Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje | UFC Highlights 2019 HD


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    Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje | UFC Highlights 2019 HD

    Justin Gaethje is an American professional mixed martial artist who fights in the lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). As of September 16, 2019, he is #4 in the UFC lightweight rankings.

    Justin Gaethje began wrestling at the age of four, and attended Safford High School, where he was a four-time finalist and two-time Arizona state champion as a wrestler.
    Justin Gaethje began his amateur MMA career during his studies at the University of Northern Colorado. He amassed a 7-0 amateur record before making his professional debut on August 20, 2011, against Kevin Croom. Gaethje won the fight in the first round via KO due to a slam after his opponent attempted a submission.

    Despite his wrestling background, Gaethje rarely looks for takedowns and is known for his aggressive stand-up fighting style. He has won 18 of his 21 wins by knockout or technical knockout and has received four Fight of the Night and three Performance of the Night awards in his six fights in the UFC.

    Pro MMA Record: 21-2-0


    Ultimate Fighting Championship:

    - Fight of the Night (Four times) vs. Michael Johnson, Eddie Alvarez, Dustin Poirier and Edson Barboza
    - Performance of the Night (Three times) vs. Michael Johnson, James Vick and Donald Cerrone
    - First fighter to earn a Fight Night bonus in each of their first six UFC fights
    World Series of Fighting:
    - WSOF Lightweight Championship
    - Most consecutive title defenses (5)
    - Most wins in title bouts (6)
    - Longest lightweight winning streak (10)
    - Most knockout wins (9)

    * Music:
    - Hip Hop Rap Instrumental (Crying Over You) - Chris Morrow
    - Drake x Quavo Type Beat - Royalty
    - Chill Trap Beat - Octilary

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    1. My Family

      Holy shit the music was bad

    2. Eru

      Goddamn michael johnson eating his words like salad

    3. xxdarknight103xx

      This guy has some of the most destructive leg kicks and the ability to punch with the best, absolute beast

    4. nostrum

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> did that lady fold into herself

    5. Jason Nester

      I think this guy can take khabib

    6. владимир щербаков

      Джастин. Молодец!

    7. Jaya Bakul Property


    8. John Fernandez

      He drops them Hammers

    9. Lil shit Bug shit

      This dude is a great fighter but I really want him to fight better. He gets hit in the head way too much. If you don't notice how this kid might have brain damage your stupid he takes way to many shots the head, he tends to come off as slow like sometimes I just don't want him fuck his brain up

    10. Sam Lyons


    11. Rombbb

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="548">9:08</a> so amazing to see Gaethje's hesitation to do unnecessary harm. He's McGregor, same exciting crosshair style and build, but saner and cooler

    12. 9aguirre

      What do Johnson and Vick say after talking so much shit? Not a damn thing.

    13. sam yemen

      The editing... bravo

    14. Willy Ghost

      Damn Michael Johnson was rude as hell.

    15. Lederine Ineth

      Still.. Not in khabibs level

    16. Hunter Chambers

      Who's here after Joe's podcast?? haha

    17. Zavier Orlos

      there's no way you can beat Khabib if you fight on the inside. This guy would get killed

    18. N8 King

      Where can we find that beat at the start ✊🏾

    19. 500 HP

      I think 🤔 Gaethje will give Kahib a run 🏃‍♀️ his Title ; )

    20. Jamalcus Jemison

      Who tatts their last name on their back?

    21. M G

      hey dont be scared to show a guys losses in the future! the alvarez and poirier were classics! Justin learned a lot from those fights and theyre extremeley important to his career! thanks for the great content

    22. M G

      great fucking video!

    23. m

      Johnson wasn't made for that match up with Gaethje. He was in there with too much, in a different way from Khabib but similar. He was always going to get his shots. They were never going to add up to enough. There wasn't a realistic submission opportunity against a guy he didn't want to be on the canvas with. And he wasn't going to last against the brutality. That was pretty much a wrap on the story before it started. He gave it a go. But he wasn't man enough for that fight, let alone to mouth off. It would have taken a fluke to win. I didn't watch the build-up so I was a little surprised hearing his trash-talking attempts. He got broken.

    24. Faruh Hurib

      Маладэс кэжи

    25. Frankie Holland

      Why in the heck do we have to listen to that India music or what every it is.

    26. jack jill

      He is just over rated... Will bite the dust.. Just like porier did with his ko..

    27. Ojay Go

      I don't know who this black women in the background is. But watch how she just collapse as soon as Michael Johnson gets finished. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a>

    28. Edgardo Camarillo

      Fuck whoever put that ref on that fight he a idiot.... Everyone knows why and who im talking about.... 💯#worstreferee

    29. 02SubaruWRX

      His timing and accuracy is getting scary good. Once guys feel the power, their afraid to throw another punch cause they knows what’s coming

    30. 02SubaruWRX

      Masvidal talks about sending guys to the shadow realm, and them coming back a better person, but Gaethje sends them to the shadow realm permanently.

    31. Fernando G

      And James Vick was talking all that shit lol

    32. Jeff Ricketts jtr arrowheaad man

      You know I have never fowlled this guy until lately. I know where have I been, when he beat Tony Ferguson.I was convinced it's time to take a look at this guy he is a Savage A true warrior. A very dangerous man. He really might be able to Beat kabibi....

    33. SHA8UTIE

      Enough power to knock people out while he is moving backwards away from them...

    34. Kev Mac

      Sorry to say black but that black Ref is a fucking idiot!! Can ya tell me why he didn't stop that cowboy fight?what does he hate cowboy an wanted him to have brain damage!!!!asshole should never be allowed in the ring again!

    35. Fuc Google

      So bummed to see this end. I haven't rooted for a fighter as much as I do justin ever. Love this guy. Cant wait to see him kill connor then go to war with khabib

    36. Burgunstuy

      Very humble guy. Look at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a> when he talks to the ref telling that Cerrone can't fight anymore. And the knockout to Barbosa, he didn't hit after the KO punch He demolished Ferguson two weeks ago, too. Big fan!

    37. Jason Creech

      Dude is a warrior

    38. Adam Barner

      Justin manages to load up over and over

    39. Aftab Sama

      Khabib gonna face the hardest fighter of lightweight division...

    40. Guo Kevin

      Justin was a great fighter... many matches I saw him angry with ref for not end the match. have to keep beating the opponent ... lol

    41. Robert Johnson

      Love ❤️ this kid! Awesome 👏

    42. Carmello Luciano

      He showed good sportmanship against tony also ........respect..give tony credit man won 12 strait

    43. Pj Untalan

      who wins justin or khabib

    44. Vikrant Khanka

      Gaethje is on a train now... He should make the most of it till it lasts

    45. notimeremains

      that beat hits hard dude

    46. King Awesome

      Gaethje is a monster!!!



    48. Brendan McCue

      Thank you! I want MORE Justin Gaethje!

    49. Cass

      Yo I fuxkin love this dude and cowboy

    50. Sahe Ot

      Justin has great patience, and stable emotions, I like the way he fights, thanks

    51. Afifi Azizi

      Love how much mercy he has for his opponents like "is it over yet?" if no, he'll keep punching till it's fucking over. And he can control himself out of rage, and just stop right there. Huge respect for him 👏🏻.

    52. Baburo101

      It's all fun till khabib puts this kid to sleep.

    53. jbom26

      Barboza got some class yo

    54. jtmagicman25

      He's a monster now that he can see better. Doesn't even get hit hardly anymore

    55. Jaime Soto

      el video esta bien, pero la musica es una porqueria que no combina para nada con el video y el contexto de pelas.

    56. Bugatti Boss

      And the New Champion!

    57. ANTHONY81

      The refs can't even keep up with how fast he knocks dudes out. Justin just sticks his fist out there n knocks people out😂😂😂

    58. Robin Singh

      whats the beat at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a> min of this video?

    59. herbandmare

      Pleasee post again with Tony fight. This video is dope.

    60. vrayguide

      might take on habib...wrestling background

    61. Jakob Nance

      Justin looked amazing against tony it was a clinic I am shocked how good Gaethje is now

    62. Jovanho Bambino

      This dude moping the floor with everyone one, khabib in deep shit

    63. David Borhi

      man he bodied vick and barely clipped him

    64. khalil

      How does Cerrone manage to fight so frequently

    65. Barfy-man362

      Cowboy and gacke my two favorire

    66. J Lev

      New Justin is terrifying. A patient pressure fighter who can walk you down, or stand and bang. Oh and by the way has such a phenomenal wrestling pedigree no one wants to take him down.

    67. Dr Smarty Pants

      It really doesn't seem to pay off for those who trash talk Gaethje.

    68. Austin Jackson

      Not gonna lie I like James Vick, but after all that I lost all respect. You never call someone a retard bro..

    69. @CeboLinha Games

      Justin vs khabib

    70. Aaron B

      Bro this music is horrible

    71. southpaw

      Justin and Connor is the fight that needs to happen!!!

      1. rated 21

        i could see conor hitting him clean but when i think about that fight i just see gaethje breaking him

    72. Danny Dazzler

      I like Justin, he's beat up some real idiots.

    73. Mo

      Who's here after ufc 249

    74. Ryan Noel

      Imagine if he hit the gym

    75. music club hd

      good work

    76. Assem Makzoumi

      Im pretty sure cowboy loses on purpose. Just collecting his bag

    77. Alexander Paul

      Gaethje is the prototype for an exciting, top tier fighter. I'll watch every one of his fights win or lose, he's the man. Saw him live in Nebraska and he's the best

    78. Thomas Beers

      Smash that russian pussy. He can run from the boogyman. But he cant hide from a serialkiller assassin thats in the ring

      1. 88 R I S I N G update

        Tony is too overrated

    79. Raphael Morales

      Straight savage to the highest level.