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    Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the new kylie cosmetics x jordyn collaboration!! This was sent to me but this is NOTT NOT NOT NOTTT a sponsored review lol! Leave me a comment down below on what you guys think and make sure to subscribe! Love you guys so much!
    also I'm super dumb and forgot to turn on my microphone so the audio is coming from my camera - sorry it's echoing (trust me it's annoying me too)
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    1. Nicol Concilio

      Hey guys just wanted to let you know this is NOT sponsored! also I'm super dumb and forgot to turn on my microphone so the audio is coming from my camera - sorry it's echoing (trust me it's annoying me too) hope y'all can kinda bare through it and I'll make sure to turn on the microphone next time lol!!

      1. Kiran BOLLA

      2. Shelby Fields

        Nicol Concilio your awesome never forget it

      3. Esmeralda Talingo

        Nicole Redin we know Kylie won’t pay. 🐸 🍵

      4. charlyn cruz

        Nicol Concilio This is my first time watching your channel and I absolutely love how you explain everything so it’s easy to follow along. I hit that suscribe button fast 💨 can’t wait for more 💕

      5. Carrie Kira

        Sure Jan

    2. Lacey Fae

      Love the eye look!

    3. Rachael LE

      well this is awkward now

    4. Maxine Carter

      Nicol I think this was one of her best collections and you can definitely tell she spent a year on it I love it!

    5. Abby Velasquez

      Who's here after the Jordyn and Tristan scandal? 🤐

    6. Sebby Eco

      Just came here to see the last stock of Jordyn x Kylie product 'cause y'all know what happend

    7. Walking Disaster

      I am here after the JordynXTristan-Scandal.🤭

    8. Alisha Meraj

      😂😂 isn't it funny that their not even friend anymore

    9. Jeerawat Nid

      Use a code betrayal to get freebies Use code betrayal for free shipping Jokw only

      1. - rosée


    10. Hsya

      OK so now everyone can smash their kylie x backstabber

    11. Bengibengi Bengi

      Y the fuck would u tell the people that’s working on ur house to be quite special if there doing construction wth ur ignorant asf fuck yo this bitch stupid

    12. Isabella Bedard

      Kylie crapmetics Sicol consinio

    13. Mercy Lamb

      Can u do a boy charm review

    14. Nissrine Honey

      Girl do what u liike, people wants you to drag kylie cause they hate her and they are looking for the smallest thing to drag her so ya just keep doing ur things the hate is so uneccessery

    15. casandra rodriguez

      This is so late but I work at an eye care center and If you’re deciding on getting lasik done you should definitely set up a lasik consultation and there they will determine if you are a good candidate for lasik and even then sometimes lasik will work for a couple of years or longer but also sometimes it will work and then stop working. Definitely set up a lasik consultation!

    16. Margarida Leao

      You look soo good with gloss

    17. Brooke Hairstone

      What makeup wipes do you use?

    18. lacey dufault

      can you do a video with your top number 1 products, full face video type thing

    19. Bianca mcgill

      I don’t like purple eyeshadows because it looks similar to a black eye lol

    20. Jada Barnes

      New subscriber and I love your make up reviews and looks😆😆

    21. Yoon Pyae

      OMG! I Like it😁😁

    22. kimberly Ramirez

      OMG I LOVE HER INTRO" how u doin "💕💕

    23. Zoraya Marie

      So I was reading the comments, so much negativity 🙄 but girl ignore them. You slayyy.

    24. Brittany Dugger

      Please stop with the whole discount code with Morphe "win-win" thing. You literally say it in every single video 🤐 I mean we get it girl, you want that coin. But if your subscribers don't know about it by now then they don't want to use it lol

    25. Millie S

      Love her intro 💞

    26. Luv & Bounce New Orleanz

      Hayden Williams was showing off😍😍😍

    27. Courtney Newton

      Honestly I really enjoy Kylie and I feel the same way as Nicol about it so I don’t see what the problem is

    28. Juno Raquel

      hi nicole but next less talking pls not a hate commet pls you are a god


      *tHaNK YoUuUuu KyLiEeeeeE*

    30. BabyDoll

      What lip liner did you pair with the gloss ?

    31. Cassidy Delorme

      Eyes brows are fucked lol



    33. Jimins Luscious Booty

      She highkey doing to much collection I feel like she didn’t put any effort into them bc she just drops all the pallets bc even caring

    34. Nicola Walker

      Kylie just doesn’t do it for me but you made that eye look absolutely beautiful. I think I’ll pass though. I do have 2 lip kits which I think is ok but there is just so much out there a lot better and a lot cheaper. I think her pricing is ridiculous though

    35. Nina Gagan

      What did you use to clean your brush? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="771">12:51</a>

    36. Monica P

      Whoa your foundation is so orange

    37. Alyssa

      Her voice bugs me so bad 😫

    38. Tiffany Elvira Ortiz

      Are they restocking the woods lipstick??? I want it so bad 😍😍

    39. Chelsea K

      Audio on this video is terrible and you're not holding up the product high enough to be seen on camera.

    40. BeautyGamer Xx

      I did a look exactly like this over a year ago. Love it.

    41. rose gold-12

      whats up with her brows???

    42. sarah xox

      Where is she from? I love her accent it’s so funny!! Thanks for the review I’m thinking of maybe getting them when she restocks so thank you !

    43. Clit 2k19

      I came back after the collab with James and mannnn it goes from loving everything Kylie launches to barely even liking the packaging 😂😂😂😂 it just goes to show

    44. Lexi Marie

      I wish you had a microphone because it sounds so bad :(

    45. Ali T

      Everyone so judgmental. If she like it and want to hype it up then soo what.💁🏻‍♀️

    46. Danijela Milanović

      You are so beautiful😍

    47. lupita soy yo

      Ok. So the truth about lasic. I had it done as well as friends and family. We all lost night vision. You get halo effects which means you need night driving glasses. Everything else is amazing BUT the most it last is ten years. I wear glasses again but I also chose not to have it done again.

    48. Rachel Santiago

      I can’t with the stuff in her nails eww

    49. Jenny & Lupita

      love it ❤😱✌

    50. Tara Ann

      Nicole is not biased..EVERYTHING LEGIT LOOKS GOOD ON HER!! Bitch!! lol.. I love you Nicole!!

    51. ur dad

      She turned into an Oompa Loompa

    52. Madison Faith Reed

      what lip gloss are you wearing at the end??

    53. Mary Fogarty

      I've never gotten laysik cause im pretty young but i want to get it when im 18 and ive heard its good cause my grandparents got it and they like it

    54. tessie legayada

      BITCH! look at your under eye?! Oooh I think someone is using drugs hereeeee :/

    55. Kam D21

      I love the art collection which is by Hayden Williams, I absolutely love the packaging ❤️

    56. Eleanor Singh

      Different people have different opinions okay and if she loves it then let it be that way. Hates just back off

    57. Face by Kay

      I think the concept is super cool and I haven't heard of anything like it. I've never tried Kylies products however maybe I should give it a try...

    58. Jasreen J

      Can u please breathe a bit?

    59. Leia Corcoran

      Pass ...

    60. Princess Navi

      80% of the video she is just layering different shades in her lid wasting product and making it cakey😡😬😒

    61. L L

      YO WTH YALL SEEN THAT HIGHLIGHTER DONT EVEN FRICKEN SHOW bro for fricken 40 bucks for a highlighter that dosent work is not worth it like how did she even make it fricjen sound good when she even fricken know that that shit dont show

    62. cheryl aimaretti

      omg im excited im getting the halloween collection

    63. Meagan Kaslak

      New drinking game idea: Take a shot every time Nicol talks so positively about Kylie's products...No don't you'd get alcohol poisoning lmaoo

    64. Smøl Bean

      I had the automatic subtitles on and when she talked about the first gloss it read: ”There’s no glue penis going on”

    65. Марина Петрова

      Воу! Я из России) Крутое видео!)


      What in the hell is wrong with your lips girl?????😮😮😮😮😮😮

    67. cherry blossom uwu

      Kylie is so cancelled, let's buy Jeffree Star cosmetics instead

    68. Renee schlitter

      the way your hair was tucked back at the begging looked like you had a long bob hair cut and it was SO CUTE!!!!!! 100% YOU SHOULD CUT YOUR HAIR🤩

    69. Mary Stanfield

      Whoah calm the highlightery🧐🤭🤨

    70. Arturo Meza

      Oh dear...

    71. Israa warsame

      im not even joking i didnt know about setting eye primer till I watched Nicol LMAO

    72. Dez C

      So just a suggestion on how to do your swatches. Pre do it before the video, swatch all ON YOUR ARM and insert a clip of them, move your arm back and forth to pick up the shimmer. Label: row 1, row 2 etc. Insert the names as well. I love to see swatches but you take for ever. Watch Kathleen lights videos and see how she inserts them she's really good. Like her recent desi x Katie, she does it

    73. Shim

      Is it just me or u kinda look like Paris Hilton?..😏

    74. Jennifer Lizama

      Nah I’d rather get dose of colors desixkaty

    75. lili x

      will she ever stop

    76. LOUD

      Kylie crap is boring, so OVERRATED

    77. My Popular Opinion

      You weren’t that forgiving about going over an area with eyeshadow twice on your 2nd review of the vault palette. (armed and gorgeous palette)🤔

    78. Nina Novak

      the make up looks good tho

    79. Melissa R

      Wth is up with her upper lip

      1. Melissa R

        @Tamaija Orr I know shes had her lips done but they look botched. I've seen her before fillers and they looked fine.... I'm all for fillers and plastic surgery of it makes you feel confident... but I feel like her injector doesnt do a good job. Her lip is like super curled upward and has a simpsons look to it.

      2. Tamaija Orr

        Lip filler .. I said the same thing when I started watching her channel then I found a channel who showed everybody lips done and boom she was on there .. they used to be bigger && perkier when she got em filled but she took some out

    80. selena vallejo

      i have an idea for a challenge ok so how about doing your makeup normally BUT the twist is that you dont use foundation or concealer like if you think she should do this ilysm Nicol