KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) Music Video Trailer



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    Director: TajvsTaj
    Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
    Producer: Kacee Devoe
    Editor: Andre Jones
    Production Company: Walk On Water Pictures
    #KSI #Offset #Cap

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    1. Purple Boi

      It’s shit

    2. Supreme Jack

      yo i know i sound like a 9 year old begging to checkout my channel i actually put effort into my youtube. if u have time checkout it out!

    3. Rock girl

      Let's be honest your still scrolling and reading the comments even after you finished this vid once .

    4. Tejalkera_Msp love

      Nah Nah this is so sick


      Fun fact: W2S gets more views per upload than this channel or KSI channel on average

      1. Rock girl

        Next ft. Need to be Nav

    6. Alex S

      No one: Not a singel soul: KSI intro: WEEEEEEEAAAAAOOOOOOOOOAAAAAEEEE

    7. SKy High

      Please Offset don't sound like a retard. Please Offset don't sound like a retard. Please Offset don't sound like a retard.

    8. ayoub khoudairi

      thats fire man

    9. Davey Fraser

      Pure cap

    10. Random acts of violence

      JJ: “I paid 500k for a cat” Also JJ: “GuYs BeErUs Is NoT a CaT!”

    11. Evin Cotton


    12. SlamxMaestro

      Texas Chainsaw Massacre sound effect?

    13. Jammie Dogger23

      imagine ksi ddg and lil tjay on a track

    14. Umairc10

      The trailer is like horror film and scared the shit outta me

      1. laskin riubn

        Big sounds !

    15. Aisling Xx

      RIP headphone users🤣🤣

      1. laskin riubn

        Headset varning!


      If Babatunde made a movie i would be there first

    17. alican golitekin

      OMG...😍... THİS AMAZİNG...😍

    18. Peelie9

      Vibes!! I reacted to this song... would appreciate feedback if possible

    19. Asger


    20. John Gilman

      Yo u got good music. But i think Logan Paul should have won both fights. I had no respect for Logan until after those fights. Nothing makes me more mad than when somebody losses a fight that should have won

      1. Adam

        John Gilman no Ksi destroyed Logan .End of.

      2. misuyy fong

        Ooooo let's goo!!

    21. Soham Nagin

      Next ft. Need to be Nav

      1. misuyy fong

        Me having a eplece

    22. ToastyTuber

      Lmao beerus ltd

    23. skxlly


    24. Clipster Films


    25. Coli 4

      I am so pissed of that he ended it there

    26. HazzOCE

      The ear rape at the start though

      1. drttyu liqm

        We want a clip for millions

    27. reece harrison

      Wtf is this

      1. drttyu liqm

        this is really dissapointing. i was expecting smn good

    28. Paolo Samonte

      Babatunde need W A T T A H H

    29. Christian Kolind

      Headset varning!

    30. laith skye

      Big sounds !

    31. Billy bob Joe

      His whole album is out on Apple Music

    32. HerefossPiratene

      Kinda dead😬

    33. RyannGotNext

      Disappointing album

    34. prikely wimp

      Me having a eplece

    35. Scarecrow Paintball

      Ooooo let's goo!!

    36. Parth Duggal

      Post the album on NOsel

    37. Carter Cox

      Listened to the whole album and tbh it is really really good. I like the catchy flows you are now using gg bro keep breaking molds

    38. Resetti

      To be fair, if he was gonna make a horror movie he's got that rape face when he smiles.

    39. Akil Ahamed

      Who else came back thinking it was the music video

    40. faze alooy

      this is really dissapointing. i was expecting smn good

    41. Xcuse Beatz

      We want a clip for millions

    42. Apperance _

      Bruh I thought this was the song ima idiot I was wondering why there was no ...song at this point

    43. chazzyt

      was so hyped for the album, such a let down

      1. Ahmed Yad

        chazzyt why?

    44. Big Boy

      Music video trailers?

    45. Scott Gibson

      Why this shit remind me of the purge

    46. Dark Gaming

      Wag1 for the start

    47. David Connolly

      Gonna be lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    48. darian somerlee

      Ngl the album isn’t the best ski doesn’t work with the auto tune it would work with out auto tune

    49. killer vortex

      Your album is heat

    50. Penguin

      Kis u was on good morning birten this morning

    51. William Simm

      Seen you on the news this morning on Good morning Britain also I did not know you had a girlfriend

    52. Itz Verdix3

      When Jj needs. Cash

      1. pro shooters

        Cool 😎

      2. Itz Verdix3

        pro shooters when u don’t know humor

      3. pro shooters

        Itz Verdix3 when you need to shut up

    53. Alexander Khosrowpanah-Falcone

      Who else said, ‘Wait, that’s it?!’ At the end

    54. MaTuX

      So where's the song with CRYPT?

    55. Thomas Hutley

      This is a big flop "no cap" 😅

    56. I am adopted

      Gotta give this man respect, makes a new music video every 3-5 weeks which is a relatively short time for the bangers this man pulls up with. He deserves hella respect.

    57. Free Stuff

      When you realise jake Paul is catching up in subs

      1. Adam

        Free Stuff lol Ksi is better content wise

      2. JEA19

        What are you on about he is 1.4M off

    58. A Salty PoTAtO

      Who’s here when dissimulation dropped?

    59. xXJUICEXx

      The album is out now on Apple Music Cap Best song no 🧢

    60. KTY

      Few hours left

    61. R J

      U cant box or fight or rap dance sing or write music stop pretending to be someone else be yourself and get a grip on ur life

      1. CrowHD

        R J Everything alright at home bro? mummy and daddy fighting again?

    62. Shane Dylano

      This is bad

    63. Joel Ohenebaah

      I'm so gas

    64. AlexTheBest

      Wheres the music video its already <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="570">9:30</a>pm in the us

    65. Jack Shoe

      2nd best on the album

    66. Don't read my profile picture

      Everybody;- it's ksi Nobody asked how's ksi

    67. gulian jaines

      "i cannot vibe with queers" -Offset 2018

    68. Fin Ley

      Got a severe headache from all the flashes.... yayyyyyy

    69. Ratrix

      Was that Amanda Cerny?


      What time does the FULL MV DROP?

    71. misuyy fong

      I think I just had an epilepsy seizure twice.

    72. GamingSkull77

      I don’t like migos and offset

    73. Levi Miller

      Yo ksi my g 🔥 🔥 🔥

    74. Antonio Puglisi


    75. Take

      Didn’t like the song

      1. FLYZ PLZZRD 2


      2. misuyy fong

        Album is out 🔥🔥🔥

    76. Antonio

      What’s is this a movie trailer??

    77. MuseFX

      Negl, KILLA KILLA, Million’s and What you been on are genuinely insane, so amazing and inspiring to see how far he’s come. Big up bro❤️🔥 we love you and will always be there for you

    78. Wibbs2304 -

      Dissimulation is a banger of an album

    79. IZG !

      TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a>

    80. Bilal Daber

      Bro there a channel that released the hole album

      1. just some bigfoot hunter with internet

        Mmm, you do know the album is out?