Justin Bieber Toddlerography

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    James and Justin Bieber put their dance abilities and fitness to the test when they sign up for an incredibly intense dance class taught by toddlers.
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    1. Monike Helena Braga

      Amo Justin Bieber! Brasil!

    2. Vanesa Bukvic

      That is not Justin Bieber

    3. Alexis Mahalie

      Some of the kids weren't even dancing. They just ran all over the place but it was still cute though!😘 And I was literally laughing through the whole video 😅😅

    4. Maggy 21

      The cart week tho

    5. fortnite benitez


    6. Miray Islam

      Ahahahahha this is so funny!!

    7. Holly Burgs


    8. Rama Ganguly

      It's just so adorable

    9. Ashmani Seepersaud

      Justin for real

    10. Ashmani Seepersaud

      Justin for real

    11. P Ananthakrishnan

      What a cute video!!!! Love u JB

    12. Meredith DeFouw

      I wanna see harry styles do this

    13. Diya Haridas

      Awww 😍

    14. Diya Haridas

      That is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    15. eja

      this is so cute😻

    16. keishan basket

      is so fun kkkk

    17. Pierre Goodman

      They way she said "are you ready" was just so like a real dance instructor 😂😂

    18. Galazy Starlight

      I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber but this is SO ADORABLE WTF

    19. Kad Beny


    20. Tayja Siguenza

      the cutest thing ever Justin would be a good dad

    21. Mistica M

      Justin has changed so much and he is so loveable now

    22. Tatiana Chernega


    23. JVO yish

      omg lol

    24. Dan Hoyle

      When these kids on here watch this back 15 years later, they will be so embarrassed 😳

    25. bknightify

      Jlo the oldest out of every guest on this portion of the show that literally kept up with each kid lol

    26. Annabel Nunez


    27. ぢんDin

      Oh myyyyyy goooooooaoaasdddddddd this is so cute.... ILY❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    28. B.K Music

      How cute😂😂

    29. depipol lara


    30. I am Awesome

      Why the hell he kept moustache, he look like wilder beast or 90s pornstar. Some guy really ruined their god gifted look.

    31. Steffi 09

      James is so cool a very good dancer

    32. Linda Barrington

      Cuteness Overload 💗💗😚😚

    33. gamershaira :3

      kids: * casually dancing with justin justin: COOL DOWN kids with they actually grow up and know who justin is: *ight imma head out real good real quick*

    34. Wejdan Tips


    35. Tasnima Islam

      So funny

    36. KimJojo's Sub

      _[🌸]; ; No, no me cae bien_

    37. Lailatul zannat Saba

      I love the red teshart of the girl

    38. Shirjana Chetri

      So cute 💕💕😘😘

    39. Rose Tanges

      I love you justin

    40. Jeonmin

      i need these kids with BTS it was going to be a lot of fun.

    41. Love sara's TV

      10 years later: so...um.. Justin Bieber was my um.. backup dancer. (Justin Bieber was not my background dancer)

    42. Bianca Bier

      That's the best video haha

    43. Zuzka Meduzka

      I need a video of Harry Styles doing this!

    44. Rajani Bhatt

      LOVE YOU JUSTIN ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    45. haBiB bd II

      😀😀🤗😆😆😆i love it

    46. Sangit Assam

      After 10 years these kids You're watching this legend I taught him how to dance

    47. fantavasyl

      Хаха😂😂❤️❤️Justin. Bieber💗💓💞💕❣️💖💘💝я. Лиза

    48. perri perri



      Soo Cuuuutee😍😘

    50. fire and ice

      One day, maybe in 5 years they'll look back at this and be like HOLY SH*T I WAS DANCING WITH JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!! Oof

    51. pauliana santos

      Ouçam essas e nem deixa de ser escrever nosel.info/video/video/w6mllabKf6Sfltk.html

    52. bot


    53. gameur

      Cutie 💃

    54. Lillian McDaniel

      I don't typically like Justin Beiber, but that was adorable

    55. Shilpa Singh

      Everyone in every video with justin in it- Not a big fan of him but he was awesome there. Bitch what?

    56. ༒꧁DRAGO➀➂➃꧂༒ XD

      I dislike justin


      Ik kan niet stopen met lachen

    58. 2 Oranges


    59. Manisha Rajpurohit

      He did every single step very well

    60. Sonia Nganthoi

      so damn cute JB

    61. Soni Pemi magar

      Damn cute ❤🥰

    62. Paul Perry

      hahahahaha this is so funny

    63. Zozo Stars

      It so cute 😊😊😊😊😊

    64. Based Latino


    65. Chau Pham

      Ha! You guys are so cute! How LOVELY 💖💖💖

    66. Matin tin

      Gemas bocil "are you ready?" Wkwk

    67. Tessa Landman

      haha I'm laughing really good video

    68. New group BTS

      So cute

    69. Shay Pellegrini


    70. Helena Robledo

      Me encanto, los amo, que ternura

    71. DO I HAVE A NAME ?

      Who's here because pizza gates theory!!

    72. Samantha Checkley

      justin will be the best dad

    73. Kamilya Elbéchir

      I can see that justin is so sick, Now, he tries to do something different, new, right, He is descovering his own soul, and I'm sure he's enjoying, and feeling better by doing this.

    74. Angeles Ruperto

      I love❤❤

    75. Alessandra R. Olaya


    76. Kelimet Abdullayeva

      I you wery 🤣😂

    77. Joselin Carabante

      Yo:buscando alguien que vale espanish ahre

    78. Marina sprouse

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> mike chang jr jr

    79. Ramita Shahi

      Justin Biebers toddlerography is awesome and sweet 👋🥰😀👍🤞

    80. Gey flores