KSI is Crying in My Insta DMs

Jake Paul

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    Comon KSI...
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    1. Polar Uprise

      jake paulers!!

    2. Thomas rentaria

      u know how many diss likes u have, a lot

    3. Justina Forester

      Ksi u have no vuse Me looks at newest video me wtf

    4. Orange Smudge

      I'm just so into the Paul's side

    5. 02 Nut-_-cracker02

      This has more dislikes than like how embarrassing

    6. Eagle Tsenase

      Me:whose gib Friend:borak s son Me:whose borak

    7. Random Dude

      What an idiot

    8. Meltedmarshmellow

      Sad fam

    9. Ryan Cox

      Isit me or has his head got really long hahaha

    10. Wortex

      Faking ling


      How does he have so much money when he has so many dislikes....

    12. Simon Rust

      Tko-ing deji isn't a achievement

    13. Brayden Taylor


    14. Drifft Yy

      I’m in England but I wanted you to win

    15. Zac Hasenfuss

      You can see him lose IQ points as he speaks

    16. Johnson Ocan

      This guy is an embarrassment to the internet Pls ksi knock him out

    17. Johnson Ocan

      JJ will end Jake paul once and for all

    18. looking for the big guy Rick last name

      Hang in there buddy 👊👍 be yourself 💯 and never apologize for who you are you have 1 life to live . I'm 53 and live in Pittsburgh PA I box and your built for it keep on keeping on

    19. Sanny K2

      20m sub yayy hope u get it

    20. nzcwxz

      Imagine having more dislikes on a video lol

    21. Marvin Nambo- Limon

      But deji took munchies before the fight so ?????

    22. Its Me Quinn

      Jake seeing his brother get a beard he was like :O "why didn't I think of that"

    23. Mike F


    24. Caio Roberts

      I used to be a big fan

    25. No comment

      I don't get why sad KSI fans go out there way to dislike Jake Paul vids. I don't like him cause he chats shit but there's no point doing it when Jake's desperate

    26. Insane Bryann

      More dislikes than likes🤣

    27. Texasranger793

      Beard makes man look unkempt just a bit Jakey 💕

    28. Ima Gamer96

      The like dislike ratio is hilarious

    29. Gang 新ドラゴンTrash 逸ーが

      Stfu crybaby

    30. Brandi Simmons

      Everyone in the comments: “Everything Jake Paul says has to be in quotes so I can look cool”

    31. Big hoss Morgan

      F KSI I’m 11 and he thinks older people are better fans dang jake is Tishri he is delusional af

    32. Trixtar

      Image faking a ‘leak’ footage’ of you fighting gib, stutters in his ffm movement live and says something so irrelevant to what you’re aiming for, faking 1 or 2 marriages, having younger audiences watching your videos and have more dislikes on all of your video

    33. Ashton Slydell

      The only people who liked this is 12 year old girls

    34. damn kumar

      deji :- do u bleed??? . . *jake standing there with a bleeding nose*

    35. Kaung Kyaw

      Just wanted to say, no everyone who is in the U.K. supports ksi... just wanted to put it out there. Yeh... that’s all

    36. Jayla BeGood41*

      I can guarantee that every single 19k of these comments are here from ksi's side and their laughing at how Jake said ksi would be scared after he sees what he does to gib..now ksi isn't scared and jakes gonna go down like THAT 😳

      1. Jayla BeGood41*


    37. JC Ryan

      I’m from uk and I’m a fan of u does that make me a lyer

    38. mona oweis

      Let’s go jake

    39. Black Hammer Gamming

      Imagine dissing yourself

    40. Poppy bridge

      UK is better

    41. Cydney Marie

      I’m from the uk and I don’t like Ksi

    42. Me Majshukar

      Jake I find Her Erika Costell Her England London

    43. Ethan Webb

      im english and im for u

    44. GAMER BOYZ 21

      Jake Paul is gay I know he is he legit makes out with his brother off camera ksi will one punch you both

    45. Lindsey Philbin

      Shut up jake Paul ksi is the best views don't matter

      1. Mc Raindrop fox


    46. Tiffany And Leah MSP

      Jakes going to win

      1. Mc Raindrop fox

        No ksi is gonna win

    47. Tiffany And Leah MSP

      Go jake!!!

    48. RainzY Playz


    49. RainzY Playz

      Bru yall need to chill texing these toxic messages yall just hatin on jake cuz he better than yall yall just salty asf cuz

      1. Pavan Nair

        Everyone salty 10 year old Jake paul fangirl here

    50. Sky3 B3atti3

      Jake be lookin like a homeless Conor McGregor

    51. TerminalVenom

      Nice more disslikes then likes 👌👌👌

    52. Asha Samuel

      Why did I give u my veiws

    53. Spencer VanOchten

      gib is like pinnocio his nose gets bigger everytime he lies

      1. Orion Joseph

        No one likes it coz of your face

    54. Jace Sponseller

      shave your beard

    55. Pumitri II

      You know what's even more immature than a Jake Paul fan? Stupid KSI fans who care about this staged fighting shit

    56. YT xRxvenge

      I from uk and I like u

    57. samurai445

      bruh ever thought about the fact that rick ross and lil baby wanted to feature to get their names attached to the event, I mean it was the biggest internet event in history it kinda makes sense but no nvm bruh lol Liam said he paid so that must be true yeah lets trust jack paul on this one guys

    58. Ehsan Rahimi

      Bruv your dumb in the brain and in the head

    59. matthew Adrain

      W A N K E R

    60. James Cruise

      America logic if you say JJ is crying in your DMs it’s the opposite