Kratos vs Elsa



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    Kratos has had enough of Frozen’s Elsa and is finally ready to do something about it.
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    Publisert 5 måneder siden


    1. Flashgitz

      Support our channel by downloading Rise of Kingdoms: Use the code nyprp7zp7q and receive the $10 Bundle: 60-Minute Building Speedup x3 60-Minute Training Speedup x3 60-Minute Research Speedup x3 Lv.5 Tome of Knowledge x10

      1. StalxD

        there was no versus when they are not fighting

      2. corey hobby

        And besides have you prepared some money to fix that broken window

      3. Time out, bro.

        youtube simp lul

      4. MultiTarded

        @Charles Ott Yeah, it's too be that video was p.c, that's exactly the opposite reason I subscribe. Don't need leftist morality crammed into my stupid adult NOsel cartoons lmao

      5. Charles Ott

        @crippledbazooka you know they have to make a living doing this for everyone right ?? Dumbass. Lol

    2. Fernando Spickers

      Rip Kratos Mo cap actor Chris Jai Alex. he’ll be missed😔😔

    3. arko o

      twich deer hunt

    4. Random shirtless Guy

      Greek gods.. *TURBO GAY*

    5. Longest Dog

      What a twist!

    6. Bill Gates

      Seeing Elsa like that makes me wanna see Flashgitz do a collab with Meatcanyon.

    7. Jones Kleid

      This is freaking hilarious!

    8. Chris Chiller

      wtf is up to this kratos body!?

    9. Hen Mar

      The "afront against god" gets me everytime

    10. мιку вσυηту

      He failed the test, but that's still meat for dinner. Just cook it well to not catch the Gay.

    11. The Muffin Man

      *GAY ICE*

    12. Oskar Lie

      "Shoot her in the gay"

    13. Mojobo83

      Fucking Brilliant!!!

    14. sleepyglass

      He hyped him up and set him up wtf

    15. atrelopian678

      Lol gay ice

    16. Human Bean

      Not gonna lie, being gay is kinda *GAY*

    17. Connor Clemmons

      I was expecting a video more along the lines of Racist Mario. Though, this is fine.

    18. Marlon Cebo

      Now with the Twitch fiasco that happened this has a new meaning.

    19. Riley Ruckle

      Girl: * kisses another girl * Everyone: Girl: * makesout with a another girl * Everyone: Boy: * hugs a another guy for more than 5 seconds * Everyone: I mean that is kind of gay

    20. Jarrod A

      Way Kratos dress make sense now

    21. Terror

      I'm very offended, not about the gay stuff. But that you had Kratos support/worship a god, that's blasphemy.

    22. Omar Díaz

      this channel is so gay

    23. Jacob Newell

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="100">1:40</a>

    24. Yoshi Dinono

      Don't be turbo gay. It sounds cool, I know.

    25. Derpy

      Elsa was acting weird

    26. ako me

      fck gay hahaha

    27. HAZEL LAW

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a> No one: twitch council members

    28. Slade Wilson 1

      What exactly am I watching

    29. Kuba Wołowio


    30. signor topo

      Shot her in the gay

    31. Артур Халилов

      Cool 🤜🤛

    32. Anoymous Cuz

      Expectations: “Telling from the Thumbnail this Battle will be epic” Reality: “Well that’s gay....”

    33. Odhokzii Dovahkin

      First off what is part of the body is called the gay and why would you need to shoot it

    34. alvaro vargas

      Elza ganaría

    35. jin -chan

      Everything there is gay - _-

    36. yoshikage kira

      This kratos looks like racist Mario kratos

    37. Гомохейтэр - аниматор

      The moral of this story: it’s not cool to be homophobic, it's cool to love everyone ... Looks like I didn’t understand something.

    38. Armedkiller51

      Can’t be a hate crime if you kill them all

      1. Armedkiller51

        Esdras Cardona task failed successfully

      2. Esdras Cardona

        You have the failed the test. You are clearly not ready.

    39. Rahel H Kennedy

      Fuck you🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

      1. Rahel H Kennedy

        @Alex Sam 🐸

      2. Alex Sam

        @Rahel H Kennedy & your's too

      3. Rahel H Kennedy

        @Alex Sam & your mom

      4. Alex Sam

        You too

    40. Leo Fierro

      Gay ice

    41. Marshall Kinnaird

      This is really gay.

    42. elxr 94

      GAY ICE

    43. wizard of gameing c40

      One word gay

    44. Ali A

      hahha i love this sht!

    45. Cyan Hedgehogs

      Kratos encourages homophobia and then punishes for it? What?

    46. Johan Bravo

      I'm so confused right now, what the hell was that. It makes no sense. Plz someone explain this!

    47. Kiz Epic Journey

      Sponsors on a fucking animation. Fuck you.

    48. julio navarro

      The sound of the bow breaking

    49. Gustavo Escobar

      You are the guy of racist mario

    50. AXEL Chan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">1:43</a> I wonder were it hit 😂😂

    51. God Loves you

      Let the arguing and bitching BEGIN!!

    52. can we reach 10,000 sub without any videos

      Kratos be thicc as fuck.

    53. Jay Kitching

      "Do the gay math" "in your butt?" 😂😂😂😂😂

    54. migz 123


    55. TheBigBadRedMantis

      The only problem I have with this is "how the f is the kid supposed to know crap like that? there's no school no internet and the only person he trusts is his dad. why would Kratos do that?" but meh, the first unironic part was funnier.

    56. JSPumpkinKing

      "Jeanne de Arc is a flat chested bitch." wait, that wasn't what FGO showed me.

    57. Herpn Derpn

      I really want to know what part is "The Gay". I have watched this countless times and shown to many friends, both gay and straight. Nobody has had and insight on this.

    58. Navdeep Badhan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="129">2:09</a> He's kicking and breaking out for window.

    59. Senzu Gang

      'Shoot her in the gay'

    60. Playstation fan

      *Gay ice*

    61. One and Only

      Dang Ataris didn’t see that coming

    62. gsmWAR

      I swear i was sure that Elsa ate poop the first time i watched this

    63. THADZ

      "Gay Ice"

    64. Deathbatman 6615

      You are a homophob. That was a hate crime. You are not ready

    65. Fluffy Fan

      “SHOT HER IN THE GAY!!!!!!!!” Me: shoot her in the 4th hole Someone:What is the 4th hole Me: it’s a secret place from a woman’s lower leg

    66. Aiden Romito

      Boy sounds like ash

    67. Arnold Ernestine

      Did Kratos just imply that he was molested as a child?

    68. JACK S

      *GAY ICE*

    69. yamir derivois

      Why does this look like a gray canyon vid

    70. TheAvGamer

      Where do Atreus shoot Elsa?

    71. Vault Boy 8000

      I was waiting for him to put Elsa on a pike like he did with Mario.

    72. Nade Coles

      Worst father-son chat ever.

    73. Lè Jåmęś

      a God Killer vs a Thot?

    74. Polar Express

      They got elsa scurrying on the ground 🤣🤣🤣

    75. Sayeed Cubias

      Ewwww atreus voice is ugly

    76. Wardhana Samba

      Why kratos looks like Bane

    77. Todd Strange

      Im homophobic

    78. Steven Nelson

      Question:How many did kratos say gay?

    79. BobRooney

      elsa munching on carpet grass. hahaha shoot her in the gay. *makes goat sounds.