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Nicol Concilio

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    Hey beeeech! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the new Kylie Cosmetics 2019 holiday collection!! Let me know your thoughts below!! Thanks so much for watching and please consider subscribing xo!
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    Kylie Cosmetics 2019 Holiday Collection
    Eyeshadow Palette - $48
    Lipsticks - $17 each
    Brush Set - $35
    High Gloss 3-Piece Set - $36
    Lip Kit $29
    Shimmer Eye Glaze - $20
    Blush Duo - $20
    6 Piece Mini Set - $36
    Liquid Liner - $18
    Illuminating Face Spray - $26
    Illuminating Face Primer - $28
    Complete Bundle - $320
    Kylie Faves - $170


    1. Nicol Concilio

      Okay so to the people saying I “rushed” this and I’m so “negative” and have “no energy”.... this was not rushed. It literally took me 3 hours to film. When I sit down to film, I’m focused on filming only!! As far as me being “negative” I truthfully can’t win when it comes to reviews on Kylie thing. I’m damned if I like it and damned if I don’t. I’m allowed to not like an eyeshadow palette. And as far as me being low energy I literally was just chillin talking to you guys and doing my makeup. I’m not a robot, sometimes I have energetic days and other days I’m more chill!! Take it with a grain of salt and please just enjoy the content I’m putting out instead of nitpicking and making me paranoid as all hell lololol! I love you guys always but common!

      1. M M

        Tell em baby girl!!

      2. Vanessa CarrilloRamos

        Nicol Concilio I’m new here lol wish I found your channel earlier but to me it did not look rushed at all love your opinion that is what NOsel is for duh as well giving reviews on things for us fans and subscribers. To see if we are getting our money worth. Not only that there are few other videos out there with other different perspectives. If ppl don’t like the video go onto another video based on it. No need to leave negative comments, especially for someone to take time & hours of the day to bring them down.

      3. T P

        Lindsay Bly and also if she is high it explains why she looks the way she does. damn being high makes you look tired stfu

      4. T P

        Lindsay Bly lolllllllll you obviously care to respond to me. I was responding to her. It’s fine that she looks the way she does. I’m not saying it in a bad way only that she looks high and ITS OKAY. SMA

      5. Sofia Gul

        Lindsay Bly in the end she said tell me what you guys think. Don’t even fuck with me!

    2. Daniela H.

      I love her and her makeup but I still think her best holiday collection was in 2017 😶

    3. L R

      It’s reminds you of Color pop because it is Color pop 😂

    4. Daniel Sohn

      You look possessed

    5. Evangelina Gomez

      I love your channel!!!!

    6. Dragon Legion

      I just got my first Kylie products and I'm very pleased with the quality of my products. You can definitely tell how much love she puts into each product. Would I buy agian? Yes but only when there are deals going on because that is the best option for most people who can't afford her makeup. But Christmas is the best time to buy her products.

    7. Chantelly Joy

      You did much better than I could do. I’d most definitely fall down. Lol

    8. Nadia bush

      No green??? This is definitely a Valentine’s Day collection. Come on Kylie. Wyd???

    9. Jade Louise

      Intro is super cringe

    10. Lexi Taysom

      *tries to talk like Cardi b* lolllll

    11. Jenny Wassum

      YES for the holiday gift guide! And I love the way the eyes turned out!! 😘

    12. Karissa

      Gives me more of a Valentines vibe lol

    13. Bexx

      Holy fuck those lips are amazing

    14. kim levy

      What foundation are you wearing. It’s gorgeous!

    15. Faye Joanne

      The Matte Liquid Lips are VERY VERY BAD AND PATCHY DO NOT BUY

    16. Sky

      People are so mean to her. She can’t even say things are pretty. I’m sorry you’re getting hate.

    17. Jen Hall

      I love it. Last years sucked. 🥴 but this years 👌🏽

    18. homemama1001

      My daughter had a freckle on her lip went to deremotolist and they removed it its like a sun spot.

    19. Nicole Hayden

      That “red” is pink lol. Like pink pink

    20. Nicole Hayden

      Yesss for the holiday gift guide!!!

    21. Jennifer Villegas

      You sound just like Camila.C !!!!!

    22. Kelsey Letendre

      Pretty sure there’s more than just a highlighter.... there a face primer too

    23. Ashley McDonald

      Why do I feel like she’s tipsy 🥴

    24. Georgette Castillion


    25. Nayla Adelia


    26. geeky mikee

      you should definitely review some colourpop collections in the future!

    27. I me and my vlogs

      Ooh not seen a kylie mkup video in a while laying in bed cosy eating chocolate heroes aahh. Your hair looks really nice and I like how your wearing red to match the makeup package x

    28. Beenicole004

      I’m not liking the eye look... not being mean at all but girl you always show a bomb look and I feel you weren’t given that inspiration with the palette

    29. Kristina Pimentel

      lol I have a freckle on my bottom lip too! Mine is in the middle 😩 🤷🏻‍♀️

    30. Kimberly J13

      But you always recommend colourpop and their shits the same..... smells funny man!

    31. Kelsey Laduzinski

      I'm loving that you're playing with color! This is absolutely beautiful girly💜 I feel like most people play it safe with reviews and use basic shades, but this is amaze balzzzz💗💗💗💗

    32. Baecon Bay

      Jeffree has a HO HO HO lipstick shade too

    33. Marissa’s Life

      Love this video!! Are you from New Jersey or New York? Your accent sounds like either of those states!

    34. Rebecca Edie

      All her makeup is over priced paying for her name not quality at all she sells her stuff with the cute packaging but the actual makeup really ain't no better then the cheap makeup even the cheap stuff is actually better she is all about money not quality of her products she always has a new launch every week or two . She is only after our money she doesn't care that her makeup really ain't all that so she has to make it cute to sell it.

    35. SPM streaming

      You look good in metallic!! I like it! But i guess it's personal preference

    36. Basically Autumn

      A small morphe pallet like a 9 panned is 12$ a Colourpop is around the same price or is the same price. But that isn’t like YSL, Tom Ford, Chanel or Natasha Denona. But people say that if it’s good quality it’s worth the money, but is Kylie really worth that type of money? Like she is a millionaire does she really need more money?

    37. Ashley walker

      The eye shadow reminds me of a Valentine's eye pallet but i did love all the red lips

    38. Jo Castillo

      I'll bet that red liner would look really pretty without any eyeshadow, or maybe just a light neutral/natural shade. Then maybe a pop of inner highlight of that glaze.

    39. Alessandra Hull

      the matte red literally turns pink when it's blended

    40. Sophie Nossack

      I would LOVE a whole set of swatches comparing ALL of Kylies red lip shades... I feel like there so many that are so similar...??

    41. rachel

      omg youtube finally put you on my feed i haven’t watched you in agesss you dyed your hair!!!

    42. Jessica Beaulieu

      Definitely not a Christmas pallet. The inside doesn’t even match the outside vibes. Not worth it in my opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️

    43. Kevin McCool

      You look like WWE Superstar Carmella😲

    44. LordOfLotion

      I bought the full collection and it came her regular pink boxes, not the red hat box. It didn't say it would come in the red box on the site and it's not a hill to die on or anything, but it irks me as a customer to be the one who pays for the goods and not get the care and presentation. I did appreciate that the website didn't crash and it wasn't a complete disaster like the UD Game of Thrones release.

    45. Laura Hobson

      Awesome! Subscribed! Girl, the makeup variation looked good on you. Not many can pull that off! My daughter bought the purple palette, and it was a little pricey.

    46. Lifewithgigi

      The only NOselr I found that reviews her products....wheeew chile the down fall

    47. Aimee’s Makeup

      Its “ICI what you mean” like I see what you mean 🙄 learn to pronounce

      1. Basically Autumn

        Aimee’s Makeup stop being a brat :) learn how to be nice

    48. Leen Moukalled

      How you do to reciuve the Christmas boxe

    49. Shalzeen Sacur

      I need to know the products you used for your make up please!! (Prior to using Kylie stuff)

    50. Vanessa CarrilloRamos

      I’m new here lol wish I found your channel earlier but to me it did not look rushed at all love your opinion that is what NOsel is for duh as well giving reviews on things for us fans and subscribers. To see if we are getting our money worth. Not only that there are few other videos out there with other different perspectives. If ppl don’t like the video go onto another video based on it. No need to leave negative comments, especially for someone to take time & hours of the day to bring them down.

    51. onna no secret uta

      well its understandable to not like some in the collection judging on how this video show one of the worst look you ever create, personally what I thought.. so chill people.. at the end of the day she is a person who's have her own opinion!

    52. Astrid Sánchez

      I love your hair color!

    53. Deja Spriggs

      Why didn’t you just wash your face?

    54. Martina Pisoni

      Maybe it's true, this palette isn't that good, and you can say It, it's your opinion. But GURL, it's true that you rushed It: you gave me so much anxirty, you speak so fast, you try a lipstick and you put it off half a second after. And than another One. And than another product, without saying anything (Just "yes, this Is a gloss, this Is a eyshadow...) barely looking at the camera. GOSH.

    55. Julie Saucier

      Okay but what was that lip combo in the beginning of the video?? I need to know

    56. Martina Pisoni

      Yes, "green on the lid, winged red liner, white matte Shadow..." And here it Is, ITALIAN MEXICAN FLAG.

    57. Martina Pisoni


    58. Bts's Face towel

      Hahahha nooo nooo I can't wait for the memes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    59. Flora Gardiner

      “pigmented” she says as it looks subtle

    60. ath3na !

      i feel the same way you do about the collection nicol, why does it look like a valentines day collection?? some more greens and browns with reds and maybe nudes??

    61. use those glutes

      I just came for the comments 👀☕️

    62. Kaycee B

      You did such a beautiful job, thanks for your honesty and taking the time to review these! Ps, my daughter’s name is Rilee 👯‍♀️

    63. Hannah D

      Holiday gift guide yes!!!!

    64. Olgis Olgas

      Why can’t you just take off you makeup or film a day after?

    65. Kurie Birkhead

      Well considering she is in the same warehouse as colorpop, that makes complete sense..

    66. MunchkinPakk

      I brought the eyebrow palette and tbh I’m pretty happy with it as it’s something that i know I can wear everyday I don’t know about you but I don’t go around wearing green eyeshadow each day 😂

    67. makeup_by_kailani 25


    68. M0l X

      I like the collection tbh

    69. Alica Gorgos

      How people can complain on something that is sent to them ,FOR free? I mean, LOL,if I got this for free,I would only hype up Kylie ! DUH !

    70. The Hantus

      Jessica Rabbit vibe

    71. Felicia Marcos

      *yall realize she’s reviewing HER OWN experience w Kylie’s Holiday collection right???* she’s allowed to have an opinion & trying to help yall get a feel for the collection before u were to buy it..

    72. Nabiha Ahsan

      Reviewing the Jeffrestar x shanedawson collection

    73. Johanna Quintero

      Why is everyone so hateful towards the products ? I agree they’re costly but it’s not like her products suck they’re actually pretty good tho I wish it wasn’t so expensive but other than that what’s with all the hate ?

      1. Johanna Quintero

        Chief Sosa I get that’s annoying but for everyone to hate on the products is unnecessary because like I said some are actually v good , you can hate on her team for it but why bash the products

      2. Chief Sosa

        it's cause they are recycled the same makeup on different packages over and over, i stop buying her products it's insanely overpriced

    74. Neha Phookan

      The only person who still reviews Kylie's products

    75. Sierrabuzz

      It's like they already had this palette idea from valentine's day and just slapped Santa on it and called it a Christmas palette.

    76. Gia Sioutis

      omg the amount of times she said she was annoyed that there wasn’t green and that she isn’t sure if she likes the pallet, i’m like not watching the rest of this video

    77. Leah Bethy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> minutes in and I’m off to watch a different NOsel video

    78. Cindy Panzer Fitness

      You did a wonderful great job. Not a fan of all this red though. Happy Holidays >💝💝💝💝💝 much love.

    79. Nofar Epshtein

      Literally just noticed you blocked me on Instagram for commenting *nicely* that some of your followers are there for beauty and makeup and not for seeing the same old messy hair EVERY morning on instastories. Super lame of you and you most definitely don’t deserve me keeping my subscription here. Your reviews are not genuine anyway, just by reading the title it’s obvious you were looking what not to like. BYE 👋🏻

    80. LarLar

      Girl I have the same lip freckle in the same spot and everyone asks me the same thing lol I think you are always fair I enjoyed watching. You are always my go to! Love ya girl! 😘