Key & Peele - Turbulence - Uncensored

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    A passenger argues with a flight attendant about her request to stay seated while the airplane's fasten-seatbelt sign is on for turbulence.


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      1. JinHit INC.

        ENDER1477 o

      2. JOE ΔOX​❑

        Where are the damn bloopers for this!

      3. ENDER1477

        Google sucks

      4. Marvin Tran

        4:21 His “fly” is down.

      5. Adriana Sparkles

        Comedy Central this is the best duo. Their faces say more then when they talk. So perfect.

    2. Michał Bobrowski

      ow jeeeez

    3. abdul aziz haroon

      I have traveled only twice in a commercial plane and both the time the male cabin crew were gay .

    4. Deadshot149

      Love the content

    5. kibwe &*

      The lady next to him had a blue suitcase and got to board before him.

    6. Aeni Uan ! watching your favorite Key and Peele with friends was never easier

    7. Ethan Somer

      OMG this is so funny make this blue if you want a part two

    8. Blalack77

      "I have to piss and I have to the toilet" lol he's as blatant as I am about it.

    9. Singh& Dance

      When did Meegan cut her hair??

    10. Daniel Nuzik

      Like who is here during quarantine? Key & Peele is gold.

    11. krizalid

      This shit had me dying 😂😂😂

    12. j lynn

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="115">1:55</a> 👌

    13. Dime-Inations

      He be going superman during that turbulence at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="262">4:22</a> tho

    14. D T

      Wow. Great short. So was the antagonist the turbulence, flight attendant, or passenger?

    15. Dionicio Thomas

      Co worker. Sir why are you not in your uniform Me). It's not against the law

    16. Etta James

      Peele's stare is fucking psychotic

    17. Etta James

      oh fucking hell i hate air stewards like him. they're ALL LIKE HIM.

    18. A Shwin

      “That wasn’t a word”

    19. Thixc86 Jenkins

      Sir, I have to piss, and I have to shit, lmao

    20. xXDiscord52

      Where can I find the source for the music?

    21. Jaka Mahardika

      He is not a passenger, he is the captain

    22. Braden White

      I have to piss and shit in the toilet.

    23. Andy Yu

      must be Meegan's brother

    24. 46ty

      Bruh that plane had the Turbulance of MW2 mission

    25. Kaleb Wieland

      Me last time I rode an airplane

    26. Art999 art

      I swear this was so intense

    27. NearSpace04

      The chemistry between the Key and Peele is epic

    28. Aliyah J.

      It's funny cause that whole time they were going back and forth he could've used the bathroom in time before the turbulence started happening

    29. Tero Chambers

      Who still watch & laughing in 2020🙋🏿‍♂️😂

    30. R Ξ Ι

      He shouldve just fasten the seatbelt itself while he goes to the toilet lmao

    31. Jacob Cui

      Isn’t there a bathroom on both sides of the aircraft?...

    32. Elizabeth Arroyo

      Mark is a witch! He teleported to the passenger as soon as he stood up, and he either manipulated the wind to make the turbulence unnaturally strong or he predicted it with his psychic powers. I know everything in the skit can be explained by natural causes, but I don't care because I love it when stuff is magic. So in my headcannon, Mark is a witch!

    33. John Stratton

      Meegan in guy form

    34. Carl Serman


    35. Christian Joseph Soriano

      This skit is f*cking genius!

    36. Sotiria Vasilissa Miltiadou

      Crazy lovely guys!

    37. Kannav Sharma

      It's not against the law ...🤣

    38. Oreo Vibes

      Corona virus was started in January!!!!! See this exposed

    39. TropicalTrapFire 03

      "SIR. I have to Piss and I have to Shit" Lmao! Had me dying

    40. D DA

      Yeahhhh. One I haven't seen yet I feel like it's Christmas

    41. Nitesh Chowdhury

      I have to piss and i have to shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Andrea

      watch this stoned. i suffocated in my own laughters

    43. amazing rice eater

      Peele's character here is similar to Meegan haha

    44. amazing rice eater

      Something's wrong with me. I only read the title and I already laughed lmao

    45. Marco Morote

      Marks an asshole lol

    46. marktarmannpiano

      boring not funny. small topic to stretch lamely for 5 minutes fail next click

    47. Devan Griffith

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="217">3:37</a> bearded guy bouncing himself around

    48. Jess James


    49. Amaysin Fitness

      On behalf of Flight Attendants everywhere, that is EXACTLY how we sit in our jumpseats, expressionless 🤣 #thankyouforyourcooperation

    50. Ryne Treatch

      It actually is against the law. Federal regulation states that you must comply with all crew member instructions. Therefore, it’s against the law to disobey.

    51. Wally Wallace

      Good thing Jason Schwartzman is alright

    52. Daood Zafar

      I love how the woman is just unfazed by it all 😂😂😂

    53. FazeWrecker

      Is it against the Law?

    54. Carlos Javier Vera

      When you go to Peru from the US there is an area in the Andes in which there is turbulence worst than this and it lasts for about 20 minutes, if you are not used to that it scares the hell out of you, the plane starts shaking hard and it goes up and down and side to side, the Captain usually warns the passengers before getting there but people still get scared and yell and scream....

    55. Markeyda Lipscomb

      I’ve watched this about five times and every time I laugh sooooooo hard tears come to my eyes and my throat hurts from laughing so hard shit I need to drink some hot tea to soothe my throat now😂😅🤣😂😅🤣

    56. It'sASIA

      hiiiiiii scuse me

    57. Lamp Post

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="226">3:46</a> That salute tho 😅😅😅😅

    58. Micheal c

      Has anyone looked at the description of this by comedy central? Did you see the mistake?

    59. Flawless Sack

      The attendant was a psychic all along

    60. Goddess Universe

      This is Fukn Hilarious after a break up and finding out your ex is fucking your neighbors or something like that . L.M.F.A.O. ! #Happy #HappyNewYear

    61. richard escobar

      When he starts swimming in the air. WTF 🤣🤣🤣


      I love how Peele just stares at him the entire time the turbulence is going on.

    63. Kristoffer Ian Mendoza

      Pride is going to kill you.

    64. Mike Tayon

      I think of this video every time I'm driving the big rig down the road and people do stupid s*** like jump in front of me to get off the freeway!!!!!! 😂

    65. Giggo Galac

      Their whispers were louder than the engine xD

    66. Llama Lovers

      I survived: The turbulence in a plane. Seriously did this guy piss off the god or turbulence?

    67. Alyssa Rodz

      you’re hurting my ear drums...

    68. Michael Njeng'a

      Mark with a k

    69. Schmoose

      Mark is a male Meegan

    70. Light Lorraine

      @hikagaming91 lower your voice

    71. Daphne Ramos

      Haha, looks like Mark is Meegan’s twin!

    72. Emre

      It looks more like Peele was casting a spell to shake the plane. LOL

      1. Marcos Gabriel Silva

        Yeah, I thought he was an X-Men.

    73. Hou老

      this is the toughest way to a toilet

    74. Raycuro’s Gameplay

      Plot twist: he was the captain

    75. Raycuro’s Gameplay

      No one: Me: I dident know earth quakes could happen when you weren’t touching earth.

    76. Si • ana •

      I'm still 100% certain the flight attendant made the turbulence happen.

    77. Jan Melsen

      *But is it against the law?*

    78. Mike W

      I just realized that the whole beginning argument happened with his crotch in that young ladies face. Lmao

    79. Jalepano

      *I have to piss and I have to shit*

    80. sun flower

      there’s always that one flight attendant that tries to stop you from going to the bathroom 😂