Kim and Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life | Architectural Digest

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    Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West join Architectural Digest from inside their minimalist mansion to take an illuminating personal design quiz. Which room has the best light in the house for selfies? How would Kanye describe interior designer and frequent collaborator Axel Vervoordt? Kim and Kanye pose thoughtful questions and give playfully insightful answers to one another, revealing not only how their taste is expressed through design, but where its functionality is influenced by their exuberant kids.
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    Kim and Kanye Quiz Each Other On Home Design, Family, and Life | Architectural Digest

    Publisert 14 dager siden


    1. not fooled

      in the real world this falls under who cares

    2. Taylor_ Vancouver23

      They sound so matter of fact and official with each other🥴 I can only imagine how every little thing is such a huge discussion🤦‍♀️

    3. Josie Z

      I think they’re made for each other. Both Kim and Kanye have very strong personalities and arent’t the ‘easiest’ people. Kanye does not like many things, but his wife and kids put the brightest smile on his face. And Kim always talks about her husband with so much respect and she has stuck by his side through all the challenges he has faced. She seems so patient and understanding around him too. I hope I’ll be lucky enough to experience a marriage like this one day.

    4. Ngufack Ntemgwa

      Kanye is so cute. Nice smile!


      There has got to be an app that can block anything West/ Kardasians. If not, the world is awaiting this app!!! Please, I beg you developers out there please. Make an app to block everything on the browser Kardasian anything.

      1. zuygj bnsv

        If mental illness was a person = kayne west

    6. Fat OAF

      4:09 more like *YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS*

      1. zuygj bnsv

        Aight why is Kanye smiling

    7. Tony Spegel

      ID on that hoodie pls

    8. CurlyHead E


    9. joe chrow

      This a Joke?....What a DUMB and IRRELEVANT Video....Bye folks

    10. Omari Bannister

      It’s like she’s forever trying to impress him, and he simply doesn’t care and enjoys himself in his world so much more.

    11. Omari Bannister

      K A N Y E is a troll 🤣🤣🤣

    12. Lululemonade

      All that plastic surgery has Kim looking like a Bratz blow up doll.

    13. Neg'Mawon

      Most people I know I don't like. I guess that's why I'm so overly protective to the ones I love

      1. woiour loin

        Beautiful couple

    14. SmartSkillz Group

      Ребёнок дегенератом растёт) Канье, что за дела ?))

    15. Ayman Abd Elglil


      1. Ayman Abd Elglil

        Editor reaction 🤪

      2. woiour loin

        It’s funny how they seem like this normal family. But they are like crazy rich celebrities

    16. Luka

      Amerikaner, die dümmste Spezies auf dem Planeten.

    17. Eric S

      Kanye has no right to be a artist! You just bought a famous ticket like all the useless rich artist to record and play there noise - it sucks! Who bought your ticket to be on Sat nite live a few years ago (stupid performance)? Music is suppose to be beautiful and all of yours is crap that you do! I see you and want to be the best artist, but just stop!- You need Prozac, bupropion, and Cogentin, Haldol, and Lithium for your BI-Polor problems! What the hell were you talking to Trump about a few years ago (nonsense)! Its ok Your crazy and we get that! Maybe at that point when put on these meds you will start sounding ok with a voice modulator or are you on these meds now? Possibly you will start talking properly! Sorry all your children will have your Bi-polor/schitz and mental problems as well. Its all hereditary! I'm a doctor and am sorry your sick. Please just stop being in the media. You will do the Black human race a favor! I'm Black and you make us look stupid!

    18. okok shay

      he just went “chen you bhelieve that cHen you bhelieve we don’t have a jacHuzHi”💀💀💀

    19. PSKPRO


    20. HappyHenzo

      Aight why is Kanye smiling

    21. Mack Daddy

      If mental illness was a person = kayne west

    22. cnmmd qiuoo

      "When was the last time you used the pool?" "I've never used our pool actually" "wHAT" The disappointment in Kanye's face is a mood

    23. Rating Ashark

      Beautiful family

    24. Azzamatic

      Gay fish and Hobbit

    25. Kratos fury

      2:47 I came here just for that

      1. cnmmd qiuoo


    26. Tanisha Lashay

      watch shallon lester’s analysis video on their interview together! it really does put their relationship in perspective and seems extremely accurate to both of their personalities

    27. jenn Lane

      They’re a sweet family 😊

    28. TaeKwonDonuts

      It’s funny how they seem like this normal family. But they are like crazy rich celebrities

    29. latinagold1018

      Beautiful couple

      1. latinagold1018

        @J B but yet, here you are.

      2. J B

        @latinagold1018 Talentless very low IQ celebrity trash. Envious? They insult my eyes.

      3. latinagold1018

        @J B they literally are beautiful, they obviously love each other and their children. Why be negative? Get a life because your obviously envious.

      4. J B

        ??? yeah right!!!

    30. Winfried Rhodes

      There cute❤️👍

    31. Zacox96

      The best part about this video is that they’re casually sitting on ~$500K arm chairs made by Royère

    32. Emma Spicer

      I've never seen him smile so much.

    33. bodoy euir

      Don't go looking for wife material GO LOOK FOR YOUR TYPE

    34. Hima

      Kim is saying this is minimal 😂

    35. Heather Milen

      I used to hate the attitude that kanye would portray especially when he was supported by so many & is a very talented individual...but now that he has found the Lord Jesus Christ I believe it has changed him for the better I actually want to hear what he has to say instead of swiping off & I really believe in my heart & soul he is a true believer when you believe in God with your spirit & soul he gives you the knowledge to know who's real & who is the demon walking amongst us..I love his new Christian music..check out the song he does on a plane with James Gordon its pretty dope..but I know God has opened his heart & mind to the real world & having a wife & kids, a whole new family really helps him see things a lil differently to..I hope he keeps up the good work for the Lord cause he will be blessed plus 10fold & Kim is a pretty awesome person she has had her past like any of us but if she was perfect she wouldn't be a normal human no one is perfect & it's not the Kardashian fault that they are so famous & get $ from people including myself just by watching this video..I gotta say I love watching keeping up with the Kardashians they are just a normal/dysfunctional family like us all but the difference is they are rich but they have a good demeanor about I'm praying for them all a happy healthy long life

    36. Video MagTv

      Kanye West SundayService In Chicago Allstar Weekend 2020

      1. bodoy euir

        Okay but why are they cutest together. ♥😂

    37. Shingirayi Gomo

      North: Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Crystals 🤣🥰🥰❤

    38. Fiii Gvvv

      Я плачу потому что ничего не понимаю...

    39. Doug Junior

      Forever and ALWAYS. #dj

    40. LemonGrass Broskie


    41. thereal JS

      Its annoying she has to answer for him tf?

    42. tigershark234 -

      Rick and morty yeezys 😎

    43. Shahla Foods

      See my channel and learn new food cooking 🍲🍲🍲🍲🍳🍳😋😋😋😋

    44. the death sentence isn’t strong enough

      Ppl dog on these two so much but you gotta appreciate the love the truly have that shines in this

    45. MissxMachine

      They’re so cuteee 🥺

    46. belladragonfitness

      Kanye & Kim are great together kimye it’s an awesome house their own walk in fridge it looks more like a hotel

    47. Lizzy Andriacchi

      Yah you wish you did that 😅

    48. eries ara86

      Love North, she gets it.

    49. Ki Seo

      I love this . You can feel how much love they have for each other and they’re super compatible and wonderful parents.

    50. ex eaux

      I love those chairs!

    51. Tanvee Choudhary

      Okay but why are they cutest together. ♥😂

    52. Mr FoxBarnbi

      So where is her engagement ring??

    53. Stay Hydrated


    54. Stay Hydrated

      Are these the NOsel wannabe fames agin?

      1. mnika voli

        Their house looks like a monastery, kourtneys house is bomb.

    55. Sydney Jones

      hyooooooooooooooge crystals

    56. candy smith

      They need to train her to act better.

      1. mnika voli

        Can u please come to my page and get me started I am a single mom thank u it robin dee

    57. Natallz14

      North is absolutely ADROABLEEE

    58. Luyanda Nika

      North: shooooooooooooo Kim & Kanye: hmf.. 😂😂😂💀

    59. Sean Correa

      tbh the jacuzzi to the side of a giant rectangular pool would bug me too

    60. woiour loin

      Kim: “use three words to describe Axel” Kanye: “Bald”