KYLIE JENNER 'Fall 2016' LIP KITS: Review & Swatches | Jeffree Star



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    HEEEEEEY EVERYONE! Today I'm swatching ALL 6 of the new Kylie Cosmetics LIP KITS that recently launched! As always, these are my thoughts and opinions so grab a Redbull and see what the shades look like! This is MY experience with the brand, so if you feel any type of way: Go hit the bong and relax. YOU ALL KNOW I LOVEEEE liquid lipsticks, a matte lip is my favorite... Which color do you like on me the most?
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    1. Fadalerab Rasool

      that exposed shade name reminds me of tea spill theme song

    2. H. D.M.

      2016 Jeffree is so much different than 2020 Jeffree (Love both)

    3. Nicki Minaj

    4. Koji Beleran

      Hi quarantine!!!

    5. Lorien Mapano

      Who's watching March 2020. While in Quarantine 😅

    6. Eduardo Muñoz Chiquito

      Make up for men Jeffree Star

    7. throi padilla

      Quarantine Days be like 🙋🏻‍♂️☕️

    8. sani parii

      Itall are fake products we can see the teeth

    9. manisha seelamsetti

      He was so obsessed with his pink hair😁💕

    10. aishi chakrabarty

      He can pull off any shade like literally.

    11. Priscilla Narvaez

      The last one when u go buy tacos from the street

    12. Priscilla Narvaez

      The baby I'm Savannah desert star wars

    13. Priscilla Narvaez

      Maliboo is where ur mom lives

    14. Priscilla Narvaez

      Brown sugar is where u live

    15. Priscilla Narvaez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a> or <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="582">9:42</a> is u?

    16. Priscilla Narvaez

      You wish Kylie was it sister

    17. fahmida sultana

      Why are you a phsyco and how many tatoos do u have

    18. roswell Magsanay


      1. T V Express

        Thus video was 3 years ago(

    19. Mandira's world

      Is it male of female?? Looks like female but voice is male .

    20. Cotton Candy

      Is he male or female???

      1. T V Express

        Male wtf are you okay

    21. Chanchal Thakur

      After watching those perfect lips I don't want to see mine

    22. Macky Canuto

      Random scrolling because of lockdown

    23. Fancy Vlogs by Freddy

      Why is no one talking about how he is also being nice to her like only the mean ones get attention

    24. Gacha Lifers

      Omg 4 years

    25. Adriana Cortés

      Pero que mal me cae este tipo

    26. asheea smith

      wow that first one looks fucking AfuckingMAZING

    27. sana khan

      You look better with eyebrows🤩😍😍


      Who is watching this in March 2020

    29. Элнура Эсенжанова

      Боже как страшно😦

    30. Mish T.V

      I love kylie

    31. Louise Sharmaine Gumban

      Dirty peach looks good on you J star! 🥰 Hahaha im watching in March 2020. Love you J star!

    32. paulna85

      But he didn’t say if they were JS approved. I need to hear those words

    33. Fiona Kuleta

      Who is watching this on february 2020 i noticed smth jeffree liked kylie 4 years before

    34. toofastforyall 85

      Color Pop rip off

    35. ivory elf

      Jeffree star is everything 😍

    36. Tris Prior

      So what happened? Kylie’s products started out good, then the quality dipped, but then after she sold half her company it seems to have gone up again. Someone help me out. I can barely wrap my head around all this.

    37. sam Aman

      This is man?

      1. Annie Carbonneau

        sam Aman yes

    38. Mae Wilder

      Was this Jeffree Star approved? I'm guessing it is from all the "I love" I heard

    39. Perrie Grande

      I'm watching this with one hand

    40. Maria Julie

      He looks like doesnt happy to put all of those kylie lipsticks

    41. Eliza Yonjan

      So Is the Kylie lipkit Jeffree approved or not?

    42. Socciah Diosana

      I Hope He Will Be My Make Up Artist Someday

    43. Jose Quezada

      Kylie bought him back then lol to say positive fake shit lmao

    44. BabyDoll

      Why do Caucasian and Latin NOselrs tend to compare brown lip products to poop. My last thought is poop when I'm putting on a cupcake smelling brown lip color. I think more of chocolate. I guess y'all think of poop when it comes to darker tone foundations as well. Racist Idiots

    45. Monisha Nandagopal

      The fact is... Every swatches looks amazing on you ❤️

    46. Pratiksha SS

      I really loved that brown sugar lip kit

    47. Samima Yasmin

      You should use hot ombre cosmetics

    48. Xhiaan Dale

      I think this is just honest review considering how he diss on her lmao 3 yrs ago

    49. 420 Blazin

      Love the unbiased and truthful review as always. Love you Jeffree!!!

    50. Dina Carcamo

      I don’t like Kilye lipsticks because they dry too fast and at the end of the they the lipstick falls like rolls from my miuth

    51. Daisypetal100

      Kylie's big fat ass is too intense for me. Everyone in her family has a cosmetic line. Not everyone has an annoying reality show to promote their creation.

    52. Daisypetal100

      Jeffreestar you're going to be the next billionaire. You'll be on the cover of Forbes magazine.

    53. xxlonely_mxxnxx x

      Who's watching in 1789 ?anyone?just me..?

    54. Socheata Sophorn


    55. Kelsey Gahring

      That necklace is everything 😍

    56. Jacklyn Bain

      Why does Kristen look so dark in me but so bright on you??😭

    57. Stacey Janeway

      I truly loved the second color The darker one. Really 🔥

    58. Fresh Avocado

      Whose here after their broke up.

    59. Hlwan Moe Aung Toe


    60. Nikki Best

      Exposed and Malibu are gorgeous. I wanted to hate Kylie Cosmetics so bad too. Hehe

    61. Mari Ely

      Marilin manson

    62. Divine Dayrit

      Miss this no drama

    63. G

      It's so satisfying to watch everytime Jeffree colors in her top lip and cupids bow ugh! 😩😍

    64. Sheena DeSantis

      I actually think that brown sugar looked great with your complexion. I agree about the hair color but it looked fabulous. All the colors looked amazing on you. 😉

    65. Liz

      It’s crazy coming back to these videos when he talks about brands that he doesn’t use anymore because they’re salty bitches

    66. Brittany Martinez

      Kylie's lip product is probably the worst one Ive used so far. It gets clumpy way too fast and does not last long at all. Its like cat litter on my lips after so long.

    67. Immanol Mendoza

      Kylie 🥰🤩😍

    68. Iam LeTaShea

      “Aww my poor mouth, I’m gonna put it through some more abuse” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that was funny as hell

    69. John Temple

      It looks like Kylie just keeps releasing the same colours, just in slight moderation.

    70. Taylor Swift

      Question: WhO’s wATchINg iN JanUaRY 2020?

      1. Hairdresser & Make up Artist of Bulacan

        March 😎

      2. Pramila Khakhlary


      3. Azelle Jairah Manese

        Taylor Swift march 2020

      4. roswell Magsanay

        meeee... she uploaded it on my birthdayy ♥

      5. dДяк ҒЇЯЄ Ŭw̆Ŭ

        Well who's watching in march 2020 😊

    71. Gail

      2020? Anyone?

    72. Winda Achiani

      Can i get 1

    73. 사랑해monie 사랑해

      also wow the change in attitude from 2016 to now is wOw

    74. 사랑해monie 사랑해


    75. Amanda Williams

      The teeth on the pages

    76. Ana A

      why would u even buy this crap, like go buy some dior or smth, and u pink hair go back to manhood

    77. Glaze Ancheta

      Such gorgeous shades

    78. Laura Ljutic

      Are you a girl of a men?

    79. Zee Jamz

      “Baby shit” is exactly my thought when I first saw it. I don’t like it. I liked the first peachy one though. Btw I love your eyebrows this way.