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    1. Awesome 93 Gaming

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="546">9:06</a> \/\/

    2. KING _MaRkUsS

      Who else thinks Simon should do a pack opening in Zidane Zone

    3. Brandon Yo

      Can anyone by me fifa points I have nothing on fifa 20

    4. Karsang Tamang

      KSI is not seeing in the dark

    5. Mr Adam

      Ur the goat pls pin this comment ❤️❤️

    6. Ole Gunnar Solskjær

      You're here for <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a>

    7. Mr MikeOxMall

      I’m not even joking, couldn’t see JJ when he walked into the room, my brightness was down

    8. Dragon Baich

      R.I.P ribery (2015) Everyone was so excited when they get him in 2015

    9. Alaa علاء

      I never played fifa because of the war in Syria

    10. M3 Memes


    11. Sean Murphy

      Put him in the Zidane zone

    12. Aayush manandhar

      Yo ....JJ we cant see u bro!!😂

    13. Bruno Gonzalez

      Put Viera in the zidane zone squad

    14. Shadow Blade

      Bro you can't even see JJ

    15. Joe Foley

      No one: Simon: puts icon badge on shapeshifter card in the thumbnail

    16. G GAmes

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="541">9:01</a>

    17. Mathias Nybakken

      Guey ray gay?😂

    18. Omar Dernaika

      Anyone realized Vieira is in the gullit club

    19. Jovian Monteiro

      Anyone here from the whats good podcast??

    20. Ash The Tiny Cat


    21. Gareth Davies

      He gets reus=errrrrrr ok I get maddison=_yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss. Get in their

    22. Wayne Hibbert

      Why does Kieran Trippier look like a chav from Wythenshawe? :')

    23. Harith

      Who’s here from what’s good podcast

    24. Kala Ghost

      I can't even see ksi in the background

    25. Sartorial Coot3

      I can just Imagine how epic Simon’s team(s) would be if he kept the bangers

    26. Ulysses Ordoñez

      In the thumbnail Ksi looks like saint maximin

    27. MU57AF4 M41lK


    28. Abdullah Elshani

      can't see ksi

    29. Dr Sharmarke

      This thumbnails are getting Annoying really!!

    30. Fortnite Alsheebani

      Fuck you ksi

    31. Dynamite Dilan

      Is it a coincidence that ksi got mbpappe and there both black I’m just like ur a god like Berus

    32. Ethan Doore

      No wonder yinka thinks you use him🤣

    33. AMG

      This shit is soo boring man

    34. Kai Sutton

      Was he serious when he said don’t call me again you looked scared hshsh

    35. Kai Sutton

      Tobi amd many’s time I’m thr back round

    36. Fin Barnett

      I packed mbappe on my second fifa pack

    37. gg gamer boys

      Yes ksi for thumbnail.this is now gonna bang 4 mil views in 4 days😂😂😂😂❤️simon

    38. Okami-Rose

      Pretty sure I saw a guy on the Train back from London watching this video

      1. Tom Rhead

        Okami-Rose 😂

    39. Ryan Hartigan

      When a KSI title is still bigger than a prime Vieira title

    40. Julian

      I feel like you put jj in the title so much

    41. Alex Targett

      He has played like 50 games on fifa all year😂and has like 20 mill

    42. Muthulingam Prabakaran

      Who cares about Mbappe? HE PACKED IGHALO, the pride of Nigeria

    43. Molly Emms

      You came for <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="208">3:28</a> btw xxx

    44. Wae Lallish

      Simon: you packed Mbappe Ksi:Mbappe? Oo shit Simon: he goes for 500k Ksi: 500k? Oo shit haha Simon in his head: this nigga knows nothing now days.

      1. Wae Lallish

        Fifa 21: ksi is all we need Ksi: What is fifa Fifa: Abundalakaka

    45. Amar Nathwani

      Simon plz don’t sell viera because strong link with zidane

    46. Drippy _

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="516">8:36</a> when Simon screams yes some one called yesggg follows him in bottom left corner

    47. The Ace

      His parents hate him for this exact reason desperate you tuber

    48. Kaity john

      I'm relieved, I lowkey thought the revelation of JJ's parents hating Simon was going to ruin their friendship.

    49. ツツ Kieran

      Ksi in the title : "739k views"

    50. Riku Väyrynen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="577">9:37</a> When you find out how much the child support is

    51. Harry Yt

      You all get on at w2s for fake packs in every pack it was shit who does any one like this lanky prick has to put ksi in title for veiws hes vids before this did shit but as soon as ksi is in it has loads of veiws miniminter dont even no y his names that doesn’t make sense

    52. Mark Calloway

      It’s a shame that most of simons twitch viewers just keep asking for JJ

    53. Hassan VGE

      Can someone plz teach me how to get coins on fifa easily?

    54. Barry Donnelly

      Was ksi wearing harry potters invisible cloak?

    55. AJR

      So he does use jj hmm

    56. Zak Dawson

      I packed mbappe from a 15 k pack

    57. AJ Roidleh

      Fuck your Ksi click bait shit

    58. Bryce Zee

      can you do these videos with your chat open so we can see chat

    59. Seran Coscer

      Still using Ksi

    60. adnan ejaz


    61. Daniel Snell

      Yooooo Simon I heard S-X neither would I. In the background🎶🔥🔥🔥🔥 That shit is Fire🔥🔥🔥

    62. Jiren

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> Black magic

    63. Free flow gaming


    64. David Baranski

      tight when he packs kante <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="852">14:12</a>

    65. Unknown User

      I was trying to skip were ksi packed him but he was camouflaged This is how many ppl got it😂👇🏻

    66. Salman Amer Alkhatib

      This is his most viewed video on his channel and it has ksi in the title what does that say

    67. Shrek

      Damn that thumbnail was well done

    68. Thomas Klaverdijk

      Berghuis man you butchered that name you pronounce it like Berghaus

    69. Python

      Erickson looks like his brother

    70. Mitul Dwivedi

      Most boring video i ever watched

    71. CianOneill

      I never knew Miniminter had a 3rd channel! Get this shit out of my face

    72. IzRo

      I was trying to skip to the part with Ksi but I couldn't find it. It turns out he was to dark too see

    73. soufian n

      Im only here for Ksi

    74. Toby 1

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="321">5:21</a> Song ?

    75. Triple 123 242

      I hope who ever is reading this has a good day and I hope your dreams come true🤔 👇 My dream is to become a know youtuber and make people happy ❤️ Thanks for listening good luck🍀

    76. Rk

      KSI's mum wasn't wrong though 😂

    77. Sandipan Mukherjee

      You suck

    78. DoUbLe BrOs Gaming channel

      Simon never knows who the player gonna be, he never says who it is B4 he sees the name, he akwys will say something like "yeahhh"

    79. nextzyzz kidding

      Now why jj's parents have the grudge against simon 🤣🤣

    80. nextzyzz kidding

      Vik laughing in 2 mill