jack Daly

      I've gone from liking Bryan, to hating bryan, to laughing at Bryan, to understanding Bryan. The life of BrYan.

    24. Gary Gibson

      Joe "i bottle my farts" Rogan

    25. Keops spoeK

      Joe "I have a bit about that" Rogan

    26. yobryan88

      Fire president who hate fire and eat raw food, hahah hilarious

    27. Dylan N

      I want one of those knives. The death whistle knives where do I get one

    28. Joseph West

      easton,md, buy the tudor mills property

    29. Edgar

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a>:00 so weird to listen to this. I'm from Portugal and for me it's very strange that you use so many meds for every problem that you encounter

    30. James Brincefield

      There’s a girl I’ve been friends with off and on for like a decade and we’ve wanted to fuck each other’s brains out for most of that time. The problem is she has herpes. I’ve thought about just saying fuck it and doing it multiple times and I don’t allow myself to get drunk around her because I don’t trust myself. I’m definitely going to have to look into cold sores potentially giving you an immunity to the bad herpes though. That could change everything.

    31. mma 209

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="78">1:18</a>:00

    32. Jayden Alvira

      Only a joe rogan ad would be on joe Rogan's channel

    33. Jake Miles

      Socialism is just the trial version of communism change my mind

    34. WagonOnTheWay

      Joe “I have the meat for you” Rogan

    35. Matt Bailey

      Keeps me honest.

    36. Jered Head

      Yes Joe, come to Salt Lake! I've got enough guns for you and your homies, and couches for yall to crash on. Post Malone has a doomsday shelter here!

    37. isaac anthony

      The President should be 99% figurehead. Maybe a tie-breaker, but zero authority over judges. That means 1 political party gets as many judges as they can fill when they are in charge, which leads directly to corruption. Judges should not be political appointees.

    38. isaac anthony

      I wish people could understand the difference between fascism and economic policies, which are capitalist, by the way. Communist China isn't actually communist.

    39. Brendan Dalton

      Joe Rogan, you need to look up Palisade Colorado.

    40. Fill a Void Podcast

      So funny seeing joe change up his personality depending on which guest he has on

    41. Ryan G

      Callen bases all his controlling elite based theories off his one friend who couldn't arrange a dinner date with four billionaires lmao

      1. isaac anthony

        Pro blow, anti meth, lol.

    42. Стефан Митков

      TZAR is a BUlgarian name for king you dip shits

    43. Armando Mendez

      Joe “white ankle socks” Rogan

    44. Emmanuel ATTI

      Bryan Callen is the kind guy you know you want to friend with after meeting him for 5 minutes.

    45. Shane Kelley

      Bryan has become insufferable

    46. Moses Muñoz

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a>:00

    47. Shawn Erickstad

      Joe - Democrat Socialist, there is a difference. No Joe there isn't a difference, a Socialist is a Socialist and if you look at history of Socialism it always goes very bad

    48. Tevita Phillips

      these overland people always just turn camping into jerking off over spending extreme money on over the top gear. literally all you need is a 4wd with a winch and a tent and you'll be sweet. spending all this money on chucking a fuckin caravan on the back makes your car so heavy then it's shit offroad, then you spend all this money on tires and shit trying to overcome this. tbf doesn't really snow where i live so that changes everything

    49. Dylan Rowland

      Black crown

    50. Dylan Rowland

      In safe keeping

    51. Dylan Rowland

      Put light in all the dark, I'll be the gray treasurer and not let greed fuck it up again like 8,000 years ago. And add some more copesctic coexistence accelerations . Buds

    52. Dylan Rowland

      I tell myself

    53. Dylan Rowland

      Yes sire

    54. Dylan Rowland

      Tellem bro

    55. Dylan Rowland

      Hahah double thumbs, that'd be funny watching from across the room

    56. Dylan Rowland

      Yeah fuck that kind of fame

    57. Dylan Rowland

      Are there, I'm just trying tomleave the country

    58. Dylan Rowland

      That's be hilarious 😆

    59. Dylan Rowland

      You gotta try it

    60. Dylan Rowland

      U haven't

    61. Dylan Rowland

      Keeps me honest ,

    62. Matthew garsteck

      You should check out the channel called My Self Reliance and it's basically this guy doing the same thing as proneke did but in Canada. Very awesome channel

    63. Raven

      I'm sitting here agreeing with everything Callen is saying, I look him up and we have the same birthday's, so of course 😅🤷‍♀️

    64. Raven

      Annie Jacobsen as a guest again 🙏

    65. Christian Daly

      As a resident of the Hampton’s I can say that there is a large hunting community out here and I haven’t even heard of the birth control story. We all hate them the ya re everywhere.

      1. Christian Daly

        They are*

    66. RockyBukake 42069

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> damn joe doesn't mess around with the quarter joint

    67. Allan Francis

      There any mechanics in here?

    68. Daniel Hesse

      Why does Bryan Callen remind me of Travis Haley?

    69. David Solomon

      Does Joe wear a watch on each wrist?

    70. David Sköld

      Damn, would love it if Schaub was here too.

    71. darlene swenson

      Joe has meat in the freezer for every guest

    72. Pumping George

      Notice since "lockdown"... No DMT references from Rogan .. in fact if you go back and watch the podcast where he has A L E X J O N E S on he mentions the people that take DMT are really pedophiles and are all part of the global Elite.... 😒😒😒😒...Rogan is in on it .... on the recent Joey Diaz episode he mentions why are we still here what are we doing here we should go like to Wyoming.... .. well all the super Elites are also doing that as well because they're going to areas where there are no cell Towers

    73. J Hedin

      The sheen on Joe's head with the lighting looks like he covered up Aangs tattoos. The most ridiculous conspiracy: Joe is an aged avatar trying to create balance in the world through podcasting.

      1. darlene swenson

        J Hedin perfect answer to who Joe is

    74. 3T3RNAL SOUL Matthew Da Silva

      Hey bro theres nothing wrong with cock rings

    75. Matthew Brechbill

    76. matbot

      Joe on watching Tiger King: "I had a paws."

    77. Scott Martain

      Chrysler Town and country with a couple harbor freight winches and and a solar system with deep cycle throw out the rear seat, that's the apocolypse machine.

    78. Ricardo Avellan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>:06

    79. pete thegreat

      Dog Groomers laugh at this one. "The second you get bit you freeze" lol. maybe juiced up fake men.

    80. Sebastian Cru

      Bryan " we know these things" Callen